All Kitten Tuesday! Sea of Kittenry

A SEA of kittens!
All Kitten Tuesday!
You must come back eighteen times today!


Gracias, Fofurafelinas… Gracias…



  1. Oh, jeez, Meg, you’re gonna kill us today. I’m melting and not from the heat. This is BlissKitten. I want to feel like that some day!

  2. Awwww, it’s a kitty whirpool!

    Er… not a kitty *in* a Whirlpool, but… you know what I mean.

  3. StormCat says:


    ARGH!!!! *dives*

  4. An all kitten day?! *Squeeee*

    The sea of kittens is possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen in days – so adorable!

  5. Tony James says:

    Aiiieeee!! The Cuteness!! Shee Burrrrrrrnnnnnssszzzzzz!!

  6. good old whatshername says:

    aw, I wanna kitteeeee…

  7. Bastet preserve us… and I need to get stuff *done* today… oh noes…

  8. oh man….I wanna dunk my head in the middle of that and…..snnnnorrrrrgle!!!
    good thing I will be away from a computer for a couple days…between all kitten Tuesday & me looking at I could get in a lot of trouble. run! run away!

  9. Caroline says:

    AAAHHH! To be lost in such a sea of kittens!

  10. SandyCat says:

    Dang. I’ve already visited eighteen times today. Does that mean I’ve exceeded quota? Am I voted off the kitten island?

  11. Quota????!? There’s a QUOTA? $#*%!!!

  12. How cute! It’s cat tuesday… better anounce this in the news of my site

  13. SQUEEEE! I’m so excited! All Kitten Tuesday!

    Meg, do you WANT me to lose my job?!

  14. You think this is cute? The poor kitten is clearly horribly inconvenienced fighting for his life against severly drowning in the treacherous kitten whirlpool!

    Shame on you!

  15. Uncle Janet says:

    Now if I could just get this in a size appropriate for use as a desktop…

  16. Even better than this one– not that that’s easy– is today’s post of “Pippin and Merry” on Somebody needs to send that photo over here so more people can see it!

  17. Nickole — I should be so lucky to die that way.

  18. He still has a pink weedle nose!

    Too much cuteness for one heart to…(boom! heart explodes)

  19. Nickole,
    The kitty isn’t struggling, he’s stretching from a nappy! =) He’s cuddling with he/or she’s buddies!

  20. I just…oh god.. can’t breathe.. too much cute.. *faint*

  21. Only 18 times a day?!?!?!?!

    Kittehs are gor-geous!!!!

  22. Theo – get enough kittens and you may be able to. Just be sure to get us some photos first.

  23. this is not going to be good for me.

  24. Lillith says:

    All Kitten Tuesday??? The best idea evah!!

    I want to kiss that ikkle baby kitteh on his pink nose and mouth!

  25. kittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittenskittens-GASP-KITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENSKITTENS
    i like them a little bit

  26. They are like precious little drops from heaven!!

    Everyone loves Kittens….

  27. “i like them a little bit” — Yeah, Ariel, me too. A little.

    Nickole (et al.) — We’re heading to our Humane Society this very evening for Kitten Orientation (required training for prospective foster families). This means: KITTENS COMING SOON. And yes, there will be pix. Oh yes indeed there will.

  28. Melissa says:

    Oh my… kittens just make me want to cry… they are too too cute 🙂

  29. KIIITTTENNNNSSS snarf snorgle snarf snarf

    I should probably not try to inhale my monitor like that. Need my babeh kitten 😦

    Theo – I WANT TO GO TO KITTEN ORIENTATION. That sounds cute and snugglesome.

  30. adorababy says:

    i have to clean his eye geeb

  31. That’s exciting, teho! I can’t wait to see them lit’l bebes.

    “here’s Pippin & Merry” [pathetically pets monitor]

  32. Theo, that’s just wonderful! I’m developing a craving for kitten pictures!

    I would love to adopt some living kittens, but my dog would have the time of his life chasing them. And then they would just destroy him, as they have the superior claws…

  33. I just want to kiss the behbe on the nose. Squee!

  34. “I would love to adopt some living kittens…”

    I would hope they are. ;-p

  35. omg the grey one in the middle is using his psychic powers to p0wn all of us so we have to see cuteoverload 18 times daily it is all a plot by marketers who advertise… pure evil, that little grey snorgley widdo tiny baby kitty witty cuuuuuuteneeeeeesss! lol

  36. thank goodness I have today off……..

  37. Laurie C says:

    You guys want kittens? We got kittens. My little rescued boxcar kitten is on the Annex Cat Rescue website now, up
    for adoption. To see a cleaned-up-kitty photo of her, go to

    And scroll down for “Creampuff” (if you can get past all the other
    adorable wee ones).

  38. kisskisssnorglekisspetcookisspetsnorglepetpetpetsnorglekiss….

  39. I don’t really like cats…but…this is just lovely.

  40. Yay Laurie C!!

  41. chaosisorder says:

    Meg, I have an interview tomorrow! I need to be preparing and looking over my, ummm, my uhh….SNORG, SNORG! Wuggggg! Cute widdle half open eyes! Oh, for the love of humanity. I’ll be back 18 times on this photo alone. I hope you have a job opening here.

  42. LaurieC

    Good for you!

    Poor kitties. :”(

  43. Laurie C says:

    chaosisorder, no worries, we’ll all have jobs in the Cute Overload Dream Office one day.

  44. Oh man. If Puppy Thursday is next we all might as well give up hope of keeping jobs.

  45. LC–I recognized her from the get go!! Elfen, pure elf.

  46. “(if you can get past all the other
    adorable wee ones)”

    “Romeo” tugs at my heartstrings… Wish I were near Toronto.

  47. Lauri C – geez, I’m on the verge of tears from looking at the Annex site. Just looking at all the kitties who need homes (and the site is just a sampling!) and reading all the stories (good and sad)….. wow! If I had looked at the site last week, I probably would have had to be chained to Union Station during my stopover yesterday to keep me from grabbing some kitties to bring home with me! Good job to all of you. I will try to donate to the Annex soon.

  48. Laurie C says:

    arbed, Annex has one of the best adoption sites, *because* it tells the little heart-tugging backstories. Butthe fact that they’re on the site means they’re in nice foster homes and on their way to permanent ones. Take heart!

    (And let me know next time you’re in T.O. I’d love to meet you.)

  49. CatFreak says:

    OMG, that little upraised *face*! Stop! Stop! Must … get … kittens …

  50. Stephanie S. says:

    can we please have more “ALL KITTEN TUESDAYS”???? PLEASeee??

  51. Stephanie S. says:

    and isn’t is “fofurasfelinas”?

  52. Megness, I bow down before you. I have not had internet access for Five. WHOLE. *DAYS*. Then–I come back–and what do I see: All-Kitten Tuesday!! Hooray for kittens!! Hooray for Meg!!!

  53. He’s all “Just drowsing; not drowning.” It’s like the perfect vacation…taking a little mental vacation myself, swimming in the kittens…

  54. Thinker — I believe the word you’re looking for (if I may paraphrase) is YAY!!!

  55. This thread just isn’t complete without some jackass making a “that’s cruel” comment, soooooo

    OMG! That’s horrible! That poor kitten is being smashed by his siblings, and the careless owners are just LETTING IT HAPPEN! He could suffocate! Or get a neck cramp! That is animal abuse if I’ve ever seen it happen!!!


  56. I about cried when I read Romeo’s story, too! Poor, poor kitties! I’m glad these are fortunate enough to be rescued.

    Nothing is as cute as a kitten – NOTHING – but when the time comes to adopt again, I’ll give some old kitties a nice home.

  57. Kitten orientation: identify these parts of the kitten unit.
    ventilation port, fuel port, auditory sensor, olfactory sensor, optical scanners, waste outlet…

  58. hrh.squeak says:

    …snorgle port….

  59. hrh.squeak says:

    ok, say “snorgle port” three times fast, I dare ya.


  61. Can we get a picture with the mommy cat here? A cameo, a grey, a ginger … either she has been indiscriminate or is a multicolored beauty herself.

  62. Indeed, Teho: YAY!!!

  63. ALL KITTEN TUESDAY?!?!?!?!?! could it be true???? i have died from heat stroke and gone to heaven, which is air conditioned and full of fluffy kittens to keep me warm.

  64. lauowolf says:

    Kitten’s just surfacing for air, then back to the group snuggle.
    Lucky kit.
    I’m too big to fit in there.
    Maybe if there were more kittens it would work.

  65. Lauri C – for sure. I’m usually just passing between Ottawa and London, but once in a while I go to TO for a little getaway. I will surely let you know if it ever happens, although it’s likely to be a ways from now. 🙂

    And Theo – I knew I was miss-expressing myself after my own accessless days. So, from the bottom of my typing fingers – YAY! for AKT!

  66. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Gray kitty in the middle has that “Saturday smile”–you know, the look you get when you wake up on Saturday morning and realize that you don’t have to go to work!

  67. I love kitten lips. Look at the little pink kitten lips! I want to kisssss them!

  68. ack! zenith stole my comment. it was alllll about the kitten lips for me.

  69. This kitteh looks like he’s just floating on his back, on a vast feline sea.

    Floating on his back…could he be getting in touch with his Otter side?

  70. tigerpie says:

    This is my very first post! just couldn’t resist responding to the all-kitten tuesday! I just want to put my face in that sea o’ fluff…aahh! Purring kitten fluff. They should make pillows that purr…insomnia would be drastically reduced! 🙂

  71. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    As predicted in this ancient papyrus I just happen to have about my person Bast and Sehkmet will rule the earth.By the way its 4:20 pm here and freakin hot!

  72. jessica says:

    i love all kitten tuesday. it just makes everything better.

  73. Molly Molly Oxen Free says:

    What is cuter than kitten lips!?