All Kitten Tuesday! Teeny Ear Central™

Lilanimal, you know what you’re doing posting this photo, right? KILLING US ALL SOFTLY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THE EAR-TO-HEAD RATIO!? Oh, you know EXACTLY what you’re doing. How dare you.


The pawsitude. MAKE IT STOP!



  1. ohmygoodness! that tiny pink paw!


  2. punkpie says:

    killing me softly with his pawwww…

    killing me softlyyyy….

    with his pawww

    (What’s funny is that Lauryn Hill did a show right by my place last night!)

  3. Awww, it’s the baby version of my tortie!! So that’s what she looked like! (We adopted her as an adult.)

  4. Schmooooodle!!! GAH!

  5. This makes everything wrong about my job just melt away…

    …unless I get caught again. *sneaky*

  6. Awww. Sleepy kitty and that paw…


    My boyfriend is trying to convince me to get a cat instead of a dog. CO is probably going to have undue influence on me today.

    But…how can I stay away?

  7. big forehead, large wide set eyes…. *melts*

    I just wuv baby aminals

  8. There’s a very wise look in that kitten’s eyes. He knows he’s adorable beyond belief, but he wants to be loved for his intellect.

  9. Cuteoverload.. you make me cuteoverloaded….


  10. OMG…I tink me noggin’s gonna ‘splode.

    I wanna kitteh!!! But my hubbeh is allergic. *sniffle*

    Although…fellow puppeh lovers…check out today’s submission, Buford. Cayoooot!

  11. Why do these kitty pics make me want to start bawling like a little baby?

  12. For the record, I do believe we should have an entire day dedicated to fat puppies just to even the score.

    But I adore me some bebeh kitteh. The paw, the nose, the sleepy eyes, the tongue he’s just about to stick out while yawning……perfection.

  13. Bebbeh kitteh callie-cutie! Aw man, I’m so melty from the cuteness, you’d have to sponge me out of the chair…


  14. wickedbored says:

    Oh. My. God.

    I’m hyperventilating. I don’t even *like* cats… but he’s…..*ANERABLE*!!!!


  15. Stephanie S. says:

    Oh! jeebojibajbojeeebyyy jhobijho! jho jhobijho! God I just want to speak gibberish to this cutest thinG EVER!

  16. AuntieMame says:

    I imagine that lil’ paw is about as big as my thumb…

    Can you imaging the tiny honk-shus this guy makes?

  17. Oh Noes! I’ve been mowed over by tiny ears and paws. I’ll die cooing! So cute!!

  18. I’m not a huge fan of felines, but this is *cute*. She is a calico, yes? (Calico = black/white/orange, Tortie = black/orange?) Isn’t it calicos that are always female?

  19. kittyluv says:

    Soooooo soft
    soooooo cute
    soooooo tie tie
    soooooo fragile
    soooooo precious
    soooooo wittle

    2 wk old kitteh

  20. sabrina says:

    ahh! i want the cute kitten, give to me now please. I said NOW! :tantrum: must snuggle up to kitten and kittens paw 🙂

  21. Ahhnnn. Wistful kitteh expression.

  22. actually, I think the paws are the sweetest part of this kitteeh

  23. Cottontail says:

    Cute extreme! That is just way too snuggle-mini-muffiny!

  24. Laurie C says:

    Tiberia, yes, calicos are always female.

  25. CatFreak says:

    This adorable kitten-toddler is probably a “she”. That color pattern (calico/torbie/tortoiseshell) denotes a female, about 999 times out of 1000.

    And that one male in a thousand is kind of a genetic freak, usually sterile.

    So — chances are better than great that “he” is “she”, and “his paw” is actually “her paw”.

  26. MaggieBelle says:

    Hmm…would that be “calic-owned”?

  27. Tiny baby muzzlepuff! This is the cutest baby kitten EVER! love her….little tortie-girl!

  28. CatFreak says:

    (break for extreme sentiment)

    Not only is she such a cutie, she could be the twin of my sweetiepie Amber, who is now 17 1/2, and dying of feline kidney disease (we’re medicating her now so she’s comfy and happy and doesn’t even know she’s sick most of the time … but she still probably won’t see her 18th birthday this coming winter.)

    Anyway … Amber looked just like this beautiful baby when I got her; she fit neatly in the palm of my hand, and looked like a little dish of pralines ‘n’ cream ice cream when she curled up and slept.

  29. She’s… she’s so TEENY!

  30. CatFreak says:

    More cool cat genetics: those gorgeous all yellow or ginger tabbies are nearly always boys. You’ll often find gingers and tortie/torbie/calicos in the same litter. It’s the same genes, they just express themselves differently depending on whether the kitteh is M or F.

    (Ginger-and-white combo can be either sex, I believe.)

  31. Mlle. MaggieBelle — you would be correct.

  32. Fat puppy day! Fat puppy day!

    But this kitteh is painfully cute, even to a dog person.

  33. seems like evryone is on this subject!!


  34. ~ le mew ~ sigh

  35. I….. can’t….. stay…. awake….. cause….my….paws…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  36. I like the little black one in the background with his itty bitty stripe leading to a tiny dot of pink.

  37. AAIIIIIEEEEE! Just shoot me already or something, but KITTEHS? NOOOO, I’d rather die by freight train than cuteness! EEEeeeeeeeeee sooo anneerrraabbblllleeeee….. ears.

  38. Choosing Tuesday to make an All Kitten Day is brilliant! Tuesday needs all the help it can get.

  39. teensy little pink mewler!!

  40. I’m currently in an eating disorders treatment center, and we’re having a LOT of interpersonal drama today (and over the last 5 days, actually)… we need to just start projecting the pics from this site onto the wall in the main room all day. I know I feel a bit less horrible now.

    The weeeeee little paw. *melts into a cute-overloaded puddle*

    Hooray for AKT!!

  41. Tugg's Mom says:


  42. Tineh Tineh Calico Kitteh.


    And CatFreak, best wishes to you and your old kitty. My aunt just had her 17 1/2 tortoiseshell siamese put down this past weekend for the same reason. She was a sweetie, right up to the end…

  43. don’t forget the muzzlepuff! the little nose and mouth roundness. Gah! Can’t stand it.

  44. Aaaack. That darling little pink nosie! The PAW! And the fluff. The fluff is amazing. I think “High Fluff/Body Ratio” should be a Rule of Cuteness.

  45. Corrine says:

    What kills me even more is the world-weary look that this kitten has. It looks as if it just carried the One Ring clear across Middle Earth.

  46. kittyluv says:

    You’re right Lizzy, looking at the cute pics helps to release endorphins, that would help all the patients feel better (if they’re animal lovers that is…). Perhaps you could print out a few of these photos and hang them on the wall? Good luck to you!

  47. Laurie C says:

    Tanya, OMG indeed. I wonder what that little guy’s so outraged at?

  48. I just died. I want to kiss the tiny nose.

  49. Teeny ears! Teeny ears! *Death*

  50. It happened again: Here I was, snuggled up in a warm, fuzzy little ball, dreaming of chasing wee little mousies. Honk-shu, honk-shu, honk- shu. When, blam,next thing I know, this humongous two-legged creature has stuck the big blower thing sticking out of its head right into the middle of my fat, furry belly and started making these….snorgling! noises. Can’t a kitten get any sleep around here?!

  51. THINK PINK! Holy cat, how anerable can you GET?

  52. chaosisorder says:


    *Snicker* One Teeny Paw to rule them all….

  53. Corrine & Chaos —
    Shall not!

  54. Christine says:

    Oh my… hu-hu-help… too cute… hurrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  55. I just love that little dandelion-fluff paw. Sigh…

  56. so preeciooous. kissy nose, kissy ears… huff baby kitteh fragrance, fall over.

  57. Pink pink pink pinky
    pinky pinky pink!

    Pink noses, pink toeses!


    (Someone get me out of here now . . . I’m losing my mind!)

  58. Lizzy – all the best of luck to you. Animal therapy is a proven approach to help people in so many realms of treatment. I think the Port-a-Snorgle should be dispatched, stat!

    And CatFreak, you and your kitty have been so lucky to have had each other that long. My beloved is 12 and I’m hoping he can stay in good health for another five years or more. Good vibes go out to you as well.

  59. I’m in total kitten, kid-in-a-candyshop, ADD heaven!!

  60. Kris, in New England says:

    This whole kitten is a rule of cuteness! The wee pink nose.

    And, good lord help me, the TINY PINK PAW PADS. Pet Feet – arh!

  61. “Another photo? Oh well, if you must.”

  62. catsrule says:

    Does ANYONE think this cat is kind of scary — what with the HUGE alien forehead and bizarrely tiny/weirdly placed ears. I love cats, but this is just funky…

  63. lauowolf says:

    “You with the camera?
    Please, we’re trying to get some sleep in here.
    Oh? Yeah, we’re all real cute.

  64. Boschka says:

    Oh she looks just like my late beloved Keesha.

    Sending you a hug CatFreak, we lost Keesha, age 16 for the same reason..

    The ears..the eyes,,the ” Wha you wakey me up for naow…got milk ?”

  65. such wise eyes. that’s an old soul in a new body.

  66. I want to see this baby in a new picture every week so we can watch her grow.

  67. Warm pinky. Love her!

  68. Fuzzybutt says:

    I love her cute, l’il pink paw!

  69. CatFreak says:

    Thanks for the good wishes for dear old Amber. She’s a trooper, and an inspiration … and my cute little torbie dollface purrhead.

    *Informational PSA. Forgive its length, and the many posts today*:

    Cat People, please watch out for kidney disease in your cats. It usually affects cats older than 12 years or so.

    A generation ago, most peoples’ cats did not live past 10 years. Now, many many cats are seeing 10, 15, even 20 years. The vet tells me that, these days, at least 1 in 3 of these older cats suffers from feline kidney disease.

    The first symptoms are peeing a lot, and puking up their food nearly every day. If your older cat is doing these things, get him/her to a vet.

    There is no cure, but the sooner you get on it and start your kitty on special foods, injections of special fluids under their skin to wash out the poisons (they get used to it!), and meds they may need for related conditions (like high blood pressure), the more years of quality life your beautiful kitty can enjoy.

    It’s been nearly four years since my cat’s diagnosis. Some peoples’ cats live six or seven years after this diagnosis, with consistent proper loving treatment.

    May every anerable kitteh, like this little darlin’ whom we’re all squeeing over, live 15-20 comfy happy years.

  70. Laurie C says:

    Hear, hear Catfreak. One of my dearly departed gingers had been on kidney disease treatment comfortably for a couple of years before cancer finally got him at 15.

  71. Oh damn…. I think I just popped a vein from the cute…. *thump*

  72. snoopysnake says:

    oh such a cute little kittykittykittykittykitty (touching its little pink nose with mouse pointer) I can’t stop such a cute little kittykittykitty (voice goes up twelve octaves)

  73. Ok, I just had a screaming cutasm.

  74. Rorkalico says:

    I’ve been a lurker for along time but just had to post when I saw this. She is so adorable, she’s a little bundle of pure cuteness (and probably evil).

    CatFreak, I feel for you.
    My parents and I recently lost our cat Weasel the same way after having her for 12 years. My parents live in a very rural area so any stray is very feral and can’t really be rescued. One night during a hail storm we heard mewing from our back step and went to check it out. There, in front of us, was a kitten that couldn’t have been much older then just having just been weaned. When we saw her there so sweet and so scared we just had no choice but to bring her inside and keep her. Although she was so nice and loved to cuddle, she was very very controlling. If you stood in front of her fireplace when she was lying there, she would attack you and shoo you away; or if you were sitting in her chair and wanted to sleep there, she would attack your feet until you moved. I wish I could have visited once more before she went.

  75. Rorkalico says:
    My baby Weasel a few months before she went

  76. “My boyfriend is trying to convince me to get a cat instead of a dog. CO is probably going to have undue influence on me today.”

    Christina I can see a cute compromise- get a cat AND a dog.
    You both get your way and you get twice the cute! 🙂

  77. …and half the sleep.

  78. Baby puddy tat punum. Such a face.

  79. CatFreak – I lost my beloved Topsey to kidney cancer about 2 years ago. We got her when I was five, so she must have been 13 or so at the time. She’d been throwing up her food pretty much every day but we thought she just had a stomach virus or had developed an intolerance to something in her food. We tried switching brands, switching forumlas (like going for the senior cat, or sensitive stomach) but she kept throwing up. She was always a really good litter box-user, so we never noticed anything about more urination, but she was throwing up all her food at least once a day. This went on for a really long time (longer than it should have, poor thing) before I finally convinced my mom to take her to the vet. They put her to sleep that day because there was nothing they could do for her. I wish we’d taken her to the vet when it first started happening; maybe she’d still be here. Or at least she wouldn’t have been in so much pain for so long. *sniffle*

  80. even though she’s so tiny, she looks so wise! the expression is priceless.

  81. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Eyes just barely open, I see! What a cutie-pie.

  82. Oh. My. God.

    *dies from the fluffins*

  83. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Aw…my…gawd…how can you top such cuteness! *dies*

  84. Seriously – I am listening to “killing me softly” by the Fugees on the radio as a rolled to this pic – how did your comment hit exactly what I was thinking!!! Always amazing, always worth stopping by, and the theme days are TOTALLY working for me =)

  85. BenPanced says:

    Boy, girl, whatevs: me want KITTEH!

    And CatFreak, I’m sorry to hear about your kitty. I’m still hurting from losing both of mine about five and six years ago (about a year apart).

  86. I’m sad to hear all the stories of kitty loss. I hope your memories of your lost friends stay good and strong.

    And I’m not a religious person, but I feel I must thank Meg for giving us our Tuesday cat-echism.

  87. So Aubrey — is that comment supposed to be earnest, or jokey? Your dicatomy is litterboxical.

    (I should probably just go ahead & apologize right now. Ahem. Sorry.)

  88. If you get up early for Cat-ins, and read your kit-urgy, T., all things should become clear.

  89. Rorkalico and Lizzy, I feel your pain, my parents had their (actually MY) old siamese put down last year. They didn’t know what was wrong with hwr, she was 11 and was peeing and throwing up a lot. By the time they brought her to the vet, it was too late, she was weak and dehydrated, poor thing. Now, reading these comments, I realized it probably was renal failure. I also really wish I could have gone up to my parents to say bye to her. I miss every crazy bit of her.

  90. Oh, and Yay for kitteh tuesdeh!

    I love the fluffiness.

  91. First – I feel for everyone who has lost their kitteh buddy. Second – thank you for alerting me to anything to watch out for. Elvis just had his last few teeth removed (except his canines, ironically) because of bad gingivitis. So far all of his bloodwork shows he’s healthy as a baby kitteh, but I’ll be extra vigilant as he ages. He’s my sweetie pie, kitty guy.

    I’m also glad he lets me covet all the cuteness on CO. He’s never once been jealous as I “goosh, goosh, goosh!” on all the kitteh pics.

  92. I heart kitteh toosday, but how bout…


  93. In that case, Cosmique, I think we should instead plan ahead for a Fat Puppeh Tuesday.

  94. Girl markings! Girl markings! This precious little sweetums has yumlicious dilute-calico girl markings! I agree with whoever said to keep posting her picture as she gets bigger, I want to see how gawgeous she turns out!

    So sorry to hear about all the kitty losses, tho. Makes me sad to think one day I’ll have to say goodbye to my sweeties, too. *snif*

  95. pendlerpiken says:


  96. aw, i just want to snorgle this little cutie NOW!!! that paw! those eyes! thank you, meg, for the tuesday kitteh overload. i’m going to go dream of furballs.

  97. I just spent a few days with my 10 week old (human) neice and she has the EXACT dreamy/huh, what?/bemused/wise expression.

    It’s a miracle! They are both so fresh from WhereverSoulsComeFrom!

  98. MUST…SNORGLE!!!!!

    Overwhelmed by the cuteness… totally anerable!!!!

  99. Awwwwwwwww! Look at the little paws!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Snorgle snorgle snorgle!

  100. book_monstercats says:

    The eyes!!!
    So sad!!
    So wise!!
    The pads!!
    I’ve been had!!
    I’ll never recover!!
    Quick, send me another!!

    PS I had a female ginger cat (with a hitler moustache, no less). She was beautiful and went to the cattery in the sky last year after 13 happy years.

  101. yoohoostereo says:

    “Cat People, please watch out for kidney disease in your cats.”

    Another sign is a change in the coat-less shiny/smell different etc. That is what happened to my cat.*tear*

    This picture seriously made my eyes moist from trying to hold int he squee! SOOOOO cute.

  102. ohmygod. no words.

  103. i just died from cuteness overload gone terribly well

  104. Posted by arbed:

    “Why do these kitty pics make me want to start bawling like a little baby?”

    ‘Cause you’re pregnant? 😉

  105. that is the cutest kitten i have ever seen in my whole life other kittens are cute but this one is in the one that is # 1 in my book. when i saw this one i awwed like all day.!