Debauchery Friday: Do I sense a Friday theme *hic!* here?

900 *hic* bottles of beer *hic* on the wall [wobbles]
900 otters of beeer! *hic!*
You take one *hic!* down!
Pass *hic* around!
899 bottles of berr on the [Ker-plunk]


Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one, David K.?



  1. Wow, so many animals like beer That Ish Cute!


  3. and have you seen the bear cub in the red covertable eating pizza,and drinking Jack Daniels and vodka

  4. “Heaven [hicc] I’m’n heaven
    “An my heart beatssho that I cn hardly sshpeeeak…”

  5. Cute…but no swimming while intoxicated little feller!

  6. gasp!!!! i need an otter bartender!

  7. I loves ya man. (hic) I rilly, rilly loves ya. (passes out)

  8. Tony James says:

    Utterly Otterly!! Muzzliepuff!

  9. now this could be photoshopped, not that I give an Otterpop.

  10. Elaine Benes says:

    I love the last line in the caption… a la Adam Sandler on SNL in that game show parody with Jerry Seinfeld. Cute otter!!!!!!!!

  11. Jan Spencer says:


  12. Lol, how on earth do you train an otter to do that???

  13. Cameraman:
    I love you man!

    You’re still not getting my Bud Light.

  14. “Honey, this is my new girlfriend…we both felt it was best to be honest…”

  15. Chantelle says:

    Gah, look at the little otter-fingers and otter-toes!

  16. How come there weren’t any guys this cute at the 4th picnic??

  17. Lee Gibson says:

    I’ll be right over, dude, but I’m bringing good beer.

  18. My dad hunts in Alaska and has a story about coming back to basecamp and finding the camp full of intoxicated wolves who had managed to get into the beer. Closed beer cans. Yes, with their teeth, much like “breakfast of champions” puppy.

    I’m not much on hunting, particularly not with beer along, but he does a great impression of a drunken wolf. Lots of lupine baroo.

  19. Where do you find such CUTE CUTE pictures?!?!?!

    He looks absolutely adorable holding that beer!

    It’s got to be a photo shop job, right??

    Can it possibly be real??!!

  20. Sarah-Jean — no, it’s an obvious fake. Otters are Guinness snobs.

  21. Remember Otter Pops? I think this guy is the mascotter for the new beer flavor, “Bud Light Costello”

  22. Someone get that little guy a REAL beer! Bud light – gaghrk!!

  23. get out !! whats with all the beer today ?

    sooooo cute – wanna otter !!

  24. brownamazon says:

    What’s better than an otter?

    An otter with a beverage, dude!

    Otters *do* love to party. So it’s fitting that they should subscribe to BYOB.

  25. “I would kill every cute animal in this room for a drop of sweet beer.”

  26. martha in mobile says:

    How can I maintain the illusion of high-brow snobbery when I laugh out loud at silly, cheesy images like this? Curse you, CO!

  27. Sigh… Time was, we had All-Hamster Friday and All-Bunny Tuesday. Those were the good ol’ days.

    To see innocent lil’ critters cradling bottles of foamy hopsical substances (liquid) is somehow a descent into the maelstrom… Oh my, Meg – corrupting all us adults who might’ve had a BunnyCream instead! [More sighing.]

    Guess this earns the site a Rabbit of Disapproval:

  28. kathleen says:

    awww, that’s cute! i wish i had an otter, the only thing that i have that sorta close to that is the tattoo that i have on my right calf: two otters swimming in a figure eight

  29. For a Summer that’s hot
    And gonna get hotter
    When punch doesn’t work
    And neither does wotter
    Reach for a Bud
    It won’t make you totter
    At zoos and aquariums
    The most popular fotter!

  30. TheLuna says:

    Now *this* is animal abuse – get that guy a good beer!

  31. I am just not partying with the right people. I want to go to the otter’s house and I’ll even give the pug a lift. He shouldn’t drink and drive.

  32. jmfausti, something tells me that the pug really *cannot* reach the steering wheel… [Hee.]

  33. Otter:”Hey will pass the beeer, dude!”

    Will:”Whaat, dude, your soaked, your stnading on the last box!”

    Otter:”Yeah, well this one is mepty dude!”

  34. LOL I just noticed he is holding a plastic bottle (look at the cap) and on the box, they euphemistically call them “unbreakable bottles” instead of plastic.

  35. THIS is what’s happening behind the scenes of Pugsy’s Mug.

  36. Theodore says:

    “You know, after a few of these, I only get cuter.”

  37. Leilani says:

    What a horrible desecration of a perfectly good otter!

  38. Hmm, now, this is hard. The otter is posing better (and is, I would argue, cuter), but the pug has much better taste in beer.

  39. How cruel! Giving an otter really crappy beer. I mean if you are going to give an otter light beer at least give him a decent light beer… Samuel Adams lite perhaps. But Bud light! Oh the humanity!!


  40. That looks just like my housemate’s ferret, who’s very vertical for a quadruped. She’s also a little thief, and would totally make off with beer if it were left in her reach.

  41. How come I never get invited to these kind of rockin’ parties? I mean, otters?! AND Bud Light?! That is so cool, and I’m pouting now.

  42. sillysilly says:

    “Hmm…I otter have another beer.” *hic*

  43. Actually, I prefer cocktails. Bunny Mary? Vodka Catatonic?

    Booze. It’s what’s for breakfast.

  44. …and of course…for tomorrow’s hangover…
    hair of the dog….

  45. I’m gonna ship this fella a sixer of Summit Pale Ale. Mmmmm.

  46. OMG…900 otters of beer…I actually guffawed out loud at that part.

    I think I just peed a little from laughing so hard. Goldurn pregnancy!

  47. Crystal says:

    What’s up with the 6-oz beers? That’s just not right.

  48. Crystal says:

    Oops.. on second thought, that says 16 oz. My bad.

  49. Too cute! I’ve seen a lot of trained otters and I wonder why they’re not used more in commercials & TV shows?
    I wonder if this was taken at the Monterey Bay aquarium where they train otters?

  50. AuntieMame says:

    She needs to touch up her lipstick. 🙂

    This picture reminds me of the ride home on the light rail Tuesday night after the soccer game and fireworks. There were some college-age kids, who had obviously had plenty of beer at the game, and they started singing “99 bottles…”

    Thankfully, they didn’t sing the whole song the whole way. Not so thankfully, they changed to singing Disney songs instead…

  51. Lupine Baroo….awesome!

  52. gotta be shopped, for a couple obvious reasons…

    I doubt otters could do that, and—if they could, they’d have better beer.

  53. this guy is cute.

  54. Oh, this *totally* has to have been taken at Seaworld (which is an Anheuser-Busch theme park, doncha know?)! Heh. THe background even looks vaguely like the “pirate ship” the Orlando SeaWorld show “Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island” show is at. The trained otter is the best part, naturally.

  55. LOL. An otter hoisting a beer. Bottoms up!

  56. When I saw this one, I thought “Yay! An otter for Theo!” 🙂

  57. Otters rule !!!

  58. Maybe you otter get him to his AA meeting.

  59. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Poor little sod get him/her a decent beer