Mr. TinyPants

Paws up, little Dude. Paws up. You have learned well!


He’s kinda the kitten equivalent of this hamster Dewd, right Tracey?



  1. chelsea says:

    maalgh! o wee kitten! thou art the death of me!

  2. Robert M. says:

    Absolutely adorable, right down to the (sort of) beady-eye factor. All we need now is the size reference…

  3. AuntieMame says:

    D’oh! I’ve had this picture on my computer for a couple of years, and I was confused when I found it here. I thought I was having a flashback or something.

    Paws up, dewd!

  4. Now… THAT… is “prosh”.

  5. Oh, this one causes me pain. Cute pain.

  6. Piggalette says:

    That is the smallest cat I have ever seen. Totally cute.

  7. He just went *fwoop*! And he is all confuzzled and omg… so CUTE… *wants to snorg him*

  8. Aww, he looks like a suffed animal that just fell over. So cute!

  9. Christine says:

    Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

    Heehee, he’s very snorgle-able.

  10. it’s so….
    round 🙂


  11. Without fail
    The tiny tail
    Against the wall
    Myself does it nail.

  12. Aaaw! Just look at this tiny kitten and then at the hamster link. Every time you switch back and forth they both get cuter by comparison! <33

  13. not tellin' says:

    Goodness! He looks like a Mogwai.

  14. Is that even real?

  15. Albertanator says:

    Incredibly toots….that’s all I can say….

  16. Holy Crizzapp! That’s a katten?

    That’s 100% Pure Concentrated Cuteness right there.
    Straight from the grove!


  17. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Oh he is totally planning global domination through cuteness. You can tell.

  18. lauowolf says:

    If he starts asking for your bank account pin, or paypal passwords, I think you should get nervous.

    Or maybe we should just let him rule the world.
    I mean, why not?

  19. Doodalalala says:













  20. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    THAT is the most seriously generically and PERFECTLY cute little mush-ball EVER. I had to look twice to see that it was even a kitten.

    This big-eyed-small-eared-little-nibble-of-teeniness is just down-right edible!

  21. I’m not even much of a kitty fan, but I must stuff this one in my mouth!!! 😉

  22. I think maybe its a baby Ewok.

  23. Michelle says:

    Oh jeebs. I’m feeling dizzy from the cute. Where’s my insulin?

  24. The scientists wondered what would happen when they threw together Kitten, Hamster Dewd, and Ewok DNA and let it grow.. the result turned out to be a public health hazzard, infected with unacceptably high levels of cute.

  25. Had to read the comments to work out what kind of animal it is!

  26. Kittens are cute and all, but I’m really hoping for an “All Hamster Hump Day”…and I don’t mean that in a dirty way.

  27. ok, great, it’s nearly 4 a.m. and my head is ‘sploding from the unbelievable cuteness. if this isn’t a world peace kitteh, i don’t know what is. and that link to the hamster! aaaaiiiiiieeeee. my eyes!!!! my brain…..squeeeeeeee.

  28. hrh.squeak says:

    That’s It.
    Meg is trying to kill us all with Super Duper Addictive CrackCute. Nothing else will explain this tiny ball of lethal cuteness!!

  29. god this is too much. i love how he’s learnt to do paws up, but he’s so adorably small and weak that he can’t even get all the way over onto his back. can’t you just hear his sideways “ehn!”

  30. sabrina says:

    cute it is, but YEARS old. I’ve had this saved on my computer for about 6 yrs LOL that kitten is probably hmm old. sorry but true!!

  31. Old pic, new pic, doesn’t matter. It’s The Cute.

    And little hammy, too….they are soulmates! They are cutemates! They are soulcutemates.

    Sighs. Heart still palpitating from cute toxicity.

  32. Is he real? He’s the cutest litte kitten!

  33. falnfenix says:


    my heart just stopped…that is TOO FREAKING CUTE!

  34. No.
    Can’t… take… any… more…
    Look at the tum! The teeny tiny tail point poking at the back like *brrrrr-it* The little sad face that makes you want to CRY!
    *hits early menopause*

  35. pheral – I heard that sideways “ehn!” too! Good call.

    I love the comma around his little igh, and the triangle splotch on his nose. So sweet. Paws up, tiny tail, helpless looking, ear:head … Trifecta material.

  36. girlladyfriend says:

    ewok, totally ewok.

  37. Duuuuuude! That kitten can bring world peace..

    *kitten rolls onto George W. Bush’s lap* GW Bush: Stop the war in Iraq! I have seen the light!

  38. Sing along with me now!

    Tiny pants/
    You’ve got the cutest little tiny pants…

  39. Awwww this kitty is so adorable.

  40. Oh my gosh…something as cute as that li’l kitten is can’t be physically possible!


  41. Lauowolf,
    I agree. Kittens such as this one could probably do a better job of ruling the world than all the current “leaders” put together.
    Take this latest bit of mass stupidity between Israel and Lebanon. And don’t even get me started on Bush.
    I don’t think kittens will stop him, Audra. He would probably accuse the kitten of being unpatriotic and have it hauled off to Gitmo.
    …Must stop with political raging… focus… on kitten.
    Ooohm kitteh,kitteh,kitteh
    Ooohm kitteh,kitteh,kitteh
    There… that’s better….

  42. Oh. No.

    This kitten has me totally helpless, very first thing in the morning. I feel like collapsing back into bed in a pose like his own, utterly undone by the Cute.

    Cutest. Kitten. Picture. EVER.

  43. hurrah greenighs, glad i’m not just projecting “ehn”s everywhere due to cute overload. 😛

    lovely seahorses btw. 😀

  44. Definitely the cutest baby ewok I’ve ever seen! I WANT ONE!

  45. oh, to have that little sweetie up by my face and neck and bury my face in its little tummy and…….snuggle! having kitties is very therapeutic when one is between having little ones of their own and grandbabies. wish there was a logical and humane way to keep kittens little and adorable.

  46. yoohoostereo says:

    Old to some, new to me!

    At first I thought this little one only had three legs, but then I looked closer and realized it was just blendin in.

    It is looking at you with “Pick me up and cuddle me!” eyes. Squeeee!

  47. p.s. at first when I saw this kitten, I thought it was a puppy. Anyone else?

  48. Thinker — sorta, yeah.

  49. that just makes your heart melt!

  50. ok. me feels slightly less silly, now.

  51. brownamazon says:

    I agree; this creature is 80 proof cute. And it *does* appear to have been separated at bith from that hamster.

  52. rebekah says:

    i must needs stuff this kitten into my mouth. immediatly.

  53. Laurie C says:

    thinker, me too. I couldn’t figure out what it was (hamster, bear, puppy, ewok?) till I got past the picture to the rest of Meg’s caption.

    karen, the way to have perpetual kittens is to foster them for one of your local cat rescue or humane society-type groups. You get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped socialize them and set them up for a permanent home, and the joy of constant wee ones in your house.

  54. I didn’t think I liked kittens/cats until I came to your site. Now I’m smitten. 🙂

  55. thinkie, I thought it was a puppy too. But now I see it’s the powerful Kitten God. I bow down and kiss its tiny paws. And nose, of course.

  56. : D

  57. I’m with Jenni, I don’t think it’s real… It was born of a Japanese Anime character, that’s all I have to say.

  58. I’m glad you told us that it was a kitten… I thought it might be a stuffed toy, a very small dog… or maybe an ewok that got tipped-over.

    Very cute.

  59. I bet he’s a Scottish Fold kitten. They have those very round faces, round eyes and teensy tinsy ears…

  60. Christy says:

    eee! FLUFFBALL!!

  61. Holy cow!

    Kinda wish someone was holding him in the picture, so we could see how ridiculously small he really is!!

    I would estimate he’s only a handful or so!


  62. Yes, ceejoe. Scottish Fold he (she, actually probably) most certainly is.

  63. I didn’t even think about this being a kitty until I read the comments; I was just trying to figure out if it was a real or stuffed puppeh (I’m still not sure it’s real).

  64. that is a cutefurball!!!!!!!!!!

  65. caroline says:

    OOH! He’s so round and roly poly!

  66. Fritatta says:

    New category? Guess the species?

  67. He’s so young that he’s just an undifferentiated ball of cuteness, waiting to grow into the kitten or puppy or hamster, or perhaps dust bunny, that he is to become…

  68. E-Snorgle says:

    Question-Does Cute Overload have a MySpace page? Just wondering. It would be kewl.

  69. My gawd! Is that thing even real? Or is it just some mad scientist’s stuffed toy blueprint for cuteness incarnate?

  70. Oh hell…. it hurts… the cute … too much I say…. TOO MUUUCCHH!!!

  71. i can’t take it! i’m overloaded by the cute! *dies*

  72. OMG.. it looks FAKE! Cute.

  73. Not fer nuthin, but I believe it is a genetic impossibility for a calico kitty to be a “he.”

    But, yes, she is the most delicious little furball kitten-head I have seen in a long, long, long, long, long time! I think I’m with those who feel an overwhelming urge to smush her teeny-weeny precious little cutenss!

  74. ooooh I didn’t realize *she* was calico. I had to look closer to see the peach coloring… I luvs calicos, espesh dilute calicos…

  75. Doubleclick says:

    I’ll have you know that this creature was in fact over seventy feet high at the shoulder, and killed many hundreds of the townsfolk (including 13 members of my own family) before it was finally defeated.

    And this you call “cute”. For shame.

  76. Sqeeeee!

    He looks like he is going “bright light! bright light!”

    I can’t belive that is real…too frigging cute to be real!

  77. 😯

    Doubleclick — so what happened?? How did they defeat it???
    [holds breath]

  78. Parox-Amore says:

    That is no kitten. That is an alien overlord from the planet CUTE.

  79. omg…what the heck…what the heck IS that? WHY?? jesus christ that has got to be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen…blargh
    i want to take her paws and wiggle them!

  80. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Notice this teeny little one has her back turned away from us, so we can’t see the key with which you wind her up.

  81. MaryAnne says:

    Testing out my Overload Language:

    *he’s anerable
    *infinitely snorgable


    Snorgle, snorgle, snorgle!!

  82. Doubleclick’s people defeated this Beast of Cute armed with nothing but a flamethrower, red feather boa and pudding.

  83. I was totally thinking of this little dude:

    when I saw this.

  84. This baby is so cute it doesn’t even look real..but if someone says she/he is a Scottish Fold…I will go with that. I just want to scoop it up and nuzzle it’s little tummy!!

  85. You know, I *want* this kitten.

    And you regulars know that’s a confession of sorts on my part. 😉

  86. *SIGH*



  87. YAY!!! E.C. Come ooooonnnn over!!

  88. Resistance is futile, E.C. You will be assimilated into the Scottish Fold fold and love the kittehs until the end of time.

  89. Is this for real? It is like, cuteness BEYOND.

  90. I couldn’t have that little handful o’kitty in my house. Nothing would ever get done!

  91. Wisefool says:

    Sweet mother of God! What the hell is this thing? It blows my mind.

  92. John Kettley says:

    Woah it’s like an Ewok.

  93. sung jee says:

    i thought it was a PUPPY until i read everyone’s comments

    …comments. The power of comments.

  95. I have seen this lil guy for several years on His name is Ernest T. Bass, and there are grownup pics of him there too (or there were last I looked). He is a studly, yet adorable grownup Scottish Fold (he sits like one, all flat!), and my understanding is that his momma takes him and other cats to nursing homes for shut-ins to pet.

    As for myself, I would not be able to resist such fluffy anerableness!


  96. ???

    It doesn’t look anything like the Earnest T Bass on Earnest is a gray mackerel tabby, and not a Scottish Fold at all — his ears are straight.

    Totally different from this amazing lil’ dude.

  97. That is the most adorable kitty I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! What kind is it?

  98. Roberta Burdick says:

    I LOVE this little baby! How can the world be so bad when God makes something this cute???

  99. I’m only ten and I’ve never been here before but whoever says that kitten is ugly will make me puke.

  100. I have friends that refuse to believe this kitty is real!!! They think he’s stuffed! Do you have another pic of him so I can prove his cuteness is real??? I love that kitty!!!!

  101. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooo cute!!! wont one!! lol