Cappin’ Cattin’

Everyone’s wearing it this season! Straight tail not included.

Hats off to Jocelyn D. [groan]



  1. calico turtle crossing!

  2. What’s the best solution for a bad hair day? Cover with a hat and distract with cute.

  3. I had to send this to my friend. It was too cute/funny to keep to myself.

  4. Apophis16 says:

    I didn’t know what it was at first! XD so cute!

  5. Zis is no bunnie! Ze category es nicht so well-gechosen. Somesing is mixed up mit oof_1.

  6. “This beautiful process of the adult baseball hat giving birth to a kitten is brought to you by the folks at”

  7. That was puzzling at first…then cute!

  8. Tony James says:

    The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play…
    it’s the cat in the hat! 🙂

  9. so cute omg keel me

  10. benvenuta says:

    Fuzzy tail… and then the cute little tri-colored head pops out! Adorable kitty!

  11. adrianna says:

    so adorable how the tail & ears pop out.

  12. This is almost as cute as a kitten in a bucket of paint.

  13. OK, so we’ve got “Tabico” in the Glossary now; would this be a Turtico?

    (Meg — something is weird with the layout and/or position of the YouTube window; it’s got maybe an inch of extra whitespace on its left & right margins, which bumps it over & obscures some of the right-nav stuff)

  14. ;_; bring back link submission! I have a super cute picture to shaaare.

  15. I think the email is cuteoverload@gmailcom

    yup it is! I think.

    Anyways, the cat is like
    “this isn’t my litter box!”

  16. AuntieMame says:

    It ended toooooo soooooon!

    I wanted to see the kitteh claw the hat to pieces trying to escape.

  17. I dunno, Theo, people might get that mixed up with “torbie” (which is the same as “tabico” without the white patches).

  18. Gorgeous kitty!!

  19. Kitty kitty cat hat! Pets as entertainment! Always a good show.

    I’m also waiting to see if the CO Save the Severly Inconvenienced Animals Police weigh in on this one. It seems harmless to me but you never know… 🙂

  20. Kittens were annoyed in the making of this film!

  21. Michele says:

    omg Cat in The Hat!!!! I cant believe no one said it first

  22. did anyone of the British people watch Big Cats last night. OMG! baby leopard ‘Toto’ is in grave danger! But so incredibly cute! he deserves a spot here

  23. i meant cheetah, not leopard. oh well

  24. Lol! Tony James!
    Cat in the Hat indeed!

    It’s very cute, but I think it was photoslepped!

  25. Toto the tiny cheetah is way way cute, and regal while being cute!

    But that evil baboon….*shudder*

  26. yeah I know!

    I was well annoyed when the presenter said ‘well you cant interfere, because it wouldnt be fair, but this is heart wrenching..’ YES YOU BLOODY WELL CAN!! SAVE THE BLOODY CHEETAH! idiot. Will have to watch again tonight to see if Toto will make it.

  27. OMG!!! Pleeeeez let us know tomorrow if Toto makes it!! Durn baboons!!!

  28. 🙂

  29. Funny! And such a pretty calico!

    I can’t watch some of the nature shows…too heart rending and maddening.

  30. zelda, me too. There’s lots of stuff to learn and I know it’s nature and all but I just can’t bear to see animals hurting or in pain. Especially a bebe… I feel it viscerally and have to look away or leave. 😦

  31. Unless I’m the only one around to help…like the little star-nosed mole who was caught in traffic on Saturday. I got out of my car, threw a jacket over him and moved him to the side. He was freaked out but ok and headed for the woods. Whew.

  32. Laurie C says:

    jaypo — good for you! What quick thinking to help that mole. (immediately going to Google to look up “star nosed mole)

  33. Laurie C says:

    (having looked it up)
    Wow. That mole looks like one of those animals made out of a kit, and some of the pieces got mixed up with pieces from another kit, like maybe the sea anenome.

  34. Laurie, I think that one’s gonna be a poem…!

  35. Laurie C says:

    Yes, do it, jaypo!

  36. He was preety small, too–only about 3 inches long. Little nose about the size of fingernail, might have been a baby. You’ll see it when I do, LC!

  37. teehee.

  38. thinkie!

  39. Teensy moley in the road
    Rollin’ under superloads
    Back and forth, right and left
    Lost and scared and so bereft.
    Darkness–night? and rising up,
    Set aside in grass and muck
    Now scooter off your wee behind
    And grasp your nose on something kind.

  40. The cat’s out of the, uh, hat.

  41. jaypo, that’s awesome!

  42. Yes, Jaypo — is that original?

  43. Laurie C says:

    jaypo, that’s brill!

  44. thankee. brand new from me to you.

  45. Bravo, jaypo!

    We’ve had some great poems from some very clever CO fans. Perhaps we should collect them in one place? A Mouse As Muse collection, perhaps? With a link to the inspriring photo? Just a thought…

  46. 😦
    My Cute a splode.

  47. wth is going on … did I dream the CATRIX kitty or what?

  48. It looks to me like TypePad borked & had to restore Cute Overload from a backup. They’d been having technical problems all day.

    Meg — can we have the lost post back?

  49. Still doesn’t top the kitty that’s so tired he almost tips over

  50. Hate to break the news but the cutest of all cute critters – wiarton willie passed away yesterday. He was a rodent weather forecaster here in Canada – greatly celebrated on groundhog day. They found him in the northern Canadian bush, a ghostly white in color.

  51. Michelle says:

    Speaking of technical problems, Theo… I’ve been experiencing very slow load times for CO for a week or so. Sometimes well over a minute to load a page. Anyone else having this problem?

    Sorry to hear about Willie, Mick 😦

  52. I especially like how the ‘play’ button on the video makes it look like a baby penguin (play button as pointy beak). Extra cute, people!

  53. Oh, whew, I am glad for the splanation. Typepad was down when I tried to login yesterday and today I thought I must have lost more of my mind when Baffle was gone!
    But, a backup from earlier xplains it all! A brain cell saved for another day!
    Cute On!!!

  54. Is borked a technical term?

  55. Oh man, at 2AM I really needed cute, and CuteO was hosed :-(. *Drums fingers nervously* I’m not addicted . . . I can quit any time.

  56. v1ctorya says:

    Apparently that other kitty Baffle did it and we officialy hit CuteOverload, the servers could not take that much cuteness, leaving us with this all too short video of a kitten instead.

    We all knew it would happen folks, too much cuteness in one place upsets the natural balance of things. Oh sure, she tried to add the elephant seal to balance it out, but one seal amongst a thousand fuzzies and scalies does not undo the months of gathering.

    Let us learn from the ying yang kitties, there must be balance in all things.

    From now on, when looking at Cuteoverload, I will pinch myself in unsavory places to once again restore the balance. OR maybe I will think of just to balance things out.

    Here’s to restoring the balance and getting daily cuteness back into our lives!

  57. [sob] Where is our cuteness… need cuteness…

  58. Hi, my name is lemura, and I’m a cuteaddict. I have no qualms in admitting my addiction. I NEEDZ the cute feets, muzzlepuffs, snorgles and tongues JUST TO FUNCTION NORMALLY!

    sobbing quietly now

  59. He’s all like, ‘Gahahaha, free!- Er, wait, hang on … NOW FREE, KAHA… gah! There’s gotta be a way out of here!’

  60. Noooooo! What happened to the ninja kitten… Or was it just a figment on my imagination. *Checks computer screen* Nope the wallpaper is still there.
    So… this means it’s just…. gone…….


  61. oh my god! i’m in my cubicle and going crazy!! i need my co fix! 😦

    meg – any news on what’s going on with the site?

    theo – have you heard anything? :\

    this is so pooped! i hope things get fixed soon.

  62. to all of us who miss Baffle, a.k.a. “Ninja kitten” here is a link to his site,

    hopefully this’ll tide you over until Typepad stops misbehavin’

  63. is pretty darn cute site too.

  64. you guys r silly says:

    cee joe:
    It’s a nice healthy mix to sit here all day and switch back and forth between
    and then
    and then
    and then… etc…
    all day long.
    (What???? I’m supposed to be *actually* WORKING instead of doing THAT all day??? Wow……
    I did not know that…

  65. youguysrsilly: Gasp! Somebody else does that too???

  66. oh wow! stuffonmycat is great! thanks for the link 🙂 i’ll have to add that to my routine of switching between cuteoverload and waiterrant 🙂

  67. Oh yeaaahh….I remember bork bork bork from the muppets. 😛

    Is it going to get unborked soon?

    Me cute addict, too, very muchly!!!

    *Hugs CO very hard*

  68. …and, um, victorya, I am trying to think of an alternate way to restore the balance rather than pinching self in unsavory places…..

    How about farting?

  69. Lauri and Christina S — I think we’re as “un-borked” as we’re going to be. The fact that we’re once again able to post comments means it’s at least working. Some data was lost, but not too much (one post, a handful of comments).

    By the way, Six Apart (the company that runs TypePad) has a “status” page, for future reference…

  70. …hey, just checked that status page myself. It looks like they’re trying to recover the lost posts & comments now.

  71. looking good – thanks for the info and link, theo 🙂

  72. Yay!

  73. So will we be getting new posts from Meg??? [hope, hope, hope]

  74. v1ctorya says:

    Well Laurie, if you don’t want to pinch yourself, there is always, filled with ugly animals (including some of the one’s deemed cute here).

    i suppose you could pay penance and visit that. . .

    (I’m not an endorser, just recognized it existed)

  75. For those of us that need SOMEthing to look at in the meantime:

  76. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The little kitty face peeking out just about killed me! Reminds me of the time my dog knocked an empty laundry basket onto himself (he was a puppy at the time) and proceeded to scoot around the kitchen floor with faux-wicker “battle armor.”

  77. “What the–? Who turned the lights out? Oh, here I am. I gotta lay off the catnip.”

  78. This is too awesome to keep to myself!

  79. The Guy Over There says:

    It turns “Stuff on my cat” into “Cat in my stuff.”

  80. eowyn_2 says:

    Baffle can still be found on a cute overload page:

    Though I’m not sure how it got saved here yet is no longer part of the main page…

  81. How did the kitty picture get into the bunny page?

  82. I have no idea why the video is mixed with that picture?? Is there something wrong? CUTEMALFUNCTION!

  83. Hey…Anyone?…Theo? Meg?ROOFES??? What is wrong with the cute?

  84. Previous 3 commentors — um, not sure what y’all are looking at, but I don’t see anything wrong here. (Aside from the extra whitespace that I already mentioned.) It’s a cat, in a hat, via YouTube.

    [checks something]

    Well, OK, Diem has a point… it’s been mis-CATegorized. Sigh. I’d fix it if I could. Remember, peeps, I’m just a *fan* here. Like you. I just also happen to be, well, something of a geek. Sadly, Cute Overload is not one of the systems that I have the run of.

    One day… one glorious day…

  85. How the heck did this get in the bunny section?? It’s clearly a cat in the video. (lol)

  86. How come this is listed under ‘bunnies’? Did I miss something here?

  87. but this is a cat. why is it the bunny section? i am confused

  88. That is soooooooo not a bunny. Tis a kitten.

  89. This is no bunnahy! But still cutttttttttttttttttttttttttttte!

  90. OK OK OK OK it’s months and months later but OK fine I’ll fix the CATegory! Geesh…