Stop and smell the orangutans

Yes, I know they’re smelly monkeys—but that’s how the saying goes.


Premium eye capsulage, Daum and submitter Ant!



  1. Beautiful!

  2. Am I the only one who is a little creeped out by eye capsules?

  3. Rayndrop says:

    Oh my GOSH! Orangutans aren’t usually high on my list of cutenesses, but they’ve both got such a sweet expression. Perfect.

  4. Eye capsules are awesome…but it might be the name creeping you out.
    Eye pods is better for me.
    Someone else mentioned Eye Pods in a prev. post and I loved it!

  5. imho, the expression eye capsule is a crackup (ok, so is eyepod [tm])!

  6. Creepy or Cute will be up to personal tastes but this photo, combined with that caption = brilliance.

  7. gwenchocolate says:

    It *is* a totally prosh photo, even if I think any kind of monkey is creepy. I can’t decide if they look like a pair of senile old gents, or completely naive babies. XD

  8. That sense of wonder is what stopping and smelling the roses is all about. Innocence is not what you *don’t* know. It’s how you approach the knowledge. I can’t ever believe that animals are not people of a special sort. I’m glad I can still feel like that when faced with a red rose.

  9. For those squirmies who find the primates uncute
    for certain those of us who love da marmaladekitters…

  10. No more monkeys jumping on the bed. I agree with gwenchoco: monkey = heebie jeebies.

  11. Now that is definitely the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!

  12. Monkey’s are creepy, gwenchocolate? That’s interesting coming from the mouth of a monkey!

  13. Romantic in a creepy way.

  14. gwenchocolate says:

    I know, I know, we all came from monkeys…they just make me uneasy, and I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s from watching the “Planet of the Apes” movies too many times. I did say, however, that this was a cute picture.

  15. Ah, monkey love.

    (The two Thai-ger Tabs are tewtelly ‘tweeties, too.)

  16. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Orangs are noble creatures, and they look so wise–it’s no wonder they’re called “the people of the forest.” I think this photo is very sweet!

  17. They’re not smelly monkeys! (They’re damned dirty apes.)

  18. Maybe creepy because they resemble us in so many ways yet we barely understand them? I wasn’t trying to demean your opinion, though, gwenchocolate 😉

    Check out those huge wrinkled hands!

  19. :\ The cuteness of this site is starting to get.. Not cute..

  20. Haw, Cris! I think Charleton Hesston could use a little Cute Overload.

    And for moi, this was a total AAAAAAHHHHN pic. So happy.


  22. Piggalette says:

    Awwww. Precious. Makes me want to call in sick to work to walk around a garden.

  23. ighpods and arm around the shoulder!!! <3

    Yes, they’re not monkeys, they’re apes. Am I the only Cutologist who reads Terry Pratchett???

  24. “Well … I suppose it’s natural, because sometimes barrel-organ men came to our village and they often had a dear little mon–“

    There was a crashing chord. The orangutan raised its other hand and waved a finger politely in front of Agnes’ face.

    “He doesn’t like being called a monkey,” said Andre. “And he likes you.”

    “How can you tell?”

    “He doesn’t usually go in for warnings.”

    ~Terry Pratchett: Maskerade

  25. perfect says:

    cute definitely didn’t come to mind. but it warmed my heart to see the smile, the gesture of the arm, their closeness. absolutely wonderful.

  26. Greenighs – Am I the only Cutologist who reads Terry Pratchett???

    my only comment – OOK OOK!!

  27. not cute. horrible. more red pandas, please.

  28. Michelle says:

    heehee. cute! I love my fellow apes. Even apes with eye capsules!

  29. *joins the Discworld fan brigade* Pterry’s OFFICIAL stalker, reporting for duty! (Seriously. He gave me permission. Said I giggle so much he’ll hear me lurking in his bushes, so I’m clearly not a threat.)

    That is SUCH a lovely picture.

  30. Michelle says:

    Is anyone else experiencing excruciatingly long load times on CO? Up to two minutes a page? I have a lightning fast connection, but lately CO seems to hang forever. Is it just me?

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    I love Pratchett. Especially Death, who loves kittehs.


  32. If you don’t like monkeys, then you should be fine with orangs, ’cause they ain’t monkeys at all. They’re apes, like us. (One way to tell — apes don’t have tails and monkeys do.)

    Anyway, I loves ’em; they’re so cute! I’ll take more primate babies anytime!

  33. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Cute and wise, with eyes that know all.

  34. I think they are incredibly adorable and sweet in the obvious caring and love they have for one another. It shows how not so different we really are.

  35. Yay for hippy orangs!

  36. Orangutans are my most favourite ape, it’s so sad how we’re driving them to extinction.

    *High Fives* to the other TP/Discworld fans out there!
    The Librarian Rocks!

  37. Yay, Pratchett fans! Ook Ook!

    And yes, Death is a cat perso- er, entity. 😀

  38. I completely disagree, Siaarn. Look at this picture… don’t you see the cuteness here? The loving ‘over the shoulder’ hug, the enjoyment in appreciating the sweet smell of flowers? The beauty of that moment that would even be cute if those weren’t apes, but humans…

  39. Perhaps we can crush it up, apply the fragrant essence to our stinky pulse points, and thus smell pretty like respectable human beings? Maybe then we can get an appointment with the plastic surgeon to take care of these awful eye capsules.

  40. how can you think this is not cute? look at their intent sniffing of that flower! aaaaaah…

  41. ‘Right turn, Clyde.’

  42. jenni joon says:

    LMAO. For some reason, when I saw this entry? I couldn’t stop thinking of my grandpa! And he is NOT simian, btw… but (LOL)…just so reminded me of him! CUTIE WITTLE monkey dewds!

  43. Oh my, that is an awesome pic! How can people look at that and think we’re not related to them?! Of course, saying that probably insults the orangs… :o)

  44. In my opinion, monkeys are just incapable of being cute. No matter what. They’re just gross!

  45. PiperJon says:

    Gross or no, cute or no, there is one thing that is remarkable:

    They still stop to smell the roses.

    Do we?

    So, who are we to judge…?


  46. Right on, Pj!

  47. ka9q's wife says:

    stands up as another Terry Pratchett fan but i must admit i love the witches the best. Especially Nanny Ogg.

    And you know what she said about hedgehogs.

  48. awww thats sweet.
    young love

  49. Lillith says:

    I adore organs, I think they are just the sweetest creatures. And the looks on the faces in the photos? Too prosh for words.

  50. Lillith says:

    Apparently the iced coffee didn’t kick in, organs are nice (both the kind in our bodies and the musical instruments) but I MEANT to type orangs.

    *goes off to get an espresso*

  51. For some reason they look to me like monks. Could be the haircut.

  52. You know, sometimes these pics make my knees weak with cuteness. This one just make me happy. This is a happy, happy picture. They’re just two buds who are enjoying the simple pleasure of smelling a flower. Very very happy.

  53. They may not be smelling the flower–they may be preparing to EAT it! Some apes like to eat flowers–I remember reading a story about how one of the sign-language-using apes (I forget which one) missed a question on a species-biased IQ test because she classified a flower as a snack–which for her it was!

  54. Now this picture just goes to show that not all cuteness lies in the fluff or tinyness but can lie in the expression and attitude! These two are very cute in expression…although I could campaign for Trifecta…fivehead, small ear/head ratio, eye capsules, mimicking a human… But the rules don’t always have to apply..sometimes something is just cute purely on instinct. Meg has great cutestincts!

  55. blueberries4me says:

    The word “eye capsules” completely creep me out too but the pics of the orangutans are adorable!

  56. musicchick2 says:

    Ain’t love grand???
    Sophie (on the right) Oh, THANK you for the roses, darling! How special!
    Sam (on the left) They were so beautiful – they reminded me of you.
    All of us: Awwwwwwwww!!!!! (Golf clap so as not to disturb this tender moment)

  57. Could that flower-eating ape have been Kanzi, or one of the other Bonobos? May have been Tatu the Chimpanzee from the CHCI – I think her caregivers have stories about her flower-eating tendencies!

  58. Lotta new names in the comments, here. Awesome!

  59. michelle says:

    I wish we were allowed to change our wallpaper at work becuase this photo just makes me happy!

    I think they’re going to eat them too, but why not? We all want to put cute things in our mouths…

  60. musicchick2 says:

    Have any of you seen Animal Planet’s “Growing up Orangutan” ? It is SO good and will be aired on the West Coast Jul 19, 2006 @03:00 PM

    “Two traumatized baby orangutans are brought to the Balipapan Orangutan Survival Foundation where Lone Droscher Nielson will become mother to the pair. She devotes her life to teaching these endangered primates to survive in the wild.”

    Check out this link to find out when it’s being shown in your area:

    ‘Tis VERRY prosh and heartwarming and stuff like that there. 😉

  61. AuntieMame says:

    Well, I always smell my roses before I eat them, too.

  62. Rose petals were a finishing ingredient in one of the decadent recipies in the movie “Like Water For Chocolate.”

    Oh, the trivia that I carry around in my little ol’ head…

  63. This isn’t the best place to put this, but I really don’t know how else to do it. According to certain areas of the site, you can submit photos by e-mailing the webmistress on her GMail account… but the only e-mail address I’ve ever seen on this site was NOT from GMail. How do I submit pictures?

  64. yes T., rose petals were a finishing ingredient…but do you remember their effect?


  65. adalia,

    the email address for submissions is (or at least WAS)
    HOWEVER, as posted in the “Got Cute” section of the left-hand column there are problems with submissions at the moment. here is the quote from Meg:
    “Hi Peeps, having issues with the submissions right now. Hold on to your great photos and we’ll be back online ASAP. “

    so Adalia, just hold on to your prosh pics until the submission line reopens!

  66. abbynormal says:

    Is it just me? Does anyone else see a 3rd head between these 2 up front.

    Anyway, they are absolutely beautiful. I love apes and monkeys.

  67. abbynormal,

    I think what you may be seeing is the shoulder of orang-on-the right. I have to say, though that after reading your comment I looked at the picture and saw the 3rd head for a moment.

  68. Yeah, not a big fan of monkeys…

  69. Laurie C says:

    abbynormal, I think that may be a baby on one of their backs. Added bonus cuteness!

  70. I don’t know if its been said, but I love their hands. they are beatiful and worn, and so very human…

  71. abbynormal says:

    Laurie C,,,never thought of that…but if true,,,what a sweet family.

  72. Love monkeys and duck ‘tocks are oh so good, but where did Baffle-san go? Sniffle. Me love Baffle-san. Not on Kitties page either. Me look already.

  73. I would like to see the one on the left wearing one of Burt Reynolds’ hand-me-down toupees.

  74. Susan,

    to all of us who miss Baffle, a.k.a. “Ninja kitten” here is a link to his site,

  75. AuntieMame says:

    I suspect these two are juveniles themselves. They aren’t hairy enough to be adults.

  76. I don’t know, having sat in a room with one of these guys I find them wonderful. They act like children, so instinctual. I find it facinating… they have all the emotional responces that we as their cousins do but few of the social norms. They express everything they feel in extremes, good or bad, much like children do, yet in silence.

  77. meg, don’t be bothered by the haters. this is yet another perfecto pic. you’re the awesomest of the awesome!

    if my life was as graced with beauty and wisdom and cuteness as these orangs’…

    and theo, methinks your head ain’t so leetle! (as in, you’ve got so much cool stuff in there, you can’t be a pinhead!) 😉

  78. eowyn_2 says:

    The Baffle-san CO page is here:

    And props to the Pratchett fans!! – Esme Weatherwax, Death (who loves kittens! sqeee!!!), and Commander Vimes are my faves.

    Gosh, did that sound gushy or what? Feh.

  79. eye sockets…

    The intense love these two feel towards each other outweighs all the “cuteness” one could muster!

    This photo just melts my heart!

  80. …and the librarian had been human to a spell went wonky, he much prefers being an orang.

    I think the people who feel odd about primates, it’s some of the “uncanny valley” sort of thing. They are so much LIKE US, but then NOT US.

    Roses are actually yummy. I’ve had sugared roses and rose jam and they were just the tastiest things. I smell roses now and I DO want to eat them.

  81. (Mariser — oh HELL yes I remember. Gertrudis was… well, a hottie. Pretty much sums it up.)

  82. Why do people not like monkeys? primates.. whatever.. I think they’re adorable.
    That picture is just so cute. More pls 😀

  83. ah…there’s people who don’t like frogs, or snakes, or sharks, or spiders or cats!!…and for no good reason.

    They are all beautiful.

  84. I work in a zoo, and happen to think that Orangs are the most beautiful animals on the planet. Our new little baby Kashi has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  85. I believe there is beauty in all of nature. Sometimes we have to work at appreciating certain species (like the #@*&%! scorpion that stung me a month ago), but there is an interconnectedness we all share.

    The orangs are great, elephant seals are great, let’s all just enjoy. Some are as cute as they are going to get for whatever they are.

    (Desert Jade – does the zoo need any more scorps? I’ll drop some off…)

  86. Orangutans = NOT monkeys…apes, primates, whatever…just not monkeys.

    And they’re still wicked cute – very much in love.

  87. Babyguru says:

    Why the heck am I not surprised that someone who calls themselves “hrh.squeak” is a Terry Pratchet fan?

    And, yes… flowers can, and are, edible. I trained my dogs, when they were young, to sit by rewarding them with the hibiscus flowers that they loved to eat as they fell daily from the tree near the gate.

    (Being young, they chewed most other things as well — like the dolls we had to make a funeral for in our back yard — so we had to contend with their annoying habit of partaking of the huge, round calabash mangoes that fell from the tree, leaning over the wall from our neighbour’s yard. They discovered that the things falling from that tree by the wall were yummy. The seeds were Picked. CLEAN. I mean, we had a julie mango tree in the back of our *own* yard, but the calabash ones are, like, yanno, BIGGER. So they ate our fallen ones AND theirs. Frustrating, you think?

    A friend of my mum’s gave her a bottle of hibiscus wine… and to this day I will attest to one and all I have never tasted a wine so perfect, so divine.

    I’ve seen recipes where Dandelion petals (or was it daisies? hrm…) are used as garnish in salads, and some others even help with contraception(…!)

    gwenchoco.. you’re right on the money about whether they might be senile old gents or naive babies that youe made me giggle.

    Can’t say the same about you thinking other primates are creepy. Even the one in Ace Ventura Pet Detective’s creepy?

  88. they aren’t monkeys they are apes and a clean orang smells wonderful, like

  89. Very sweet, I like how they just like being together, and like the simple joy of smelling flowers.

  90. WickedWendy says:

    Awwww!!! That’s soooo sweet!!!

  91. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Did anyone else see that documentary Terry Pratchett made a few years back about orangs? In it he said baby orangs look like surprised coconuts.

    I love this post – all primates make me think of the word ‘poignant’ – there’s something heart-tugging about them. They’re so close to us I guess.

  92. hrh.squeak says:

    That’s one of the many things I love about Mr. Supreme Writerdude Pratchett – his brilliant descriptions. “Surprised coconuts” – HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! How about his description of being awakened by a dog (Gaspode, to be precise) snorgling you:
    “Like having a small, defrosting piece of liver lovingly pressed to your leg.” *sigh* Genius, I tell ya.

  93. Thank you, Mariser, for Baffle-San link above. 🙂

  94. “Gaspode?” Wait, I thought Gaspode the Wonder Dog was in the Kent Montana books, by Lionel Fenn… Pratchett’s the “it’s just turtles, all the way down” guy, right?

  95. Wow, I am a constant reader and haven’t heard of Prachett. Who is he? What’s it all about? I will be checking him out asap.

  96. 2ShedsJackson,
    Poignant. Yes. Whenever I think of the great apes I remember Jimjim, of the Detroit Michigan Zoo. He lived 25 plus years in a tiny….oh god…15 foot by 15 foot barred cage. Then, FINally, they were building him a “new, modern, great ape habitat”….he died of a heart attack just months/weeks before it was finished. Ugh.
    I was a child the first time I saw him. Adult, the last. Still can’t get his “poignant” eyes out of my mind. And his hands wrapped around the cage bars.
    Omg. I better go to bed. 😛

    Hugs to all.

  97. Just fyi, Jimjim was a gorilla, not an orang.

    Night, night.

  98. ka9q's wife says:

    Gaspode is all Pterry, Tea-oh.
    You know you are hooked when you go to the UK and buy the books there too because the covers where different.

  99. Aaaargh, teh intarnets is FAILING me! Tons of stuff indexed by Terry Pratchett (and, well, Neil Gaiman), but precious little about Lionel Fenn. That’s a pen name used by Charles L. Grant, who churned out 5 “Kent Montana” novels while I was in college.

    I swear that “Gaspode the Wonder Dog” appeared as a character in one of them, and I’m guessing it was kind of a cameo appearance (as a talking dog was definitely not integral to the plot; THAT much I remember). The Kent Montana books had a very Pratchettish style.

    Kent Montana and the Really Ugly Thing from Mars (1990)
    Kent Montana and the Reasonably Invisible Man (1991)
    Kent Montana and the Once and Future Thing (1991)
    The Mark of the Moderately Vicious Vampire (1992)
    668: The Neighbor of the Beast (1992)

  100. I absolutly LOVE monkeys. please post more! <333

  101. MONKEY!!!

  102. orangutans are NOT monkeys, they are great apes. And they are the cutest apes.


  103. Awww…orangutan hugs and smelling a flower. Cuter it can’t get…

  104. S.Flores says:

    Orangutans are NOT MONKEYS!!! Get your species right!

  105. Not cute, but Beautiful!

  106. I think it is wonderful what this organization has done for these beautiful animals. I saw the show Growing up Orangutan. Because i saw that show i have wanted to be a surragate mother for Orangutans. i would love to know how to get into the line of work.

  107. you swine they are apes.