Panda Fizzix

Let’s give a big "Paws Up" (or is it ‘Feets Up’?) to Bob E. and "Tai Shan" the Giant panda who turns a whopping 1-year-old this weekend. Bob E. runs the fine establishment: "" but you already knew that.


Panda ‘Tocks, Somesay! 😉



  1. It’s Panda-moduim!!!!!!!

  2. Christabel says:

    Somebody needs a belly snorggle.

  3. Yippeee first post

  4. Awesome! He’s got the whole “who me?” look. I think pandas are one of the most beautiful bears on the planet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tai Shan! wonder if you can make bamboo muffins?

  5. It’s the Panda Roll! Classic!

    [lobs a soggy half-eaten pancake at Yippee First Post]

  6. Typical 1-year old waiting for a diaper change.

  7. you guys r silly says:

    He’s doing leg-lifts to strengthen and flatten them fluffy lil panda abdominables!!!

  8. Kathryn says:

    Come on! No one’s going to mention the obvious?? Those adorable panda feet are too much! I want to eat one!!

  9. *nuzzles the panda belly*

    Too much. Just too much friggin cute for a Saturday morning.

    *shifty eyes* *dive-bomb-snorgles the panda*

  10. Neat! I just finished reading a brief article

    about the birthday boy, and was sorta miffed that they didn’t include a photo. And then I click on CO and here he is!

  11. Paws up, 5head, ear:head! Yes, this one qualifies as achieving the coveted Cuteness Trifecta™!
    I count rules 1,2,3,15,16,17, and 19! That’s fantastic for a bear who started out the size of a butter stick!

  12. Panda’s pilates?

  13. Peaches97 says:

    I love pandas, but this one is the cuteist one that has meet my eye!

  14. Panda’s are big and scary. 😦

  15. Maybe, Thomas. But you should be almost totally safe behind that big, strong computer screen of yours…

  16. you guys r silly says:

    No No Thomas!
    This one is lil and fuzzy and *HAPPY*!!!

  17. it’s roll-a-panda

  18. …yes? he could just be cartwheeling down that hill there…

  19. To wake up and see this image of pure joy and happy happiness is a great way to start the day. It’s a good thing I check CO to make sure all is still right with the world before I venture out.

    Happy Birthday li’l fluffster!

  20. Panda-sault.

  21. He’s just so proud of his feets..he’s like: “Hey lookit what I can do with my feets! Wanna snorgle ’em?”

    Yes, lil’ panda man, I’ll gladly snorgle your feets!

  22. happy birthday Butterstick!

    go paint the town black-and-white!

  23. Whew! Be careful clicking on that pandafix link…my head nearly s’ploded…so much cuteness your head spins!

  24. English Chick says:

    Panda feets!
    sooo adorable!


  25. Panda yoga! Yay 😀

  26. Hee! He looks like he just got caught doing something naughty.

  27. Villeline says:


  28. ::in brian fantana voice::


    sorry, that was just the first thing that came to mind when i saw this.

    i guess it doesn’t help that i watch that movie religiously…

    anyway, adorable little panda we have here.
    happy birthday little guy!

  29. Kathryn, Betty, & English Chick: Those aren’t REALLY his feet – but slippers…I got a pair just like them – think I was given them as a gift…

  30. Tai Shan rulez. That is all.

  31. “See my feet, see my feet
    Oh-so fluffy and so sweet…”

    I have ten toes! Go ahead– count ’em!

  32. hey guys,

    the current national geography has pandas as the cover story. plenty of pictures and a great article also!

  33. Awww, so extremely keeyooot!

    He is waiting for a giant fluffy powderpuff to powder his wittle bottom!

  34. A year old? Golly, I gotta panda to you. Well done, Tai Shan.

  35. Rich Fader says:

    Okay, where’s his lighter? He looks like he’s just about ready to play “flamethrower”…

    [evil grin]

  36. All fluffy, and grabbing his toes like he’s doing his morning workout.

    Could it get any better!

  37. HKPeter says:

    I love Tai Shan!

  38. AWW i have to do a school project on an animal! I pick Tai Shan! Happy Birthday!!!
    i <3 Tai Shan