Just snortin’ sand. You?

Yeppers. Typical day here on Año Nuevo*. Chasin’ the luzzadies, and fightin’ the other blubbery dudes. Oh and snorting sand. I likes me the pppbbbft! sand.


*Or did you go to San Simeon, Em Dot?



  1. Oh come ON, Meg… you’re just messing with us, now.
    April 1 is *months* away.

  2. Percival Erasmus says:


  3. re: P. Erasmus Ninjaferret’s YouTube link — YEEEE-IKE!!

  4. Aaaaaaaahn. He’s like a big, poofily water bed. I want to frolic on him. Plus, I bet he’s got a soft, schnozzlepuff (the nose equivalent of a muzzlepuff.) I applaud Meg for being willing to walk on the wild side of cute.

  5. Laurie C says:

    This guy puts the “overload” in Cute Overload.

  6. I do not snorgle things which can take my face off without thinking (or even noticing).

    Wawwwwh, freight train! KEEYOOOOOT!!! [blort] …yeah, not happenin’.

    (It’s a *funny* pic, tho; that I’ll grant.)

  7. Almost looks like a sand sculpture. I do like his/her eyebrows. That video was scary; did you notice another elephant seal (behind the roaring one) lunging at the stupid humans?

  8. Holy crap!!

  9. brownamazon says:

    More fascinating than cute…

    And I’m with Theo: elephant seals are seriously aggro. Plus, when they mate, the males (which I think this is) sometimes crush the much smaller females to death under their massive bulk. But Mr. Blubber McBlubberson here is very amusing.

  10. Anonymous Coward says:

    Whoa — this dude needs to go on a diet pronto!

    And sand up my nose? Ugh — I’d be blowing my nose the rest of the day (did happen to me once, y’see…)!

  11. …I think this is the ultimate example of *reverse* head-to-body cuteness ratio. Anyone?

  12. Anon C — “I used to be a 90-pound weakling, but thanks to Charles Atlas…”

  13. “It’s wafer-thin . . . “

  14. I think it’s a case of theoretical cuteness…no practical or safe way to snorgle Mr. Porky McPuddlewaist.

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Stupid people like that jackass in the video clip deserve to get killed by wild animals.

    As for the photo, I admit he does have an awfully human looking face. Especially the perky eyebrows.

  16. Tony James says:

    This looks like the logical conclusion to

  17. Good to see CO isn’t weightist! 🙂 And I love that expression of pure contentment, reminds me of how my dog looks when he’s sunning himself.

  18. “Porky McPuddlewaist”– hee!

  19. Gold stars for RedZ and Teej!

  20. Fritatta says:

    Does anyone else think, if you squinch your eyes up just so, that this guy looks like a lunar landing site…? Or is it just me?

  21. Fritatta — *site*?? That’s the whole MOON.

  22. brownamazon says:

    Muffled voice of luzzady seal, coming from underneath:
    -Get offa me, you big lummox!

  23. hrh.squeak says:

    “Resigned to his fate, Mr. Porky McPuddlewaist slowly descends into the sand. Even as he sinks, he refuses to believe that it was his own fault for eating all the pudding.”

  24. TeratoMarty says:

    OK, interfering with wild animals is dangerous and wrong, and I’m REAL glad I wasn’t there, but the video of the women poking the elephant seal was hilarious. I like how it flipped itself around backward in a C shape. Don’t let the sleepy puppy eyes fool you, this guy would be up and going “AWARRRG!” at you in a split second if you petted him.


  26. Gross.

  27. I always wondered where Mr. Snuffleupagus went on vacation.

  28. Awww.. this goes under the “so ugly he’s cute” category.

  29. the babies are probably adorable

  30. Maybe we should add a “Cute or Scary?” category to go along with the “Cute or Sad?” category.

  31. no! not cute!!! 😛

  32. juggle geese says:

    He looks so relaxed! Wish I could be like that. But of course the other guys are right it is better to keep this one contained to a cute pic because they are dangerous. Ever wondered how they can heave those masses over sand?

  33. The Guy Over There says:

    “This? I’m method acting for a part in Dune 2. I’m going to be a sandworm.”

  34. A spontaneous sand trap!

    I love all animals from the sea/shore, with the exception of sand crabs. Those beggers are little grotesqueries. Did anyone ever try catching them by plunging your unsuspecting hands into the wet sand? And then seeing them all scurrying and bug-like in your palms? Crikey – what was I thinking?

  35. “porky mcpuddlewaist”- hrh.squeak, i have never laughed so hard in my life!

  36. He’s Hill-arious!!

  37. Tracibub says:


    This is a link to a video on Stuff On My Cat.com

    It is a “commercial” for an item called ‘Action Cats’, and I almost ruined my keyboard spitting soda on it. Don’t drink and watch. But do enjoy!! 🙂

  38. TeratoMarty says:

    Like tapirs, elephant seals come snorgle-enabled:


  39. Good lord that thing is creepy, Teratomarty!
    It is cute how he’s patting her butt!

  40. AllieSutherland says:

    He’s just a blob-ba blob-ba BURNING LOVE!!!

  41. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    Isn’t it against the law to get that close to the things? I meant the video. I am happily believing that the picture-taker used a telephoto lens and was outside of the legal limits for them.

  42. Action Cats–wow, talk about absolute paragons of kitteh forebearance.

  43. Michelle says:

    Hah! Definitely cute! What I’d call Cringe Cute. Like an annoyed dog wearing a tutu or a voluptuous girl wearing a teeny ‘kini.

  44. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hey! Where’d you get a photo of my DAD?!?!

  45. Am I witnessing the first elephant seal lash-lift? They seem to be floating a bit high over those liquid browns of his.

  46. Well, these critters are about the closest to uncute as I get. The head on sandsnorter boy is cute….the little nosicle poof grooves in the sand are cute….the body….NOT cute.
    And I think Giant Millipedes are really cute.

  47. That Action Cats bit is from an old SNL or Mad TV show. It’s still a hoot! I tried to put a bell on my kitty’s collar once and after 10 minutes of sheer terror (on his part), he stopped long enough for me to remove the offensive contraption. He would not enjoy being Stego-Cat in the least. He would probably react like a sleeping seal being poked with a stick.

    As for the seal, I’m sure his mom thinks he’s the cutest pup ever!

  48. Tracibub says:

    Yeah, I heard the Action Cats is from SNL, but it was still totally funny. I like the “Spider Cat” because it has 4 more lil’ plastic legs hanging down… Brought tears to my eyes from laughing…

  49. Agreed that the lady in the video was asking to be mauled… those buggers can flop around surprisingly quick on land.

    And yeah, this is a big male, and they are substantially less cute when they are reared up (their chests are disgusting).

    This reminds me, I have a ton of close-up baby seal pics I should submit.

  50. People can be real idiots about wild animals. Remember the lady whose nose was bitten off by a seal she tried to carry to the ocean?


  51. Theo, thanks for the alert to the link. Must wonder about the dress code for poking elephant seals, tho – the lady was quite fancied for moseying around the beach. What would she wear for cow tipping? 😀

  52. And yes, it makes my nose itch ferociously to even see someone else’s nostrils that close to so much sand!

  53. P. Erasmus says:

    Thank you, Theo, for alerting Anne to my link.

    It wasn’t a lady. T’was a teenage girl, making good on a dare, and was being quite harmless really.

    Youtube cuts off the edges of the video a bit; here’s a slightly better link:

    I love how the seal doesn’t really strike out against his offender specifically, but rather just roars his furiousity at the whole of the world. He didn’t even care to turn around to see who/what touched him. He’s just mad that SomeThing touched him, and he’s going to let the world know his anguish…

  54. LaurieC– Luna is back. Nana is very happy!

  55. hrh.squeak says:

    Thanks, tm, but the magnificent Naming was by Redzilla – I just ran with it, and with the pudding from another thread. Pudding gooood.

  56. Ha! I get this look from my pre-teen, bored-with-life-unless-it-cost-$550-and/or-has-flashy-lights-and/or-goes-really-fast-and-makes-me-puke son. Cute? for a split second maybe! Then I smoosh his cheeks.

  57. nightbird says:

    How in the world did those guys get a picture of me at the beach?!!!! Just kidding…no seriously, how?

  58. Anne, I believe the proper attire for cow tipping is top hat and spats… pants optional.

  59. brownamazon says:

    Li: whoa, actually, no–I hadn’t heard about the lady who got her face bitten off by a seal. I guess the road to rabies and facial reconstruction is paved with good intentions…

  60. J.Bo:
    When you’re tipping a cow, you can wear what you want – all that matters is the size of your wallet.

  61. Laurie C says:

    jaypo, I saw Luna has been found. Yay! I am happy now, too.

  62. Aubrey! HAHAHAHA!

    The thought of cow tipping cracks me up. I grew up on a farm and when we were kids, we knew to not go near the cows when playing hide n’ seek, kick the can, capture the flag, etc. They would give you away every time. Cows don’t have much excitement in their lives so if you get near them, they’ll follow you around as if to say “whatter ya doin’? Huh? Huh? Huh?”

    I’m not sure where all these tippable cows are, but if anyone wants to go snipe hunting…

    Ah, good times!!

  63. Slow day, huh Meg?

  64. I think his/her face is pretty cute. It doesn’t seem to go with the rest of him/her in that position, but I envy that perfect comfort.

  65. Cute!!

  66. He makes me giggle. xD So does the ANGRY video. xD

  67. I’ll be out of town for the next week, away from any available computer. I’ll miss things like this, arguing over the relative cuteness of elephant seals. This is what the Internet was made for.

  68. AmyH, tippable cows = sleeping cows.

    Apparently you can do a lot of damage to them, though (like bone breakage), so it is not an encouraged sport. (I’ve never personally partaken of it, tho it sounds like fun).

  69. You’re killing me, Aubrey. Now, with cows is 15% still an acceptable tip or has inflation driven it to 20%?

  70. English Police says:

    Aubrey, we’ll miss you and will make shore bad puns get made in your honor till you return. Don’t forget to pack a jacket and sandals.

  71. Damn! I forgot to change that silly nomer. It’s from jaypo, Aubrey.

  72. ‘im look tinky

  73. Oh my, Aubrey will be missed this week, she cracks me up everytime!
    I just scrolled up to see Sandmonster’s eyelashes and they ARE migrated way up on his head.
    And cow tipping…*shakes head*
    Laughing, laughing!
    And, Betty, smooshing a preteen’s cheeks sounds like fun! Mine are all in their 20s and don’t get their cheeks smooshed anymore!

  74. Reminds me of my mother in law.

  75. yea! Equal Opportunity Cuteness!

    I was at San Simeon and I was very far away. There is a fence and a docent that keeps the knuckleheads from getting close.

    They are very vicious so I can’t imagine even wanting to get close. Plus they smell and make disgusting sounds. 🙂

    So gross they are adorably cute! 🙂 Plus they hoover the beach. Neat and tidy!

  76. Not cute.

  77. Mos’ def’ in the realm of Theoretical Cute for me – I like to look at seal pics, but touch? No way!!!

  78. cait, it is so waifer thin……..goddamn he puts the man in manateee….

    it’s like watching the hindenburg explode into sand, “oh the huge manatee”

  79. [LOL/groan] to “s”…

  80. cheers, theo….
    long time no chat!!

  81. Well I’ve been here. Where’ve *you* been?

  82. “oh the hugemanatee”……ROFL

  83. uh, meg……….where’s my mantee comment from yesterday?

  84. why do you edit me?

  85. that’s it, no more postings from me

  86. Hey S — you were not edited. TypePad’s service exploded (lots of problems all day yesterday) and I think they had to restore Cute O from a backup file. So not only were some comments lost, there’s a whole POST missing.

    It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s not Meg… it was technical difficulties.

  87. oh my god.

  88. and aubrey, you will be missed.

  89. and aubrey, you will be missed.

  90. Dude…it looks kinda dead…