Time to start sending out furry, petable fabric swatches to the audience while looking at this photo

Just like ‘Pat the Bunny‘, C.O. should start providing a tactile portion of the site. So when you look at Mr. Bunny McBunnersons here with his teeny tailio, you could also close your eyes and touch his ‘fur’. Or is that just me crossing the creepy line?


I think you just pet his ears, Ilda? ’cause they’re perfectly flat?



  1. yey! zee daily bunneh! she is back!

  2. I’m afraid imagination will have to do for now, Meg.

    Either that or I will pop into the next room and snorgle my [real live] bunneh.

  3. creepy, but oh, so polyester(the movie)-tastic!

  4. “Tell me about the rabbits, George!”

  5. hrh.squeak says:

    I think that looking at this adorable bunbun, while petting your own fuzzface, will have to do for now. (goes to snorgle a big fat cat)

  6. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I like it! And you could send out smooth stuff for lizards and feathers for birdies, and… er, hedgehogs could be a problem… ^_^

  7. I just tried this experiment. With right hand (if you’re a righty) pet the bunny on screen. With left hand reach out and pet kitty cat.

    My brain was confused enough to think I’d pet a bunny.

    Either that or I’ve taken too much cold medicine.

  8. weellll…I have sort of *touched* the screen at times pretending to pat little bunnehs n’ such here…it would have to be in a new section called IO (Imagination Overload), which I visit on a daily basis.

  9. My dog is very soft … would it be wrong to close my eyes, rub his ears, and pretend I’m petting a very large version of this bunneh? (Is that considered cheating?)

  10. Oh, BTW—What a darling little bunbun!! Pinky ruby eye. Love the courtyard too. Looks European.

  11. awwwww… I can’t help but to notice that they way they are holding it, looks a lot like how you hold a taco…LOL

  12. Do we get to choose what we want to pet? Frinstance, I would not mind petting the bunneh at all. I’d be less willing to pet the seal/whale/Jabba thingie…so it’s all about choice.

  13. “seal/whale/Jabba thingie” — LOL! Anne, you need to check out that YouTube vid link that Percival Erasmus posted.

  14. Can I be the first to order a “bunneh swatch”??

  15. flat bunny ears = warm luv

  16. Boschka says:

    Awww..such cuteness

    is the poor bebe an albino ?

  17. Have we strayed into Duchamp’s backyard?

  18. I can see one problem with swatches what are you going to use for hedgie belly fur or nosicles?

  19. 1) Bristle brush
    2) Rum raisins

  20. rum raisins? ‘slpain please?

  21. Raisins. Soaked in rum.
    They look like hedgehog noses.

  22. Theo, not the quills but the belly fur, which CO advises is the holy grail of snorglability.

  23. Ah. Hedgie nosicles I knew of. Not aware of rum raisins. Not much of a baker. ;o) But they sound yummy.

  24. Dewi — hmmm… how about:
    1) Squirrel brush
    (used to apply sheets of goldleaf to contoured/sculpted surfaces, via static electricity)

  25. I prefer Mack’s knives.

    Especially when that bun has such pretty ears
    And he keeps them pearly white…

  26. Ooh Aubrey… you’re cruisin’ for a disapprovin’.

  27. And I’m in for the discipline.

  28. BUNNEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *is ded from cute*

  29. I LOVE BUNNIES! lol, cute

  30. So to take a bit of a rabbit trail here… about a week ago I was reading up on the cute terminology in the C.O. glossary…and stumbled upon this picture/post/comments : http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/4280388 (not so sure I linked that right, but it’s the wee wild bunneh post that spoke of Watership Down) . I then went out and bought Watership Down, and have been reading it (I’m ’bout 1/2 way). Since I’ve started it, there has not been one bunneh picture presented, and I was really yearning for one (yehn!). I had a long busy day today, and all I could think of was getting home and first, checking with CO, and second, sitting on my patio with a tall glass of lemonade to read more of Watership Down. So thank you Meg, for ending my ‘work day’ so wonderfully! Sorry for the long post, but that is how rabbit trails go. ;P

    And a CO first for me, I want to put this bunneh in my mouth. I always thought that was weird when I read it on other comments, but now I ‘get it’. So sweet and leetle and fluffy!

  31. Betty — here it is:

    (use the permalinks, not the trackbacks)

  32. Carbontetra says:

    “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”

  33. this is just too cute!

  34. Thank you Theo!!! : )

  35. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Carbintetra: “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”

    LOL!! Everyone should take a bunny on their missions for comfort. ^_^

  36. Personally, I’m just thinking: “fluff grenade!”

  37. Thanks for my posting my bunny Meg. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t need to pretend what petting it is like 😉 btw there be more bunny pics in my flickr album http://www.flickr.com/photos/ildarabbit/sets/72157594186688957/

  38. …oh and yes I had just pet his ears Meg 🙂

  39. It’s the extra-flufkah bit between the ears that’s best to pet. Sooo soft.

  40. The fabric thing… I don’t want to take part in your fetishes, thank you.

    The bunny is just as adorable and fluffy as all-get-out.

  41. Oof! Serious connectivity problems on my end yesterday… So I’m playing catch-up here.

    ( )
    ” “

    And no, ilda, you’re not the only one with a bun to snorgle. 😉

  42. Laurie C says:

    Tho’ we’re still waiting for the photos, EC.

  43. You did NOT just say “teeny tailio.”


  44. Sarcasta says:

    Regarding “rum raisins:”
    My grandmother was a teetotaler to the extreme. She refused to go buy beer to trap the slugs in her garden, not because she was against killing them, but because she was embarrased to be seen buying beer. Well, she used to make and eat what she called “medicinal raisins.”

    Basically they were raisins soaked in rum for about 3 weeks, and they swelled up to the size of grapes. I tried one once and it knocked me on my keister. I am not a teetotaller. These were strong enough to put hair on the chest of a tough biker dude.

    I started to point out the disparity of “OMG I don’t drink teh eeevil alco-mo-hol” and eating 2 or 3 “medicinal” raisins every night before bed. But then I realized that my grandma could probably benefit from a little bit of mellow, so I kept my yap shut.

    Don’t ask me where she got the rum, I never asked.

  45. Laurie C, I’ve been having troubles with my current digital point-and-shoot and might just go back to a *film* SLR for some photoshoots with my bun. the point-and-shoot pics are just plain lousy so far.


  46. E.C. — apologies in advance if you’re past this point — but the main issue with the point-and-shoot cameras is usually the 2-step shutter. You have to aim at what you want to focus on, push the button down partway, and let the camera work its infra-red ranging & light-level magic. THEN push the shutter down the rest of the way (all the while holding the camera very steady).

    Took me a while to get the feel of it, especially with a camera the size of a deck of cards. Does this help?

  47. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Meg– Tactile idea not creepy. Not creepy at all. Send the furry swatches over, immediately!!! (Now touching soft face of bunnage on screen and only getting an electrical shock…..ouch!!) :^)

  48. Kathy in Atlanta says:

    must….eat….bun-bun…must dip ears in powdered sugar…and suck on them….

  49. Normally, I would think such a bunny cute, but I’ve always been a little scared by the red eyes.