Berg. Berg. Berrrrrg. [Looks up at door for a second]






  1. perfect pic for this heatwave. I’ma do this in a few mins… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Berg?


  4. Gloop?

    FIRST FIRST FIRST…..! [Hee.]

  5. That sweet pup looks like I feel…. is it time to go home yet?

  6. Jay Fry says:

    Head bigger than body? Perhaps it’s just the pic perspective.

    Love the paw pads and the ‘had enough’ expression.

  7. juggle geese says:

    I think that place is on jupiter. That dog definitely has to put up with lots of gravity.

  8. GUYS. Laying on the porch is hard work.

    Are there extra points for paws-stretched-out-ness?

  9. Elaine Benes says:

    PAW PADS!!!

  10. Is “berg” a new Cute-ism? I must confess that I sometimes need help the first time, as I did with “ehn”. Meg?

  11. the perfect porch pup!!!
    in a minute I’m-a roll over so be ready to scratch my belly.

  12. I think berg is that funny grumpy noise old dogs make sometimes. At least that’s how I hear it.

  13. oh man. nice to see an old feller making the cute cut. I want to skritch him on the head….

  14. I think many people underestimate the cuteness of old guys. Check out his stache!

  15. ladyworeblack says:

    omg omg omg, that is the cutest doggie evah!! i just love that face and the scruff on the face thats mooshed omg too cute!!!!

  16. Lillith says:

    I love old pups. I also think its adorable when you see the old owner walking the old pup. You just know there is a major bond there.

  17. ladyworeblack says:

    oh and i forgot, i wanna so totally scritch his tummy!! roll over feller!

  18. A Fine Morsel says:

    I thought “berg” was the doorbell, the annoying kind that’s like a buzz, not a ding-dong. And that our graying-in-the-cheeks friend here has no interest in seeing who’s on the porch, cuz he’s old and ornery. Did I get it right? Do I win something? 🙂

  19. punkpie says:

    This picture is absolutely perfect to describe the way I feel today.


  20. bearlet says:

    methinks “berg” is a soft upwardly guttural breath exhalexplosion, that which makes doggy muzzlepuffs poof out over their teethsies and their graying whiskerhairs to suspend in mid-air. tisn’t hard to replicate, human-wise. i do it all the time when frustrated at work

  21. muzzlepuffs!!! I couldn’t think of the word!! heehee

  22. Christine says:

    Now *that’s* a hot dog!

  23. chelsea says:

    he looks wilted!! even his ears are droopy. aw. someone get the old man some water 😀

  24. Wait a minute – I see that this anerable pooch pic is via Does that mean he is somewhere out there waiting for a forever porch of his own to glumph around on?

  25. good old whatshername says:

    Nan, I always heard that sound as “brrf”. Then there’s “wuf,” which is the microbark you’ll get from a dog who realizes you’re a stranger and should be barked at, but otherwise doesn’t give a damn ’cause it’s too hot out to care, really.

  26. This is too cute!!!

  27. Streeee … oh, forget it.

  28. Berg indeed. I have just finished loading a 22′ moving and feel just this tired.

  29. Poor old guy deserves a nice rest on the porch. Sleepy, lazing about animals are always cute! I just want to skritch him behind the ears and make him happy!

  30. Now of course I am looking at and am dying to adopt about 53 more dogs. At the Philadelphia SPCA they have a special adoption fee for purebreds of $300. Does that sound ridiculous to anyone else?

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    “microbark”, heeheeheee.
    Loves me the old doggies. Was at a party yesterday and the neighbor’s old old doggie wandered arthritically in, lured by the siren smell of grilling, beggin’ for treats. Of course I gave him one, I’m the biggest sucker evah for the fuzzfaces.

  32. There are all these wonderful theories about what “berg” really means. Can we have the solution, now?


    (Incidentally, in Norwegian berg means mountain, but that doesn’t really work here.)

  33. Maybe Berg is the dog’s name.
    Berg. berg. Berrrrrrg.
    Berg’s not moving, he’s content on the porch.

  34. Maybe he’s hungry, but not enough for a *whole* burger. (Bergur?)

  35. I can sorta hear this doggie saying “snorf” or “hrrrmph.”
    He’s anerable and I want to stroke his paddy paws.

    (Hey – I’m Norwegian, and part of my last name is “berg.” Nifty, huh?)

  36. Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays. It’s okay, lil pup. There’ll be another weekend soon.

  37. Ceebs, that $300 fee is rediculous. The only good thing about purebreds is showing them and breeding them. The SPCA would make sure the pup is altered… so you can’t do either anymore. Purebreds are great, but if you can’t show or breed them, you may as well get a mutt. They’ll love you just the same!

  38. Sarcasta says:

    Wow. I thought I was the only one to use “Berg.” Alternative spelling: “Blerg.”

    It is indeed a “hrumph” sort of noise, but less “meh” and more of a muttery “c’mon!” He’s too hot on the porch, and no one is letting him in, but it’s too hot to beg or baroo. So he bergs. Mutter mutter berg hrumph berg sigh.

  39. Anonymous says:
  40. coolest dog ever..

  41. ShelleyTambo says:

    ceebs–that is ridiculous. The Philly ‘burbs SPCAs charge $90 at most, altering and first vet visit included.

  42. Michelle says:

    Yay for old dogs looking cute! Here’s my old gal showing off her best rule #3, with just the right hint of pink tongue:

  43. Often rescues and shelters will charge a higher fee for “purebreds” or puppies. It makes sense, in a way, because folks often find those two groups more attractive than older pets and obvious “mutts.” It helps defray the cost of care for the dogs who are left longer in their care because they are older or less “pure.” Sad but true. I support the policy as long as it gives these other pups a longer time to find a home.

  44. But back to our friend Berg here. Dontcha love the Superman arm pose? He is really a precious pooch getting maximum underarm exposure to the coooooool porch. So sleeeeepy.

  45. Yeah, I thought the $300 fee was obnoxious. I know all shelters need the money but it makes me sad that some dogs aren’t getting the same chance to be adopted as others. 😦
    They have some gorgeous dogs there too. Most other shelters, you are right, charge $75-$90 from what I see. I’m in love with about 3 from a suburban philly rescue but I don’t know that my Elvis would be (or my wallet) 😦

  46. Oops, I posted before I saw Sandy’s post. Yeah, if they keep the dog longer (or until…) then I guess the higher fee is okay. Still though.. I think $300 is a lot. Is it costing them more to keep a purebred Papillon than a big ole mutt?

  47. AuntieMame says:

    I’m inclined to agree with sandy. I’m all for a higher fee for more “adoptable” dogs, if it brings in resources to support the older dogs and the mutts that people tend to overlook.

    I don’t see the appeal of purebreds, anyway. They seem to have more inherent health and behavioral issues than your average mutt does. And it also irritates me to see so many purebreds being owned by people who are really more interested in the image of owning an expensive dog than in simply providing a home for one of God’s creatures.

  48. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Paw Paddies! If it’s not already a rule PAW PADS SHOWING needs to be one!

  49. Dickie Twinkles says:

    I own a purebred pup. I did not get him for show purposes (he was last left in a litter of 9 and has unshoable markings)
    I picked a purebred because I love cavaliers and did not see and cavalir crosses for sale.
    A plus side to getting a purebred is that you are provided with a history of any medical problems and certificates proving they’ve been checked against them. Also, the temperment is pretty secure…basically you KNOw what you are getting!

    Having said that…I picked Oscar purely on cuteness and would not at all be adversed to shelter pets. I have 4 shelter pets including 2 diabetic guinea pigs and a disabled rat.

  50. Dickie Twinkles says:

    On a slight tangent here but…

    Has anyone noticed the extortionate prices of designer ‘mutts’?
    I think, for example, puggles are adorable and crossing with the beagle help aliviate a lot of the health problems of the pug…but they’re such a trend I worry about these pups when they’re not longer the latest ‘thing’ :/

  51. Perfect Monday picture. Is it the weekend yet? Sigh.

  52. AuntieMame says:

    Rule #19, Show Your Paw Pads:

    And I’m not complaining about show dogs (although I don’t really approve of that, either). It’s the bourgeous, whitebread suburbanites who drive SUVs and name their kids Buffy and Baxter, and who wouldn’t be caught dead with anything as tacky as a mutt.

  53. Michelle, your girl is *adorable*! That TONGUE! ♥

  54. Woosh, that makes my day (zzzzz)

  55. Michelle says:

    Virtually all purebred dogs are hybrids or crossbreds.

    Hybrids/mutts healthier than purebreds due to hybrid vigor? Myth.

    Behavioral problems less inherent in mutts/hybrids than purebreds? Myth.

    Mutt owners love their pets or abandon them less than purebred owners? Myth.

    Unwillingness to spend more money adopting a pet makes a person more likely to use that money to provide better quality food and veterinary care? Myth.

    Many purebred owners do extensive research to find a breed that best suits their family and lifestyle, and to find a breeder with a good reputation for healthy and well-adjusted dogs.

    I can’t find much fault in any dog lover, to be honest. But the purebred vs hybrid argument is filled with a lot of bunk. Yes, mutts can be awesome dogs and are as worthy as purebreds for loving homes and top-notch care, but don’t be sold on the the false notion that they are inherently better than purebreds, or that mutt owners are somehow more virtuous than purebred owners.

  56. I love his bergdorfy frizzled muzzicle.

    *plants a huge smooch on said muzzicle”

  57. ShelleyTambo says:

    The Philly SPCA’s policy must work or they wouldn’t keep it. However, they can’t keep most of their animals for very long because of volume, which makes me wonder just how helpful it really is. Many of the purebreds that end up at my shelter both are older and have health and/or behavioral issues that their owners don’t want to deal with–and we almost never get pedigree info. If the choice is to pay $300 for that or to go to a breeder for a puppy, too many people would pick the breeder…so I don’t know that charging more is doing the purebreds any favors.

  58. Haha…here I am two seconds later….a comment about Petfinder.
    My daughter and I converse often on IM, me from home, her from college. She is constantly sending me pics with “Look at THIS” from
    Of course, I look…go awwwwww…..and we get ourselves into trouble.
    We have four dogs, four cats….(not all of these are rescues, but most are) and last week we adopted Cypress, a “stray” guinea pig from the Humane Society. (Our 12th guinea pig at the moment. :P)
    I guess I have an excess of nurturing hormones.

  59. A no-kill cat shelter in Bucks County, PA, for which I used to volunteer usually charged more when a purebred cat came through for adoption. I figured the extra $20 or so we’d charge for the occasional Maine Coon helped keep the mutts in litter and treats.

    I remember we charged $200 for a pair of Munchkins that came from a family who lost everything in a fire and had to give them up. At that price, we kept them for a little while, but the people who eventually paid that made sure they had a good home.

  60. little gator says:

    Pancake dog!

  61. New Meaning too Dog Days of Summer… Awsome site

  62. Brak_Silverbone says:

    He looks kind of like the dog from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!

  63. Rayndrop says:

    @Good Old Whatshername: TOOOTALLY! Brrf. My (graying!) wiener dog totally makes that lil’ noice all the time, and my family has always called it “Brrf.” It’s completely side-splitting because he’ll do it at subtle, isolated noises or “key words” (You know: cat, squirrel, chipmunk), but if he’s brrfing and not actually barking, he doesn’t turn his head. He just keeps looking straight at you. Exactly the “this should be verbally acknowledged, and so I am acknowledging it, but refuse to dedicate brainpower to the task that could better be spent in pursuing the much more efficient telepathic communication possibility” attitude.

  64. FairyDogmother says:

    With the Petster link underneath that cute little be-stasched guy leads me to believe he’s needs a home! Does anyone know?

    Michelle, I have an Aussie who pokes out his tongue too! Here’s Maverick, another oldster at 14. He’s still as crazy as ever, but here he is being reserved but silly.

  65. in this kind of heat make sure you dogs and cats have a good supply of water. adopt a pet

  66. Kimberly, $20 extra isn’t so bad for a purebred cat, and $200 for 2 is still reasonable if the normal rate is $75 or so.
    I’m in Delco! Shelly Tambo, are you in this area too?

  67. sambo that is an awesome site, feel free to check mine out

  68. Ceebs – I have an Elvis, too! But mines a tuxedo kitty. I was in Petsmart today to pick up his food and poked my head into the adoption cages. I wanted to take all the kittehs home but Mr. Elv is old and doesn’t like other cats. 😦

    The Phoenix area is overflowing with unwanted cats and the shelters are doing ‘2 for 1’ specials on kittehs. The Humane Society is also seeing a sharp rise in purebreds. Other people are just dumping cats in the desert thinking they will make it okay. Wrong. Even though my Elvis was rescued from a desert wash, not all are so lucky.


    Also – my family has had good and bad luck with purebreds and with mutts. It all comes down to the individual dog. They all just need a chance!

    (I still want to skritch this guy’s ears. Poochie, poochie dog!)

  69. I must give credit to Mr. Maeot “Taco” Curtis for “Berg!”. He started it!

    It’s his word for saying something when nothing else can really be said—kinda like: “ohhhhh.” Kinda a sad moment, like: “Wah-waaaaahhh.” Just a silly thing to say to pass time away.

    Taco, it’s all your fault!


  70. Mateo Taco says:

    I think “Berg” came out of having to do the 28th revision of a never-ending project when we worked across the hall from one another. “Berg” sort of sailed over our cubicle walls on an hourly basis.

    “Berg” kind of morphed into “Herg” at one point, if I remember correctly, Meg. Please try to work a “Herg” in if you haven’t already. Thank you.

  71. Hehehe. Then Berg is our Wah. When we need to make a noise, (and of course we wanted to make one that was a bit obnoxious just on principles) we holler “Wah!” down the hall. Or over the PA system.

  72. hrh.squeak says:

    Ahhh. Berg is my “Nerrr.”
    Noise to indicate noise must be made, slight exasperated overtones. When really cranky, pronounced “Gnerrr.”

    Can’t say it when confronted with this doggie. Wanna play with the paw padds!

  73. As long as animals are not being spayed/neutered and are dying every day in great numbers in shelters or on the street, no one should breed ANY dog just because of “I Want” or “I Like”. But if you DO “want” or DO “like”, there are purebred rescues in every state for almost EVERY breed.

  74. this is just WAY too cute. i think you guys outdid yourself. can i adopt it? 🙂

  75. I just love this picture, and this doggy. I can’t stop looking at him!!!
    Elvis who???
    i didn’t just say that…again!

  76. …Costello

  77. My dog arrived in a shelter lacking known parentage. I use to tell people he’s a border collie in his mind, as he will attempt to herd everything that moves. Quite possibly he’s a border collie in his body as well. At least in parts of it, anyway. I don’t think he suffers from any identity crisis not knowing whether he’s purebred or not.

  78. Ehn! E-e-e-h-h-nnn…nevermind.

  79. does anyone know how to get to the info page for this specific dog on petfinder?? looks identical to my dog

  80. Roxanne says:

    I sent the link to this dog’s picture to cuteoverload a while ago (maybe it took a while to get permission to post it here?). I had been looking on petfinder from the 22046 zip code area when I saw him and he was so crazy cute I had to send the link to cuteoverload!! I can’t find the link now, and I just searched petfinder and I don’t see him, so he must have found a home (unless I’m just not seeing his listing). I think I recall that he’s actually a pretty young dog – he just has the face coloring of an older dog. I’m glad you enjoyed his picture as much as I did!!

  81. Super Napper! or Super Bored… he’s such a sweet dogger… Or maybe he just hasn’t had his daily quotient of “cute” for the day *hint,hint Meg*..