Rule of Cuteness #25: Dangle your paw

The irresistable dangling paw. You must GRAB EET!

"Yams" and his flopping, dangling pawsitude is just too much!


Kim S., that’s the cleanest kitty nose of all time.



  1. za keeeeety! sooo shnorgle-able! I want to rub that space between his main paw pad & that upper nubby paw pad. I love that spot!
    But then again, I like to smell my dog’s ears…

  2. Cute. ^_^

  3. chunkstyle says:

    the perfect friday post. exactly how i feel.
    cheers all!

  4. Saint Stryfe says:

    “Whoa, What a week. That day the l-box was not cleaned out at the regular time was hell. And what was up with that god-forsaken tuna meal on Thursday? Man, it’s a cat’s life I tell you that. eh, it’s Friday, better things are to come. I’ll just hang out here and snooze. Later kittens, I’ll be here if ya need me.”

  5. Wow that cat looks mean!!

    It’s staring at the camera like it’s really pissed!! lol

    But the paw it cute!

  6. Jessica says:

    I love when my cat drapes herself over the back of the couch, dangling her legs like some living room leopard.

    That’s not a mean cat-face. That’s a sleepy cat-face.

  7. Oohh, exposed, dangling paws are totally fair game!! eeee! must snorgle…

  8. Piggalette says:

    Love when my cate does that. And yes, I must grab the paw. And no, he does not appreciate the grab-age. He always pulls it away. ; ;

  9. paiffie says:

    Yams has gams!

  10. “Oh… you have the camera out again. Do I mind? Of course I don’t mind! I’m cuteness 24/7 for your amusement! “

    xD Aaww… exactly the laziness I feel… well, like 90% of the time. xD

  11. No, he’s not angry or sleepy– he’s squinting as he tries to reach the remote he dropped without actually getting up off the couch…

  12. jdobsession says:

    one day b4 my b-day…ironic………coinkydink? i think not!

    *johnny depp for life* (had to say it)

    my first comment ever on here

  13. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Tuxedo cat! Pink nose! Dangling paw! *snorgle snorgle snorgle*

  14. Truly immaculate nosicle!

  15. whenever one of our cats does that (her name is “girl”), we say she’s doing her “outreach program”.

    probably only we think it’s funny… 😛 comes from having three insane cats, owned by two insane people, i’d guess.

  16. Owner:Oh, that so cute, let me take a picture!

    Cat:Ok, fine, you done already. I gotta nap here you know.

  17. I wonder when this picture was taken…?

  18. misschelley says:

    chunkstyle-totally how i feel on a friday too,

    kelly- i have absolutely no idea when this could have been taken, but maybe in the heart of summer, no blankets on the couch! (hee hee)

    i can barely see yam’s ears b/c its so dark, but they seem awfully large and cute. Isn’t that a rule ?

  19. Kelly and MissC — well OBVIOUSLY this pic was taken during *naptime*.

  20. misschelley says:

    theo- lol DUH! that’s so obviy, why didn’t i know that…so much for my theory. 😉

  21. Kris, in New England says:

    This picture is proof of the saying:

    Dogs have masters, Cats have staff.

    He just looks like he’s waiting for someone to give him something…

  22. Bitch, please.

  23. …talking to the dog, then? ‘Cause momma cats are “queens.” (Not making this up.)

  24. Oh my, he looks like my kitty who ran away, Fat Rufus. He used to lay about like that all the time. Compounded with the eating one would see how he got his name. I miss my fat kitty baby.

  25. Christabel says:

    Oh sniff. He looks just like Sam, a kitty that belonged to my best friend but I claimed as mine. He was very old and we had to put him to sleep last summer. sniffy sniff. That kitty has the same sweet face.

  26. Theo and misschelly, I think Kelly was being sarcastic, since there’s a time stamp on the photo…. 🙂

  27. Laura — no, see, that’s just Yams’ earring. It’s kitty couture for the digital age.

  28. Oh, my bad,Theo. Apparently I’m a bit behind on feline fashion. 🙂

  29. Danglage makes the rules! Yipee! 😀

  30. Cute kitty. Are there extry tootsies on that bit of danglage?

  31. Inspector Javert says:

    He looks like Mr. Mistoffelees.

  32. OMG I must join in on the snorgle-fest. I didn’t realize there were as many cat freaks as me in the world until I started reading through some of these comments… lol…

  33. He looks like he’s saying “Get me a beer, wouldja?”

    Why is he called Yams?

  34. nightbird says:

    Let’s face it, this cat is just too hip for the room…And he knows it. The only thing missing is a beer and a pair of shades.

  35. Reminds me of this kitty that our local rescue, Wags to Whiskers, had for a while:

    She has that, “What? Did you need a file?” expression.

  36. Tuxedo kitties are my favorite! He looks so cuddly! Awwwww Just want to rub his wittle nosie….

  37. Our tuxedo-clad kitty, Whiskers, is 13 and has never looked this relaxed. She’s a real nervous nellie. When stressed, she will “christen” clothing, etc that is lying on the floor. Gorgeous cat,with serious issues! We love her dearly though.

  38. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Allo mon cheree you want we make luff. Sorry i can’t be arsed.

  39. No worries, Ms. Anstruther. We’ll cover for you.

  40. Melissa says:

    This cat looks nearly identical to one of mine, and he likes to “dangle,” too. Weird!

  41. The Honourable Gadys Anstruther says:

    Really Mr Theo, I don’t think we have been introduced, How did you know I was a Miss, or was that a Mzz

  42. It’s just that Gladys (currently misspelled as “Gadys”?) is most often a feminine name. So I’m taking your screen name at face value. (“Theo,” oddly enough, can go either way… but in my case, I’m a dude.) And “Ms.” is conveniently ambiguous.

    Finally, if you don’t feel up to making a fool of yourself here, that’s perfectly acceptable; our foolishness quotient is plenty high enough already.

    Long answer to a potentially rhetorical question… 😉

  43. hi kitty. I think your white-striped nose is in order for kissing, as well.

  44. This is MY Kitty!!! 🙂 I’m so proud of my little Yammers. (he’s not very little in reality… but I like to think so!) Thank you all for your nice comments!

  45. Kittylover says: