“Wing wing!”

Straight from the redonkulous dept: "Uh, hellooooo?"


Fred Flare—you di-in’t.



  1. Pink is the new… phone?

  2. Wow. I saw that and thought… that’s friggen ridculous that I need it! AHHH!

  3. I love fred flare 🙂

  4. cafegrrl says:

    LOL, that’s so crazily silly it’s cool

  5. Jesus, you can murder someone with that thing.

  6. A phone receiver for *another phone*?

    A *phone attached to a phone?!?!!*

    What the–?!

    Is the manufacturer crazy, or do I just need new glasses?

    I’ve got to go lie down now…

    This is not cute in the least…it’s just *wrong*…

  7. omg. fred flaire has a banana phone!

  8. This is what the pink poodle talks on.

  9. OMGosh this is sooooooo cute !! I’d buy it!

  10. Something old, something new. If it was BLUE this would make a great gift for a bride.

  11. punkpie says:

    my ex has that… it’s actually hilarious in person.

  12. AuntieMame says:

    Are you guys actually seeing something? I have nothing but white space.

  13. Laurie C says:

    Auntie, the link gets me to the proper site, but not the item everybody else is talking about.

  14. The fredflare.com link wouldn’t work for me, but here’s another site offering the same product:


  15. Teughcats says:

    I know it looks completely ridic, oops redonkulous, but I get tired of holding the tiny little cell phone sometimes and I don’t have a landline. (Or a wireless headset and this is cheaper!) So when I’m at home…not such a bad idea!

  16. AuntieMame says:

    I’m not even seeing a link. I’m seeing nothing.

  17. Why is this cute? This seems below the ginormous cute standards co holds to.
    *sigh* Perhaps I cannot always have *soft kronch* pix to take my breath away…

  18. eep!
    i loooove fred flare!
    i got my valentine’s dress from them this year!

  19. Christy says:

    I want fluff :(.

  20. For pink poodles everywhere…

  21. This is from the Dept. of Redundancy Dept. isn’t it?

  22. Pink is my “thing” it is cute though!

  23. The best way to use it, of course, is to have your cell phone in your pocket.

  24. Sarcasta says:

    I wondered when the pre-emtive backlash from the Zoolander phone would kick in.

    And there it is.

  25. so prosh! I’m dying to order the banana phone cell phone cover for a friend that sends that damn banana phone link to me when I least suspect it!

  26. You can get the Banokia phone and others here
    I like the Deskia best, though I still want a Shoefone 🙂

  27. Jackie from Michigan says:

    They have those at ThinkGeek too, but I don’t think those come on pink…this one looks like it’s been dunked in Pepto Bismol!

  28. and this qualifies under the cute rules…how?

  29. I'm The Decider says:

    I demand that you only post what I, personally find cute. Please conform to my standards immediately, for CO exists to please me alone. Thank you.

  30. There’s something really “Once-ler-ish” about this Decider persona.
    At the far end of town where the grickle-grass grows…

  31. This would be a wonderful accesory to go with that pin kpooch. =)

  32. Pile of crap.

  33. …but such a *KEEE-YOOOOOOT* pile of crap!

    (eat a fart, Bob)

  34. ‘K, ‘member when you were like turning six, and your parents said, “*>insert nay-sayer name here< *, for your sixth birthday, you get to pick whatever color you want to paint your room! And you can pick out the curtains, and the sheets and blankets, and everything!" So you in your six-year-old cuteisdom ('cause cutestincts are much sharper at six) redecorated your entire room in PINK! PINK! PINK! Walls, carpet, bedding, evrahthang proshiest pahnk! Well that's how this pink phone is cute!

    Oh! No? It didn’t happen that way? You picked yellow, or green, or blue? Well, then you won’t “get it” how this phone is cute.

  35. Michelle says:

    Twirling a phone cord around one’s finger is a zen exercise. Empty your mind and seek the deeper meaning of conversations with your bestest friend on the subject of what to wear to the mall, yeah?

  36. Michelle says:

    And you could be right, Theo. Perhaps this is the Whisper-ma-Phone?

  37. And for those of you who just *have* to coordinate the color with your cellphone, it comes in Black too.

    I’ve seen this in a few catalogs and thought “maybe….” 😉 (I’m like Teughcats – cellphone but no land line.)

  38. I have one of these in red! Bought it in Shanghai, and the store guy gave me a USB connector for my computer, lol, so I’ve been using this to talk on Skype. All of my friends want one, hahaha.

  39. I want one, though *not* in pink… 😉

  40. huh?!

  41. Well, isn’t *that* special! (not)

    thinker, I’m not a “pink” kinda gal…