Cat in the Hat

Kitten in a bucket hat
Sails along—imagine that!
Light blue ship, wind in ears,
Bon voyage, my floofy Dear!


"Zazie" and Julie A., Hip, hip, hip-hooray!



  1. cafegrrl says:

    The OG Cat in the Hat! What a sweet face! Love it.

  2. The kitty is only in the hat so the owner won’t wear it… And in case of floods.

  3. Arrrgh! I’m taking my bonnet and giving it to my sweet lass, kittykat!

  4. Aww. This is the best sight before heading off to bed – a fluffy, cuddly kitten in a hat.

    Just look at that gentle soft sun glow. It’s perfect.

  5. That kitty is asking for a snorglins.

    PS – My housemates and I quite fancy Theo.

  6. Oh, that is one blissful kitty. I love her little face.

    “The kit and the muzzlepuff went to sea in a beautiful sky blue hat.”

  7. hrh.squeak says:

    Pretty pretty little kitty
    Sits in hat for just a bitty
    Lovely eyes and muzzlepuff
    More of her is not enuff

  8. Hrh.squeak, sheer brilliance! *applauds* 🙂

  9. StormCat says:

    This little Dawlin’ makes me want to snuggle my nose into her little tummy… Or scratch her gently under her chin and make her squinch her eyes closed… I’ll bet she’s purring too…Can you hear it???

  10. How in the world, in the middle of a blistering heat wave, can a kitty make warm look so gooood? [sigh]

  11. There once was a cat in a bucket….

  12. Totally darling! Her fur looks so smooth and petable!

  13. LOL Ceebs! (…again)

  14. Kitty in the hat! =) anerable!

  15. What a sweet face! So pretty.

  16. omg i just wanna snorgle the tummy

  17. That catty face is just begging for a snorgle. Happy to oblige, Mr. Cat-in-the-Hat.

  18. I LUV IT!
    Dude your site is so freakin cool i luv all the cute things you hav on it thats so cute! well c/b @

  19. Tomi C - phx, az says:

    Kitty, kitty where art thou?
    Call to me with your meow.
    I can’t find you little waif.
    Oh there you are, someplace safe.

  20. (…though now I hope that in this hat
    is not the place where waif-cat shat)

    Good grief, did I just write that??

  21. Lauowolf says:

    There once was a kit in a bucket
    Who said “Its so lucky it
    Just fits my feet,
    And I sit here so neat,
    And to keep my tail tidy, I’ll tuck it.”

  22. Oh my goodness. The merger of my two favorite things in the whole world!

  23. Brak_Silverbone says:

    And kitty looks so nonchalant, too!

  24. AuntieMame says:

    Bwah, Lauowolf! That’s perfect!

  25. little gator says:

    If I could save cats in a bucket

    The first thing that I’d like to do

    Is to save all the cats till eternity passes away,

    And to snorgle them too.

  26. There never seems to be enough time, eh, Little Gator?