Dee perrfect plan

Look at dees!

I hidingk… so when dee lunche, she lands, I joimp out whayn she LEAST HEY-SPAYCT EET GLURP!


Tiny glurps to Carina G. [I think that means thanks]



  1. Rayndrop says:

    There is nothing that is not made funnier by that accent.


  2. Is that a canna the frog is sitting in? It looks like what we planted in our back yard…. >.>

    *goes to check the cannas for little froggies*

  3. *cackles* I looked at the picture, then looked at the caption, then looked at the picture again whilst imagining a tiny croak-alicious voice with a French accent saying those words. Genius. Pure genius.

  4. what a beautiful photo. and a great caption, as usual. but really, the colors and swirls are just awesome. cute lil froggie.

  5. Wow, it’s the Lakeside Lodge chapter of same group that runs The Dahlia Inn.

  6. [snort] The frog is a Frog?!

  7. Why do I imagine this little thing going out drinking with Master Fluff?

    Possibly even planning world domination together.

  8. Kara — you *might* be thinking of this dude…

  9. Ewwww frog!!! Not cute!

  10. Sweet li’l froggie! Beautiful photo too. Looks sleepy tucked in there. Corn plant would be my guest for his hotel room.

  11. Tony James says:

    Anyone else remember the old Dangermouse cartoons? This guy looks like the evil Baron Greenback (only later did I realise the socialist overtones of the oeuvre, and by then it was too late…)

  12. Andy Lee says:

    A frog with a French accent? That’s an ethnic slur, you insensitive clod!

  13. mariser says:

    actually this little fella looks just like the Cute OverLord,

  14. Mariser — jinx.

  15. Lee Gibson says:

    Frog in a lily, he did lurk, uh huh…
    Frog in a lily, he did lurk, uh huh!
    Frog in a lily, he did lurk, then he said a mighty GLURK, uh huh…


  16. mariser says:

    damn! that’s what I get for not clicking on the links…


  17. SOMEbunny owes me a mocha.

  18. mariser says:

    I reckon…

    where’s halfway between Minnesota and Kentucky?

  19. I look at these pictures everyday! I loved this one so much I had to write. Beautiful.


    Please visit

  20. Laurie C says:

    At first I thought we were looking at a green bug. With a Giant Flying Ant of Stinging Doom and a big ol’yellowjacket both buzzing on the *inside* of my screen at the moment, I’m not prepared to see a bug as cute. But it’s a frog, so, okay.

  21. Mariser — looks like Oglesby, Illinois.

  22. Meg, your comments are hilarious and priceless. Especially when you unleash the accent.

    Thanks for such an awesome site! It lightens every day for me.

  23. I want soft green plant housing!

    I want…
    I want…
    I want…

    ))… holding breath ((

    Now I’m green! Welcome to my neighborhood!

  24. Actually, DH… you look a little blue.

  25. Zee peecture, eet eez pairfect!
    Great caption, Meg, and lovely little froggie!

    Vive la France! Happy Bastille Day! Vive les Frogs!

  26. Babyguru says:


    And just so u guys know, I thought the seal in sand pic was hilarious. and disarming in its own way. I loved the “Just snorting sand. You?” caption. So there. Cute. End of debate.

    And Missy, nooo, shadaaaap! That’s blasphemeee! it IIISSS cute! No, no, no, I’m not hearing you! La-la-la-la…

  27. Oh so cute! SO CUTE!!

  28. martha in mobile says:

    The plant is a bromeliad. They are epiphytes and hold water in the base of their leaves. In a CO coinkydink, their little offshoots are called “pups.” I’ll go now.

  29. That’s a cool lookin’ plant. Does it come with built-in frogs?

  30. Slimy!

  31. So how’d he get in there??

  32. Deckard Canine says:

    A French accent is entirely appropriate for Bastille Day. Or as I like to think of it, French Jailbreak Day.

  33. Bastille Day or not, that accent reads to me like a mixture of Polish and Mexican. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… I mean, cute + funny = excellent.

  34. The accent totally reminds me of Martin Short’s “Franck” character from “Father of the Bride”!!! Was he French?

  35. Julie, who the hell knows? Great accent, though.

  36. The Guy Over There says:

    A frog-in-a-pulpit! A rare flowering plant only found in swamps that attracts people to come by and feed it by having a little froggy in it playing around.

  37. cool i love frogs! haha
    i think it just hayched cause frogs do sometimes lay one egg in a leaf hole like that

  38. shanchan says:

    For the total frog experience: Hold your hands next to each other palms down, with your thumbs tucked. Cross your pointer-fingers and keep them stiff. Then curl your middle fingers over the pointer-fingers (makes the eyes). Then meet your ring fingers at the tips making a triangle under the eyes (makes the nose), and finally meet the tips of your pinkies, makes the mouth. And open and close the mouth as you sing:

    Kaeru no uta ga
    Kikoete kuru yo
    Gwa Gwa Gwa Gwa
    Kero Kero Kero Kero
    Gwa Gwa Gwa

  39. I want a cool hidey place too…. so cute and green… oh to be a sticky footed froggie…

  40. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Oh bugger it Tony James – you have just started the Danger Mouse theme tune running round my head. Is it nostalgia or was that a truly great cartoon?

    The froggie is lovely – bless his little green socks.

  41. Laurie C says:

    TwoSheds, if we could actually see little green socks on him, it would be unbearably cute.

    And I think you just named the next project for the people who knit sweaters for squirrels and trees.

  42. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Laurie C – And they could kit him out in a bobble hat with ear flaps and some little mittens and a scarf – ok I think I got carried away – sorry.

  43. Outrrageoous Frawnsh Occent, zee pairfect accomponeemon to zee petite grenouille peechiurrrr!

  44. hrh.squeak says:

    “Come eeen, ma cherie, the watair eet ees nice and warm. No, no, mais no, thaire is plentee of room for both moi and vouz, ma petite lime popsicle of luuuuve.”

  45. I know what the accent reminds me of- the “Continental” character that Christopher Walken played on SNL.

  46. Wow that looks cool/cute. I’m not really into “cute” pictures, but I have to admit that there are some nice pictures on this blog.

    You have a nice Blog, keep up the good work!

    –Jon Z |

  47. you guys r silly says:

    You thought *I* was scarey for wanting to see someone knit wee clothing for little hammies…
    I think TwoShedsJackson just *WAY* OUTDID ME with their “bobble hat with ear flaps” comment above!!!

  48. Not cute at all.

  49. I just love that he looks so cosy and snug in there – “ho hum, I’m home, didn’t feel like hoppin’ out tonight…”

  50. Got to your site from Yahoo! 9.

    Pretty good pics you got up here. I like this one a lot.

  51. Darn! I don’t remember Dangermouse!

    However, Froggie in a lily, he did lurk, uh huh, uh huh….THAT I am singing to myself as I head off to bed. 🙂

    I LURV da kyoot froge!

  52. R. Moore says:

    He he, at first I panicked looking at the picture, thinking of the meat-eating tropical plants that DO get big enough to eat a small frog… Then I caught on that no one would find that cute knowing what it is. I hope.

    Lovely picture, though.

  53. brownamazon says:

    I tried sanchan’s little game… and I think I dislocated my thumbs. Obvvies, I need a diagram.

  54. Laurie C says:

    Am I the only one that can’t get to the next post? Anybody else having trouble?

  55. BrownAmazon — um, same here. It took me since 5:00 to get my hands back into typing condition.

    YGRS — sorry, but as far as I’m concerned, knitting zealotry is still the 900-foot trump card in the Jibblies game. I acknowledge it’s not a rational thing. But there it is.

  56. Jellybean says:

    he’s so Timy, Very Cute, I love frogs

  57. That is one devious little froggy. Don’t put anything past him.

  58. Sarcasta says:

    Zach Braff in Garden State! I mean, C’MON! He perfectly matches the color of his wallpaper…er… leafy surroundings. It had to be the work of a nutso aunt.

  59. Sarcasta says:

    Theo! YES that is it exactly!

    Zach even has the same “don’t look at meeeee, I’m not heeere” disinterested, walleyed look as the frog up top.

  60. That looks so cool and cozy, little froglet… make room for me!!! *splash*

  61. Hey! Wow! I have a green tree frog, and he does that almost every night. Cuddles in his little plant, snuggling with his midnight snack of a cricket…ah yes. So cute.


    Look at him just hiding in there… Now how cute is that?

    I love those little guys… I’ve always thought they were cute.

    You just want to scoop him up and look into his beady little eyes!!

  63. Dees, zee loooks like my frog! He lurves his bromiliad.

  64. Wow, it doesn’t pay to go away for a few days! Anywho, just wanted to point out that the plant is not a bromeliad. As someone pointed out earlier, it is a corn plant (AKA mass cane, AKA dracaena massangeana). Finally, my years as a florist pay off on CO!

    Froggy looks kinda sleepy.

  65. *sproing*!

    Perfect camouflage.

  66. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Theo – what’s the Jibblies game? And how many people do you need to play it?

  67. 2SJ — LOL… um, OK, let’s say two people: One to do something really weird or gross, another to get all freaked out about it.

    (“Jibblies” is a Strong Bad word, from )

  68. wewewewew down the slide i go

  69. new title…Frogiflauge (ie camoflauge *hehe*)

    too cute !!!!!!!!