Pup eyebrows

This is "Fez." He was three pounds when this pic was taken. He’s got the whole Princess-Di-looking-up- when-you’re-looking-down thing going. Prosh.



Ah-nerr-ahh-bull, Gretchen L.!



  1. Maureen says:


  2. Oh my god, I want one. So cute.

  3. Oh man! 3 pounds of Bostonian terrificness!!! My 100-lb monster still gives me that look ALL THE TIME, particularly when I’m holding a slice of pizza or something.

  4. Elaine Benes says:

    omg, such a cute “coy” look in the second photo! Awwwww!!!

  5. What a cutie! I like the bald spot next to his ear.

  6. Hm, I don’t like these dogs, but I must admit this one has a high cute factor!

  7. Wow, this is a really great CO day. Thanks, Meg, for all the fluff and stuff!

  8. Stezton says:

    Awwww! a Boston! melt! (I own two).

  9. eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Must not chomp on ears must not chomp on ears! He is so cute I may go right out and get one!

  10. look at the human leg in that second photo. leave the preciousness to the pets, dude.

  11. That is NOT a cute look. Don’t be taken in! That is a calculating look. Notice the gnaw marks in his chew toy. That dog is 3 pounds of terror. Oh yes.

  12. omg TOOO CUTE!! i love puppies!!!

  13. yes everyone loves puppies! it should be puppy wednesday, lol!

  14. I love me a boston terrier! My old roommate had one named Jax…named after the guy on General Hospital! So cute!

  15. so itty bitty!! tooo adorable…

  16. karisma says:


  17. Awww meep… It’s so cute and squishy looking! Me wants!

  18. He’s totally got the kronsch going on in the second picture! I can hear him now: “Eees eet okay zat I hav zeees???”

  19. Eloquent Eyebrows.

  20. Yay for Bostons!

  21. AuntieMame says:

    CatPants, I interpret it more as “Go ‘head, I dare ya to try and take it from me.”

  22. OMG now THAT is one cute puppy!

    I think I’m in love…

    I just want to snuggle and kiss and cuddle with the puppy.

    Makes me want to go get another dog!!! He’s just so cute!!

  23. English Chick says:

    awh i like the fact the bone is as big as his head

  24. oh my gawd! so cute!

  25. Lillith says:


    He peekies!!!

  26. cat pants, i agree, photo 2 is so totally “soft kronche”!!

  27. pink belly, marble nose…squeet!

  28. omg – if you go to the website Meg links to – look at his little bicolored nose in the third picture. Toooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!

  29. I want to pinch the hocks….just a tiny bit.

  30. Oh, come here you little schoopie-woopie schnoogle wooglie little oogie googie wet me kiss your widdle facie wacie…*thud* (falls off chair uttering unintelligible baby talk)

  31. misschelley says:

    actually, Catpants and AuntieMame, if he is a boston terrier, then wouldn’t it be more of a baw-stan accent?
    ‘khan i have this bawn?”
    (poor attempt at boston acctent)

  32. This little guy may be trouble… but he is some CUTE trouble!!!

  33. A bit OT, but did anyone else see Daily Show’s “emotional weather” seg? Meg? Even the DAILY SHOW is picking up on the Cuteness!

  34. Stephanie S. says:

    I love you, cuteoverload.com.

  35. I just want to love, love, love him up!

  36. misschelley: Yep, you’re probably right… but typing out a terrible French accent is more fun than a terrible Boston accent. At least for me it is. 😉

  37. Oh my garsh….so freakin’ cute.
    We have a Boston named Sheldon and he is an extremely cute little bugger, too.

    LOL….I got home from work, sat down at the computer, opened CO, saw the pup and started yelling Oooooooooooooo….from the opposite end of the house my son yells “Mom, get off Cuteoverload!!!”


  38. misschelley says:

    catpants- its also easier to do the french accent…its way more common than the boston one. and heard more often, too.
    i wonder what his tail looks like? he’s got good cheek rolls , too.

  39. rule of cuteness #25: worried eyebrows.

  40. Check out the eye capsules on that puppy! [say in Cliff Claven voice and then hoist pants by belt loops]

  41. I second eden’s motion for a new rule!

    and that bone is too big for his mouth! Cuuuuute!

  42. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I bet he has puppy breath!

  43. =) these pictures are a joy to look at! but too cute for me… *poof*

  44. Yes Brak_Sliverbone he must!

  45. MaryAnne says:

    I had a Boston when I was a kid. (living in Boston, it was the law, ya know). He was a cutie snorgle pup. I miss him.

  46. this pup is too cute and i can’t stand it!! i’ve visited the cuteoverload 10 times today just to awgle little fezzle 🙂 *SQUEEEEEE!!!!*

  47. I feel like that little girl in the background of the wah wah picture awhile back.

  48. Why is it that “bald” and “wrinkly” are cute on a puppy belly but nowhere else? So not fair!

  49. OMG the eyes! This is too much.

    Actually, the angle of the eyes in the second one is the same angle with which Tamaki looks up in episode 1 of “Ouran” when he says “Finally, at the best moment, a look from below is very effective” about 12 minutes in.

    Also, about that second one, you can tell that he’s about to absolutely attack that bone! Meg, you need to start a “kronsh” archive.

  50. “photo 2 is so totally “soft kronche”!!

    Posted by: Maltese Parakeet”

    Totally what I was going to say too. Do we have an actual soft kronsche rule yet??

  51. I alway imagined kronche requests uttered in a Peter Lorre accent.
    Especially if by a tiny anxious pop eyed doglet.

  52. Leilani says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Little round haid!!!!!

  53. NEENER neener I have one of these snorgleable love bugs too! I just love my Boston, he’s the best lil’ Snug McSnugglerson! Evar.

    you can see him and my other doggers at http://3-dog-blog.blogspot.com/

  54. Has anyone else noticed the beautifully coordinated shoes/socks/cords ensemble going on in the background?

  55. Art deco dog!

  56. Gillian says:

    That’s gotta be the cutest boston terrier i’ve ever seen.

    awwwww. his eyeballs are as big as his whole head.

  57. lol, you hit the nail on the head CatPants.

  58. nameeman says:

    pic one: huh? i see someone looking at me~

    pic two: now i shall quietly pick up my toy and run!

  59. I’m… I’m going to take this bone here, okay? Is that okay? I’m… I’m just going to take it, here, okay? That’s okay, right? I’m just gonna… just right here… That’s okay, right?

  60. OK, Fez is a very cute Fez. He is one of those doggies that this non-doggy person would happily snorgle. Aww.

  61. …Aubrey, yes, I do like the shoes/socks/cords combo going on there in the background. Did notice.

  62. AuntieMame says:

    I just clicked the link to the original photographs. The black and white photo is beautiful.

    But is that a…skull(!?!)..in the second photo?!?

  63. well wheredya think the bone came from? 😛

  64. How sad, he has a harelip. I have to bosties, one just a wee 4 months old! They are one of the best small dogs — still dog, not just fluff!

  65. Dickie Twinkles says:

    *cute-overload-seizure* @_@

    He looks SO much like my cavalier puppy! @_@ He was also 3lbs when I got him…now he’s 10lbs XD

    Big-eyed smoosh-ed face-d dogs are cuterific!

  66. Dickie Twinkles says:

    This pup, methinks, should start a rival site called DogsthatlooklikeHitler.woof 😡

  67. people in the background wearing very sensible clothes

  68. it’s gretchin l., actually. 🙂 gretchin w/ an i. the photographer is my friend leeann h. i’m so excited we’re posted on cute overload! and fez totally looks like he’s got the soft kronche ™ thing going on. 🙂

  69. This picture has single-handedly seduced me into getting ANOTHER Boston…damn you, Fez!!!!

  70. jenni joon says:

    I just sublimed. Sublimation. I did it. Why? Oh.. b/c I was exposed to DANGEROUSLY elevated levels of cuteness. For the love. Anyone have a CLUE how difficult it is to exist when you have undergone sublimation? Oy vey! I got two words for cuteoverload.com: Bring it, yo! (ok, three words!)

  71. Aww. I want to kiss his little smooshed-up muzzle!

  72. missmichelle says:

    aww… I want to kiss him and snuggle him and love him till his ribs break! haha, j/k on the last part… but he’s ADORABLE!

  73. To precious! Bostons are my favorite!!!
    They are the BESTEST!!!!

  74. Clarissa says:

    Simply adorable!

  75. The ears! the ears! (1st pic) OMG I love it when their ears do that. Look at that cheeky monkey trying to look innocent & “who, me?” you don’t have me fooled, little one. I had a 2.5 lb baby, who looks all sweet in the pics, but that was the only times he actually was still, little terror.
    Also, I love the little white back tootsies in the 2nd pic, and how the back legs are positioned.

  76. Squeee! This li’l guy could turn a cat person!

  77. Piggalette says:

    The pink spots on his lil nose are too much! So effing cute, I could die. >.<

  78. Schmoonchy nose ‘an all… (parody of Joe Tex song title – maybe a bad parody!).

  79. Rhonada says:

    Oh my goodness, so cute! I have a 11lb boston terrier, named Zoe. She was the runt of the litter, so needless to say, she looked very similar to this cutie pup!

  80. Precious!

  81. SO CUTE!!!even cuter than my Boston Terrier…8) too bad MY Boston Terrier can’t stay a puupy forever!! 8(

  82. I’m not suppote to hav dis??? But I’m soooo qute and cuddly and thweet. It just hopped in my mouph, believe me, I don’t know how it got in my mouph!!!