The plan

Must… gulp delicious CC’s of miiilllk…

Must…show off eye capsules…

Must… look vulnerable and anerable

Must… dangle… paw….


Teeny tailio thanks to Atlanta Squirrel re-habber Kathy C.



  1. Eye capsules? Check.
    Dangling paw? Check.
    Everyday object makes you look small? Check.


  2. Totally cute!! Love it!

    (Much better than the 4 ft. snake I found in my garden today. YUCK!)

    Awwwwwww, baby tree rat…

  4. eeeeeeepppppp!!!!!

    bebe squirrel..

    lookie it’s wittle tail… it’s peach fuzz!!!! 🙂

  5. AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!! that is just too precious *melts*


  6. It has that helpless look that just makes you want give it all the love and attention you can.

  7. Coldwater Warlock says:

    Oh, da ittle bitty baby sqwerl… ::melts::

  8. persimmontree says:

    ear buds! ear buds! *poit*

  9. I didn’t know they had such skinny little furless tails!! They are so CUTE!!

    And so tiny…

    I guess it IS true that all baby animals are cute.

  10. Constance says:


  11. …squeehab.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong…

    Helpless Look…
    Cute Animal + Food…
    Fuzz + Floppy Limbs (I think they’re pretty floopy)…
    Small ears (naturally, its small itself)…
    Almost rule 16(eyes at same height as nose, large forehead, just not the body)…
    Maybe dainty paws…
    Eye capsules…
    That is sooo a knobby knee on the back leg…
    and the dangly paw…

    …any objections?

  13. Sal — nah. But the One Rule To Rule Them All here has to be #0: BAAAAAAAABYYYYYYY!!!!!

  14. themaskedpunner says:

    Num num num num. Sluuuurp. And look at the way he’s grasping the syringe. He’s going to doody in that person’s palm in a minute or two.

  15. Eeee! Squrrel-let! In the UK, if you catch a grey squirrel, you’re not allowed to release it alive. 😦

  16. the dangling leg….the tail……they’re just too much!

  17. The toes…the toes on the dangly foot…

  18. Constance says:


  19. Dearest CO.
    I actually caught myself saying “redonkulous” today to my family.
    The cutness must stop before I find my self saying “nice tocks”.
    <3 Hilary

  20. That paw requires a patented CO Close Up!!!! I want to see up close and personal the little tiny toesies.

  21. Ever smile so hard at a cute animal that you actually get tears in your eyes? Yeah..that just totally happened to me 😀

  22. The little guy is anerable. + he is terribly cute…


  23. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Looks like McSquirrelsons here needs 15 CCs of formula, STAT!

    Gotta loove that looks like a furry computer cord…

  24. Scary…

  25. Sarcasta says:

    ***”In the UK, if you catch a grey squirrel, you’re not allowed to release it alive. :(“***

    Actually Beth, I read an article about that, and apparently you are not allowed to *relocate* them alive. Seems the guy in the article tried to move it to a forest about 25km from his home. Catch and release seems to be allowed tho. So mebbe if you catch it and release it *exactly* back to where you caught it, you are OK? Ah, the logic of governments…

    I would “catch and release” when my dad live-trapped chipmonks. I jimmmied the traps and laughed about how he would never figure out why the animals suddenly got so smart. Turns out he knew the whole time. He’s good that way. But MAN he hates chipmonks.

  26. The problem with gray squirrels in the UK is that they’re unwanted and aggressive imports, like starlings and kudzu in the US, which have wiped out the native red squirrels in many parts of the country– hence the hostility.

  27. Gah! I have just spent about ten minutes staring at this little guy in a state of what can only be described as abject adoration. I don’t even like skwerls all that much, but he has stolen my soul. I loff him. His tail! You know it just has to be SOOOO SOFT!

  28. I love the little wormy tail & the froggy back leg against the person’s body.
    You know what I love about squirrels? How they play target practice on us with acorns when we walk under their trees. They are some smartass crafty little dudes. Hate em all you want but they have got some spunk!

  29. If anyone is tempted to try for a rehabber’s license so they can bottle-feed baby squirrels, you usually end up with a LOT of them, and they each have to be fed like this every few hours around the clock… so you don’t get much sleep. At least baby birds don’t want to eat all day and all night too. It’s hard work being a mom or dad.

  30. hehehehe says:

    thats kind of ugly.

    oops. sorry. did i say that out loud?

  31. The little whiskers…Oh, the little whiskers…I want one. The only squirrels I have access to are big and fat…although not nearly as fat as the one in the post from a while ago…

  32. juggle geese says:

    That has to be a different type of squirrel fishing. When I first saw that photo I thought “wow a furred lizard”. Very cute though, especially that tail.

  33. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    They are vermin as far as I am concerned

  34. Oh, sure, the baby squirrel is all cute an’ all NOW, but you know what’s going to happen when it reaches adolescence… EVIL! EVIL, I TELL YOU! EVIL!

  35. The cuteness is actually painful! Wook at da baby skwerlly

  36. I’m glad most of you are enjoying this! Baby squirrels are PRECIOUS. I started rehabbing them last Fall and love it. It’s a big commitment, but very rewarding (lots of soft belly kisses and tickling). I’ll take more phtos next time, including close-ups of their little feeties.

  37. awwww, I got to do that once! My friend is a squirrel rehabber and I visited his house once at feeding time. (of course, it’s always feeding time!)

  38. must…be so small… and make everyone faint with my baby squirrel superpowers

  39. Boschka says:

    the toesies the toesies the toesies….

    Plonk..faints from the cuteness

  40. Poor little guy

  41. It’s the ankle that gets me. The ANKLE. *faint*

  42. YAY for skwerls!
    We’re waiting for our second wave of squirrel babies to come in to the Wildlife Rehab Center. Any time now. Thank goodness the bunny wave is nearly done. (I released two buns last week! So gratifying!)

  43. A Fine Morsel says:

    He is adorable, even though he is of the rodentia variety. So small and warm-looking!

  44. Thereza Morgan says:

    cute it’s to cute to be possible I LOVE your squaril

  45. I want to put the skwerl in my mouf!

    snoooorgle! am nam nam!

  46. *gasp*
    AGAIN with the teeny tailio. Don’t you know that phrase, along with pics of said teeny tailio, makes me melt every time?!

  47. ooh yes. I had one of these teensy skwerlers once. Sadly he died… looks like this guy has a slightly better chance…

  48. it’s all about those wittle tiny toes!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Awww, sweet little baby

  50. OMG I have spent my entire life avoiding, hating and yes, even sometimes destroying CUTE. I even refuse to burp the TUPPERWEAR. So, how is it I find myself on this site, looking at this tiny little guy with the caterpillar tail? God, help me, I don’t know. I’m a closet CUTER. I need CA. Please, don’t tell anyone I was here.

  51. OMG I have three of these right now…My friends mom is helping take care of them and nursing them back to health, their mommy abandoned them!!! and they are soo cute just like that one, and that one is like 3-4 weeks old…sooo cute with their little eyes and their little snakey tails, uh I love baby squirels!!!