Rule of Cuteness #24: Have suction cups on your hands

Yeah, yeah, I’m from the E.T. generation and that can only mean one thing: suction cuppage on ends of fingers is anerable. And this guy also wins the coveted Beadiest of Eyes trophy.


"Mouse lemur" Googler Sarah A.—you could never disappoint us…



  1. Oooooooh nice! All lemurs rule!

  2. Squee! He’s staring into my soul!

  3. love how he’s got the “thoughtful, contemplative” fingers poised against his chin…with his back foot! LOL

  4. Plus, contemplative hand pose…using back foot!!!

  5. Lemur-lovely! He saying, “HHhmmmm…I’ll think about that, yes…ok…I see…”
    [thok, thok, thok as toes come away from chin]

  6. Jinx Redz…oh, wait, I got in there first 😉 we’ll just say GMTA! heh

  7. Wah! You have startled me, Meester Lemur! But you’re leetle nose is kronshable!

  8. I was going to say, “Poke, poke, you owe me a Coke,” but I guess I owe you a Coke, ceebs.

  9. ceebs and redzilla: I can’t believe you guys came up with “comtemplative” at the same time! Wow…

  10. EDIT:

    Should be “your.” Darnit.

  11. look atthat kawaii smile on its face!

  12. Not cute. Scary.

    I think his eyes are too big to be called beady. I always associate beady with small, for some reason.

    Those feet make him look like an alien.

  13. OMG! Alien baby! I think he’s anerable, myself.

  14. Nice package. Ick.

  15. Ooooh looky, inflatable nads! Give him a squeeze and *voooOOOMP*

  16. Whoa- major eyes! And the cute little smile, topped off by the amazing foot to chin gesture.. Awwwwwwww

  17. LOL! Inflatable nads—OMG, you People…

  18. The ears! I love the little turned-up ears!

  19. brownamazon says:

    Eeeeee! Leaping lemurs! And this one is pocket sized. He looks like a small, furry Dr. Evil with his tow in his mouth: “One meeeeeeeeeeeelion dollars!!!”

  20. I love how his back foot is on his chin like; “hmmmmmm.”

  21. brownamazon says:

    Er, that would be “toe”.

  22. I think that hand is squeezing him so hard his eyeballs (and nuts) are popping out. Like one of those rubber stress-reliever toys.

  23. Jack Benny pose?

  24. hahahahaha penny…that was my instant 1st impression too, a squeezy stress toy!!

  25. Meg — the “ET Generation” link is bork-tacular. Here, try this…

  26. Even the tips of his fingers and toes are popping out!

  27. Not cute at all. On so many levels.

  28. good old whatshername says:

    Huge bug eyes + bulging cojones = not cute. Forgive me.

  29. What, you don’t find bulging cojones cute???? hahaha
    me neither. he needs a Speedo. then he could be really icky.
    bulging. good adjective.

  30. Definitely a creature from outer space…

  31. brownamazon says:

    I thought that was his little fuzzy belly, not his, um, dangly bits. But on closer inspection, I see what you mean. Getting around from tree to tree must be a challenge when your testicles are bigger than your head…

  32. LEMURS ROCK! Dewd, your so cool!

  33. Ew.

  34. Michele says:

    And now with entertainment news. Paris Hilton just flew in from Africa with a new man in her life: a mouse lemur called “The Cute.” We will have more information on this story as it becomes available. Susan, back to you!

  35. Definitely nuts.

    Sorry I had to rain on your parade. I hope no one was visualizing nuzzling that “little fuzzy belly”.

    Everything’s ruined now, huh.

  36. Hmmm…cuter than the elephant seal? I am having difficulties deciding!
    He is definitely bulgy all over, tho!

    I don’t think those montrous orbs could be called “beady”!

  37. karisma says:

    Too cool! I lurv him/her and want to squeeze it slightly!

  38. Baaah, monStrous orbs, that is.

  39. Ewww….if you squeeze it, karisma, there might be eyejuice and toe/finger juice and …um, excuse me…nad juice all over the place.

  40. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen, look at his smile! Where can I get one for a pet?
    And so well-endowed…


  41. lol, well at least they’re cute fuzzy little ‘nads. Much nicer than, um, some other species’ ‘nads that I can think of.. o0

  42. “Do you theeenk i’m seeexy?”

    Those are some very large eyes…and male parts. Somebody needs some pants!

  43. The fact that he’s smiling makes him extra anerable!!

  44. Ok, I looked longer and closer at the fuzzy toes poked coyly into the corner of his smiley mouth.
    I guess he IS cute!

  45. but look at how leeeeetle he is! his wittle hands are the size of the person’s fingernail! I think he’s snoochy!
    ‘course, having a chihuahua, I am partial to little animals with bulgey eyes! (and once upon a time my lil guy had rather large…figs…too)

  46. Awww…SO cute!

  47. jenni joon says:

    Hey! I went to Madagascar earlier this year and actually SAW two different kinds of lemur species. THE COOLEST. This pic rocks!! An NOOOO.. I did NOT see Melman (as my little niece asked me when she found out I had visited Madagascar)!! But I did look for the crazy NY Giants. I did. Uh-huh….


  48. Anybody ever see Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” about the little boy with…[ahem, cough, cough]… yes, uhm, the father’s name was Hugh. If you saw it you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  49. Bug-eyed but cute!

  50. Leilani says:

    Them’s not beady eyes! Them’s BUGGY eyes! Big diffo…

  51. Lemurphiliac says:

    OMG the EARS! So ernest.

  52. Am I the only one who is a tad frightened of it?

  53. That is some serious BEF right there. But so cute, the leetle nose, the leetle mouth the leetle ears!

    Eyes bigger than ears, cute or?

  54. Earnest Ears…..hee!

  55. Erp. “Large testes” are mentioned in this report on “new” species of lemur (like the guy in the pic):

  56. Yesp, those are bug eyes, not beady eyes.

  57. Thanks, EC!

  58. Was that “thanks” meant humorously, jaypo? (I think “yes.”)

  59. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh Lordy Lordy, lookit the pic Carrie posted: He’s all Laughin’ and Smirkin’ – “Dewd, you *wish* you had these “large testes, indicating a promiscuous mating system”!!!”

  60. brownamazon says:

    Notice that its Malagasy name means “good man”, after the head primatologist guy. Dude must have very large, um, academic credentials.

  61. Me?! Humorously? I meant thanks for the link to the reliable info. 🙂

  62. bwahahaha… large academic credentials. Whew, thanks for the laugh, brownamazon…

  63. brownamazon says:


    Sadly, I’m only half-joking. I worked in the museum field and for these guys, it’s like the length of the string of letters after their name indicates penis size.

  64. “the string of letters after their name indicates penis size”

    …I wonder what ElfOwl might have to say about that.

  65. brownamazon says:

    I wonder if, in Madacascar, the expression is “hung like a lemur.”

  66. Hevos Rancheros says:

    (With toes to chin) “You like what you see, no?” “Come back to my place, I have some etchings I’d like to show you.”

  67. brownamazon says:

    OK, all this talk about pendulous nads is causing the lemur to cross the line from cute to creepy. Must focus on little bat ears and splendid whiskerage… ahhh. Much better.

  68. and the teensy toeses… yes…

  69. Uh, ElfOwl was getting tired of the letters joke anyway, and was going to remove the string from her name at some point, regardless.

    This looks like a good time. 😛

  70. Michelle says:

    Awww. Very cute! Huge shiny eyeballs. Huge fuzzy guyballs. What’s not to like?

  71. Whoa, I stared hard into Mr. MouseyLemur’s eyes…and saw security cams looking back at me!!!

  72. If you scroll your computer screen so that his personals say more personal the pic is much cuter. Not that I’m not happy for the guy – I just don’t need to know that much about anyone I’m not at least dating.

  73. Oops! That should be stay, not say.

  74. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Holy BEF overload @_@

  75. ¡Holy Lemur Balls! is now my phrase of choice to express disbelief. Thanks, Cute Overload!

  76. Those eyes are MARBLES, not beads!

  77. Don’t make fun of him. He’ll start to get ‘testy’.

  78. LOL, greenighs! I’ve been needing a new expression of disbelief!

  79. benvenuta says:

    what an amazing animal!

  80. all i can think of is the “i like to move it move it” scene from madagascar. i think he’s about to break out dancing any minute now…

  81. Inspector Javert says:

    THE EYES! I can’t take it!

  82. this actually made my jaw drop in awe at the cuteness. that was before i read all the talk of fuzzy balls (which i think is a drink…) but I still think this is super cute!

  83. It’s not testicles, it’s fat…apparently these smaller lemurs store their fat around their hind legs/tail (I tried linking to the Wikipedia page on lemurs in the URL for the comment.) A close relative of this little guy is the “fat-tailed lemur”. I guess you could say it’s “well distributed.”

  84. Nope – he’s from a newly discovered species that…

    Erp. “Large testes” are mentioned in this report on “new” species of lemur (like the guy in the pic):

  85. “all i can think of is the “i like to move it move it” scene from madagascar. i think he’s about to break out dancing any minute now…”

    Wow…you just made this guy a lot cuter for me kitty! Thanks!

  86. I bet a lot of guys would like to blur the distinction between fat storage and genitals. I don’t buy it- those are NUTZ!

  87. …so octopi are cute. Technically those aren’t *hands*, per se, but functionally…

  88. anonymous says:

    so NOT cute!

  89. I wonder whether these animals suffer as much as we do being so much in focus. One day anomimous, the next a superstar!

  90. His eyes are so popped that the picture looks like its 3-d.

  91. Doubleclick says:

    Aaw. I remember when that thing was discovered. Incredible that something so cute was unknown to the world of science until quite recently.

    This seems as good a place as any to show you a Greater Glider:

    I tried sending this in to CO before, but it was completely ignored. How I just don’t know…just try typing “greater glider” into Google Image Search and see what else come out, go on. There’s a whole family of this thing’s cousins in there

  92. 2Click — that Greater Glider link? Very cool, good photo… but seriously, it looks to me like a cross between a bear and a bat. It’s cute like Mike Tyson.

  93. ack, that greater glider looks like the Snuggle softener bear possessed by a rabid rat demon!

  94. musicchick2 says:

    Noooooo….. the Greater Glider looks like the Mogwai in “Gremlins” before they got wet amd became creepy, mischevious GREMLINS! * evil laugh * (click the forward button on the photos…3rd one is a Mogwai; 6th one is GREMLINS….be afraid! be very afraid!!! LMAO! 😉

  95. Animal Lover says:

    I love Lemurs…I have a picture of that kind in my room:D

  96. musicchick2 says:

    My son, who is a web programmer like our dear Meg, has just finished this site. It features several different kinds of lemurs & is very educational.
    *tries to wipe the chalk dust off my hands while students giggle at the white hand print on the back of my black pencil skirt*

  97. You people don’t know what you’re talking about. And if you’re looking THAT hard at his special place, then you’re a lemur-phile anyways.

    He IS cute though. ^_^ I just want to snorgle him.

  98. A great deal of observation is called for to determine what this guy’s expression actually means.
    Uneasy smile, buggin-out eyes, “ehn” arms, “check my balls” legs, yeah-I-know-there’s-someone-behind-me ears … anthropomorphically speaking, the message is Yo! I’m da man and I’m packin’ to prove it, so put me the h*ll down!
    But in mouse lemur speak, what?? Science must answer!

  99. Cute? YES…but does he have fangs?

  100. Jessika says:

    love the little smirk

  101. I can’t stop looking at the little face but big eyes!!!!