Debauchery Friday: Oh for crying out loud

Oh—I’m sorry—I am DRAWING THE LINE HERE. Could you please teach "Baby Snuggles*" to put on some pants before you take photos? For the love of Pete, in all my months of posting, I’ve never!

[collapse to fainting chaise]


This could have been caught at a young age, Enrico C.

* Actual name



  1. StreeeeEEEEEEeeetchzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  2. schnnnnnorrrrrgles belly!!!!
    I love kitteh belleh!!!!

  3. Now, THAT is…..aaaaaaaAAAAAHHH….the Life!
    With or without Pants!
    (Isn’t that a U2 song?)

  4. ….with or without pants….with or without pants…ahhaaa…I can sleep…with or without pants….

  5. constance says:

    haha! yay.

  6. good old whatsherface says:

    Bang! *thump*

  7. Surrender to the Power of Cuteness!

  8. scarlet tenshi says:

    you know the song “too sexy for my pants”(I think it’s called that)? well, this kitteh is too ADORABLE for its pants!

  9. tullia2 says:

    For the love of god, do not show this belly to Putin.

  10. AllySh0rty says:

    Oh wow, I wish I could lay like that and get away with it…

  11. AllySh0rty says:

    LOL @ Lauri

  12. Laurie C says:

    tullia2 – best comment today.

  13. Little slut cat…I would SO snorgle him.

  14. Lillith says:

    Who knows Laurie C, maybe this is what he had in mind when he snorgled that little boy.

    See the President of Russia is a C.O. fan!

  15. Maureen says:

    OhhhMG. That blanket is totally toxic. Can’t you people see that he’s in the throes of death??

    NOT cute.

    /goes to steal a beer from a Pug

  16. LOL Maureen!

    Goes to get a REAL cold one from da fridgie! Aaaah!

  17. Wow, cuteness never ends does it? *wipes sweat offf forhead*

  18. Tony James says:

    Cap’n Fuzzy’s attempts to demonstrate the YMCA dance to the Google Earth satellites fell somewhat short of their intended goal.

  19. pure kitty decadence, fantastic. 😀

    and lol, bizarre, you guys are psychic. i was reading all about yushchenko and too putin today, for no particular reason, and hadn’t seen the random tummysnorgling news!

  20. I am lurker, not a poster, but…

    Baby Snuggles? BABY Snuggles?! *BABY* Snuggles?!?!

    Calling the poor thing “Snuggles” was just not demeaning eneough for his self-esteem. You had to go for _BABY_ Snuggles?

    You, sir, are worse than Hitler!

  21. Ever tickled a cat on the belly with your teeth? It’s the funniest thing. But watch the claws!

  22. Beauregard says:

    LOL. LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Baby Snuggles. Also, I’m so glad we have inside jokes now tullia2!

  23. Yoo hoo! Other personality! Are you here???

  24. This is the cat who chilled with the hemp-chewin’ buns. Sleep tight.

  25. Look. I’ll be briefs here. It’s pants-less Friday at work here, so I don’t see why kittehs can’t do likewise.

  26. That is absolutely hilarious!!

    The poor cat is just sprawled out there like a rug… lol

    He needs little kitty pants. Or a tiny little jumpsuit…

    What a cutie though!

  27. Where’s her husband for sleepy-sex?

  28. I can’t see why you think it needs pants, there’s nothing but fluff.
    What this cat needs is to stop playing the glass coffee table game in it’s sleep.

  29. Maybe he took off his pants after drinking the beer and partaking of the pot? Not that *I’ve* ever done anything like that. Nooosir.


  30. Aubrey, you, too!?! [blush blush]

  31. Oh, and what is it with the orange cats and compulsive pants-less-ness?

    I mean, what’s up with that?

  32. I’ve linked it before, I’ll link it again!
    Hop on the bus for NOPANTSISTAN!

  33. …plane. Whatever.

  34. Theo, I ought to boxer your ears.

  35. deltabob says:

    Hehe…the gallery link has the ‘sexiest’ kitty pose I’ve ever seen

  36. Aubrey, I think you should de-brief them first.

  37. Perfect tail stripage.

  38. Boschka says:

    Kitteh Yoga !

    Feel faint from the cuteness..some kitteh neds a belly wub

  39. Close your legs! Hussy. Not ladylike at ALL.

  40. Ooooooh snuggalicious….

  41. S-knickers to you, Jaypo.

  42. “Wearing no pants, doing the no-pants dance…”

  43. Somebody party to hardy with an Otter and Pug and left his pants behind!

    You don’t wear your pants
    if you want to
    You can leave your pants behind
    Because if you have pants
    and they have pants
    then Your no friend of mine!

  44. Must… snuggle… tummy… eeee!

  45. I’m happy my cat doesn’t like to look at the computer screen. Otherwise, she may get ideas. But that’s just so dang cute… with the ickle kitteh smile… and da ickle pink paw pads…

    *goes to put pants on her cat*

  46. bravepotato says:

    do my eyes deceive me, or are those Baby Snuggles’ … baby balls???????

    ::hanging head in shame::

  47. Probably not, Bravepotato. Not anymore.

  48. bunnyhunny says:

    If they are his baby balls, they are the cutest balls ever (but also kind of gross, because they’re still, well, balls.)

  49. Oh man, let’s face it… we ALL want to BE THIS KITTY!

    (Is it the weekend yet?!!?)

  50. bravepotato says:

    I can’t believe I even thought it. I’m not so familiar with the anatomy of a fixed male feline. but they are the cutest fuzzywuzzy wittle balls!

    if anybody puts pants on him i shall arrest them! (pants-free is a particular passion of mine.)

  51. Aww, I love their little sunbeam sprawls. Y’know, the way that cats try to stretch as much of their body out in a sunbeam and will contort just to keep at least one body part in the sun as it moves?

  52. “S-knickers to you, Jaypo.”
    Well, we don’t want VPL’s, y’know.

    “(pants-free is a particular passion of mine.)”
    You do have brave potatos. [smacks my own self for being cheeky]

  53. Mmmm…perhaps it’s just a marmalade man bag you’re seeing.

  54. Kitty Porn!

  55. PL’s are always visible, if you Jockeys for position.

  56. Even some of those OTHER blog sites are experiencing the debauchery…

  57. evangeline says:

    OMG!! I love ginger/white kitties doing yoga! And yes people those are babyballs.Those little fuzzy wazzies stay even after… ahem.. alteration.

  58. This is the Best. Friday. Ever! for CuteOverload. Thanks Meg for all the great weekend suggestions, I just got back from Trader Joes with some beers, some weed (try the TJs in Daly City, dewd) and a yoga mat — y’know, for stretching on my back.
    This is gonna be so super awesome, I wish I had an otter!

  59. Umm… people… why are we pointing out cat balls???

    (ignoring the scary people and looking at the belly….) happy place…happy place…happy place…

  60. CatFreak says:

    Baby Snuggles? How stupid will *that* sound in five years when he’s a great big bruiser of a neutered tom, weighing about 20+ pounds?

    Give cats a *cat* name, not a kitten name, people.

  61. CatFreak — it’ll be like “A Boy Named Sue,” probably.

  62. “some weed (try the TJs in Daly City, dewd)”

    Good God, is Tony dealing?

  63. This is the awesomeist bit of wildlife footage i’ve ever seen.

    But is it cute?

  64. bravepotato says:

    > Baby Snuggles? How stupid will *that* sound in five years when he’s a great big bruiser of a neutered tom, weighing about 20+ pounds?

    it’ll sound just right, just like all pets’ names end up sounding after they’ve been named and called that for a few years. cats are in this for care and love, they don’t worry so much what their name looks like at the top of the resume. that’s for us to have to have conniptions over. or — ahem — not.

  65. Aubrey – LOL That’s what I wondered!

    Theo – great link!

  66. AuntieMame says:

    If those are kitteh’s *ahem* balls, where is his *ahem* er…thingie?

    And what is with cats and their propensity to sprawl lasciviously all over the place. Have they no shame?!?

    *suppresses urge to tickle kitteh under the chin and wake him up*

  67. you think that’s cute? check out Lohan Roberto’s roommate’s cat, Sterling, slepping.
    oops, I don’t have the link.

  68. ceebs!! LOL!

  69. 🙂 Lauri! LOVE the song lyrics there!!

  70. I think we should have a new “cat”egory, cats without pants. 🙂

  71. It’s like the cover shot of “PlayKitty”…

  72. So me and a few of my friends thought we’d be all like hoity toity..and went on a wine tasting tour. Let’s just say I came home sopping wet and without pants that day.

    I just wanna snuggle right up to that kitty and take a cat nap..

  73. Can't Stop Dancing says:

    Openly exposed cat groin should be another cute category or rule.

  74. Footpads footpads footpads! Little pink jellybean edible kissable footpads footpads footpads!

  75. Little pink jellybean edible kissable ~litterbox~ footpads

  76. AuntieM — you know how cat claws retract? Well, so does *that*.

    Ceebs — LOL… jeez, now I’m tempted to add “Slepping” to the Glossary.

    Jan — I don’t remember seeing *any* trouser cats on CO, so I think we’ve already got that category, by depants. DEFAULT. By default.

  77. “It shrinks?”

    “Like a frightened turtle!”

  78. Holy Crap! Baby Snuggles is anerable!
    That gallery is the BEST-he & his person are soul mates.

  79. I just looked at all 3,324 pics of Baby Snorgles and I want to kitnap him!!! (I especially liked the cheeky # 73) He kind of reminds me of this really sweet snoochy little Japanese Bobtail that lives a few houses away from me, I wanted to kitnap that one too. It would come up to me and roll on its back, revealing a soft white belly with a leetle orange spot in the middle like a belly button! I haven’t seen that cat in ages though. 😦 That was another cat that stalked my dog a few times.

  80. GAWD, when did we people get into the subject of the kitties bottom area? Kitty ****? You can figure that word out. Cruel. Just Cruel.

  81. This looks more *decadent* than *debauched* to me, somehow. But then, what the h— do I know? I like old Dutch paintings of people hangin’ out in disreputable taverns ‘n such.

    BTW, Manet’s “Olympia” ain’t got *nothin’* on this kitter! ;

  82. “Slepping” hmmmm… as in “slepping around” with every other URL but the one you’re posting on perhaps?

  83. belly!! furry belly rub time!!

  84. No WAY do those delectable footpads EVER smell like litterbox, ceebs! They look like rose petals, ergo they must always SMELL like rose petals!

  85. brownamazon says:

    EC: More Modigliani than Monet, as I see it. Modi had a thing for ginger-coloured fur, er, I mean hair. But this kitty is actually très Martha Graham, no?

  86. Err, that was Manet. manet’s Olympia, to be exact. Sheild your eyes if you must, ’cause she’s quite nekkid, tho’ not nearly as decadent as the kitter.

  87. Oops, meant “shield.”

    This particular shot of Graham reminds me of the kit:

  88. Theo…ah, yes, you are correct!

  89. E. C: LOL on that Graham photo! That’s perfect!

  90. LOL….oh yeah, once again you folks are gonna make me late for work…..

    It’s way too entertaining around here. 🙂

    *sighs happily*

  91. flat cat

  92. Denise in Nebraska says:

    You’ve gotta love the comparison of the “psyche” of this cat by clicking on the link of when it was younger……click, click back, click, click back (mind tries to grasp the hilarity of the exact same pose from this cat then, and now)…–great call, Meg!!!! Kitten psychoanalysis will prove that the kitten has, indeed, stayed true to it’s debaucharistic (no, that’s not proper use of the word) tendencies!!! This kitten needs a therapist!!!! Oh….and probably a lot of attention from Cute Overload fanatics. <3

  93. I just think the photographer caught him at “C” in that Village People song.

  94. Just caught up on some of the other Snuggles pix in Eddie’s Lab. (Pets In Pots!… ) I note:

    1) SuSE Linux
    2) Dremel tool
    3) Lots of customized computers
    4) Hand-me-down flowery pastel pillowcase
    5) Zero-maintenance hair
    6) Schmoopie with *anime-purple* hair
    8) etc.

    …I can’t believe how thoroughly I’ve been out-nerded by this dude. AND THE CAT. I mean, c’mon:

    Oh, and this one’s just plain cool. Check out the earie backlighting:

  95. brownamazon says:

    Of course Manet. Too much rosé wine debauchery last night led to embarrassing typo.
    This morning, the TRUE brekkie of champions: Gatorade and Advil.

  96. Hey Theo,
    you made me laugh a lot!
    Yes, it’s true, i’m a geek… and my girl is a movie freak 🙂
    I’d like to thank all the adorable people who said good things about my cat(his name is Snuggles, not Baby Snuggles, but we call him Snuggy btw…)

    Snuggy approves, from upon high (on top of the library) of you wonderful and lovely comments. Thanks Meg, Thank you all animal geeks 😀

  97. Wow, Eddie, those pictures are great! Snuggles is well-named, after all. That’s one happy cat!

  98. caroline says:

    BELLY RUB!!!

  99. Thank you Thalia,

    He is our baby and we spoil him something rotten.

    Co-owner of Mr. Snuggy.


  100. I can’t help but noticing that there are a definite lack of cats WITH pants on CO.

    What with all the talk of this cat having no pants on, you would expect the rest of them HAD pants…

  101. I think you are co-OWNED by Snuggy! 😉

  102. ROFL

    That is SO true Ceebs =) But that is the beauty of being adopted by a kitten.

  103. Just finished looking at all the pics of Snuggles – what an adorable kitty!

  104. I think god is shining a spotlight on his crotch too 😛

  105. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Every one should leave their pants off get some wind round your willows

  106. I call this pose “the bellyslut” when my kitties do it. Which is often. (It usually earns them a furry zerbert.)

  107. Is it just my imagination, or does that cat have no left foot?

  108. jenandcleo says:

    Meg – Can we please add another cuteness rule?

    Exposed Belly, waiting – just waiting – for a raspberry blow.

  109. Just modified my website, the gallery is now on

  110. OK, re-linking the “earie backlighting” shot…

    Also noticed this one:

    …and my question is, WHERE IS TEH 0WCH???