You rang?

Look, I KNOW I’m in the minority here, but dammit, dogs with front feet costumes are HIGH-larious. Don’t fight me on this. Just squint your eyes and you can hardly see his back legs, it’s so funny.




  1. YAAYA SUPER Puppy to the rescue!!

  2. Billy K says:

    Um….you’ve lost it.

    Not cute in the slightest.

  3. ladyworeblack says:

    oh no not super hound!!!
    too doggoned cute!

  4. CREEPY PUPPY AGGGH!!! *hides behind chair*

    (>’o’< )

  5. AuntieMame says:

    I think it’s hysterical. He looks so nonchalant about it. “Yeah, I’m Superdog. What are you gonna do about it?”

  6. mariser says:

    tried the squinting. meh. not a big dog person anyways.

    /back to look at orangs
    //seriously, this may have to be my Valentine’s day card.

  7. Do my eyes deceive, or is that a greyhound? <3 I luff greyhounds...and I want that costume. It would make for some very comfy feety pajamas.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t laugh at this. My dog would never speak to me again!

  9. That’s got to freak the dog out when it faces directly into a mirror.

    “Dude, what the …? That’s my head, I recognize that, but … GAAAAAAH!”

  10. “Here I come, to save the DAAAAAAAAAAAY!” Or was that Mighty Mouse? Either way, darned cute!

  11. most of the time i LOVE dogs in front feet costumes… they usually make me laugh so hard. but this one… that dog looks so sad 😦 look! his tail’s between his legs 😦

  12. I REALLY wanted to do this to my dog on Halloween last year but my husband wouldn’t let me. Said something about the dog’s dignity or whatevah.

  13. Methinks it’s a Super Whippet. That is definitely hilarious!!!

  14. Meg, you just crack me right up…

  15. 1) Greyhounds are like German Shepards, they don’t lift their tails.
    2) What is with everyone taking things so personally? I don’t care if You think something’s cute. I don’t even care if I think it’s cute…I’ll probably melt at the next thing Meg puts up.
    3) Three cheers for the CO team! They do so much to bring us the cute; we have no right complaining, because we can’t do it better.
    4) Puppy! SuperCute.

  16. Dude! Pink is the new Blog TOTALLY linked to you in today’s post! You’re now officially a supastah.

    Although that dog is kinda scaring me.

  17. Disturbing, yet cute.
    Man, MY dogs would wig out if I put a damn bow on their collars (only at Christmas and on their birthdays, of course).

  18. …and whippet good.

    I’d like to see a video clip of SuperPooch trotting around in his Secret Identity duds.

  19. Stefanie says:

    I have a Whippet at home and I now know what he will be wearing this Halloween. It’s going to be soooo funny walking him around the neighborhood! Sweet revenge for all the times he’s peed on the carpet!

  20. Ha. That dog looks so annoyed.

  21. Bubbles says:

    Who’s a pretty Superpup? You are! Faster than a speeding whippet! Able to leap tall hydrants in a single bound!

  22. Kris, in New England says:

    No no no – it’s been said before – clothing on animals is just plain wrong. They are already dressed – in fur.

    Ick. Dog is cute though, in a Nichole Richie sort of way.

  23. I always have to laugh at dressed up animals…some love it, some hate it (people and the animals themselves). I can’t get clothing on my dog at all (other than when he used to wear a sweater for warmth as a pup). I bought him a “rock star” costume from Target one year, but he wouldn’t let me get the whole thing on. So his girlfriend Donut had to wear it for a bit:
    Look at how humiliated she looks! poor thing!

  24. deltabob says:

    We had greyhounds when I was a kid. That’s a pretty common posture for the breed – clothed or not.

    When they do tuck their tails in fear, it’s generally much tighter to the abdomen.

    The arch in the back is also common for the breed.

    Many greyhounds also have that expression all the time. It’s very much a “ho-hum, I’m so fast, everything else bores me *yawn*”.

  25. Okay see, this is the whole reason why dogs end up biting/killing their owners.


  26. Christina says:

    oh my goodness, how cute!!! i’ve never seen anything like it before!

  27. Nonnahs says:

    this definitely goes in the sad part of “cute or sad”

  28. MLE and deltabob–

    thanks for the explanations. i knew that it was a whippet, but i never made the connection between the natural posture of the dog and the breed.

    and bob, smashing description of the expression 🙂

  29. RevWaldo says:

    (dog whispering to photographer) CALLLL THE POLICEEEEEEE….

  30. Whats that in the sky?
    its bird
    its a plane

    lol from fate

  31. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “Oh, yeah, this is *really* funny. Let’s see if you’re laughing after a leave a little ‘present’ in your bed…”

  32. Nope, not cute. Sad. Cuteness comes from within, not from the Halloween aisle at PetSmart.

  33. TwoShedsJackson says:

    You really need to start putting health warnings on these posts. My husband nearly choked from laughing so hard at this.

  34. WickedWendy says:

    That’s just freaky. Cute, but freaky!!! I think it’s the little arms dangling that freaks me out.

  35. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Krypto? Is that you?

  36. Laurie C says:

    Dog is thinking, “I’m warm in my new jacket and my front feet are nice and dry. Why are people pointing and laughing?”

  37. Nentuaby says:

    Ugh… That’s just animal abuse.

  38. It is teh cutes!

    But the makers should fix the fake arms – they just look…bleh.

  39. Why for the love of God do people insist on humiliating their pets? OOOOH because ‘they’ think it’s sooo cute, nevermind the poor animal’s emotions… *sick*

  40. My theory: SuperWhippet was having a grand old time, running around the house, terrorizing the other pets with his floppy, fake, t-rex arms. Then–horror! Mom took him outside and he was mildly embarrassed. Especially because he’s the only one in costume.

  41. “uh, it’s a little breezy back in the ‘tocks area”

  42. I, personally, think saying it’s animal abuse or that the dog is himiliated is ridiculous. xD We’re humiliated /for/ them. It’s us we’re concerned with, not the dogs. This one doesn’t seem too upset, or it would be gnawing at those dangling hands. xD

  43. Pretty dog, riddikulus costume! Can only guess at the sublime goofiness of the dog/person relationship. I reckon if the dog hated it, the dog would have the costume off. In the meantime, it’s a funny pic for us to enjoy.

  44. lauowolf says:

    Pay no attention to the dog behind the curtain.

  45. Awww… Super puppy! >^_^<

  46. I dunno. Just when I think I’ve seen the wierdest thing… this shows up.

  47. Lol! I think it IS the dangling arms that freaks us humans out!
    I don’t think sweet doggie is bothered in the least! 🙂

    My Great Dane Calli LOVES to dress up…..if it’s a high school sports teeshirt for the kids’ graduation she is ecstatic…if it’s just a small blanket thrown over her back she walks carefully around the house so it doesn’t fall off and she can wear it as long as possible.
    She would love a costume, I guarunTEE it!

  48. LOL! I love the “Oh yeah, punk?” expression on his face– it just makes the whole picture 😀

  49. very cute. and very funny!

  50. this time, I really did LOL.

  51. moonxela3 says:

    It’s not too cute but it is odd and funny.My friend already send me it before it was posted

  52. This is why dogs attack their owners. Funny though!

  53. Geez, it’s just a dog in a costume, peoples! It’s not like they dyed him pink or anything!!

  54. LOL Ceebs…

  55. Gillian says:

    I have an Italian Greyhound, slightly smaller than the whippet here.

    Based on the fleece jacket around Mom’s waist, and the fact that Halloween is at the end of October, I’m willing to hazard a guess that it was chilly outside.

    IG’s, whippets and greyhounds have very short hair. They get cold. They like wearing coats and sweaters and stuff,because then they’re not cold. Bambi has more sweaters than I have, and she wears them and my old baby t-shirts all year round. She’s cold in the winter, and she’s cold in the air-conditioning in the summer. Better to have a doggie wearing something silly and undignified than to go around shivering all the time.

    And while the tucked tail and arched back is breed-specific, as someone else mentioned, the puppy puppy looks like he might be a little bit cold too.

  56. Saddened says:

    Oh Dear. This is just so wrong. Give the animal some dignity.

    Obviously, this dog’s owner is another lonely, single woman who can’t find a man and is taking it out on her poor, defenseless dog.

  57. Oh puh-leeeeeeez, “Saddened”.
    We all know that lonely, single women who can’t find a man… have cats.


  58. ITS A BIRD!
    ITS A PLANE!!!
    NO ITS………

  59. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Not funny demeaning.Try that with a cat and don’t expect to have the full use of your hands for some time.

  60. Is it just me or does that dog look like Anderson Cooper? They’re very clean cut, angular, and grey. Anderson should have his own catagory anyway.

  61. Off-topic… but who cares…

    Coconut, I saw a TV ad for Iron Chef coming up soon, where Anderson Cooper (and Mo Rocca?? …talk about your weird pairings) will be doing the judging.

  62. Theo, I remember on 360 at least a year ago (back when it was on in the early evening) AC was making fun of himself when he appeared on IC because he kept using the word “blend”. They spliced all the times he used the word into a little clip and it was pretty funny. So….either he went on the show again or it’s a repeat. I’ll hafta check my local listings.

  63. Tinderblast says:

    What I like about this is that the dog is not dissimilar-looking to Krypto, the Superdog!

  64. …and the slightly bemused expressions of all whippets, or whatever this is, make it all that much funnier…

  65. Saint Stryfe says:

    The cutest thing is that the puppy in question here looks just like Krypto – Superman’s dog from the comics. Very, very cute.