Pink is the new dog

Thanks for the shout out today in Pink is the new Blog! Oh, it’s ON MY must-read daily list. I heart the hot pink Stencil type too, bro… In fact, I think this headline was written thanks to your influence.

///This just in, ‘Pink is the new Dog’ is a great blog in it’s own right! Check it!///

Amazing ‘pink’ work, Gucci Poochie!

P.S. Welcome to California, Trent!



  1. ….but…why…?

  2. Hahaha! Awww!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    That poor dog. It’s hard to go out in public when you look like you belong on a poodle skirt.

  4. The really sad thing is, is that this owner spends more time (and probably money) on the dog’s ‘do than I do on my hair. Sigh.

  5. Let me clarify that I’m not trying for the same look, just in case it sounded that way.

  6. infuriated says:

    OMG THAT IS INHUMANE. So not cute.

  7. Fred Fnord says:

    Just a note: when I load the front page, nothing after the manatee video loads, not even the comments link after it. The whole rest of the front page (and the July page, too) is just blank space. Safari browser. Anyone else seeing this?

  8. Fred Fnord says:

    PS: Ick.

  9. Dear Infuriated,
    Did you ever stop to consider that the dye used to make this dog pink was ESPECIALLY MADE FOR ANIMALS? hmm…

  10. Fred of the (ahem) Illuminati — are we even talking about this site? Manatee video??? Baroo? (Crap, now *I’m* doing it.) And, frankly, agreed on the “ick.”

    “Infuriated” — congratulations! You sound every bit as silly as that poodle looks.

    AmyH — darn.

    Elizabeth — I’m going to assume that your choice of words was intentional.

    Ceebs — maybe because it was already a poodle.

  11. my favorite color is pink . my least favorite dog is the poodle. put together, it’s sort of like a stenciled, poofy pile of pink puke..
    say that ten times fast, I dare you.

  12. AuntieMame says:

    Celebrities. Bleah. I definitely won’t be checking out Pink regularly.

    And a Pepto Pink Poodle? Why???

  13. Two major parts of my universe just collided: PITNB and CO each mentioning the other. Can’t think… brain imploding… *plff*

  14. Jessica says:

    Bleh, I think people who dye their animals colors should have their heads forcibly shaved….but that’s just me.

  15. Staranela says:

    That’s just mean.

  16. Oh gross. Just when I thought that haircut couldn’t get any more demeaning, somebody comes along and dyes it pink.

    What did poodles do in past lives to deserve such a fate? They look like fluffy assholes.

  17. It is not cute, it is animal abuse.

  18. Didn’t dying your poodle to match your bathroom get old in the 50’s?

  19. BenPanced says:

    Look at it this way: you can shave the dog and knit a sweater.

  20. kutsuwamushi says:

    I don’t think anything that licks its own ass in public cares whether or not its hairdo is embarrasing. Come on, people. Lighten up.

  21. Constance says:

    haha. Oh man, that’s adorable.

    Ok folks, let me remind you of something. As much as we like to personify our animals (yes, they do have personalities but they are not anthropomorphic ..i think that’s the word…anyway) as much as we’d like to THINK that animals think how we do, I some how don’t think that “OMG THAT DOG MUST BE SO EMBARASSED IT LOOKS STUPID” is really a valid statement, I mean, they are naked after all…I don’t think they really have the same (if any) sense of “fashion” as we do. Hell, I had a little boy bunny named abbigale for 12 years (I was 5 when I got him, I liked the name…no comments from the peanut gallery)…He didn’t seem to mind. It’s not like he was scared to go out in public for being embarassed. I put him on his leash and we went for walks like all the other girls and their bunnies…

    Secondly, if you give a dog a bath, and use the animal safe dye while you give the dog a bath, how is that any different then giving the dog a bath? Having never dyed a dog, I wouldn’t know. But I mean, it can’t be THAT much different, dying a person’s hair takes maybe…20 minutes to set (same as the shampoo i use on my pups) I cannot imagine that if I wanted to dye my shelties (which, I don’t) that I could do it with out causing either of them much inconvienance.

    I gotta say though, who ever thought that up…waaaaaaaaaay too much time/$ on their hands, but hey, the pooch seems pretty happy with it(or at the very worst, passively indifferent), so who am I to judge?

    Great job Meg! Keep the cute a commin!

  22. Constance says:

    Oh, one more thing. One single comment on it being “cruel to put my bunny on a leash and walk him” and I’m going to lose it. he used to bring me his leash and harness. So really, I doubt he minded the walking!….

    …now I miss my bunny. 😦
    Dang it.

  23. it makes me think of that great Lynda Barry cartoon:

    He knew what people thought of his kind.
    High strung. Spoiled rotten. French.
    But in the next 24 hours, he’s going to change all that . . .
    He’s small. He’s black. He’s mad as hell. He’s . . .

    “You’ll never call him Fifi again!”

  24. POODLE WITH A MOHAWK! Yes! I had completely forgotten about that! Thanks, Cheryl…

  25. Dear heavens, I hope that’s a girl dog. ‘Cause if it’s a boy dog, it doesn’t go under the heading of “cute,” but rather “Just Plain Wrong!”

  26. Jaxotea says:

    Not cute – mean and nasty.

  27. Adorable! I’ve dyed my dog’s hair and the animal safe pet dyes are completely harmless. There are more chemicals in Advantage flea drops! When was the last time anyone heard of side effects from the dyes specifically made for dogs?

  28. mollence says:

    I don’t get why it’s “mean,” “inhumane,” or “animal abuse.” Somebody ‘splain please??

  29. not funny. I know the dog doesnt know any different but in a way it’s kind of cruel.And pointless and stupid. People like this dog’s owner make me sad.

  30. oh and chell – advantage at least has a purpose.

  31. Villeline says:

    My eyes! My eyes!

  32. OH GIVE ME A BREAK! It is not CRUEL, ABUSIVE, or INHUMANE! Like I stated before “When was the last time anyone heard of side effects from the dyes specifically made for dogs?” and please don’t give an example of some idiot who used human hair dye.

    Who knew a pink poodle would be more controversial then pot eating bunnies

    oh and Raked – Why does everything in life have to have a purpose. What about art and music. This is just another form of creative expressionism that uncreative people do not and will not every get.

  33. I’m going to go dye my dog now. 😉

  34. Espilonarge says:

    I’ve never liked poodles and that pink dye only made it look.. blagh!

  35. I don’t think it’s abusive or cruel, but it’s definitely in bad taste. Gross.

    Also, it says a lot about the owner. Your pet is not a fashion statement!

  36. What’s going on these days in the thread? There seems to be some weirdly negative action. Mek.

  37. Well I personally think she looks like a yummy strawberry ice cream cone!

    I’m sure the dye comes out clean after a few washes anyway. Who cares, we dye our own hair.

  38. OK, so the pink dye isn’t harmful to the poodle. But a pink poodle outside of cartoons and coloring books is just wrong on so many levels. That poor poodle should bite it’s owner and hard!

  39. Hahaha. How totally idiotic. But, look at the guy. He has not a CLUE. He is standing looking around. He is stretching contentedly. He is like, meh, I had a bath and a haircut. Now where is a butt I can sniff?
    So, if some idjit wants a pink dog….well, let em.
    I just don’t think we have to worry about the dog. He is fine.

  40. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Lynda Barry is a goddess!

    The poodle haircut was originally developed to protect the dogs from injuries from underbrush and the like back when they served as water-retrieving hunting dogs (yes, poodles did originally have a purpose other than resembling a stuffed toy), and then the haircut kind of got a wee bit ridiculous once the dog-show people got hold of it. Aside from being dyed pink, this dog has a pretty tame haircut. Go look at the poodles in dog shows and you’ll see that the haircut they wear is significantly different than this one.

  41. But why does that make it any better? If anything, it makes the people who do that at dog shows just as bad. And anyway, no they don’t look worse than this dog. This is ridiculous.

    If you don’t realize why this is bad, you are a flake and an idiot and should not be allowed to own dogs.

    Who thought this was cute? What the hell is wrong with you?

  42. Thats not cute.

  43. How is this cute? I don’t find this cute at ALL. It’s rather ugly if you look long enough.

  44. Wow. I’m impressed that poodle is secure enough in his masculinity to *go there*. Er…. maybe not.

    Poor thing.

  45. “If you don’t realize why this is bad, you are a flake and an idiot and should not be allowed to own dogs.”

    WTF? What’s with the virtriol? (I realize asking why there are flamewars on teh internet is a dumb question.) But seriously, if ya don’t like it, don’t do it to your dog. Save the righteous indignation for actual abusers, not someone that just has a different idea of “cute.”

    Before I ever had a dog I always said I’d never be one of those people that gets coats and things for their dog.


    So much for that.

  46. snoopysnake says:

    I hope this was Photoshopped, not dyed.

    Reminds me of that horses in The Wizard of Oz. They were dyed with Jello mix.

  47. Thanks, Theo…that answers my question! heheh.

  48. I think whatever made this poodle pink must have jumped the species barrier because my fiancee and I saw a weather lady wearing an almost identically-shaded pink outfit on our local TV newscast.

  49. HelenWheels says:

    Dogs love attention. His/her pink fur is bound to attract LOTS of attention. Ergo, the dog will probably LOVE it. No cruelty here.

  50. John-boy's Mole says:

    Imagine how hilarious it must be to see this pink puff take a big shit…

  51. John-boy's Mole says:

    Imagine how hilarious it must be to see this pink puff take a big shit…

  52. John-boy's Mole says:

    Imagine how hilarious it must be to see this pink puff take a big shit…

  53. John-boy's Mole says:

    Imagine how hilarious it must be to see this pink puff take a big shit…

  54. John-boy's Mole says:

    Imagine how hilarious it must be to see this pink puff take a big shit…

  55. John-boy's Mole says:

    Imagine how hilarious it must be to see this pink puff take a big shit…

  56. Okay…I just looked at that ‘blog….anyone who cares that much about Britney Spears & all those other celebs….
    would definitely have a dyed pink argyle patterned poodle. ’nuff said. :-$

  57. misschelley says:

    i am SURE this photo is destined for the the ‘cute or sad’ category! wow.
    now, folks, i’m from canada and we have our share of idiots. there is this one older (much older) woman named marlene copland, nouveau riche, and was always on the tv and newspapaers and such. well!, her apartment is all shades of white…well she has a small, white, fluffy dog. and she couldn’t see it in her apartment, it blended in too well (maybe her eyes were going) but she had it dyed a brillant pink, very similar to today’s exhibit. and that crazy woman carted that dog everywhere, but i haven’t seen it in about 5 or 6 years. hmmm…..maybe it went back to being white and no one cared ?
    this puppy looks very happy and, let’s face, dogs ARE colour blind.

  58. misschelley says:

    ps. what is on the dog’s hip?

  59. chackler says:

    yah, just can’t get into the whole dye your dog scene.

  60. MissC — I think that’s a ribbon.

    Fred Fnord — NOW I see the manatee video. Maybe Meg was in the process of making updates when you had your glitch.

    And now, for all the silly people who insist that this dyed poodle represents the last word in animal cruelty (um… somehow), here’s the B-52s!

  61. Adding to Brak Silverbone inre the poodle-as-retreiver: the fur was somewhat trimmed to lower rersistance in water, but kept long around the joints as protection from the cold, & the silly top knot on the head was so one could keep track of where the dog was in the water…so don’t blame the poor maligned poodle for the foibles of humans. As for colorizing this poodle – most likely a deficit in brain cells & taste in her human…probably harmless, unless she gets pummeled by the other dogs in the hood.

  62. SilvorMoon says:

    I think this doggie looks like cotton candy. Bit too precious for my taste, but I’ve never been much affected by pink and frills. Seriously, how can this be cruel when it’s doing him no harm in the slightest?

  63. Do you suppose this dogs owner is one of those blue-haired old ladies?

  64. Gillian says:

    The silly haircut that poodles get has a purpose.

    Poodles are water dogs. Try to keep a poodle out of the water. All of that hair gets heavy when it’s wet. Keeping them trimmed like that isn’t an aesthetic thing (cuz hey, who thinks having pom poms stuck to your butt and feet is attractive), it’s a practical thing so the dogs don’t get worn out or weighed down.

    And speaking as someone whose hair has been every color of the rainbow (even simultaneously), sometimes it’s fun to do strange things with your hair. My dog has a white spot on the back of her neck that I used to regularly color in with non-toxic magic markers or bright colored hair dye. Bambi never minded. She was never injured in the process. She sat very still for it. She wagged her tail and showed us her teethies when we told her how pretty she looked.

    There is nothing cruel or abusive about it. Dog owners who drop hundreds of dollars to dye a purebred standard poodle pink from tip to tail are not going to hurt their animals, from the sheer perspective of financial investment.

    I might also remind my gentle readers of the Universal Truth that dogs love attention.

    And also that dogs are colorblind.

  65. fawn lust says:

    i think it’s cute! reminds me of elvira, mistress of the dark’s little pink demon dog.

  66. Maybe it doesn’t hurt the dog, but it sure doesn’t help the reputation of poodles.
    Or of poodles owners, either.
    NOT cute.

  67. Dogs can be embarrassed. The neighbor’s Cocker Spaniel was embarrassed every summer when she got her summer hair-cut. She would hide and hang her head until her hair grew out.

    I agree that anything that gets a dog more attention is usually fine with the dog.

  68. Fawn: Algonquin was great even when he turned into a rottie.

  69. Kris, in New England says:

    Animals aren’t naked – they are covered with fur. It’s just narcissistic to dye your pet’s fur any color.

    Au naturale is where it’s at for our fur babies.

  70. It absolutely amazes me that there are people on here throwing people using an animal-safe dye to make a dog pink into the same category as people who starve, beat and hit their dogs. *shakes head*

  71. On a lighter note..I do love the photo of the poodle stretching. He/she’s like, “yeeap. I’m pink. So what?”

  72. you can get that color with a beet juice rinse. F the cruel to animals rap, that dog is cruel to humans. 😀

  73. It’s not inhumane for the dog but for the rest of the sight-capable world.

  74. I’m a vegan and to hear people saying that this is animal abuse makes me laugh. Huh?? Stop making those of us who are concerned about REAL animal cruelty look like idiots! This is NOT animal abuse. This is nowhere near animal abuse. You are delusional if you think it is.

  75. Get a clue people- this is nowhere near animal abuse. I’ve seen the same thing for events to raise money for breast cancer, and it’s absolutley supportive, festive and cute to dye your dog pink. Even if it’s not for an event- who really cares?

    To those who think au natureal is the best route- do you get your dog groomed? Do you trim its nails? Clean its ears? Or should we just not tamper with the stuff too, it is in fact changing the dogs appearance….

    Go ahead and think it’s ugly, buy get a life and move on. No need to start a protest over a dog that’s not even yours. The dog is adorable and seems pretty happy, pampered, and well loved to me.

  76. Oh and Pink is the New Blog is the best! I read it everyday. For those that don’t understand why people would want to read it- Hollywood gossip is a hobby like everything else. It’s absolutley entertaining and fun to keep up with, even though it’s not for everyone. I personally love it.

  77. I have to echo all the other comments that add up to “get a life, this is not abuse”. Sheesh. Such bad energy on a site dedicated to bringing us smiles and warm fuzzies. Oh, the fuzzies!

    People who love their pets will not do them harm, nor take pics showing their animals in distress. This is not ‘Faces of Death’, this is Cute Overload.

    I’m sure there are other sites available for angry people to get worked up over real issues that need attention. This is not one of those sites. This site is all about the happy happy.

  78. Okay, I am not one who thinks this is animal abuse, just ridiculousness– but I don’t think you can compare coloring a dog to cleaning its ears or trimming its nails. Those are hygiene & health issues, coloring your dog pink is not necessary to maintaining hygiene.

  79. I for one, love the pink. :p It’s done very well, it’s a vibrant, even application, and it makes the dog look like a Hello Kitty stuffed toy. And I agree with those of you with brains, that the flamers who say this is animal abuse need to cancel their Typekey accounts and NEVER POST ON HERE AGAIN. You all obviously are uneducated, predujicial twits who don’t realize that the dye used to color animals is vegetable-based, and completely non-toxic. Now, as far as good taste goes….well, I’ll leave that up for you to debate. Hehe.

  80. OMGosh! Soooo cute! Only…I hope that’s okay for them to do on the dog. :/

  81. crunchyfrog says:

    Putting aside the question of animal abuse for a second… am I the only person in the world who thinks that poodles (regardless of hue) are absolutely, completely, emphatically NOT cute? I totally <3 Meg and CO, but yeesh...

  82. Kinda dumb? Sure. Cruel? gimme a break.

    If I were going to chide a specific group of dog owners, it’d be the ones who have puppies’ ears or tails docked because that’s how their breed is “supposed” to look.

  83. Actually, in real life, Standard Poodles tend to be really intelligent, personable dogs. If you can get past all the primping and poofing that some people do to them…

  84. Danielle says:

    YUCK. If you want a pink dog, get a stuffed animal.

  85. Michele says:

    I know this will sound awful, but- I think this dog is adorable. I like the argyle pattern too. Thinking so does not make me or people like me mean or stupid or braindead or even tasteless. It just makes us different.
    As for people who animals ‘should not’ be treated as fashion accessories- why not? I live in New York where some of the most pampered, well-loved and best-treated pooches, are also fashion accessories. From the fashionable nouveau riche girl who carries a special handbag to carry her Maltese everywhere, to the weight-lifting guy from the South Bronx who truly loves his doberman or pitbull (or even his Chihuahua) and buys it special collars, bandanas and even t-shirts, dogs are seen in part as accessories.
    There have been plenty of pictures on this site showing animals wearing clothing, jeweled collars, and other items- don’t you think that’s about style and fashion as it is about having a place to put an ID tag or keeping an animal with little fur warm?
    As for grooming a dog’s nose or teeth through cleaning being different and more natural than dying a poodle pink- no it isn’t. Wolves don’t use toothpaste. They don’t have pet humans who rush out of the forest to clean their noses or clean their ears. When we choose to have pets of any kind and buy accessories for their cages or for their bodies, we are making a fashion statement about our own likes and dislikes. And with the right person wearing the right outfit on Fifth Avenue, this dog would get lots of love and attention from pretty much everyone. That’s not cruel or mean or even silly. It’s simply a matter of taste.
    I don’t have a dog, and when my boyfriend saw this picture this morning, he was horrified- he dislikes poodles (which seems to be the issue for most of the people here who are getting upset- that in itself shows it’s a style issue). Now this man would have no problem taking a Scots Terrier and putting a kilt on it for Halloween, even though he says that ‘dogs don’t like to be dressed’. He does have cats, though- white Persian ones. *Snicker* I can’t wait until he moves in and it’s my turn to take them to the groomer- I wonder if you can dye cats?

  86. AuntieMame says:

    For the most part, I agree with you, Michele. But as to why dogs should not be treated as fashion accessories, try watching “The Dog Whisperer” sometime, and you’ll see why not. They do not need to be carried around in “special handbags.” They need exercise and activity and things to keep their brains and bodies busy, so they’ll behave like nice dogs, and not yippy little monsters.

    That being said, I do not believe this dog is a nasty, spoiled, brute. Her (surely it’s a female) parents just obviously have too much time and money on their hands.

  87. haha
    aww i love this pooch
    AND pinkisthenewblog
    yay detroit!

  88. Charlotte says:

    Well, it’s not in my personal taste, but if I saw someone walking this dog down the street I’d compliment them on him/her, and pet the poochie a bit.

    I don’t think it’s abuse by any stretch of the imagination. I think the owner is someone with way too much time and money on their hands, but the dog is obviously loved and well cared for. And honestly, it’s a dog. A dog doesn’t really care what its haircut is like – all it wants is a human who will feed, walk, and love them. And remember – a dog thinks nothing of sniffing another dog’s behind in public, or rolling around in garbage – so I think it’s safe to say that this poodle doesn’t feel embarassed in the slightest. Dogs are pretty much shameless.

    I understand not liking poodles. I didn’t like poodles – I thought they were, on average, tempermental – until a poodle I knew, Molly, saved her owner’s life. Molly had been with her owner, who was mountain biking in the woods. The owner slipped and fell, getting knocked unconscious, an was injured very badly. Molly went and got help for her owner, leading people from a neighborhood a couple of miles away to the place where she had crashed, Lassie-style. The owner was rushed to the hospital – she had a bad head wound, and the doctor speculated that had Molly not gotten help, then she would have died.

    So now I think twice before passing judgement on poodles. They really are quite a loyal and smart breed.

    For those of you who are whining that this is “cruel and inhumane” – why don’t you go find something that’s really cruel and inhumane to protest, like seal clubbing, or canned hunts? I’m sure that would be a better use of your time.

  89. Wow… I go missing for one day, and another commentroversy happens. Sheesh, folks.

    As for the dog – abuse, no. In dubious taste – oui, oui, oui. And animals as fashion accessories is (frankly) repellent to me.

    But I don’t have to get my knickers in a twist over a photo I don’t happen to like, now do I? 😉

    As for the bunny who wanted to go on walks, i believe it!!!

  90. I think it’s fun 🙂 And since when did fun have any purpose than, well, FUN! 🙂
    I want to see pics of this poodle when the dye is starting to fade. It’ll look like a pink cloud! lol

    Now I want to see someone do this in a tie-dye pattern, or maybe plaid…is the Camo-Poodle next? Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket! lol! And match them up with an Art Car! 🙂

  91. The dog stretch is very cute. Pink Is The New Blog? Awful. On that site, every woman who isn’t as skinny as Nicole Richie is called fat. I’m a little less in love with Cute Overload for endorsing crap like that.

  92. benvenuta says:

    That`s stupid disgusting and mean. Does anyone really think it`s cute?

  93. Geez, peoples, it’s just a pink poodle. It’s not like they put him in a Superman costume or anything! Sheesh…

  94. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Thank you to Mook and Gillian for further clarification re poodle haircuts. 🙂

  95. This is really cute! Somehow inhumaine but it would be a great picture to put in the gallery of this site

    P.S it’s my site…

    May i??

  96. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Ok, I just had to step in here. I’m a dog groomer. I do that kind of thing for a LIVING. First of all, the dye is not dangerous. THere are three ways to dye a dog. One, with water and food colouring. Two, with a vegetable-based mascara-like substance, and three, with powdered chalk. All three of these methods are harmless to the animal.

    All of you who think that all those poofy silly haircuts on poodles are demeaning need to brush up on your dog breed history. What were poodles originally bred to do? Anyone? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Poodles were originally hunting dogs. That silly haircut you see most often, with the pom poms on the ankles and the tail, and the patches on the backside and the big lion’s mane on the front? That was designed so that the poodles could follow downed game into the water and swim easily without all the coat weighing them down, but still have hair protecting the joints, heart, lungs, ears and kidneys. So it might look a little goony to you, but there actually was a purpose to it.

    Those of you who think it’s ‘demeaning’ or ’embarrassing’ to the dog, it isn’t. What makes the dogs act like they’re embarrassed by how they look is how you react to them. I have had people who come to pick up their dogs and exclaimed happily at their dog’s haircut, and the dogs are happy too. On the flip side, I have had people laugh at their newly-shaved dogs, and, in one case, had a dog hide under the desk and refuse to go back to his owner because he was embarrassed at his ‘dad’ laughing at him.

    And if you think a haircut like that is demeaning to a dog, maybe you ought to take a close look at the ridiculous clothes they sell in the baby department these days. If that’s not demeaning, I don’t know what is.

  97. Put this poodle in a pink cadillac. 🙂

  98. i was with you on the rats, mice, strange creatures and whatnot…even when some people couldn’t stick with the cuteness of it all.

    but this? uh…no. not cute. i’m not going to step into the “it’s demeaning” or “it’s inhumane” groups – i just am in the “uh…why?” group.

    1 vote for not cute. sorry!

  99. I saw that and cacked myself…

  100. Dickie Twinkles says:

    The dye does NOT harm the dog in any way! It’s put on as if the dog is having a bath and what’s so cruel about bathing your dog? Lol, okay, lots of dogs don’t need baths but that still doesn’t make it cruel :p
    And the poodle cut was not original developed for looks but something to do with when they were working dogs. But, again, how it’s hair is cut is not in anyway cruel!

    Please take time to actually THINK before you call something cruel!

  101. Dickie Twinkles says:

    That meant to say ‘don’t like baths’

  102. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Do you know what’s really cruel? The milk in the coffee of all you ‘abuse’ shouters! I bet none of you are vegan…

    You say it’s abuse to wash a dog yet you endorse pumping cows full of hormones and making them lactate daily until their udders are aching and they’re mooing in pain?
    Did you know all milk is allowed a certain blood and pus content? Now, not only is that GROSS but think of the poor cows with their bleeding and infected nipples?

    I hope you hypocrites choking on your morning coffee 🙂

  103. I love this look, I kind of do feel sorry for the Pinky =) but I had an in depth conversation with my dog groomer whose business had just been approached by a vetinary like business teaching groomers how to dye a white dogs hair (only white dogs) and how it was as safe as washing your dog in shampoo. So she stockpiled on all these colours and is now going about dyeing doggies’ hair. The dyes are made from natural substances and the only additives are the colourings, but nowhere near as harsh as the peroxidic mess we call human hair dye. If your dog would stand for it and doesn’t have hypersensitive skin like my dog, then I say go for it, the poodle is cute.

  104. I’m embarressed for the dog…

    That is sooo pitiful!! Why would someone do that to their dog?!

    It’s kinda funny though… But I still feel bad for the dog.

    I mean, c’mon… it’s a PINK DOG people!!!!!

  105. I think they look deliciously pink! Like cotton candy at the fair. “Get your poodle on a stick”! I hardly think the dogs realize that they are a different color than originally.

  106. Um, Dickie Twinkles, I was with you until you spouted off active (and appalling) ignorance on the cows. My family has a dairy farm and the utmost care and attention are paid to keep the girls as healthy and comfortable as possible. When your entire life revolves around the welfare of animals, you treat them with respect and reverence.

    I love cows. Yay, cows!

  107. themaskedpunner says:

    Sheesh, poodles are fugly to begin with. I would gape in amazement and horror if I saw this thing walking down the street. The owner is probably one of those women with a mind-numblingly extensive Precious Moments collection and lace doilies all over the place.

  108. I think this is WAY cuter (and less cruel) than dressing a dog up in a ridiculous outfit. The dog isn’t even going to know it’s dyed, people… you know, the whole colorblind thing and whatnot. As long as their skin isn’t itchy (which, from what everyone has so well explained about pet hair dyes, it isn’t irritating at all) or anything like that, the dog will be perfectly happy.

    I, personally, would rather walk around with pink hair everyday than be dressed in an ill-fitting Superman costume. But maybe that’s just me 😉

  109. We wait for months for a poodle picture because poodles get a bad rap despite their insane cuteness. And this is the picture you post?


  110. The honourable Gladys Anstuther says:

    How absolutely ghastly poor f****r

  111. Lol, you “inhumane cruel mean” people crack me up. Take a tour of a factory farm sometime, and then the next time you have your steak or chicken sandwich, think about inhumane and cruel.

  112. True ceejoe, but chicken sandwiches sure do taste good. In fact, I’m gonna get one for lunch today and think about how much my chicken was abused and tortured in its last minutes of life.

  113. kitkat – to each their own. i’m not sayin’ you can’t eat your chicken any way you want. just questionin’ those who go into a tizzy over a silly pink pup whilst partaking of much worse animal abuse. i’m just sayin…

  114. Dickie Twinkles says:

    You may care for your cows but the majority of farms do not. I know…I worked on one.
    I’m happy your cows aren’t pumped full of hormones…but they still are being made to lactate more than needed and this puts them in discomfort that is unnecessary.

  115. that is sad on so many levels and just wrong. I don’t care if the dye was made for animals or not. The animal didn’t ask for the dye. The owner is an ass.

    That should be a form of animal abuse.

  116. hmmm, I would have gone for white paws…

  117. misskitka says:

    as usual on CO, if an owner makes a non-standard choice, and Meg/Theo choose to celebrate the fringes of cute, the outrage and intolerance begins…

    there is no cruelty here – only silliness and a dog that is probably dearly loved by its owner

    and I think PinkIsTheNewBlog is quite entertaining…I am not a stick figure (and not particularly offended by the site) nor am I braindead (Phi Beta Kappa y’all)…I just have a frivolous side – which is why I love the cuteness

  118. oi my goodness. slightly frightening. I think if I saw this dog I would probably a) stare very hard and hope I wasn’t hallucinating; b) laugh; or c) run away.

  119. O.M.G

  120. heloo! this dog ( i have just realised) is not real! look at the bow on it’s back! i’m sorry but that is sewn on! and the strech is so mechanical. observe!

  121. Riiiight… it’s a fluffy pink-dyed Aibo.
    Maybe you should luch again.

  122. Poor dog!I agree with the third to last person.^

  123. sshhh theo! it is nott real.

  124. sshhh theo! it is nott real.

  125. oops i posted 1t twice!

  126. I think it’s silly to consider dyeing dogs to be cruel. Especially poodles. The fact is, poodles HAVE to go to the groomers, because their coat HAS to be trimmed. (Some people can learn to do this themselves, of course, but a groomer can do it much nicer, usually, than the average pet owner.)

    Their hair will mat and grow very long (into cords, like a Puli), and they need regular trimming.

    Now, the poodle cut actually has its origins in history. It may LOOK stupid, but it is actually a modification of a hunting-dog clip. The hair needed to be removed in some places because it would be too heavy and weigh the dog down in the water, where the dogs retrieved ducks for their owners. The chest was kept longer to keep the heart and lungs warm in the water, as was a puff over the kidneys, and ankle puffs to keep their ankles warm. A tail puff was left like a “flag”, so that the hunter could keep track of the dog.

    Now, when a poodle gets its hair done (necessary, remember!), they get a bath and brush out as well. Since they have to go in every four to six weeks anyway, I don’t see what difference it makes if they’re also pet-safe-dyed.

    Really, I think screams of “cruelty” is too anthropomorphizing, and I anthropomorphize a lot. The DOG doesn’t care if it’s dyed. It doesn’t occur to the dog that anything is different. Other dogs don’t treat it different if it’s dyed. The only reason they get treated different is by people either going “OMG HOW CUTE” and fawning over it or “OMG YOU ARE ABUSING THAT DOG”.

    I have a poodle. He’s black, so he’s not going to get a dye job, and also, I only get a “pet clip” on him — just because it’s a LOT of work to care for the other clips.

    Owners who get these clips for their dogs spend a LOT of time and money on their pets. More than can be said for owners that barely give their dogs a brush once a month. I think it shows they love their pets.

  127. I don’t think this is cute. I don’t have a problem with them doing this, I just don’t this it has the cute factor.

  128. Cross-chan says:

    Sick, cruel and stupid.

  129. can you say pink!!!