I’m Hidinks

Alert reader Julie just wrote saying that my quest for the Cutest Cat in the World™ can now end. I think she’s right. GOODBYE EVERYOOOOOOONNNNNE [trails off]


Holy pawsitude…



  1. woo hoo! new post!

  2. …and, *awwww*…

  3. Yay! Meg’s been rescued! By an adorable cat, no less.

  4. Kitty’s paws are still stretched out from the rescue effort. Somebody get muscle liniment and a full-body massage for this cat, stat.

  5. Oh my god, that looks just like my kitty Pedro! (who shares the title of “cutest kitty in the world” with his brother Xaviar and apparently, this feline)

  6. Chibinightmare says:

    Oh no, it’s not… how much cuter can you get than a cute little tiger kitty with a SMILEY pre-printed right on the belly by Mother Nature!!

    Today’s Daily Kitten!


  7. chibinightmare says:

    errr, sorry that the link didn’t come out:


  8. Aaaw! This kitty deserves to be in SleepyKittens!


    Speaking of, check out this dozing feline:


  9. Kitties always know how to chill-out.Love Oreo/ Tux cats!!!

  10. Lemura/Chibi:
    Kittens, kittens, you’re BOTH cute!

    By the way, judging from this one’s expression, Meg is back only because he let her go. There is some major kitty snickering going on behind those pawlets.

  11. One of my co-workers was nagging me, my brand new beautiful shoes were pinching and it was all a bit much so I actually said, “I need to go look at some kitties.”

    And look! A tuxedo kitteh like my Elvis! Hip, hip hooray! Thanks for the lifesaver, CO!

  12. Stephanie S. says:

    Snuggle! *buries face in cat’s floofy paws*

  13. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:



  14. Awww so much cutafuzzle, kinda looks like my cat today – poor lil thing melted because of the heat, poseable kittycat… the one day i lost my camera *gets sucked into staring contest with photokitty*

  15. Tony James says:

    Da fuffyfuffkins – love the antennae 🙂

  16. Oh the mischievous expression -that puss is plotting something!

    So cute.

  17. Decent effort, but nothing will ever been Mr. Tinypants a few posts back. You reached the apex of Cute Overlords already, sorry to say.

    But damned decent effort by Hidinks here!

  18. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Hey, that’s my sister’s cat George…or perhaps it is an impostor!

  19. yees! Cute!

  20. WickedWendy says:

    Awwwww!!! What a cutie!!!

  21. Dees paws ees suPERB. Jez.

  22. blackcatbaby says:

    the cute… it kills…

  23. lemura & AmyH – But this looks just like my kitty Oreo, who is the cutest kitty in the world. He has a creamy middle, with cookie sides, and also a white Elvis curled up lip! But I’m sure your kitties are cute too. I never met a tuxedo kitty I didn’t love!

  24. I think as long as our kittehs are each assured they are, as I tell Elvis, “The best kitteh in the history of EVER!”, they’ll never feel threatened by all the other anerable, much-loved, maximum-cute kittehs!

  25. This would make a stunning desktop background. Any chance we could get a link to a large, high-res image for just such a purpose?

  26. Brak_Silverbone says:

    He’s playing peek-a-boo!

  27. Kitteh on the prowl!

  28. It’s the feline version of “Berg” doggy porch buddy!

  29. AuntieMame says:

    “If I close my eyes and cover my nose, they won’t be able to see me…”

  30. The softness of those paws are almost agressive.

  31. Kittens in mittens!

  32. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Tuxedos are the best. I still miss mine who died two years ago.

  33. GASP! I’m in luff. That was, to me, the definitive kittypic. *sigh*

  34. Kris, in New England says:

    Big paws, ironic eyebrows – I’m done, over with, can’t take it anymore.

    I’ve officially overloaded from the cute.

  35. OMG you stole my kitteh! He looks just like this one.

  36. caffeinekitty says:

    Stir Fry Kitty:
    The image resolution is good enough so you can stretch it to fill the screen. It still looks pretty on my 1600×1200 setting.

  37. “ironic eyebrows” — nice!

  38. Kris, in New England says:

    When you look at him again, he really looks like he’s in a odd pose getting ready to pounce. Check those eyes – mischief in there for certain.

    Theo – glad you liked the eyebrow comment. Not matching, one of them sticking straight up…very ironic indeed.

  39. i think she is plotting to pounce up and attach herself permamnently to your face so you can always snorgle her little tummy

  40. Oddly enough, today’s pic on my Bad Cat daily calender is very much like this one. Sleepy kitty, nose on floor, paws toward camera. Sweet!

  41. i know that cat… seriously that is from cynical-c blog. that cat even has his own blog.

  42. What an absolute cutie!

    I have a piccie I want to enter into the cute gallery – where do I send it?

  43. CJ — submissions are still offline at the moment. See the “Got Cute” heading in the left-hand margin. Normally it’s a GMail address, though.

  44. This is everything I love about cats!! The mystery. The lanky, casual, cuddleitudinousness. The eyes, the eyes! what a beautiful animal.

  45. i dont have a cat so i dont kno if its cute

  46. ilove the mischevious look in his eyes!

  47. Not cute. BEAUTIFUL.

  48. Kathryn Young says:

    Not cute. Eviliciously

  49. OK peeps. We got KITTERS in the Catcave! We even got a BONUS kitten, for a total of five, plus Momma makes 6 (plus Bounce and Spot makes 8… then there’s that rabbit…)

    Anyway. They’re sacked out behind me in a crate I built to transport custom computers, so it’s cushy. Once we got them home, they acclimated surprisingly fast; none of this 24-hours-behind-the-dryer nonsense that you get from so many OTHER cats. Ahem.

    So far, we’re calling the momcat “Lorna.” She’s a sleek black shorthair, and the the kittens are all versions of black or gray. One’s got a charcoal “cloud tabby” pattern, even. No kitten names yet, but those’ll come. And who knows if they’ll stick, once they’re adopted.

    Enough talk. To the Links! The links! Those photo-riffic links!
    (They’re kinda quick-and-dirty, but if I don’t post kitnpix FAST, some of these so-called Cuteologists will be clamoring for my blood.)

    Just arrived…

    Obligatory cat-dwarfed-by-rack shot, with Schmoop.

    Scout kitty (with SchmoopTeen1).

    Barely a handful!

    Brand new lair.


    TEH FACE!!!

    TEH PAWZ!!! (big, for desktops)

    And here’s Lorna, teh Mom.

    [le sigh]

  50. kittikin says:

    Congrats on the new arrivals! They are abso-freakin-lutely adorable. Black cats are the best!

  51. Heh. This guy looks just like my cat when he’s dismembered some innocent creature and is extremely pleased with himself… why is evil so freakin’ adorable???

  52. Lovely Theo, just lovely! Good luck.

    Man, I’ve been thinking more about fostering lately but I discovered today that you need to have a spare room. Being in a one-bedroom apartment sorta rules me out. And another kicker I found out about today – the local Humane Society is having a July special because of their kitty overload – pay for one and take a second home FREE! Not so sure how my own black kitty would take all of the new attention.

    le sigh indeed…..

  53. Kudos Theo! anerable lil’ kittehs too!

  54. Theo- how can you stand it? So much cuteness and fluff. (Those needle claws look sharp, though.) I can just hear those baby mews.

  55. teho, they’re beautiful bebes!! And Lorna is gorgeous. A fortunate little family of mewlings and mom. Bless you for a kind heart!

    I fostered a 14 year old kitty who’s human had died. I had her for two weeks before she went to a new home far away in Maine. I cried when she left…fostering was hard for me 😦

  56. Awwwwwwwww….too key-ute! Oh, crap,there goes my spleen!

  57. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    We luvs dem.

    Lorna’s figured out the lay of the land (office), litterbox is A-OK, and the wobbly little 3-weekers are already venturing a bit out of the box, now & then. Right now, Momma’s taking a break for some chow. Narf narf… yeah, she’s going to town right now. But she’s super-svelte and these are some healthy little kitters she’s got, too, so she can use it.

    btw, G-Lo — them claws is sharp like Velcro.

  58. One small drawback with the dark-colored felines, tho… it’s naturally harder to get good photos. They’re gonna make me work.

  59. hrh.squeak says:

    Sooo worth it, Theo –
    Congrats to you on the fuzz face friends! Yay for fosterererers!

  60. “I’ll allow this picture taking thing just this once, but don’t disturb me again today!”

  61. Laurie C says:

    Theo, what means “cloud tabby”? And did you use the term “cameo”, too? I’ve never heard that before.

    BTW, the momcat is lovely and I hope you enjoy all the little ones.

  62. Laurie C — I dunno about “cameo,” but when I say “cloud tabby” I mean a pattern which looks a bit more like a Clouded Leopard than your standard tabby stripes.

  63. This is the most beautiful shot I’ve seen on the whole site…just in terms of photography…just beautiful…