“Beh beh Boo boo”

…That’s whay I’d name my Baby Beluga whale if I had one.


Check it out, he’s all: "ppppbbbbfffftttt!!!" with his new blow-hole action.


Sent in swimmingly, Kristine M. and congrats to the Shedd Aquarium.



  1. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Firt post thwap Theo!
    A really cute whale pic!

  2. Shedd’s Aquarium is amazing. And he’s such a cute little guy!

  3. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    A bit blobby, but still cute

  4. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    No comments from the Theo gallary about my missing s
    in first!
    I was in a rush to stay 1st post.
    So I could kid around with Theo!

  5. Allison says:

    Oh my goodness, he is ADORABLE! He’s SMILING!

    *wants one*

  6. punkpie says:

    Love the caption! LOL

    whales are teh cute

  7. Flame73 says:

    What a cute lil mammal! I can almost hear the wet “whoosh” as the baby blows. I love the totally curious expression, they’re so adventurous while they’re young!

  8. cafegrrl says:

    uber uber darling! The baby has the sweetest little smile!

  9. hrh.squeak says:

    “Mom! Mom! Lookit what I can do!”
    Awwwww . . . .

  10. i remember a kids song about a baby whale… reminds me of holidays with our canadian cousins…
    baby beluga in the deep blue sea
    swims so wild and you swim so free
    heaven above, and the sea below,
    and a little white whale on the go…
    a cute song for a cute whale – I think its by Raffi.

  11. aw, mom and baby are both smiling! (and it’s NOT gas!) hey, is there a rule o’ cuteness about having your eyes and lips on the same level? now i’m going to have to go watch that video clip of the beluga blowing bubbles in japan.

  12. oh thank you, thank you, thank you for finally posting what happens to be the cutest creature on earth!!!! I am IN LOVE with the belugas at the Shedd! I met these cuties last year and got yelled at by the trainer for making hand gestures at them. I already have my tickets to go back to Chicago next month and see them again. oh I am so happy to see them on the C-O!

  13. Beebee whale!

  14. omg! you’re killing me today. what with this and the beaver and the muppet… awwww…

    thanks meg, you’ve made my friday. 😀

  15. chunkstyle says:

    And his lil’ eyes, so far down on the head that they are just perfectly cute! Marine Biologists have all the fun (pouts)

  16. ohhhh!
    Boo-Boo’s smwilin’

  17. Too. Cute. For. Words.

  18. Look at mommie waving proudly at the camera! And the smiles! Wee whalie cuteness.

  19. geeeeeeez…. I wish I could just own my own sanctuary, so I could have some of each animal on this site…

  20. Yeah. I knew this was CO-worthy. Just lookit that smiley little whale face…

  21. Jessebel says:

    I love how he’s smilin’ and squirtin’ at the same time.

  22. Kris, in New England says:

    Beluga’s are the CUTEST animals in the water – they are always smiling and when they look at you – aw man it’s love.

  23. What a cutie! Belugas and dolphins must know something us humans don’t. Always frolicing in the water and smiling.

    I like the blow-hole pfft pic. “Look what i can do!” Pfft!!

  24. Belugas have big blubby jelly heads. They sure are cute though.

  25. I just love how the baby looks so pleased with itself. Like it’s trying to do the blowhole move all casual but everyone knows that it’s totally showing off. And that’s okay, because it’s freaking adorable.

  26. Baby beluga: “Pffttt”

    Momma beluga: “He gets that from his father” Rolls eyes.

  27. YES, too cute.

  28. kittikin says:

    This settles it. We MUST decree a new rule of cuteness: Smiling animals are heart-warmingly prosh.

  29. It totally made me think of the Raffi song, too. And now I can’t get it out of my head…

  30. Awwwwww! I work at the new GA Aquarium and we’ve all been watching Nico gettin’ frisky around the females, hoping we’ll have one of these bee-bees someday!!!! Go Nico, make us a cutie!


  31. Awwwwww! I work at the new GA Aquarium and we’ve all been watching Nico gettin’ frisky around the females, hoping we’ll have one of these bee-bees someday!!!! Go Nico, make us a cutie!


  32. Beauregard says:

    oh my god, that is the cutest whale EVER. Oh I just want to baby talk that baby.

  33. NDRO… not in the mood for it. Yesterday was pure monkey dung & I didn’t sleep much.

    Today promises to improve, though. For the regular readers/commenters, two guesses as to why (and it’s not because today’s Friday, though that doesn’t suck either).

    Beginning mochafication in THREE… TWO… ONE… [slurp]

  34. …and I’ve seen these very belugas, though not the bebeh yet. We’ll be visiting Chi-Town in August. Belugas are squishier even than those nose-mooshing manatees. They’re like soft rubber. (Blubber?)

  35. Theo:

    Foster kitties? Teh Schmoop? or just coffee.

    Me’s all intrigued, now.

  36. Option A, Thinkie.
    (you’ve earned a “FIRST GUESS!!! W00T! …if you want it)

  37. w00t!!!!

    We shall expect pictures forthcoming, immediate.


  38. Camera’s charged.
    Options B and C are good too.

  39. “Hey, mom, look what I can do with my head!”

  40. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Drat Theo… I would have to get my first 1st post on a day you aren’t in the mood to play along…

    Glad to read that today will be better for you.

    I’m a reg commenter…But am not sure what is happening today to make the day better.

    Is it your Birthday?

    I haven’t been on C O long enough to know that, or even if you have ever told those here when it is.

  41. No pics of B, please, Teho 😉

    Sorry. Need to behave. More tea for me…

  42. Javene –
    I am totally going there in about 2 weeks, to the Georgia Aquarium. We’re coming down from Ottawa, Canada. We’re so excited and it sounds absolutely beautiful!
    I can’t wait to see your adorable juvenile whale sharks!

  43. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Oh never mind Theo I just read Your and A thinkers posts re:
    Mystery solved!

  44. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!-
    I own a netherland dwarf too, and it doesn’t smile as much as this sea critters 😉

  45. What a sweet smile.

  46. Everyone must now sing the “Baby Beluga Song” by Raffi. I just wanna schnoogle that little smiling face.

  47. Julie — as long as there’s a sped-up, chipmunk-y version with animated robot bananas. Then I’m in.

  48. Tracibub says:

    So I thought of the song as well. Which made me think of that episode of Full House where Michelle kept playing the tape over and over and over and it finally broke, much to everyone’s delight. What can I say? I loved that show!

    A beluuuuga whale! Beluuuuuga!! Eskimos don’t wear galoshes. They whey muklos!! Muuuhhhhkloks! (Snaps to whomever knows where this comes from!)

  49. Tigger Jourard says:

    Tracibub! You’ve just ref’d one of my all time obscure faves (my wonderful husband introduced me to it). Isn’t it brill when the street noise fades away and they get into the rhythm. Blubber macadamia! Bulbous bouffant! (I’ll be in the vestibule if anyone needs me.)

  50. He’s blowin’ a WOOT! out of his hole because he made CO!

    And now thanks to Theo I have that damn banana phone song in my head…

  51. ringringringringringringring…

  52. Click it..I dare ya…go ahead…


  53. sabrina says:

    thats very cute! yay for baby whale

  54. daisycat says:

    Baaaaaybeeeeee Baaaaaloooooooooga!!! I want one for my baftub…..

  55. omg rach I totally thought of that song too! I could only remember the first two lines though haha omg the bottom pic looks like he is smiling! like its a major relief to breathe, since they hold their breath underwater for so long. i would smile if i was totally cutelike him too!

  56. How many bebeh kittehs will you get Theo?

  57. Right. I had a dream about CO. I dreamt that the next post would be on the subject of…crustaceans. I kid you not.

    So what do I see this morning? CESTACEANS! Close enough!

  58. I love how smiley they are. They just look perpetually happy. Hope this baby makes it – sounds like Shedd has lost some baby belugas in the past…

    (Dude, I totally killed the cute vibe there. Sorry…)

  59. Betty-
    Cute video =)

  60. Mom: “Look – this was a live birth; I had to do it in the TANK for God’s sake, weren’t you watching? There were no eggs involved here. So take your blinis and your creme fraiche and clear out!”

  61. BAAAABBBBYYYY BEEELLLUUUUGGAAAA! I love it and it’s smiley face!

  62. Lemura — word is, 1 momcat, 4 kitters. 🙂
    We’ll have them until they’re ready for adoption. Then, presumably, we’ll get a “new batch.”

  63. > Marine Biologists have all the fun (pouts)

    Yeah, it’s really fun until a dolphin bites you in the crotch.

    That said, belugas are great. They have a pretty amazing range of facial expressions, more than I’ve seen on any non-primate 🙂


    This is makin my day.

    Congrats and good luck with the new family, Theo!

  65. Driver B says:

    Aw!!! That second pic is Le Cute.

    How cute is your ear-to-head ratio when you DON’T HAVE EARS??

  66. Mo – I think we’d all enjoy the dolphin biting the crotch story…

  67. Crotch kronshe?

  68. Aubrey – [snort]

  69. Driver B — zero values usually mess up ratios, so I think we need another metric here. Like maybe Smushiness Quotient.

    ElfOwl — we’re very much looking forward to Kitten Therapy.

    Mo — somewhere on the intarweb, there’s a perfect picture for you, of soccer players preparing for a penalty kick. Cringe and cover!

  70. I was involved in the rehab of a stranded dolphin. It was generally good natured and friendly, but eventually decided that all men were evil (probably because the vet, a guy, gave it shots and generally made it unhappy). It somehow figured out that the crotch was a good target, and eventually any time a guy got in the tank it went straight for the garbage.

    Other than the vet getting it bad one of the first times it happened, we managed to avoid serious injury. Cetaceans are wonderful, if devious and sometimes too-smart-for-their-own-good.

  71. Oooooh god look at that little spoutlin hole! I just wish the pic were bigger-it’d be my wallpaper!

  72. Lol, thank you, mo. Nobody can tell me animals aren’t intelligent!

  73. Look. LOOK. Look at me. Are you looking? Look what I can do! Looooook.


  74. Theo – you guys are gonna have a great time! I’m not able to foster anymore, but I can say from experience that there is NOTHING in the WORLD like kittens!

  75. benvenuta says:

    I love how the baby is lying on mama`s back in the second picture.

  76. Mr. T:
    You are a kind, marvelous, warm person. Anyone who Fosters cannot Freeze inside.

    When it is possible you must give us pictures of kittens! Forthwith!

  77. Laurie C says:

    Alexis, I was biting my tongue about the belugas the Shedd has lost, too. Hope they can keep these ones happy and healthy.

    I’m off to a cottage without internet for the weekend. Going to miss my CO and all youse guys for two days. Have a ball with the fosters, Theo. Next week I’m a rescue me some boxcar kittens. There’s two ripe for the picking.

  78. zenithblue says:

    Oh, look how his mama is holding him up to show him how to blow!

    How do they know? How do they get born in water and know they can’t breath it? If you threw a human baby in the water it’d just drown.

  79. “it’s really fun until a dolphin bites you in the crotch”

    I know it’s wrong, but I’m cracking up at that sentence. Glad to hear most of you escaped serious injury. ☺ My dog went through a crotch-nipping phase when he was a puppy, but I think it was less out of any ill will toward humans and more because it got such a reaction.

  80. %$#@*, and did you see how long their gestation period is?! My hat’s off to you, Puiji!

  81. I have come back a gajillion times today for the 2nd pic: “he’s all: “ppppbbbbfffftttt!!!” with his new blow-hole”

    he is *so* doing that. wish I could do the same.

  82. Mariser:
    When I was in Laughlin, it was about 80 degrees at 9PM. It was lovely to get into the hotel pool and frolic as lazily as that beluga baby is doing. Funnily enough, in my swimsuit I looked a bit like him too. Still. It was beluga bliss.

  83. A-ubrey!

    now I wish I was frolicking lazily. of course, in a swimsuit I resemble momma beluga more so than bebeh beluga.

  84. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Tanya Hi – 5 on owning a N D r too!
    Though at the monent I am sans bun bun…Have owned quite a few & will again.

    Great pets, they are! & I just love that they stay baby sized!

    Too prosh for words…

  85. I suppose a group of belugas would be called a ‘pod’. I’d rather it was ‘a deluge ‘a belugas’.

  86. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    BTW Meg, great caption for this happy;smilin’ baby whale!
    “ppppbbbbfffftttt!!!” “ppppbbbbfffftttt!!!” in’ tastic!!!

  87. Theo, I am so jealous that you’re getting kitties to foster! Snuggle them once or twice for me, please?

  88. “I’d rather it was ‘a deluge ‘a belugas’.”

    Me, too, ohbree.

    NDro, sorry… (“sans bun bun.”)

  89. Netherland dwarf rabbit, owner –
    Yes, I am so glad you like them! Yes, the baby size is the best! Cuddley too ;)! “Sans bun bun” ?

  90. Theo-
    we’ll be at the Shedd in August, too. I know I’ll be peering at every guy in the beluga habitat, wondering if I can spot the C-O Deputy Extarordinaire. You’ll recognize me…I’ll be the one making covert hand gestures at the belugas and squeaking.

  91. I used to volunteer at Shedd in the marine mammal dept. Little nipper won’t be on public viewing for a month, ’cause these little guys are really fragile and have a lot of hurdles to get over. But we have had 2 sucessful births since ’99 and he is his momma’s second calf. *Fingers crossed* Hope you all will come and visit him soon. Oh and Theo, yes they do feel a bit like wet rubber, but they are a bit squishy too. 😉

  92. Quick follow up to Laurie C and Alexis. Yes it is true that there have been losses of calves, but the survival rate in the wild or captivity is the same 50/50. I assure you that they receive top-notch veterniary care and the is a state of the art vet clinic on site. It is not due to neglect that the little ones have not made it.

  93. Just when you think you’ve seen all the cuteness on this site…I am sitting here having a cute attack – stomping my feet and shaking. I love this little guy! I want to smother them both with slobbery kisses lasting for days. Thanks so much for the lift!

  94. Awwww, lil guy is the same size as me! Check out the fantastic smile on mom’s face 😀

  95. Here’s a quick vid of a baluga joking around with some people.

  96. Off-topic — KITTEN UPDATE VERY SOON.
    I’ll post info & links in the comments for “I’m Hidinks”:

  97. Wow, I kinda feel like my big brother’s best friend just saw me in my underpants or something…I didn’t know Theo was a guy… *blushes* sorry Theo, hope it doesn’t ding the ego at all…

  98. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Aww. Look at how wise the little spouter is, even though he’s just a wee one. Such sweet, gentle smiles on both of them.


    Erm, sorry. Kinda lost control there.

  99. It’s true. I’m a dude.

  100. hrh.squeak says:

    Hey Teho – Hope you’re a better-feeling dude. “Monkey dung” – wow, yucky day indeed. It’s too hot for any damn monkey dung where I’m at, thank you.

  101. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Tanya: ‘”Sans bun bun” ?’

    My meaning: without a rabbit right now. Sans = without
    bun bun = rabbit…

    There ya have it!

  102. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    “NDro, sorry… (“sans bun bun.”)”

    Thanks much E.C.
    I miss the experience.
    But will have one again for sure.
    Just not sure when…
    Enjoy yours!
    What’s it’s name again?
    & it’s fur is speckled, right?

  103. spasticat says:

    Aw, a beluga baby. I worked at the Shedd back when the Oceanarium opened. Belugas are the pups of sea mammals. Very eager, playful, mischievious, and damn cute.

    And that baby? The damn cutest beluga ever! If anyone gets a chance to go see ’em, play a game of chase and hide and seek with the babe in underwater viewing.

  104. Laurie C says:

    Amy, I wasn’t thinking of baby belugas that didn’t make it at the Shedd, weren’t there a couple of adult belugas that died after getting vitamin shots some years ago?

  105. That must have been before my time Laurie. The only adult lost in my memory was the mother of our first successful calf birth. She aquired an infection and passed away when her baby was 4 months old. They never tracked the source down 100%, but it was believed that it was likely in some of the fish she ate. It happens in the wild quite often and belugas mask illness until it is nearly too late as an adaptation to avoid predation.