THIS JUST IN: A tiny bun dangling his foot

I repeat! [say in Jack Bauer voice] a TINY BUN DANGLING HIS FOOT


Woo! [wiping brow] It’s a good thing you caught that, E to the C.



  1. durandal says:

    I AM FIRST!!!!! or not?

    anyway, that’s veryyy cute (but my cat eats those for lunch, muahaha)

  2. A bun in the hand… is the lowest form of wit?

  3. Kimberly says:

    I love it! 😀 Must snorgle immediately.

  4. Durandal —
    1) Bungie Studios got eaten. “© 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.”

  5. bun danglage! Eeeek! So cute.

  6. Heather S. says:

    I think this was more of a “oh shit I’m gonna fall!” dangling foot.

  7. Darkflame says:

    Oh good God! I can’t handle it! The tiniest dangling floofy bunny footie! <3

    **BUNNIES!!!** 😀

  8. Tiiiiny…maybe even small enough to fit the whole thing in my mouth! ::glormp::

  9. that bun is dangling his foot like whoa

  10. Constance says:

    OMG. the ears! the feetz THE TEENY TINY TAAAAAAAAAAAIL


  11. A Fine Morsel says:


  12. OMG. I soooo want some bunnehs now, after seeing all the cutesies on this site…. Wait – what am I thinking – like I need more animals to take care of!!! [slaps self upside the head]

  13. Awww!

    Hey, what does “E to the C” mean??

  14. So so so cute. I’m gonna SQUEEEEEE right now!!

  15. “E to the C” is Meg-speak for E. Collison (the person who submitted the photo).
    What does “??” mean?

  16. my favorite part about this entry was the reference to 24. close on its heels is how freaking adorable that bunny is!

  17. mom and baby raccoons.

  18. kathleen says:

    this is perfect, because i was just outside smoking a cigarette (not cute, i know) and i saw a wee bunny on the lawn stretch and yawn, little pink tongue and all.

    it was so cute that i thought, “gee, i hope there’s a bunny on cuteoverload today…”


  19. Yes yes yes!!!! Jack Bauer & cuteness, I think it works!!

    Does this count??
    (thanks to cute paradise-

  20. Tanya – that photo is dangerous! I could not look at it directly for very long. =(

  21. is it that cute??

  22. I moped after being called names in a MMORG, but this picture makes me *happy*!

  23. yes,ebichu
    That is the power of cuteness.

  24. Ohm bunneh, bunneh, bunneh… the bunny bestows his itty cuteness upon us and all is well… all snorgle the itty bunneh…

  25. Ha! I knew there’d be a bun today – I had a hutch!

  26. *explodes in a burst of cute overload*


  27. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Tiny little bun-bun
    Resting in a hand
    You’re the cutest bun-bun
    Ever in the land!

    … Okay, that was lame. I’m sure others can do better.

  28. no no no! that was perfect, even for this bun:

  29. Have you thought about maintaining a Flicker photo album?

  30. who me?? no not really, I mostly help marice post stuff on

  31. O no! I’ve had too much bun-ness, and it’s killed me!

  32. ME TOO!

  33. OH. MY. GOD.Oh my god. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.


  34. This wouldn’t happen to be E. Collison’s bunbun by any chance?

  35. Is it??

  36. Beebee bunn!

  37. nice on J. Bo

  38. OMG I want to snorgle him but he’s so tiny I might accidently inhale him whole!

  39. Judy B, I believe bunnies ARE, legally, a controlled substance (due to their highly addictive nature, of course…)

  40. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Eek! Be careful there, little bun! [puts foot back onto hand]

  41. Bun: “Whoa! – what happened to the ground floor? Who pressed the ‘up’ button for the hand elevator?”

  42. Aubrey – yeah!

    No, ’tis not my bun. This is a shot from a wildlife rescue organization’s page. Wild buns are meant to live in da wild, yo!

    ( )
    ” “

  43. Eep! I was wrong about the image source, but this *is* a cottontail, no question…. Comments on wild animals not retracted….

  44. because of CO, I read Watership Down. Now I can’t see a pic of a wild bunners without assigning it a name from the book. Best book ever. ever! This little guy is so sweet!

  45. If every animal that was wild stayed living in the wild, we humans would never have domesticated pets or livestock. :b

    I had a pet cottontail for like, 10 years. Best bunny ever. But yeah, people, don’t follow my example; I’m not trying to start a trend.

    I love how this bun slopes down into limp floppiness from front to back.

    And for those who somehow wind up with a motherless baby bunny, a quick feeding formula that I got from a bunny care book (if I’m recalling it properly):

    1 cup milk
    1 egg yolk
    1 tablespoon of corn syrup

    Mix well, keep refrigerated between feedings, don’t let it fester too long before replacing, warm before feeding with baby animal bottle. Feed at least twice daily, in morning and in evening. Perhaps they make baby bunny formula these days; I haven’t kept up. If he has no siblings to cuddle with, hot water bottles might work. Don’t forget to lick his little belly to get him to pee and poop. Or just use a moist cottonball.

  46. HAHAHA Betty: My bun was named Hazel. He was a boy. Nobody understood.


    The cuteness is killing me.

  48. hrh.squeak says:

    Help help.
    I keep trying to access the album, it seems to be Bunniscene, that all these adorable pictures on Photobucket came from. I can’t find them!! Cutting and pasting the link only results in the JPG, not the album. Searches on bunniscene, kumanoko, and 300+pages of hamster don’t come up with it! Help help? Is it one album? Just the way one person is linking random Photobucket pics to CO? Gnnerrrr –

  49. Tanya, why does Cute Paradise have the same background as Cute Overload…. *rolls eyes*

  50. Horrible stuff on the news. War, death, bombings, hate.

    I woke up this morning with “…berg, berg, berrrrggg, schlumph..” going thru my head, and I was laughing to myself.


    …now, back to RL, but I know where to come for the “happies”. 🙂

  51. I love this blog but I really think it should go the way of ‘Go Fug Yourself’ and disable the comments. How many ways can people say ‘awww’?

  52. But, ampersandduck, with the comments disabled, we’d be without Theo’s mindful hilarity, Aubrey’s brilliant/awful punfests, Ceebs’s astute silliness, my own disapproving rabbit-ness, etc.

    Hey, here’s an idea that might solve your problem: DON’T READ THE COMMENTS!

  53. eh hem.

    Yes, very important not to miss the bun leg-dangle. I think we need a new “buns in hands” category as well, btw. This must be at least the third or fourth one on CO…if you don’t count the accidental repeat…

  54. Personally, I think we’re about ready for a “One Category Too Many” category.

  55. Actually, Teho, I think you are correct on that.

  56. Dangit… just when I was ready to post my own “Buns In Hands” pic, too…

  57. By the way, Thinkie…

    Who talks too much? Why, I daresay *we* talk too much. Tut tut.

  58. hee hee. Voluble I am not in Real Life, but CO certainly does seem to inspire lots of comments…

    and btw, “Buns in Hands”, Teho? Sense I a small dash of double entendre, there?

  59. The comment section is just another of the wonderful/educational/hilarious/inspiring parts of the blog.

    I am sure we can keep coming up with new ways to say “Awwwwww!”

    Hahaha…buns in hands!

  60. “just when I was ready to post my own “Buns In Hands” pic, too…”

    I shudder to think.

  61. Laurie C says:

    Buns in Hands is like Pets in Pots, only bunnier.

    Let us also not forget that if there were no comments, we would be missing out on a plethora of poetry.

    And the occasional pudding fight.

  62. OMG! Baby bunny! So cuuuuuuttttteeee!!!

  63. Yup. Still cute.

  64. cute bever ends.

  65. i hope the people who make keychains aren’t looking at this.
    PS I love the comments.

  66. Good one penny! Did you see this bunny??

  67. [tap, tap, tap] just wanted to see if my computer screen was stuck. No new cute today? [sob, whine]

  68. Tanya- that’s 2 keychains there. Kinda small. Maybe for a motorcycle key.

    You peeps know I’m only kidding. I love bunnies.

  69. Yea, Ceejoe; if you don’t see news here, why not go to ??

  70. Okay, Tanya, are you getting paid to promote that site? It’s getting annoying. To me, anyway.

  71. Tanya is a cut-and-paste robo and doesn’t understand a thing about humans. Best ignored.

  72. sorry he was sad cuz there wasn’t a new post.

  73. Disable the comments…. Unthinkable. True there is a lot so “aaaaawing,” and schmoopie, mushy, squishy talk. However, I have to say that a lot of the commentary is clever and funny… and sometimes just mad and silly. That is part of this site’s charm I think.
    Besides, I work in a military public affairs office… and though much of the stuff they do here is laughable they aren’t very funny or cute.
    I need both the giggles and the cute. It gets me through the day. :o)

  74. awwwwwwwwwwww.

  75. awwwwwww… look at da woodle schmoopie, mushy, squishy baby bunny…

  76. yes indeed.

  77. Erica: Military Professional.
    Hard on the outside:
    soft on the inside.
    I’m tearing up…(wipe).

  78. “Don’t forget to lick his little belly to get him to pee and poop.” Haha poyo. Ya, it probably IS good advise, but honestly, that’s just funny!

    Love the pic! Love bun-buns!

  79. penny

    LOL! I’m not military. I would never make it in the military. I don’t have the, “Yes sir! How high, sir,” attitude that is required.

    No, I’m a surly, ignoble, bitter, woefully underpaid, government contractor…creampuff, girly girl through and through.

  80. Awwww, lil’ doot fangler.

  81. Tanya, your http://axentraserver.bomanionline….. link crashed my computer.

    Wat up wit dat Yo?

  82. LOL, EricaE, you f’n rock!

  83. paulette says:

    wot a cute little skweeter! The paw danglege is soooo prosh!

  84. Erica! Surly Girly Girl! You Go!

    Bitter! are you possibly Sullen, too?

  85. Foster….

    Aw shucks.. *blush*


    Oh absolutely. …Sullen, and every once and a while a touch maudlin too. *nod nod*

  86. beautiful adjectives.
    you are making me tear up (sniff) again

  87. Ha! Ceejoe I keep coming back to see if there is new cute posted for today. I guess Meg is busy with her *real* job or maybe her *real* life. Pshaugh! She needs to get her priorities straight! 😉

    *sigh*…I guess I’ll have to go peruse through the archives…

    and NO, Tanya I don’t want to be linked to your site…

  88. I’m starting to twitch here. We need more cute today!!!

  89. brownamazon says:

    There’s a dearth of new cute today… wonder what’s up? Thank heavens this showed up in my Daily Candy today. The Japanese have outdone themselves yet again. We have pets in pots; so why not pets that ARE pots:

  90. OMG brownamazon, those are adorable!! If there was a kitteh, I’d be whippen’ out the credit card now!!

  91. Teughcats says:

    The evolution of the Chia pet, perhaps? Same concept but much cuter.

    I totally understand Meg needing to have a real life sometimes, but isn’t Theo our junior author?

    Theo, where are the pix of your foster kittens?

  92. brownamazon says:

    I think the froggie would be the cutest, if only because the green of the grass would match so perfectly.

  93. Whathat’s that, Lassie?? Meg fell down a well??

  94. greenighs

    rotfl! That’s fantastic!

    …not the part about maybe Meg falling down the well…

    That would be bad.

  95. It would essplain why she no posting cuteness for us.

    Poor Meg.

    All alone down that well.


  96. Laurie C says:

    Halloooooo down there!

  97. Tony James says:

    Which reminds me of an old story that had to do with Helen Keller falling down a well. Apparently she was unharmed by the fall, but she broke 3 fingers calling for help.

  98. Eeek! Hope they weren’t the same fingers she burned reading the waffle iron.

  99. Meg…eg….g….

  100. Am fighting a network-related fire today at work. Our AD domain a splode.

    No foster kittens in the Catcave yet, but we’re all set & official with the Humane Society now. So as soon as they’ve got some for us, we’ve got a place for ’em.

  101. Laurie C says:

    Does anyone know, like for real (not anthropomorphizing of how we would feel or how we *think* they should feel):

    how do mama cats take it when their kittens are given away? Do they pine and pine or is it out of sight, out of mind? Two more of the boxcar kittens look ripe for the picking soon and I was just wondering…

  102. Awww. I really needed that. My day has sucked.

  103. [color=seagreen]I remember by the time we found a home for the last kitten, my dear Althea was plenty glad to be rid of them. She had begun to hiss at them when they tried to nurse, etc.[/color]

  104. LOL the color thing is force of habit from all the other boards I post on. Sorry!

  105. I just can’t take it. That foot is overwhelmingly anerable. *squees uncontrollably*

    Each day this website brings me thisfreakingclose to just dying of cute!!!

  106. Betty: I wasn’t going to lnk you to my site…

    That is true lizzy, I could die of cute too!

  107. Laurie C says:

    greenighs, at the moment, the mom is hissing at me when I come to feed the colony. But she’s a feral. And the sooner I get these little guys, the better chance they have to get socialized. They’re 6 weeks old now.

  108. kittyluv says:

    Laurie, thank you for rescusing the li’l kittehs, I’m sure mama cat will be okay with it. Is there anyway you can use a humane trap to get mama to a low cost clinic to get her spayed? I know you’re already doing alot of work, I just wanted to mention it. Poor mama will just keep having litter after litter…

    And the bunny foot, too cute for words!!

  109. Laurie C says:

    kittyluv, the trapping is part of the plan. Just waiting for permission from the property owners…

  110. Laurie C:
    For a moment there I thought you were waiting for a ‘persimmon’ which seemed a rather unusual type of currancy; or was it currants-sy?

    I’m so confused…where’s the New Cute Revue?

  111. A dose of cute I had to share, what with the lack of updates. 🙂

  112. paulette says:

    …just barely audible as the bunn pulls his tiny leg back into the hand…

  113. Aubrey, Meg fell down a well. We’re waiting for Lassie to rescue her, or for one of the knitting rabies people to knit her a really cute pink rope.

  114. AHAHAHAHA!! greenighs, that is *hilarious*.

  115. hrh.squeak says:

    greenighs, you are *smokin’* today!!!!
    Dannee – Squeeeeee!! Those guys are so small, I can’t even think of them as “weiner dogs” – they may have to be “vienna sausage dogs”!

  116. *faints*
    Jack Bauers voice is music to my ears! lol oh… and that bunny is adorable! 😉

  117. it’s so adorable

  118. chet's momma says:

    “don’t forget to lick the baby bunny’s belly to make him pee or poop..or just use a moist cottonball”? that is just hilarious and cute. hee hee. I know, it must be done….and I would be first in line…ANYTHING for a snorgle with such a kewt widdle bunneh!

  119. I think it looks like a giant flea.

  120. Leslie, you made me laugh! It does look like a giant flea.
    ….they both have serious hops….

  121. Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!

    Cutest pet *ever*!

  122. OK. So you’re not always insulting.
    Carry on.

  123. Babyguru says:

    … so then I watched Danee’s link, and my head exploded.