Presentation is everything

Alessi continues to kick industrial design asses everywhere with their latest pet bowls. Sure, they cost a paw and a leg, but your pet will appreciate the golden ratios, right?


Available at Design within Reeeeeach!



  1. CuteJunkie says:

    These arae fantastic! But where’s the golden ratio? tail-to-bowl perhaps?

  2. misschelley says:

    cute kitty dishes, very surprised looking.

  3. I’m going to have to start a CO shopping list for all of the cute products that have been on this site lately.

  4. tablemountaingirl says:

    Cute, maybe…but $88 cute? That’s cute enough for an arm, a leg, AND a tail….

  5. I’ve never seen dishes like that before!

    That is really unique and cute!

    Very nice… Thanks for posting that!!

  6. Sarcasta says:

    I can’t help it! The first thing I thought it looked like was a toilet brush holder…
    What are those tails and doggy bones for?

    Courtesy flush, y’all!

  7. Those are so cute!
    BUT it seems like sometimes (& I didn’t look at the site yet so I can’t say that it’s true for these…) they just go cat, dog, instead of cat, big dog, little dog. My chiwoowoo can’t eat out of those honkin’ big dog bowls and I wouldn’t insult him by making him eat out of a cat themed bowl (though…shhhh…don’t tell him, his fist few collars were cat collars). Well, I guess it’s a good thing or I would be buying new stuff for him all the time.
    He has been eating out of a Spencer Gift (official) Elvis Presley soap dish since he was a puppy, and drinking out of a Fiestaware bowl. So I guess my plight is not for me & E but for other small dogs!

    Bottom line: those are cute! 😀

    …and now back to your regular scheduled program…

  8. Yeah, really…$88 & $98? and they call it “Design Within Reach”? for whom? Paris Hilton?

  9. Sarcasta says:

    Mebbe “design within reach” means that you can REACH them with those HANDLES sticking up? Pun-tastic. Unless they meant it about the “reaching” and then it’s not a pun, so much.

  10. These are very cute..but for $88 these bowls should be gold-plated! Too rich for my blood and I love my cats more than anything!

  11. In related news, the Pentagon just ordered 5,000 of the Tigrito Cat Bowl and 7,500 of the Lupita Dog Bowl — and they don’t even allow pets in the building.

  12. These are super. I wish they were a little closer in reach, though. I didn’t blink when I ponied up $$$ for my kitty’s recent dental work, but he’ll keep eating out of the pretty glass bowls I picked up at Goodwill for $1 and be happy about it.

    I’ll wish for the kitty feeder just like I wish for expensive shoes. Sigh…

  13. The dog bowls look like something the Flintstones would use.

  14. Kathy in Atlanta says:

    Excuse me…am I the only one who thinks the kitty bowls look…well…like if I were really a lady I’d turn my head and blush. (!!)

  15. Piggalette says:

    Holy crap! $88?! I can totally sympathize with expensive pet food, but this is ridiculous. You can get something just as cutsey at Target for 5 bucks. 😛

  16. Spryte808 says:

    You guys were in the newspaper today!!! Check it out!

    I can’t do html for the life of me…

  17. Yes, they’re cute…. but no, I wouldn’t buy them. Not because they’re expensive, but because my Sakura (Siamese sealpoint) would take one look at the darn thing –and attack it.

  18. Still on my first cupOcoughee and I get smacked between the eyes with golden ratios.

    Doggie/cattie bowls = cute.

    Math = the anti-cute.

  19. They are too much for me as well, but in concept are a great idea. The tail and bone are to make it easier to fetch the dishes off of the floor (or for setting gently) instead of having to bend over all the way. Maybe crafy people could fashion one from parts found during dumpster diving.

  20. The bowls? Cute. The price? Not so cute. Eep!

    a’mornin’, y’all…!


  21. I don’t really come to cute overload for product endorsements–I wanna see the cute! If you need to do stuff like this and the phone to keep the lights on, so be it, but I wish it weren’t so.

  22. Spryte808 – Hello Hawaii!

    HTML doesn’t work in these comments anyway. Your link’s perfect as is. (The article *itself*, however needs some significant editing.)

    BTW… I don’t get how the golden ratio applies here either. I’m guessing it’s kind of a “Design 101” thing.

  23. From the article:

    “If you’re a follower of Cutism, you chant: ‘Aw, wook at da woodle bunny!'”

    We’ve all been misquoted! I don’t think any of us has EVER said “woodle” in our lives! And everyone knows it’s BUNNEH.

    Besides that… I’m pretty sure this is Cuteology moreso than Cutism. 😉

    Way to go for getting a mention in the paper though. Yay CO!

  24. Oh, and about the actual post… this is a really great idea. I think my only thing would be that the bone sticking up would be one more way for me to knock over the food dish. (My mom used to call me “Grace”… I think you can figure that one out for yourself.)

    And I can just see the kittehs, batting and pouncing at the handle for their bowls until water and food are everywheres!

    My brother’s cat does this with his regular bowl. He will sit on the floor with his paw in the bowl if it is empty (or if he just wants more fresh food) and pull it all the way to the middle of the room. Funny thing about it is, the dog, upon seeing this, decided he would do the same thing with his bowl. Kitty knows what he’s doing, but puppy just thinks he’s the cat. It’s redonkulous!

  25. Woodlewoodlewoodle!!!

  26. I like the kitty bowls better, even though pups are by far more cute and cuddly in my opinion (at least my three little pups are). too bad the pooch bowls don’t have more of a cuteness factor, or I’d consider buying them for the kids. 🙂

  27. Shannon L. says:

    *mumble* this isn’t living… *mumble*

    I usually never complain about the stuff posted on here, but every time I see a non-living entry I get disappointed. Mmph.

  28. We’re a diversified enterprise. Heh.

  29. Koziol (german company) makes well-designed plasticware that is more within reach for the average consumer:

    dog bowl

    cat bowl

  30. fantastic, a great bowl for my doggeh! Anerable!

  31. the “Golden Mean” (or “ratio,” whatevs) is kinda clearer if you scroooolll down the wikipedia page to the pics of the Parthenon and so on.

    As for the bowls, the cat dish is much nicer (I think) than the dog dish, and it’s a little easier to see how the Golden Mean was applied.

    And yep, it’s *is* a Design 101 thing!

  32. Oh, and – the designer is Miriam Mirri. She’s done some nifty things for a number of companies – see
    for a few more + a bio. (scroll down the page a bit for that…).

  33. I’m with Diane, my cats would play with those tails until there was water and food EVERYWHERE!

  34. In an office somewhere, sits the designer of these bowl and laughs quietly. He’s a sad little man, a weakling who everybody exploits. This is his revenge on humanity, his Grand Plan: Ruin the oppressors with exited cats and flying food! Break them down and make them pray for mercy!

    He’d have laughed the MAD laugh: “MOAH-HA-HA!”, but he’s scared sombody will hear him.

  35. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Is it just me or do the cat bowls look extremely phallic?

  36. So you don’t have to bend down to put down or pick up the bowl, but as you are washing it, you hit yourself in the chest, neck, and/or face eh?

    Or maybe that’s just me, being rather uncoordinated. 🙂

  37. Hmm, this seems like slyly placed advertising. It’s nice product though.

  38. You’ve already got adverts, please don’t turn this website into ‘cute-capitalized’, you will loose me and probably others.

  39. oh yeah. Personally, all of my pets have been very concerned with Golden Ratios…very aesthetic, they are.

  40. I showed them to my mom and she says we’re going to get them, eventually.
    The tail-handle is too irresistible!

  41. I just found this site. Cute stuff.

    My wife wants one now.