You know that guy in college—the guy that owns the van that everyone piles into to go to Taco Bell? You know—he’s the guy who has a cassette tape that gets stuck in the van tape player, and everyone has to sing the same Bob Marley songs for four years? And his last name is "Donahue", so the van is nicknamed "Dona-van"? And he glues antlers on his scooter helmet, and insists everyone barbeque with him constantly? Remember that guy?

Well, this is the puppy that guy eventually gets for his kids.


Welcome to the family, Millie! (XOXOX, Joey D.!)



  1. 4 years of bob marley = 21 years for me!

  2. Such soulful eyes….

  3. His eyes just scream, “I know you love me. You can’t help youself.”

  4. I just want to snatch him up and snuggle!

  5. That is the best caption I have ever read 🙂

  6. Wow, he is a cutie! he’s like
    “i know, I was born this way!”

  7. The way the caption keeps getting bigger, I’m assuming there are some private jokes going on….. That, or I’m just particularly dense today because none of it is meaning a whole lot to me. The puppy is cute in that cute puppy sort of way, though.

  8. StormCat says:

    Oh my gosh…I so needed this face this afternoon…He just has that “I want to come home with you, play with you, and be there to welcome you home every day” look!!!


  9. *head explodes*

  10. So where are MY antlers???

  11. this pup is *agressivily* cute.

  12. “Hi! I’m your friend! I shall love you excessively forever!”

  13. This li’l guy looks just like the lab we had growing up, Digger. Ahn! I’m sure this pup o’ luv will be just as sweet and fun – and a willing participant in some crazy hijinks not ever to be revealed to the parental units!

  14. Waaiit..I think I knew that guy! Probably not, but there’s a couple of them on every campus!

    But this puppah…if you view the larger picture you can just make out the soft downy cheek puff…he looks like such a brave lil’ puppah too!

  15. Meg — in some alternate reality, I swear we must’ve gone to the same college. Except I think you made up the part about the scooter antlers.

    You wouldn’t’ve recognized me then, though; I basically had a mane.

  16. The paws people, the paws!! And those darling little toes. This is the puppy I want to greet me in heaven.

  17. Laurie C says:

    Look at the background–do these lucky kids have *two* such dogs?

  18. Christy says:

    A cassette tape, Meg? You’re showing your age! 😛

  19. Oh oh oh OH!!

    I work with this guy…and his dog’s name from Star Trek The Next Generation….

    however, I am the Last generation. I am Generation One of Star Trek. I was in 7th grade when the war to get the third year renewed was going.

    Anyway…..This puppy….she is gorgeous…she is the future…..MMMMMuuuuuu Waaaaaaah.

    Big Kiss to her.

  20. Aaaaaah….the guy I work with…his name is Dona—-hue!!!!!

    Neener neener neener……

  21. lauowolf says:

    This puppy wants to get wet.
    That’s what the big toes are for, is for swimming.
    What a great looking little guy.
    Laurie, we are exact comtemps.
    Still mad they cancelled the original series — though the SNL skit on it is sheer genius.

  22. I KNOW I went out with that guy!

    What an old dog (the eyes!!) living in a tiny widdle puppy bod!

  23. Cathryn Bauer says:

    That doglet is so cute, it’s painful!

  24. good!!!
    What dears they are!

  25. Of course you know that if pups could speak, this one would be saying, “DUUUUUUDE!”

  26. This guy may have had his faults in college, but he can’t be all bad, to buy such a charming dog to his kids.

  27. Pleeeze fill my pool with some cool water! I’m ready for my paddling and splashing session now…

  28. SaraSoCute says:

    I want to put him in my pocket and take him everywhere…..

  29. Awww!!! That pool needs to be filled and splash-alarity will ensue! Darling baby!

  30. Kris, in New England says:

    It’s all about the paws people – silky toes. And the wrinkly ears, cuz you know they are too big for that oh-so-cute face.

    And while he’ll grow, he’ll still stay that puppy cute at heart…

  31. Yes, puppy, I love you too!

  32. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a Black Lab, and they act like puppies for like three years (long after they’re FULL-SIZED DOGS).
    You *will* play, oh yes you will.

  33. Theo, that is certainly a black lab, looks just like mine did when he was a puppy. You’re wrong about one thing though, labs stay puppies until they are about 10! And they are never quite convinced that they aren’t really lap dogs. 🙂

  34. Rich Fader says:

    [leans in toward the laptop screen…]

    lick, lick, lick, smlurf!

    [blurgh, she got me in the mouth!]

    😀 )))

  35. you guys r silly says:

    You are
    on BOTH counts, sir!!!

  36. Oh, it’s true .. black labs do stay puppies until way past 4. When we bought ours they said that she would act like a pup until 4 .. She’s turning 8 in September and she’s still as much of a pup as she ever was! Only now after a full day of playing (she never stops!) she’s a little slower than she used to be!

  37. I wanna pup. :*

  38. Heeeeee! I want to see him swim in the pool. 🙂

  39. Meow House says:

    OH for god’s sake. Meg, I am sick of this. I am reporting you to The Authorities. This constant displaying of The Cute – each one I think is THE CUTEST and then another comes along to be THE CUTEST – is affecting industry all over America. I am compelled, nay, FORCED, to many times each day visit here to find more of The Cute. And I have told many other formerly industrious worker-bees of this display of The Cute and now THEY too are forced to come here. You are destroying our fine capitalist heritage.

    P.S. What happened to The Daily Bunny? Was that just a 1-week event?

  40. Meow House — yeah, the “regular features” here on CO tend to be a bit fluid. It’s a matter of having a limited span of atten– OOH MAILMAN!! ROOF ROOF ROOF [bounds away panting]

  41. Meg, you really out-did yourself with the caption. Not only is the puppy mind-blowingly cute (and clearly awaiting the hose that will fill that puppy pool), the caption perfectly describes the kind of guy who’s always the go-to guy for goofy fun and ends up being a great dad (though at times an extra child to his wife!).

  42. Millie looks just like my baby looked about a year ago. Now, 60 pounds later I sniffle for the days when I could scoop her up. Or maybe I should just snorgle the little dona-dog.

    Clearly someone who enjoyed spontaneous trips to taco bell wouldn’t mind me randomly dropping by to lay on the floor and kiss on his puppy’s ears? The ears are so soft. Look at them! must. touch.


    I got home at 2am, rocketed out of bed half an hour late, went mach 10 and made it to work on time, downed 60+ ozs of caffeinated beverage just to make it through the day, came crawling home, fired up the ol’ browser, and see this. Stick a fork in me, I’m just going to babble incoherently at my screen until I fall asleep drooling now. It’s good to be home :-D.

  44. Deeeeeeeeeep breaths, Elfie. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

  45. I agree with above comment- this site has destroyed my personal productivity; my GPA is sure to follow…

    I’ll always be an aussie lover, but goodness, labs make the cutest puppies!! And it’s true, they never lose the devotion you can see in those eyes.. aww.. *sniff* I need a puppy to cuddle, right now.. I wonder if my downstairs neighbor, whom I’ve never actually spoken to, would mind if I went and knocked on his door in my pjs and asked if I could just cuddle w/his lab for a few moments..

  46. This little guy and the latest Daily Kitten share one characteristic:


    Why is that so feverishly cute?

  47. moonxela says:

    Awwwwwwwwww!so cute!those little eyes.He looks like my dog when he asks for food(exept i got a daushound A.K.A weiner dog and mine squeals when he wants food

  48. Exquisite puppulence.

  49. Awwwwww! Who’s a sweet wittew fluvva bubsy wub.

    I defy you to look at that picture for more than five seconds without breaking down.

    You can’t do it, can you?

  50. It’s true that lab pups are sweet babies for years on end. And while the color of the lab doesn’t matter in terms of temperament, this lil’ dude is a chocolate lab. The part of him in the sun is brown. And his pretty blue-green eyes will change to amber as time goes on.

    My own pupper is a chocolate lab, and we just got news that we’ll soon be adding one more to the family. I can’t wait!

  51. (s)he’s all, “The Dewd abiiides, man.” Ahn.