Will you need a Guinea Pig bridal veil this summer?

Can you safely say your stock of Guinea pig birthday hats, pirate hats and fezzes are all ready to go?

Introducing the finest in Guinea pig haberdashery and the lowest prices around. I give you: "Cuddly Cavies."


William L., I do!



  1. I should get one so my guinea pig can be a part of my mom’s wedding in august. 🙂

  2. hibousoir says:

    No! We’re not supposed to see the pig before the ceremony!

  3. ka9q's wife says:

    omg now i NEED a little piggy.
    Need i tell you.

  4. snoofie says:

    i’m sorry, but the pirate hat, nurse cap, and fez are just that much cuter than mrs. pig.

  5. I’m sorry but do none of you find this a little cruel? I have 13 guinea pigs and would never dream of putting one of those costumes on any of them. They are easily stressed animals and wouldn’t enjoy it at all! The hats are ok but the all-body costumes are just cruel.

  6. hrh.squeak says:

    For heaven’s sake, Get A Grip. If you know your piggie will be stressed by an action, you Do Not Perform That Action. On the other hand, Bing Cavy does just fine with dancin’ for the camera and such. So tired of someone popping out from under the bridge to yell “Cruel!!” Billy Goat to you, with cute on top.

  7. OMG that is cute but why didn’t you show the elf hat?????

  8. This is no caveylier treatment I’m seeing. A stressed animal will stay in one space just long enough to rip your face off before splitting – if these piggies are content to pose for a picture, I’d say that they’re cool with their guinea couture.

  9. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Nah, guineas wouldn’t like the costumes…just because they’re sitting still doesn’t mean they’re happy. My pigs tend to freeze when they’re stressed :p If i put mine in these one would tear me to shreds and the other would pee itself XD

  10. This is cute and all, but all I know is that there are errors in the code on the frontpage (and some may carry over into the comments pages) that is causing the site to lag, not load properly, and require a hundred refreshes….WEBMASTER GET ON FIXING IT PRONTO…I NEED ME MY CUTE FIX WITH ZERO LAG!!!

  11. I wasent playing to ever post on CO, just a lurker. That said though, and this is probably an odd first post, but the wedding viel looks like a zip-lock plastic bag in the photo. 😮

  12. Piazano says:

    OMG look at that guinea pig
    its sooooo cute
    i just wanna marry ittt!!!

    so squeeeeeee

    i just wanna touch it
    rub its belly

    on our honeymoon he’s gonna squueeee all night long

    i’m gonna rub it
    and rub it
    and rub it some more


  13. Pigs are always cute!

    I have some that wouldn’t mind wearing a hat and some that would absolutely hate it.

    And one that would just LOVE dressing up…so…use some judgement people! And enjoy the cute!

    The elf hat is the very cutest!!

  14. That is one patient pig.

    The vampire costume I think totally puts the cuteness over the top, though…mmmm…I vant to suck your blooood…squeak

  15. Kris, in New England says:

    OK, the little piggee is very cute. But clothing on animals just seems wrong to me. They are already wearing “clothes” – their fur.

    I don’t think it’s cruel, except to embarass the fur baby.

  16. “dun dun da dun, dum da da da dum da tee”

    [here comes the bride]

  17. coconut says:

    it’s the same pose in every picture. ha! i love pics of animals because they don’t know what’s going on. and furthermore…now i might start making clothes for my bun bun, Ava.

  18. The Guinea wears Prada!

  19. Normally I hate clothes for animals – Kris, in New England already gave one perfectly good reason. And I am not condoning dressing one’s piggie up (I know mine would have hated it). But dang, some of those costumes are cute. I love the “elf hat”…

  20. I wanna fez!!!

    /not for piggie
    //for moi

  21. oh my god, the egg hat! the nurse hat! pilgrim hat! aaaaaah!

  22. Looking at the bumblebee costume… maybe we could start a Bee Pig website… remember the Bee Dogs???

  23. Bunny pig! Eeeeeee!

    Some animals will stand for this and some won’t. My cat Trixie is one that would not. And I would have the missing limb to prove it.

    You get to know your pet after a while and can tell when they are upset even if they don’t give you a painful reminder such as my fluffball would.

    So, here’s my theory, unless this person is a real b@st@rd he/she probably wouldn’t do this if it was causing enourmous upset or harm to the piggie.

    People, many times have no qualms about hurting other people. But some of the biggest jerks I’ve known go out of their way to make sure their pets are healthy and happy. …Go figure.

  24. michelle says:

    Oh. My. God. The fez!

    I miss my dearly departed Mojo – he would love the hat, and would look like a very cosmopolitan piggie of mystery wearing said fez.

  25. oh look! I just found a bee cat now!!

  26. You want cruel? This is cruel:

  27. Lillith says:

    I love guinea pigs. The fez and the pirate hats are genius.

  28. Deckard Canine says:

    Personally, I like the fuzzy antlers best. But the bridal veil is a close second for me.

  29. Bee cat!! Sqeeeee!

  30. brownamazon says:

    The fez is *superb*.

    Piazano: that’s quite the, um, “guin-nuendo”. (Look what you’ve done to us, Aubrey!)

  31. The hats and capes are cute but I’ve got to draw the line at the full body costumes, the whole piggy romper, not so cute. The red satin dress was fabulous though. that plus the elf hat = good holiday fun. 🙂

  32. Is it just me or does the piggy in the santa hat look like an adorably grumpy Grinch?

  33. Aw. I particularly love the shamrock costume, because I used to have a tortoiseshell abby boy named Shamrock!

    He was the sort who would’ve taken my finger off for even attempting a costume (it was hard enough getting the walkies harness on him), but he liked Hallowe’en anyway because he got to help dispose of the pumpkin afterwards.

  34. The fez and the antlers.

  35. Keep your hair on hrh.squeak.

    ‘For heaven’s sake, Get A Grip. If you know your piggie will be stressed by an action, you Do Not Perform That Action. On the other hand, Bing Cavy does just fine with dancin’ for the camera and such. So tired of someone popping out from under the bridge to yell “Cruel!!” Billy Goat to you, with cute on top.’

    I have owned over 40 guineas, not ONE of them would not get stressed if I put a costume on them. I didn’t say it was ‘Cruel!!’ at all, I merely asked whether anyone found it cruel because I myself know that not a single one of my 13 piggies would like it!

    Keep your hair on and let people have an opinion.

  36. Oh and by the way.. Bing does not acually dance… they are photos of him which have been animated! :o)

  37. “You want cruel? This is cruel:

    Posted by: Li | Jul 07, 2006 at 06:54 AM

    Those are STUFFED squirrels.. dead animals cannot get stressed.

  38. I’m not trying to step into an argument or anything Treen, but if you reread your first comment on the page, you did indeed state that it was cruel:

    “The hats are ok but the all-body costumes are just cruel.”

    And Li, I can’t comment on the squirrels being alive or dead, but either way, that’s not cruel either.

  39. Elf hat is anerable–check out the li’l piggy’s ears on it! Pure elfen.

  40. E-Snorgle says:

    Man, that pirate hat would have been a great tie in to Pirates of the Carribean!

    I bet their marketing team didn’t think of guerrilla guniea pig marketing!

    Too bad. Bet the movie will fail now.

    Too cute!

  41. Ok, i’m never reading comments on here again. It’s too bad, because some of them are so funny and add to my enjoyment of the cute pictures, so i like to read them. The inevitable squawling of “OMG CRUEL” that accompanies pretty much every picture, though, sours my day. Just sours it right up. “But we’re entitled to our opinion!”, the Cruelty Police protest. Well, that’s fine. But you know? Maybe next time you whip out the ol’ Keyboard of Justice, save the time it takes you to type out a self-righteous comment, and go feed a stray or volunteer at a shelter instead. That’s far more useful. Thanks.

  42. Okay, I love most of pictures at Cute Overload, but this is just stupid. Not the guinea pig, she`s cute, but the veil. It`s ridiculous.

  43. I actually have the fez and the elf hat for my pig. They make for hilarious/adorable photostamps. And a photo op is about as long as he’ll tolerate hat-wearin’. He is kind of an attention whore, though, so if there’s no camera, he probably doesn’t see the point of hats. Har.

  44. You know, “s” — all you need to do is click through to the next post, and ka-POOF, it’s all better.

    Bara — I think you mean “reDONKulous” eh?

  45. The squirrel is alive not stuffed and no, I don’t think it’s cruel (twas a joke) but I do think Sugar Bush’s owner needs a new hobby.

  46. Cavies = cute. Cavy costumes = goofy. Trolls squalling “cruel!” = PITA. (that’s “pain in the a**”).
    Y’all, we never know the back story of these photos. Let’s quit with the knee-jerk, assume that all is right with the world, and just enjoy the cute … it’s so much more peaceful that way.

  47. you guys r silly says:


  48. GRRrr ok I really didn’t want to upset anyone by saying my opinion. It is just that I have a lot of experience with guinea pigs and I know they wouldn’t find those costumes comfortable. I just wouldn’t put my own pets through that. Sorry if I caused anyone stress. 🙂
    I belong to many guinea pig forums and this subject sometimes pops up. There is always an argument about the costumes.
    Here is one of my little piggies –

  49. Treen — nice photo — but is that cavy wearing a DALMATIAN?

  50. Peaches97 says:

    That animal is the cuteset thing ever!

  51. hrh.squeak says:

    Treen: what a very handsome guinea piggie. It’s good to be a good fuzzymom, and obviously you are. And also a gracious person. I take back the BillyGoat, but you already have lots of Cute, CavyStyle. (I have cats, meself, and am adding two ratties veryverysoon, but all fuzzfaces are cute alike to me.)

  52. That_Annoying_Kid says:


    The little ballerina guinea pig costume is ADORABLE!!

    Also,guinea pig in a clown suit,hi-larious.