N’head butt pas!

What was up with French player Zidane getting thrown out of the game for a head-butt today in the World Cup finals!? Le Dang, Monsieur! I suggest the only type of head butt Zidane should be allowed to deliver from here on out: The cute Red Panda head-butt, as seen midway into this video below:

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Merci, Tom T.!



  1. What are those? I want one.

  2. Zidane = very, very silly.

    Red Panda = funny & cute.

  3. Ha, didn’t realize those guys were kept as pets. And is that red panda tongue at the very end of the video?

  4. No no, I don’t want it to end! I want to see more 😦

  5. Julie J. says:

    Me too!!!! They are sooooo cute. Maybe in the coon family???

  6. arbed, it IS a little peek o’tongue at the end! AWWWW. They sooo cute.

  7. Rich Fader says:

    I like the part where the one guy’s hanging onto the dinner tray like “Hey! No! Gimme goodie! I’m not letting to ’til you do!”

  8. Cute really is the international language. These little buggers are fluent!

  9. Ahh, the Japanese <3

  10. I want I want I want!!!Gimmie gimmie gimmie.

  11. oh now tha is soooooo cute

  12. It looks like he laughs after he head-butts her.

  13. What is that? A panda, a fox, a pandafox, whatever it is I need one! It is so unreal and so perfect. It reminds me of Teddy from
    A.I., an adorable stuffed animal come to life.

  14. Related to the big pandas:


  15. chelsea says:

    what fluffy beautiful fur! the one hanging from the tray has a cute tummy. and i do believe he IS laughing after headbutting her, maymee. i want i want!

  16. Ah! What the hack was Zidane thinking?!

  17. When the one was hanging onto the tray… He was like ” mmmm my lovely girl-servant brought my dinner and I get to dine off her knee..nnooooo…wait…..eehhhhn! eehhhnnn!”

    And just love the little sleepy tongue at the end..you can almost hear the honkshoo..

  18. KRrubbelaya//!?/??! bzzzxrt **** eENgthrowooowooo!1 zomfg I can NOT allow our girls to see this, it will be VERY BAD for the domestic harmony… we’ll foster kittens. KITTENS. Not, I repeat, NOT Red Pandas… what am I going to do… [moan]

  19. Wow, those red pandas (i think thats what they are) are so cute.

  20. red pandas are amazing and rare. but i had no idea they were so playful or snuggly!

    meg, can we pleeeeeeeeaze have a week of red panda photos? we’ve had kitties and hammies and guineas…c’mon c’mon c’mon, plEEEEEEEEEEEEEEase??!!??!!???!?!!?!???!?!?

    we promise to do all our chores and not talk back at the dinner table!

  21. Christy says:

    they do look like raccoons!

  22. Zidane = much sadness at the awful end to a fabulous career.

    Red pandas are my favorite favorite animal ever! I love this video…makes me want red pandas as pets! I need to win the lottery. =(

  23. They are beautiful. Look at the tail floofs!

    I thought they were endangered.

    Guess I was wrong. Luffly!

    *Hugz* to Red Pandas and friends!

  24. The hubby and I watched the game and were stunned by Zidane’s head butt. What an awful way to go out.

    BUT…we just looked at additional footage from the game, in the seconds leading up to the head butt.

    The Italian player who got head-butted reaches around and holds Zitane’s chest. It looks like the Italian player is, well, twisting Zitane’s nipples.

    Zitane apparently has a reputation for going off sometimes. If the Italians set out to rattle him, it certainly worked…

  25. Jeff_from_MD says:

    wow, they kind of look like raccoons, but they’re not skittish or frenzied like raccoons AT ALL. LOL they move more slowly like actual panda bears.

  26. Yeah, I definitely saw the nipple-twister too. But apparently, it was actually a racial slur (he’s Algerian) that set of Zidane’s headbutt.

  27. Wolf Plushtoy says:

    Wow. I guess she *REALLY* switched to Firefox.

  28. how do you get cool pets like that??!

  29. Nyteflame says:

    Hi all, I saw all the “I want one!” posts, and decided to do a little research (hey, and anything to avoid math homework right?) Anyway, FYI: The red panda is endangered, and so it would be illegal to have one as a pet, unless you somehow managed to get a speacial license for it. That said, apparently they make pretty good pets, being reasonably easy to train (i dont know what you train them to do exactly, it just said easy to train) and fairly sociable, though they are by nature solitary animals. At a guess, the ones in the video are young, because once they reach maturity, they dont care for each other’s company.

  30. Zidane head-butt: sad.

    red panda head-butt: cute!
    and possibly trying to get across the message that yo! lady! i am a wild animal! endangered even! so why are you holding me captive and exploiting my cuteness!?

    I haven’t yet found anything confirming it was a racial slur that set Zidane off – neither the Italian player who got the butt nor Zidane have said anything to press yet…but I’m betting that was it, and it’s hard to think that was pretty deliberate on the Italian player’s part.

  31. oops…i meant it’s hard NOT to think that was pretty deliberate…

    best stick to cuteness and not soccer, i suppose.

  32. Oh. Ma. Gah. My kingdom for a chance to snorgle a red panda!!!

  33. oops…i meant it’s hard NOT to think that was pretty deliberate…

    best stick to cuteness and not soccer, i suppose.

  34. Nooo! I want a tray hanging firefox now!

  35. AuntieMame says:

    I’ll bet that’s a rescue/rehab center for those red pandas.

  36. The National Zoo has usually had red pandas for many years. Most often during the day they are found up in the trees, usually straddling a branch with their chin on the branch and their four black legs hanging down on both sides. My husband is convinced that they’re all stuffed and that the keepers just move them from branch to branch when no one’s looking. I have occasionally seen one walking around and eating their bamboo, but I think they’re mostly nocturnal and would rather head-butt you than let you sleep.

    I have no idea why this woman has two of them, but she may be a zoo employee who’s hand-raising them. I shouldn’t think that private individuals would be allowed to have them. Her quarters don’t suggest that she’s rich enough to flout the laws.

  37. That girl is actually a fairly popular celebrity in Japan. She’s half British and half Japanese (name is Becky). I’m pretty sure she doesn’t keep them, and that this was just a cute segment of a random show there. They probably just got permission to use the pandas (you know the Japanese and their addiction for anything cute).
    Anyways….the cuteness is truly overwhelming.

  38. classic video

  39. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    Red pandas are my favoritest animal ever in the whole wide world. All the Japanese I need to know for this one comes courtesy of watching anime and picking up common expressions of distress…

    And I’d let that little critter headbutt me any time. Over and over again. Zidane, on the other hand – they can keep him.

  40. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    The sweet video content more than made up for the excrutiatingly high pitched voice of the narrator…

    So cute, this vid! especially when the red panda played with the girls face!

  41. Just because something is cute, doesnt mean you can/should make a pet out of it. They are adorable though. Look alot like racoons!


  43. Raising red pandas as pets might actually work. For too many endangereed species it’s just not practical, but red pandas are small, omnivorous (in the wild they mostly eat bamboo, but they readily adapt to a mixture of fruit, veggies and meat), and friendly.

    Downside – they’re largely nocturnal.

  44. SO much red panda love! One of my all time favorite animals! I have a collection of red panda plushies, even!

    Red panda pride!

  45. you guys r silly says:

    I am unable to see this video (my work computer isn’t able to do so.)
    Is there any way that you could “isolate” and show JUST the one “frame” that would be showing the actual head-butt that happens???
    I’m not computer literate, so I didn’t know if this would be possible or not…(for us whose computers are technically challenged and can’t see videos, etc…)
    Theo??? Meg???

  46. Used to work at a zoo and we were part of the red panda breeding program. Had two pairs of kits in three years. The thing about them is their feet. Their feet!!!! They are so soft, squishy, chubby. You can see how big and padded they are in this video. Ooooh, I used to kiss me some baby red panda toes, but I never got a head butt of love. Too cute!

  47. Freeze-frame, eh? I’ll see what I can do.

  48. you guys r silly says:

    Thanks in advance!!!

  49. Elizabeth says:

    Endangered? Noooo! Hopefully those adorable creatures can head butt and body slam their way back to repopulation.

  50. I’ve never even seen anything like that in my entire life! They’re amazing! Yknow what’s so cute about them, too? Their fluffy fur goes right down to their paws, so there’s really no separation and it looks kinda like a mitten.

  51. you guys r silly says:

    Thank you much, my friend!!!

  52. good old whatshername says:

    All I want for Christmas is a red panda to snorgle.

  53. teho, never let it be said that you are anything less than a True Genius. I actually appreciated your little animation because it removes the need to go back and watch the video again to catch the moment…

    Much cuter than Zidane!!

  54. [happy sigh] …luvs mah peeps.

  55. By the way, some Red Panda info from my local zoo…

  56. brownamazon says:

    Red cards = pathetic
    Red pandas, on the other hand… I like them even better than the black and white brand. Who can resist the sleepy expression and dudley noses. (in some dog breeds, when the nose comes out pink instead of the preferred black, it’s called a dudley nose. No idea why.)

    Oh, and, er, Forza Azzurri!

  57. Zidane was on the receiving end of an Italian nipple cripple!

  58. Aw, tie-tie.
    I found a picture of the red panda sleeping as susan mentioned above, with all four legs hanging down on a branch. Too cute.http://www.flickr.com/photos/63294897@N00/170002688/

  59. There was a show on Animal Planet last night about Red Pandas (and they will likely show repeats soon, for those who missed it):

  60. I just can’t stand it. I’ve watched this video dozens of times now. It’s the Red Panda Tum. It kills me. And the playful pounce action. For the love of pete, somebody snorgle those things, STAT!

  61. Head butt of fuzsh!

  62. t-o, the fuzz-frame picts are great. tank oo.

  63. brownamazon says:

    Did anyone else notice the tiny little cartoon drawing of the creature in the bottom left hand of the screen at the beginning? It’s like, the real animal wasn’t cute enough, they had to give it the Hello Kitty treatment.

  64. You know, I recall reading about (and seeing travelers’ photographs of) the Chengdu panda preserve in China, where one can snorgle red pandas for real. The photo I recall had a woman wearing some kind of plastic smock and gloves, but she had a real firefox in her lap…

    *goes to start drumming up a budget to go to China*

  65. citizen says:

    Bwahahahaha! it looked so damn silly cute when it was hanging off the tray.

  66. I couldn’t get past the raccoonishness of those things….:-$ I have a thing about raccoons ever since I had some living in the ceiling of my last apartment…:-$
    but…the head-butt was funny!!!

  67. I’m sure she doesn’t own these… I don’t think an apartment complex like that would allow them in Japan (not to mention legality). If she DOES own them (being a celebrity and all), I feel sorry for them in that small space… though I doubt that’s her real apartment.

    But I’d love one! And part of me thinks that if they make such great pets, domesticating them might be one way to take them off the endangered list. Hah.

  68. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I’ve been to Japan a few times and it’s amazing to see what they sell as pets over there. Prairie dogs. Wallabies. Alligator snapping turtles. Many, many animals that you’d need to own a zoo to keep in the U.S. can be found in pet stores in Japan.

    Which is not to say that the red pandas here are likely pets–I think it’s more likely, as someone has said, that they just borrowed them for the sketch.

  69. ongoingly says:

    WOT DEMS ARES? TOE TEWTS! The raccoons that have ambushed my apt. here in CT are not as FLUFFY and house-friendly! I wish they were, tho. 😦

  70. SQUEE! oh this makes me miss japan. because of the silly tv shows, plus because we saw the famous kuta-kun at the chiba city zoo. he’s a red panda who is apparently famous for standing up straight on his hind legs. he wouldn’t do it when we were there, though. ;_;

  71. This is the first of a sequel, right? I mean, you’ll show MORE red pandas, right? I mean…I…MUST…SEE…MORE…PANDAS….
    (faints dead away from extreme cute overload rapture).

  72. I meant to say “series” in that last post. I was overcome by …


  73. jaypo, following the wiki you pointed out, this little one is really really adorable.

    It’s like posing for the purrfect cute portrait!

  74. Aw! They’re so cute and fluffy. They look like they aren’t real, even though they are. Ah!

  75. Subhangi says:

    On ze advice of Monsieur Theo, I pree-sent to you all an eenteresting beet of treevia:

    India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, owned a Red Panda as a pet. This was circa 1940s-50s. (He became PM in 1947.)

  76. …and Mister Firefox has only been endangered since 1996:

  77. is anyone else obsessed with this? I have to keep watching it! I fell in love with red pandas when I saw them on Zoboomafoo years ago. They were being scolded for being “messy eaters”. squeee!

  78. I have actually been snorgling my screen….drawn like a magnet, into and behind the screen….I may show up in this video, death by extreme cuteness overload. Meg, you’ve really done it this time, I’m ordering my coffin cause I can die happy now.

  79. I’ve been having a seriously bad time the last week or so; this red panda video has been a wonderful balm. Three cheers for Cute Overload!

  80. Someday, teddybear, you’ll have your own picnic…

  81. Ok, I can’t see the video since Youtube took it down, but found a darling pic of Futa, the red panda at the Japanese Zoo. Apparently, he can stand and walk around like us biped. Check it out:

  82. AHHhhh wahh red panda’s are kawaiiii~ Mmm! I wish I could have one as a pet =D

    Looked so adorible when it pounced on her face, and when it’s tongue was stuck out.

  83. It looked more like a forceful wake-up “kiss” than a headbutt. XD

  84. If they’re endangered, why don’t they just let people have them as pets, then they will be out of endangerment in months!

  85. Brief encounter of the panda kinda says:

    They are so so so GORGEOUS!

  86. Ohh my goodness!! They are so adorable! This video can always cheer you up no matter how sad you’re feeling =]!