Smooshie McSmooshersons


I love the guy’s laugh in this one… Is it you laughing, Nako-chan?



  1. LOL!!! That gave me my first laff of the day! Yay!
    Seems like the manatee had done that before because they were making noises like they anticipated it bumping the glass.
    very cute.

  2. chackler says:

    That is just the best smoochy nose ever!

  3. DavidBoBavid says:

    that was great.. what a big silly guy.

    i saw this on youtube yesterday.. seems this whale thinks he’s a shark..

  4. Sarcasta says:

    Yah, I think the people knew it was coming before he hit… but the REAL question is: was he doing it to make them laugh? I think *HE* was laughing at teh HU-MONS, not just the other way around.

    It’s like making faces at children to make them laugh, and YOU end up in laughy tears from their shrieks of delight. It’s the ciiiiiiircle of liiiiiiife. Or laughing, rather. The circle of laughing. That’s what I meant.

  5. MmmmmmmmMMMMMMWAH!!

    Smoochie McSmoochertee.

  6. Is “having a crumple-zone face” going to be a new rule of cuteness? It should be. That was too darn precious. Other candidates would be wrinkly bulldogs, persian cats, and Michael Jackson.

  7. Oh! I just realized, maybe the manatee just thinks that’s what we Hoo-Man types communicate? Imagine the hundreds of kids smooshing THEIR faces against the glass he sees a day. That is cute cute cute cute cute.

  8. sorry, what –> HOW we Hoo-Man types communicate.

  9. LOL @ “crumple-zone face”!!!
    That was what it reminded me of but it’s too early for me to come up with anything that perfect!
    (I think it’s always too early for me to come up with anything perfect…)
    Maybe he’s trying to scare the humans away!
    “Get out of my face & quit laffing at me, you ugly, badly dressed bipeds!”

  10. Andy Lee says:

    Oh, the huge manatee!

  11. AAAAAARGH!!! MY BRAIN!!!!!
    (Anyways, S said it first.)

  12. Was’t he a crash test dummy in one of those commericals?

  13. filterywater says:

    OMG that’s soooo ubermegasuperultra cute! It almost looks like the whole head is being squished in as it hits the wall. SO CUTE! OMG, perfect way to start off my day at the helpdesk. LOVE IT!!! 😀

  14. I love how his face totally accordions in when he hits the glass, hehe. I want to bury my face in his blubber 🙂

  15. Aw poor lil guy. He hit his nose!


  16. omg he’s mocking us!

  17. *giggles* Ok, too cute! Very difficult not to start giggling with that one. And, Julie, I think you might be right. He probably got the impression that that’s just what humans do, so he’s trying to be human.

  18. Man, if only I’d known I could have been on Cute Overload, I have a very similar video at:

  19. Piggalette says:

    Totally hilarious.

  20. RangerRick — two things:
    1) LOL. Blonk!
    2) When I was but a wee bairn, my folks got me a subscription to Ranger Rick magazine. I’d forgotten until I saw your screen-name. Yay!

  21. DavidBoBavid says:

    rangerrick: that was awesome, i literally lol’d. 😀

  22. cafegrrl says:

    LOL, we should introduce RangerRick’s manatee to this one – bumper car manatees! They’re so cute and smooshy-looking!

  23. I love how on RR’s manatee video you can see his lil toofies!
    (I thought it was gonna be Ranger Rick walking into a sliding glass door or a screen door, that would have made me LOL!)

  24. This was a YTMND ages ago:

    Check it for the audio

  25. Aww, manatees are so sweet.
    I just want to get in that tank and cuddle him/her!

  26. Ker-BONK!

  27. hahaha *snort* oh no!! i snorted bread crumbs onto my laptop!! :p

    i love sea cows 🙂

  28. ooh that is cute. BUT…this Beluga whale who blows bubbles gets my vote for cutest sea creature.

  29. [13:00] Schmoop: Smooshie McSmoosherson video clip….ROFL!!!
    [13:01] Theo: there’s another one, too, in the comments
    [13:01] Theo: scroll way down
    [13:02] Schmoop: SchmoopTeen2 sez: “It just looked so majestic up to that point.”
    [13:02] Theo: then, BLOINK
    [13:03] Theo: SchmoopTeen2 needs to do her own CO comments.
    [13:03] Schmoop: SchmoopTeen2 needs to rule her own empire. This day shall come.
    [13:04] Theo: One step at a time, now.
    [13:04] Theo: Today, CO comments.
    [13:04] Theo: Tomorrow, the cat box.
    [13:04] Theo: Someday, THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS
    [13:04] Theo: actually today would be better, for that cat box, come to think.
    [13:04] Schmoop: That cat box is a step UP from the CO comments?
    [13:05] Theo: physical rather than virtual.
    [13:05] Theo: storm in a teacup.
    [13:05] Theo: needle in a haystack.
    [13:06] Schmoop: shit in a box.
    [13:06] Theo: well, OK. Granted.

  30. Nako-chan says:

    Hahaha. That guy laughing is not me laughing at all. (’cause I’m a girl) :-p

    I love the smooshy face.

  31. Elaine Benes says:

    His squishy face is SO cute! Reminds me of comedian Jim Gaffigan’s routine about manatees, which goes something like:
    “They call me the Manatee!”
    “Whatever, Sea Cow! What you need is to get on a program and lose some weight”
    “But, I need the layer of blubber because I live in the ocean!”
    “Maybe you live in the ocean because you don’t have a job! Talk to the hand!” I heart Jim Gaffigan.

  32. Einstein says:

    Am I the only one who feels sorry for that cutie. He probably weighs a ton and tho he looks ‘weightless’ in the water, the ‘bonk’ against that glass had his mass behind it. Poor poor feller. (would also like to submit that this dood wins in the high density cutness)

  33. Awww, poor manatee.

  34. Someone get that guy some perscription goggles!

  35. It looks like the fella just dont’ care enough to stir away from the glass XD Just letting the current take him to wherver.
    “Eh, so what if I hit the glass, I’ll just bounce off anyways.”

  36. Jackie from Michigan says:

    It’s a manatee and a Slinkee!

  37. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I never thought manatees were cute until I saw ’em in person at the local zoo. They’re the size of my car, yet they’ve got the cutest whiskery faces! And apparently a sense of humor, too! *SKWONCH*

    I bet the manatee was laughing at the humans, in his own way.

  38. what is wrong with you people?!

    how can you laugh at that poor thing. Manatees can’t see very well at all, and I highly doubt that he even knew the glass was there. Probably got a good painful bonk on the nose from that one.

    …ok I take it back, it IS kinda funny, but I still feel guilty for laughing, heh. I guess bonked noses are better than boat propellor wounds, hands down.

  39. Gary Fixler says:

    This ‘tees favorite band:

    I went swimming with manatees when I lived in Florida. It was the best experience. I know all about how harmless they are, but when I turned around, and one was right behind me, I totally pooped my heart into my shorts. It was the size of an SUV! How can something that gigantic suddenly 2′ away not be frightening? Here’s how…

    He swam up to me with his left-side giant horse eyeball, and checked me out all over, then swam a bit past, and parked himself dead in the water, with his side right next to me. I know you’re not supposed to touch them, and I really wanted to abide by that rule, but he was 6″ away! I put a hand out and touched his side, which felt EXACTLY like car tire treads, which was a bit shocking. Underwater mammals are supposed to be all smooth, like dolphins.

    I rubbed left and right a bit, which was as enjoyable for me as rubbing the treads of an off-road tire, and then he ROLLED OVER. It took about 3 seconds, because he was all laid back about it, but he totally just flopped onto his back. I wasn’t sure if I was just *wanting* it to be a cute doggy-like gesture, but then he just sat there waiting, seconds ticking by, body arched in a big back-bend, side-flippers dangling under the weight of gravity, suspended in the middle of the ~10′ deep waterway. What could I do?

    I reached out both hands and started vigorously scratching its tire-tread belly, expecting to be wrong, to have it make a hasty retreat, or in some way figure out how to become a harmful-to-humans animal after all, but he just waited motionless for about 30 seconds as I continued the belly rub. I looked at his face, about 5′ away from me, and his [now right side] eyeball was fixed on my face, watching me. It would’ve been creepy, if there wasn’t tummy-rubbing going on. I finally stopped – honestly, I was totally worn out from the effort – and he slowly turned back over, gave me one last look up and down, and swam away.

    And now, feel free to let fly with the comments about how I ruined its life by making it comfortable around humans. I can take it. You’ll all see, once my mandatory human-hands boat propeller gets patented. Then the sea cows will line the waterways for belly rubs, and the whiny boaters will just have to put up with all the now-unharmable speed bumps.

  40. Wow.

    Meg? ^^ Post of the Week? Month?

  41. …btw I have a dolphin story I’ll post, if we get an appropriate pic, someday.

  42. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That’s a neat story, Gary–thanks for telling us! 🙂

  43. Gary Fixler: What an amazing story! I held my breath reading the entire post. Sounds like maybe the manatee was molting? I know walruses, beluga whales, and the like shed off dead/scarred skin yearly, these guys probably do too. It is apparently a really itchy process, so you probably made that manatee’s day! All those hard-to-reach places when one does not have arms…

  44. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t drink and swim.

  45. BLOOP!

  46. sea pig says:

    Elaine, great call on the Gaffigan bit! It’s on this page: in the “stand-up clips” section.

  47. nightbird says:

    I have to admit, as one who is always running into things, I felt sorry for the poor thing. I wonder if it does that kind of thing a lot…if so, could someone please get that baby some prescription goggles? And Gary? I would have scritched the mantatee belly too…just can’t resist an animal belly begging to be scritched.

  48. lmao! CUTE!

  49. Gary, that was a great story. Thank you for sharing! I know the rules and all but if I saw a manatee that close and that sweet, I’m not sure I could refrain from petting him either.

  50. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Oh the cute manatee!

    & Gary what a great story…Thanks for sharing your underwater adventure with us.

  51. Gary, thanks for the story! <3

    Am I the only one who thinks Smooshie looks like something … uncut?

  52. Think divers in the tank get big squishy kiss

  53. Elaine Benes says:

    Hey, sea pig, thanks for the Jim Gaffigan link! HIGH-larious clips there! His manatee on the Ricky Lake Show is one of my favorite routines of his… second only to “Hot Pockets!!!!” Manatee Pockets!

    Gary, excellent story! He did a tumble for you, he wuffed to have his tummy rubbed so much! Awww!

  54. Greenighs: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say yes, you are. Anyway I hope so.

  55. Theo: Okay then. Fair enough. Here’s a clip to go with Gary’s story:

  56. i think this should go under “cute or sad”

  57. Ouch! 😐

  58. HOLY COWW! Too! CUtE!

  59. Awwwww! Wonderful story, Gary, and wonderful video, greenighs! It’s a HAPPY giant potato!

  60. Espilonarge says:

    Smoochie Smoochie! “BART!” XD

  61. Awww, he looks kinda sad after he bumps into the glass. greenighs, I think your video is cuter than the one here. Born Free, as free as the wind blows…It’s just a little sad to see him in a tank. Still funny though, and sad, and cute.

  62. That poor guy probably has brain damage now why does CO host such reprehensible images it is WRONG to think smooshy faces are cute

    weh heh heh! Shmoosh! I think he needs a hug ^__^

  63. Oh mah GOD! This is my favorite post EVER! I love the nose smoosh — I could watch that all day — it’s SO cute! 😀 Did you SEE how smooshable that nose is?!?! <3

  64. Jack Offenbach says:

    Ha! The manatee hit his nose on the glass! Ha!

  65. Wisefool says:

    This just in from my mom. “The Mote” refers to the the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Fl (or near there) where she volunteers.

    Thanks for the video. The manatee is Buffett at the Mote. I forwarded the email to my friends. The suspicion is that Buffett sees something , a shadow, a design, in the /through the glass and swims toward it. I have seen Buffett appear to swim directly toward a tourist who was wearing a shirt that had stripes like the target he is trained to locate on. THere is soft tissue in his muzzle and since he continues to crash into th glass it apparently does not hurt him.


  66. I saw this a few days ago, and being a girl who grew up (for 6 years) on the canals in Florida, believe me, I love manatees! and I thought this video was amusing, not high priority though. It came up in a conversation with B/F and he laughed and laughed … and laughed. He watched the video over and over. And laughed his beautiful joyful laugh. It made me feel really proud of cuteoverload 🙂

  67. *BANG**SMOOSH*

    Is it just me, or does his nose look uniquely designed for absorbing the shock of bumping into an unyielding surface?

  68. Boing! Boing! Boing! I can’t stop replaying this!

    I doubt this hurts her – a lot of soft tissue in that face, and she really doesn’t have a neck to hurt.

  69. Subhangi says:

    YIEEEEEEEEE!!!! *Smgrufgbjgrubbugjhes*

  70. That was the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!