[Say in Steve Martin/Dan Akroyd voices]

Fox #1: Hi, Yortuk.  Hi, Georg.  Sorry we’re late.

Yortuk Festrunk: No hassles, man.  Hey!  Listen to Georg’s joke!

Georg Festrunk: Okay! [ to Fox #2 ] "How many astro-sign medallions can you wear?"

Fox #2: I don’t know, I..

Georg Festrunk: "Next time, try five of them!" [ the brothers laugh ]


Thanks to fox Tracey for this one.



  1. first!

  2. Wing-like ears!

  3. dah!! look at those huge fuzzy ears!!! <3!! and the stacked little smoosh faces! :D

  4. persimmontree says:

    i love how they stack so you can fit more in a small space.

  5. wow. what an incredible feeling.

  6. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Beautiful simply beautiful

  7. martymo says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE fennec foxes…the airplane ears! the beady eyes!

  8. That’s way to cute!

  9. SandyCat says:

    I like the totem pole of cuteness! Stack it higher! HIGHER! More cute furry faces!

  10. They look like they are about to get into trouble, but they know they can cute their way out of it.

  11. now i can die a happy, happy woman. my totem has appeared on CO!

    foxes — the feline canine!

  12. i *so* don’t get the joke.

    but dang the foxes are cute, so all is forgiven.

  13. What’s really great about these guys is that even grown up they are terribly cute.

    This trio looks like they are waiting for the postman to bring a shipment from ACME.

  14. Good for you, Johnny. You’ve won the internet.

  15. Laurie C says:

    pheral, it was a Saturday Night Live recurring skit. Steve and Dan played two Czech (i think) immigrant guys who thought they were real players/party boys trolling NY for women, who they called “Foxes!”

  16. Laurie C says:

    …and they wore big medallionz and loud, plaid pants, with shirts open to their navels. And made “jokes” that made no sense, exactly like in the caption.

  17. Pheral — I don’t get it either. (“Radio!”)

    The headstacking is cool. Reminds me of…

  18. Tony James says:

    [crrrrrk] Fennec 1 to Fennec Leader, requesting permission to enter snorgling pattern. Over.

    [crrrrrk] Roger, Fennec 1 – Fennec Leader here. Go ahead and join pattern in position 3.

    [crrrrrk] Fennec Leader to flight – stand by to be snorgled. We’re going in. Tally-Ho!

  19. Laurie C — wait, you mean the “We are a couple of wild and crrrazy guys!” guys? Ohhhh….

  20. I think maybe – *maybe* – we’re not supposed to get the SNL joke. That was the whole point of the skits. They thought they were funny, but they were clueless…

    De foxies are cu-uuute!!!

  21. wow. wow. yet again i have the need to own something that i never can have. the ears people the EARS!!!! and the adorable slanty eyes. very seductive!

  22. Hey, its Wildlife Wednesday!
    First the toxedo tottlers and now the stacked foxes!

  23. Heather S. says:

    So there is a small ear to head ratio what about the small head to ear ratio? Cause these guys totally would win it!

  24. brownamazon says:

    Ohhhhh. I actually gasped out loud when I saw this. Fennecs are exquisite: their features perfect balance of feline and canine.
    I didn’t get the joke either. I thought it was just me being lame, but I feel better now.

  25. ultimate cute video of raccoon babies cuter then these foxes.

  26. so much for Rules 15 and 17…

  27. MaggieBelle says:

    Is that a new species? The mysterious two-headed fox?

  28. Ponygirl says:

    I was going to send this picture in yesterday but the system was done 😦 and low and behold its up today!

  29. fiveNine148lbs says:

    kitty and doggie

  30. …want…to….kiss….between…the….ears….MWAH!

  31. Cute things that create patterns up the cuteness factor exponentially. I LOVE big ears! *thinks of her fruit bat looking cat at home*

  32. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I’m reminded of an episode of _Invader Zim_… “Get off my head!” ^_^
    So cute!

  33. omg a foxy totem pole!

  34. lauowolf says:

    Roadrunner is soooo doomed.

    You can almost hear their tiny brains humming.
    In a minute they will all get up and do the next thing


    Another cute submission for cute overload (since the email isn’t up)

  36. Omg I am such a lurker but I had to post twice today cuz they were sooo cute. I *LOVE* Fennic foxes!! They are my most absolute favourite animals in the world! So tiny and fuzzy and the perfect balance between canine and feline and sooooo TINY! Frisky little guys too, like tiny little kitties on speed they are. *huggles* Love fennic foxes. =^.^=

  37. brownamazon says:

    Tanya, at first I thought you were a spammer. But I stand corrected: those otters are killing me.

  38. Chunky Bacon!

  39. Those ears are in a class all their own. Lovely!

  40. FOXPILE!!!

    The two on the right look like some sort of mythical two-headed Japanese fox-creature like you’d see in a Miyazaki movie.


  42. Cherilin says:

    Oh My Gawd!! Sooo cute. I got warm fuzzy feelings. They remind me of the stray cat around our place. She makes that face! It’s her confused, “What was that?” face.

    She’s so cute, I wish I could keep her, but alas, she’s a bit feral and won’t leave her neighborhood & we’re moving. 😦

  43. Cherilin says:

    Oh My Gawd!! Sooo cute. I got warm fuzzy feelings. They remind me of the stray cat around our place. She makes that face! It’s her confused, “What was that?” face.

    She’s so cute, I wish I could keep her, but alas, she’s a bit feral and won’t leave her neighborhood & we’re moving. 😦

  44. oh my gosh! Cherilin – I have a semi-feral kitten that lives with me that makes those airplane ears sometimes too. Too funny… I had never thought about them much before your picture… But I bet that’s what she’s doing – “What was that?!?!!”

  45. pat fricker says:

    how can I send you my cuter that imaginable picture of my english bulldog puppy?


  46. “My ears were used on a jet plane
    Don’t know when they’ll give them back again”*

    *The day is yours, Extra Syllable. But surely we shall meet again…

  47. cherilin says:

    Can we please have Fennec Fridays??
    Definitely need more foxiness in my work day..

    Can you resist these cuties!

  48. Whoa! Those foxes are *stacked*!

  49. Gah! That fox is wearing a fox on his head!

    Is that a new trend?

  50. Kudos for the SNL reference. That was a great bit.

    “They had to go to the Statue of Liberty for their birth control devices.”

  51. Brak_Silverbone- says:

    *sigh* Aren’t animals beautiful?

  52. “Now are the FOX-EZ!!”

  53. I think we’ve interrupted a conjurer’s trick – the fox-ez have been caught in mid-shuffle: which one is hiding the quarter?

  54. They are just too cute!!!

    They share the same habitat as Sand Cats, and have the same sort of body mods: huge eyes and biiiig ears. Same coloring, too.

    I want one. Of each.

  55. Meg, you’re approaching a trifecta – first my favorite animal, the red panda – and now my son’s favorite, the fennec fox.

    We’ve got one of them at the local zoo, and he makes the sweetest little “I’m so happy” faces:

  56. DesertFoxCat says:

    My God, it’s full of cute!


  57. hrh.squeak says:

    They so look like they’re laughing: “Georg’s jokes are sooo funny! We are wild and crazy stackable foxes!!”

  58. Foxy 2 hedz!

  59. elibelly says:

    two-faced cuteness

  60. The joke was not funny, and the animals are not even cute.

  61. Laurie C says:

    Donna, the joke wasn’t supposed to be funny (that’s the joke) and as for cute, this being Cute Overload, there’s always a next post.

  62. Wow…Someone needs some caffeine and fast!

  63. The totem-fox actually looks like penta-cat, posted a few months ago!

    Veeeerrrrry cute.

  64. I think those crazy foxes are resting up for a night out looking for hot American vixens. (Female foxes are called “vixens” – isn’t that nifty!?)

  65. Dickie Twinkles says:

    I adore fennecs! Americans are so lucky being able to have them as pets in some states o.o

  66. Wow, I took a pic like this (only it was just 2 & they weren’t stacked) at the Houston Zoo in 1990. I thought they were the cutest things with those giant ears…..
    I have a chihuahua now, hehe.

  67. OMG KAWAII! XD i love these guys. and they do make cute little happy faces. these guys look like they are either about to race (and the double-decker team has bet that they can win with twice the weight) or they are about to play a prank on someone.

    honestly, i think i like any canine with oversized ears. 😉

  68. Who pi**ed in Donna’s tea?

  69. Donna is just bitter because she/he/it has to live under a bridge with all the other trolls, so she/he/it doesn’t find anything cute, and has to come to cute overload to say so and poop on everything.

  70. I’m just having fun imagining what Corky’s asterisks might be concealing.

    Who pilled in Donna’s tea?
    Who pimped in Donna’s tea?
    Who pinged in Donna’s tea?
    Who pigged in Donna’s tea?
    Who piqued in Donna’s tea?

    I really, really want to go back to bed.

  71. Who pieced een Donna’s tea?

  72. I pitied in Donna’s tea.

  73. Tea pi**er! says:

    Who pissed in Donna’s tea?

    Oh, wait…

    I say: Donna, keep on comin’ over and looking at CO pics. Who knows, maybe the cuteness will win you over…

    Those Foxies ARE cute


  74. FENNECS!!!

  75. Don’t you just wanna pet it? *grin*