The Dahlia Inn

Baby green anole lizards "Iggle" and "Squiggle" checked into the Dahlia Inn for their summer vacaishe. I hear guest services inside the blossom are quite good.


The anerable pair of lizards inspired Michelle E. to more than just a series of lucious photos. She also decided to start an online store to support the Young Survival Coalition,  a foundation for young women with breast cancer.


"Ehn!" [leans out on tiny hand] "Oh concierge!"




  1. Wow. That’s… cool.

  2. omg…I am changing my vacaishe plans right now!

  3. (gah… clicked “Post” before I was done…)

    Anyway, excellent photography, unusual subject matter, and I love anoles! They eat mosquitoes, among other things, and they change colors like chameleons (but are basically limited to green & brown).

  4. I’ve heard of “boutique hotels.” I guess this is a “bouquet hotel.”

  5. ahhh…to be small enough to live in a flower. What a delicious luxury.

    Yeah, anoles are quite cute–my sis had one and they are truly darling little lizardy guys.

  6. In other news, these photos are anole lot of fun.

  7. “Ehn!” [leans out on tiny hand] “Oh concierge!”

    somehow, I envision a teeny 4-carat diamond ring on said tiny hand…

  8. “The Dahlia Inn” sounds tewtally like a decadent-Tennessee-Williams-kinda-place.

    please, where to call for reservations?

  9. PROSH!!!

  10. and man, the eye capsules! the eye capsules!

    begging for a C.O. X-treme closeup(tm), I tells ya.

  11. karisma says:

    Love ’em!

  12. Give that anole some buttered scones and tea, stat!

    Yeah, the eye capsules are perfection!

  13. I have a bazillion of these little vacationers in my yard. They are cute!

  14. Lemura — whereabouts do you live? I’ve seen these little dudes in the Florida Everglades (almost 20 years ago now).

  15. yanno, if these li’l fellers are Floorida residents, I *think* I’ve seen one in the Panama City area. cuter than all heck out. my niece (3 years old at the time) spent a good hour trying to catch it…

    as all this was pre-C.O. I took pictures of her and not of the anole. [pout]

  16. I swear those little buggers are SMILING.

  17. Theo,

    I dwell in Austin, Texas, and the Anoles are plentiful here!


  19. We have TONNNNNNS of these little dudes in orlando fl at my vacation house! They’re everywhere! They have these red flag-looking things that pop out of their throats when they get aggitated ..and don’t ever try and pick one up by the tail! it’ll just fall off and wiggle in yer hand and then grow back a few weeks later on mr. anole.. they’re freakin’ adorable 😀

  20. Waaaaaah! All the sudden I am so sad to be leaving Florida, where every day I commune with zee leezards. Such lovely pics–and posh lizard vacation site.

  21. Lizards on Spring Break in Florida:
    Jacques: Wake up, mon ami, we must scuttle down to zee beach.
    Jean-Michel: Zut alors! My head. Eet ees aching from all zee frolicking we deed last night.
    Jacques: But the jolies femmes, mon frere! Today ees zee filming pour Lizards Gone Wild. We cannot miss zees!
    Do no ask why zees lizards are French. Zey just are.

  22. I thought lizards had british accents?!? I changed my car insurance because of one.

  23. Deborah says:

    Great Pic! Nice lizard!

  24. Lemura–howdy, neighbor! 🙂 I’m just a short drive from you in the Hill Country, in “That Little Town Named After The River That Passes Through It”.

    I have one fat, sassy male and several females who decided my plant-covered porch was a little slice of Heaven. At least once or twice a week I’ll see Big Boy bobbing his head and flashing his bright red throat flap at all his greenskinned girlies. He’ll even do it at me if I interrupt his macho muscle-flexing!


  25. hrh.squeak says:

    The Brit lizards go to Key West to party. The French lizards go to Miami.

    Nigel: Hoy mate, get a move on.
    Reg: Bugger off, mate. How did we get so cheesed last night?
    Nigel: Bugger yerself, if you don’t shake a tail we’re gonna miss all the birds. Lizards gone Wild, lad!!

  26. So, how much did you save on your Geico insurance?

  27. Brenda — coy grasshopper. Nice.

  28. Wow. Possibly the cutest picture of a lizard I’ve ever seen – admittedly a small category, but still!

  29. The Guy Over There says:

    God. Now this is the cutest image I’ve seen all week. Shame on you for outcuting all my expectations!

  30. Hooray for more central Texans (Lemura and Denita)! I’m in Austin, too.

    I see these little guys sometimes, but I see a lot more of the little translucent geckos (they get in the house and I have to rescue them from the dog, who thinks they’re his new “best toy ever.”)

  31. These little guys were all over the place where I used to live, in south Georgia. They are charming – and great bug eradicators. They are apparently also tasty. Our cats thought so anyway.

  32. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Somehow this seems very… design-y. I know that’s not making any sense, but it’s so PERFECT, the sleek lizard and the lovely creaminess of the flower.

  33. wow, invite me over. 🙂

  34. lemura:

    i live in houston so of course these guys are everywhere here too! 😉 sadly, i never knew what their specific name was. they used to get into our old house sometimes and my brother would try to catch them and let them out. a few tails were lost in this manner. XD

  35. Poor popular lizard – constantly followed by stalkers.

    And I am enjoying this photo too – all of the subtle, gentle colors.

  36. We have so many in our yard this year! The DH loves it. He’s wild about the little fellers. I tried to get a pic of two of them .. um .. making more the other day, but they were too fast for me. 🙂

  37. I didn’t say .. I’m in central Louisiana.

  38. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    CUUUUTE! We need more cute lizards on this Site!

  39. Central Texans are rep-rah-ZENTIN’! Hill country in da House, yo! 😉

    I watered my porch plants this morning and splashed one of Big Boy’s girlfriends. She leveled an indignant reptilian stare at me before casually ambling off to lounge on a less-drenched leaf…


  40. Thanks for all the nice comments about the photos. I really loved seeing these guys on my way in and out of the house everyday. This is the first year the Dahlia has bloomed and been so large. For an idea of the scale, the stalk was about an inch in diameter, the flower was about 7-8 inches in diameter at the base, and the entire plant is now over my 66 inch high head with three more buds.

    Oh, and there are tons of skinks at our new house, so look for more reptile photos. What fun!

  41. Gotta love the rosy neck flap! If I were a lady lizard, I’d be impressed.

  42. Great shots! I’ll call it Thumbelina….

  43. AngelDawn says:

    I used to live in Houston when I was little and we spent our time catching anoles and letting them go in the house so they would eat the roaches. If you live in Houston you understand about roaches, has nothing to do with clean!!

  44. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Zee snapshots do not show zee cabana boy serving lizard-sized drinks with umbrellas in them (which will appear on lizard-sized Dahlia Inn bill, upon check-out). Is it just me, or does the little guy look like he is about to yawn, in photo #1?? So sleepy. It’s fragrant in here……must….crawl….out….before…..zzzzzz. See you next summer, Liz

  45. Stephanie S. says:

    oh my gOD I LOVE ANOLES!

  46. Stephanie S. says:

    I understand Houston roaches! and I understand “catching anoles” in Houston! I did the same thing! In Houston!

  47. Houston, we have a roach problem…

  48. AngelDawn says:

    LOL everyone just ship your anoles to Houston 🙂