Ladies and Gentlemen—step away from the computer. You will not see anything this cute EVER AGAIN. I shall now resign.


Judith B. found this delight on mvo168‘s Flickr stream. It’s the full flop.



  1. *chkt* Ah, we’ve got a splayed rabbit on aisle six. Repeat, splayed rabbit on aisle six. over. *chkt*

  2. Awww! Flopped bunny.

  3. hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    hahahahahahahahhaahahhaa !!!!

  4. heehee… and lookit the darling kitty on the flickr link.

  5. “…and it looks like that landing will cost him the silver medal, we wondered if he could pull off that double-axle toe-loop combo after his recent floppage during the Champions on Ice…”

    now that that’s over, i think someone melted from summer heat. bunny puddle!

  7. DustBunnies (Patent Pending)- now on sale!

  8. Oops- handle and refill Bunny not included. 😉

  9. totally reminds me of thumper from bambi when they go sliding on the ice… hehe so adorkable. 🙂

  10. He’s like, plek! what happened to the ground?? In my cage I can walk just fine, but here I can’t?? Maybe I am just having a bad day.

    *dun dun dun*

  11. Off topic, in light of the popularity of GoogleEarth, and the by-now-familiar joke about OgleEarth, spousal unit suggests that a map pinpointing where we can find all these anerable animals would obviously be SnorgleEarth.

  12. Thumper: So Bambi goes out on the ice and falls…like this! Hahahaha!

  13. Holy crapmonkeys! That is just too prosh. Just stop it right now. Are you trying to kill us??

    But I can’t stop looking! He’s all, like, “Smoosh! Aww, I’m on da fwoor. Waaah!”

  14. this is the perfect photo to show my roomie to proove i need a bun-bun!!

    could be tough. she doesn’t even want a fish!

  15. No one has pointed out that perfect pink nose . . . (*poit!*) . . . and dontcha love the look on his face: “Uh. Okay. Now that you’ve laughed and taken pictures, smart guy, can you help me up or I’ll crap on your pillow . . . “

  16. AliceBlue says:

    That bunnilly doesn’t look terribly happy to have been caught in the splat.

  17. It’s like a stuffed animal that has been loved so much it has lost some of its stuffing. It reminds me a bit of The Velveteen Rabbit.

  18. OMG. It’s one of those boneless rabbits I’ve been hearing so much about. I *must* get one.

  19. Durn it Meg! I just imploded again!

  20. DavidBoBavid says:

    hahahaha.. that’s fantastic!!

  21. Laughed out loud. Totally Thumper! Cross little face! Instantly into the top ten bunnies of 2006.

  22. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Pardon me while I DIE looking at this. THe look on his face is awesome, like he’s still a little stunned from slipping.I can just imagine the wild dash for freedom out of the cage when he hit the hardwood and all of a sudden started to slide. Splayed rabbit indeed.

  23. “like, I totallly meant to do that!”

  24. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “I knew taking the bunny to see Superman Returns was a bad idea, dear…”

  25. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Sweet lil’ bun.

  26. Also series of photos on the Flickr site of Bunny grooming itself, including the ears. Some of the shots also deserve to be here.


    I am officially dead now. Thanks.

  28. hee – it’s bucky bun-bun in a “Moooom! Why did you put me on this slippery desk?!” pose. Bucky’s all grown-up now, but I love seeing his baby pics.

    ( )
    ” “

  29. adrianna says:

    every single pic on that photostream is precious.

  30. Err… are you 100% sure this pic is from mvo168’s photostream? I haven’t been able to locate it yet…. Might be a shot of her bf’s bun, I’m thinking.

  31. [THPLAT]


  32. jinxthecat says:

    oooooooo, couldn’t be cuter,,,, falls on floor in coordinated floppage…

  33. TOO CUTE!! I can’t take it…He’s like a little bunny angel dropped down from Heaven that didn’t quite land on his feet! LOVE IT!!

  34. ilovermont says:

    my jaw hit the ground. that is too cute. I don’t think I can get my jaw off the ground.

  35. nightbird says:

    The bun-bun’s markings appear almost blue on my ‘puter, sorta like he rolled in moms ink pen and is maybe lying on it all “pen? what pen?”

  36. Cute, except if you are a member of the disabled rabbits yahoo! group and know how many buns end up with permanent fractures and disabilities from slipping on floors. Hopefully this is just a temporary splay. It could be a very hurt bunny. I have had house bunnies for 20 years and have never seen this as a natural position. So, maybe not so cute, eh?

  37. Fritatta says:

    “Would someone turn on the air conditioner in here? The heat’s makin’ me cranky. How would YOU feel if you had to wear a fur coat in this weather? Hmph.”

  38. Fritatta says:

    (Hot bunnies like to splay themselves out when the weather gets toasty…to catch a stray breeze perhaps? They’ve never told me).

  39. hahaha*snorgle earth*hahahasnort breath hahaHAHAHA..... says:

    please dont resign
    your my best source of my life blood! if you stop im sure to die!

  40. brownamazon says:

    So, browsing through the floppy bunny flickr site, I came across an even higher level of cute (if that’s possible). It’s not enough that this other chick has an adorable bunny. Oh no, people. She MAKES TINY LITTLE STUFFED ANIMALS in his likeness. I kid you not:

  41. gwenchocolate says:

    OMG this really *did* make me barf rainbows. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

  42. AAAAWWWWWWWW!!! That is one relaxed bunnywunny. :oD

  43. @ Angela: I understand your concerns, but if you take a look at mvo168’s photostream, I think you’ll find that she cherishes her bun (Bucky) and is not about to let anything bad happen to him, if she can possibly avoid it.

    (PS: she’s also the moderator of the Bunny Lovers Unite pool on flicker – take a look:
    http://www.flickr.com/groups/bunnyloversunite/ )

  44. Ohhhh – such cuteness. I never thought about a rabbit as a pet before CO. The cuteness is pushing me over the edge into Bunnyland…

  45. BenPanced says:

    “Dewd, like, who put this FLOOR here?”

  46. Aw… Awwwwwwww…. AWWWWWW! so cute!!

  47. Christy says:

    It’s her friend’s baby bunny Moshi. The pic is on page 14 of her photos.

  48. Christy says:

    It’s her friend’s baby bunny Moshi. The pic is on page 14 of her photos.

  49. Thanks, Christy!

  50. Constance says:
  51. Constance, this isn’t Bucky (mvo168’s bun). It belongs to a friend of hers. See


  52. Katrina says:

    OMG! It’s like on Bambi when Thumper slips on the ice!!!

  53. Awww. Can I make a tennis racket out of him?

  54. oh oh oh

    spatchcock bunny

  55. Awww, someone’s dropped their bun-rab glove puppet

  56. Woohoo! My first ever CO submission made it! YAY!


    (That last bit is from my tiel, he’s all *excited* too)

  57. Ok, this bun is now becoming my wallpaper. Hammiecorn will temporarily be replaced!

    He looks like he forgot his parachute!

  58. This little bunny’s probably thinking “how come only CATS land on their feets?”

  59. MikeyFur says:

    Rushing across the room! Picking him up! Hugging, kissing, hugging, kissing. . .

  60. This picture is what sweet dreams are made of 🙂

  61. He’s all like…ya ever have one-a-them days? *FLOP* Much better!

  62. I’m with Angela on this issue. I don’t think this picture is nearly as cute as concerning. Did you know that buns don’t have shoulder joints? They just have a series of musles and tendons which hold there front legs in place. And if a bun is placed on a slick surface and looses its footing, those muscles and tendons can tear, causing permanent damage and years of pain. I used to raise and show rabbits and at that time, it was common knowledge that you NEVER put a bunny on a slick surface. This pic is about as cute as a kid playing with a gun.

  63. This one is suffering from the effects of FLOP: Frolicking Loudly on Pergo!

    It’s so easy to slide a shy foster-cat out from under the bed on this flooring (and SO easy to clean up cat hair, loose litter, etc), that I’ve been slowly replacing all the carpet in the house. I can slide a fully-loaded, six-foot bookshelf across the room with no assistance.

    …and it’s hilarious to watch the foster kittens skidding around on their Pergo playground, soccer-dribbling a toy across the room, wheeeeee!

  64. Checking the flikr postings, looks like happy, healthy Bucky was playing with something no more harmful than a toy water-gun to me…

    The warnings might be warranted in general, but in this case, I think the chiding is a bit over-the-top. Many common household safety hazards are worse than this. I’m guessing that Bucky just decided to take a rest and comfortably stretch those growing Bun-muscles.

  65. hahaha…

    If you attach him to a string, and slide him around the floor, you’ll have a new version of the Swiffer!

  66. gwenchocolate says:

    Lauri, you are totally right. Wallpaper all the way. I’m almost ashamed to admit how much I heart this little fluff pancake…

  67. chunkstyle says:

    Dude, there are some commenters here that are, like, totally harshing my fluff-buzz. Enjoy the fluff people-No harm done in that :>)

  68. Is the bunny okay? Poor thing looks like he forgot how to walk…

    Or maybe he is just taking a break.


  69. This should be a new rule of cuteness. Full flops are always cute!

  70. I hate to kill the cute, but this rabbit almost looks like it has a bad case of splay leg.


  71. Whew..okay after looking at the rest of the photostream it IS just a pooped bun.

    I’m a zookeeper, and we had a bunny with bilateral splayed limbs at work. The poor thing couldn’t move herself around.


    (as well as a slightly rakish expression).

  73. Cute Overload drinking game:

    Every time someone gets in a snit over the ‘safety’ of any photo posted, DRINK!!!

  74. Wow, Ali, you’re a real downer.

  75. Ok. welp, thanks to Ali for pretty much scarring me for life (I viewed the pdf) and ruining the uber-cuteness of the photo which is obviously just a baby bun with slippy feet who has temporarily gone “fump!” – and how amazingly adorable is that bun?!?!?

    I have a bunny who goes fump. He likes to flop down and nap like a lazy person with his legs all out in every direction (it looks just like this picture but not quite as cute cuz he’s a big boy instead of a little ball of fluff) – but he’s fine and he jumps and binkies and has full control of his hoppity legs! It’s probably wierd behavior for a bun but his legs are a-ok.

  76. juliette says:

    re: kara
    heh. you could get totally wasted reading baby vs. cat a few weeks back. not even a challenge there. :o)


    i dead

  78. it’s smiling! that’s too cute!

  79. Carbontetra says:

    I don’t think mister puddlekins fluffybutt here has slipped, he looks like he’s just overheated and spreadin’ out to cool his lil fuzzy belly. Look at that face, that is not a “dadgummit” face, it’s a face that says “ahhhh…cooooool”

  80. Mommy, I wuv you this much!

  81. Hehe, I was just about to put the same thing as minnie.

  82. omg… i just melted!! then screamed “AWWW!!” soo loud that my neighbors came to my door seeing if i was okay… but i wasn’t… because i had melted.

  83. I’ve never before seen quite the same “awww, damnit!” face on a bunny…awwwwwwww!

    Seriously, this li’l guy is in hot contention for the Cutest Bunny Evar prize.

  84. Just like a little rabbit skin rug, only so much better, ‘cuz HE’S ALIVE!!!!

  85. Tony James says:

    The ASPCA would like to remind everyone that while it’s very funny to play airhockey using a polished wooden floor and a bunny, You Shouldn’t Do It.
    Thank you for your attention.

  86. Awww….. bunny belly!!! Which begs the question… what happens when one zerberts a bun belly? Inquiring minds want to know!

  87. Tony James says:

    Em Dash – I understand that it depends upon the size of the bun in question. Small widdle babybuns that still have their eyes closed just tend to wriggle, giving you a sort of massage as you zerbert.
    More mature bunnies have a tendency to either lie there and take it or start doing their famous Keith Moon impression on your face, assuming Keith Moon had four arms and fluffy pads on his hands.
    Bunnies in the middle appreciate the futility of resistance but will try to squirm out of your grasp.

  88. Furbert, people. FURBERT.

    Carry on…

  89. in rabbit-land, that’s not what we call a ‘full flop’. THIS is a full flop:

  90. Tony James says:

    Looks like a terminal case of the lagomorphic nyam-nyams 🙂

  91. Animal Lover says:

    This is sooo…cute! Its little paws are soo fluffy!!

  92. I agree w/Marri. “Flop” != “Splat”

  93. “what happens when one zerberts a bun belly? Inquiring minds want to know!”

    Err… this is *not* something I’d recommend you try at home. Seriously. Most rabs hate being touched on their bellies, let alone being turned upside-down. It’s kinda hard-wired behavior for a prey species. (i.e., being turned upside down is an “AAAAAHHH!! It GOT meeee!!!” panic moment.)

    Best thing to do is hang out on the floor with the bun and pet it on its terms. They can be very affectionate little critters, and you might be rewarded with snuggling and grooming in return.

    But it takes time and patience (on our parts) to develop that kind of a relationship with an adult bun.

    I’m sure a baby this tiny wouldn’t have any objections to belly-snorgling. 😉

  94. in rabbit-land, that’s not what we call a ‘full flop’. THIS is a full flop:

    ooh… marri posted a vid of Deb Carlos’ own Cakes! Great going there!!

  95. E. Collison: It took about six months to get my girl bun Bella to be proper trusting.
    She now gives me loads of bunny kisses and has started putting her young man, Marlon, in his place when he gets too big headed.
    It’s so lovely to see how confident she’s become.

    …Still wish they’d let me snorgle their bellies sometimes but I get the feeling it would just result in a kick in the head for me.

  96. lauowolf says:

    Kara you are on.
    So this lot is what, three shots?
    (T,J, doesn’t count)

    Okay, I’m still standing on this one.

    (Don’t want to try snorgling this guy if I’m too woosy — must be gentle with small bunnims.)

  97. NO BUNNY on this site is as cute as MY bunny. =O 😛

  98. “…Still wish they’d let me snorgle their bellies sometimes but I get the feeling it would just result in a kick in the head for me.”

    Me too, Judy B! (The snorgle part, not the kick in the head part!)

  99. oof oof, ooh I can’t get up. well might as well stay here.

    an hour later…

    ooh I think I’ve died of boredness

  100. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Looks like this cute li’l bunlette had a little trouble applying her mascara today… she’s got some smudging going on!

  101. Mars, who else? says:

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s super bunny!

  102. What a luckyowner 24/7 cuteness and does housework

  103. Vicki And Nancy says:

    Yeah! and you can use him as a mop. He’s sooper adorable.

  104. Courtney says:

    this bunny is the cutest thing i have ever seen

  105. I ran across this and so awwwww!! :)!!

  106. I take great care of my bunny, she is 8 years old. I really believed my house was 100% bunny accident proofed. One day she slipped out like this on my kitchen floor which is stone and no where near as slippery as polished wood. She was playing and jumping and landed wrong. She hurt her neck and had to have a lot of acupuncture and chiropractic care before she could stand, eat normally and wash herself. She very nearly died just from the trauma. I was devastated.
    She still wobbles.
    Sorry to put a downer on things but this picture makes me nervous. Bunnies and slippery floors are not a good combination.
    They are so fragile!

  107. OMG! this is just the cutest thing in the history life!