Debauchery Friday: Heady nibblage

Wook Bun one: Dewd—this is some gooood nibblage.
Wook Bun two: Let’s go find those cupcakes, Brah…

[Ten minutes pass by]

Wook Bun one: Huh…?


Sage Angel, if that IS your real name—this is obviously for medicinal purposes.



  1. Munchie!

  2. Kris, in New England says:

    PFFFHHHHH – Dood, everything looks so fuzzy man. And I’m HUNGRY man, where’s the nearest McDonald’s? Whoa.

  3. Keep your rabbits glaucoma-free!

  4. Hmm, somehow I don’t think *this* will show up at our next workplace grill-out…

  5. persimmontree says:

    cotton tail, cotton mouth….

  6. Smoke some with ya bun,
    No stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks!
    Just some of that sticky icky icky, wooooweee, put it in the air won’t ya?

  7. Bunnies gettin’ high! What next? Hamsters in the desert running ‘meth labs?

  8. [snort!] Sandy… geesh…

  9. DavidBoBavid says:

    wow, that is fantastic! the bun facing the camera looks hilarious will all those leaves sticking out of his mouth..

    great caption too! 😛

  10. I can just picture it…chick hammie with a cut off t- shirt, blonde ponytail, cut off jeans up to her crack and patches of hair and skin falling off. Not so cute is it?

  11. Poor things. They must have bunneracts.

  12. This post makes me sad. I can’t believe that someone would let their rabbit eat that. They could’ve been poisoned.

  13. Larissa says:

    i agree with Snapszen…i’m rather horrified. should someone call the ASPCA?

  14. Snapszen — I think this is one of those “don’t try this at home” internet photos.

  15. Sandy, everyone knows it’s the evil SQUIRRELS who run meth labs. Hamsters are just their unfortunate victims.

  16. it’s a plant.

  17. exactly, rabbits can die from eating that, fucking idiots!

  18. Kimberly says:

    And in a moment of complete naivity, I couldn’t see the connection of bunnies munching on greenery and beer swilling otters & dogs.

  19. Snapszen there are a lot of plants that *look* like mary j, but they aren’t, my guess is this isn’t the real thing. Besides, the only real bad thing that can happen from too much pot is eating too many cheetohs.

    Pass the snackcakes, dude.

  20. I’m sensing a disturbing trend in the animal kingdom with your last three posts. Or maybe it’s just that we’re dragging the cute little fuzzies down with us. How sad.

  21. (Ahem) hansen? Listen closely…


    (Also, that greenery isn’t actually marijuana.)

  22. wolfthatcriedboy says:

    Actually, I don’t think the “medicinal” qualities of the leaves are all that strong. I think the buns are safe.

  23. J. Bo — we don’t??? and it’s NOT???!?

  24. J.Bo- Hammies have a mind of their own, besides, when you have a mother who might possibly eat you, what else can you do but run to a life of drugs???

  25. Ah, they’re just chowing down – give ’em some kale or spinach leaves, and they’d be *elated.*

    ( )
    ” “

  26. Too many leaves to be MJ…wow, it’s Friday, hansen, take a chill pill…

  27. I think these buns need to watch reefer madness so they can see the life they are headed to by living their life of sin.

  28. I am very confused by some of the posts/posters in this thread……

  29. arbed- toke a little and you’ll get it… *giggle,giggle*

  30. arbed, I think the subject matter has gone to peep’s heads.

    As for kale and spinach, they’re strictly treat food ’round these parts, so semi-verboten and *very* desirable. (My bun literally yanks spinach leaves out of my hand!)

  31. Yikes. Make that *peeps’.* (Apostrophe after the “s.”)


  32. AuntieMame says:

    I think they are, too, arbed.

    I wouldn’t know mj if it bit me in the butt. For all I know, that’s poison ivy.

  33. Thanks for being so grammatically correct!!! I hate it that ‘puter lingo has made us all lazy. Including me.

  34. What a bunch of idiots. You can eat/smoke pounds of hash and never suffer any deleterious effects. Don’t believe those government subsidized PSAs.

  35. AuntieMame, I’m not inviting you camping… or to my next party!

  36. AllySh0rty says:

    Oh man, this is great. Bunnies on pot. YES!

  37. Wow- this post is stirring up some serious issues. Can we get back to the matter at hand? The buns are friggin hilarious. And they aren’t even trying!

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    I’m not sure what’s pictured is pot. However, Jess (and eyp), buns have very sensitive systems and there are *lots* of things that can not only monkey with their innards but outright kill them — including pot. What’s good for…er, what doesn’t hurt us doesn’t always translate across species.

    On a related note, I had a coworker (with a rabbit, Mr. Bun) that left a bag of pot on the coffee table. His girlfriend remembered mid-morning and rushed home to remove it from rabbit reach. Too late. Mr. Bun had consumed the entire bag.

    Mr. Bun was pretty ill. She rushed him to the vet, they checked him out and then they had to pump his stomach…In the end, all was okay and now it makes for a mildly funny story, or at least a cautionary tale. Poor Mr. Bun.

    Makes me curious about what kind of stories my vet could tell…

  39. eyp, hash and marijuana are very different things AND, actually, a person CAN get high/sick from eating hash. Marijuana, not so much.


  40. deleterious(?). eyp… how much have you smoked? More than “pounds”?

  41. Kids,
    That looks like a Kenaf plant…BUT if any one has the real thing, they should share with Hansen!

  42. AuntieMame says:

    eyp, as has been said before in the thread, we don’t call each other names.

    And the reason pot is illegal to smoke is not the damage you do to yourself, but the stupid shit you do when you’re stoned that harms me.

  43. AuntieMame… stoned people just eat and giggle, it’s when they mix pot with other “stuff” that they get dangerous to others. They can’t even move without passing out laughing.

  44. someone been stealing from your snackery cabinet, Auntie?

  45. I nibble two leaves in the mornin
    I nibble two leaves at night
    I nibble two leaves in the afternoon
    It makes me feel alright

  46. Don’t worry. About a thing.
    Cause evry little thing. Is gonna be all right.

  47. Laurie C says:

    I can’t believe the plant is really weed, because if it was, the person who owned it probably wouldn’t give it up for bunny food when they had other uses to put it to.

  48. Wook Bun two: I said lets go find those cupcakes
    Wook bun one: whah??
    He still doesn’t seem to get it… *ciddles wook bun two* Lets goo…

    Abosoulutely cute!

  49. My Goodness, AGAIN? Darn it Meg, you started WWIII…this is incrediably funny people…especially on Friday! Kinda funny that people seems to think Otters and Puppies can drink beer….but, bunnies and weed..NONO…too funny. You people need to RELAX and Laugh…

  50. This is one where I giggle, showed all my co-worker and then became sad.

    If the buns were in fact poisoned that would be just awful. :”(

  51. Angela…
    The pug was drinking Beck’s…it’s not the same =P

  52. It’s an old internet-meme pic. Does anyone have the one of the hamster with the plastic assault rifle?

  53. warrior rabbit says:

    Laurie C., you are too right. They would totally bogart the bud from the bun.

  54. madscientist says:

    Although cannabis is harmless to humans and virtually ineffective when consumed orally, this is not the case for rabbits. Even trace amounts of THC (the active chemical in marijuana) can disrupt the functions of bunny’s central nervous system. I doubt that it would cause death, but it could easily cause severe illness, seizures, and comas.

    Other things that cause severe illness in bunnies: rhododendrons, lilies, and tulip bulbs.

    That said, the “OMG ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!11” people need to get a life and acknowledge that the picture is STILL CUTE.

    Nothing wrong with mentioning that the conduct featured in the picture is bad so that other readers know, but please refrain from being rude, insulting, or nasty.

  55. Frankly, I think some of the more hysterical folks on this post could use a few tokes to calm things down. Simmah down nah.

  56. MadSci — don’t forget poinsettias.

  57. Gawl- yous guys ‘r gettin’ cerial, no tricks! Jus have a little fun!

  58. Sorry… trix. Cerealiously.

  59. Constance says:

    Ok, if that IS real MJ lemme tell you something. The LD 50 for MJ (the dose at which 50% of the organizms that take it die) is over 25 kilograms for a avg. sized house cat. So um…I really think those bunnies are gonna be just fine. I’m not sure HOW that found out that 25 kilos of pot would kill a cat…I’m not sure I wanna know.

  60. cereal-ously

  61. cereal-sly

  62. there.

  63. I thought it was amusing…. and yeah I’m with Laurie, I don’t know of one person who does partake of the plant that would share with a rabbit, especially that much. Get real people its a plant… here’s an interesting question to those who poo-poo the whole issue of a bunny eating a hemp plant. Long before we “wise” humans kept the “helpless” bunnys from such “evil” as the cannibus plant, is there the possibility that the bunnys munched it becuase it wasn’t harmful to them and their biology is affected differently than humans? Heck people, the stuff grows in the wild as do rabbits ALLLLL over the world… think…

  64. LOL omg that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo not good!!!

    Those poor bunnies!!

    It’s kinda funny though… They are awfully cute bunnies!

  65. OK- gotta go. It’s been fun. Toke care!

  66. Jan Spencer says:

    I’ll never munch (smoke) weed with Willie again… (bus songs from Toby Keith).

    I seriously doubt these are real MJ leaves. It is downright cute, though!!

  67. “organizms” is officially my new favorite word. Thanks, Constance!

  68. well, those are definately pot leaves, not another plant that merely looks like pot. No harm done to owner/smoker. they only smoke the dried little flowers (buds), and trow out all the leaves and stems….
    also, deer and other grazing animals LOVE the stuff, and it doesn’t hurt them. i was unaware about the harm to bunnies!

  69. that is hemp – not pot.

    hemp doesn’t get you or those bunnies high. It does make great clothing material.

  70. Well, the foliage in the picture have 7 leaves, and real marijuana has 5, so it’s obviously NOT the real thing. How do I know that? Research, lots and lots of research. *nods head seriously*

  71. Well Sandy, you’re one of my main confusers. But aside from that, it’s not like I have a problem with the subject matter, just posters with multiple personalities within one thread.

    I don’t know about for rabbits, but poinsettias are not poisonous to cats, like most people think. Sure, they might cause a bit of tummy upset, but the cat would have to ingest pounds and pounds and pounds of poinsettias in order for it to be toxic. As a former florist, hearing about the supposed toxicity was always one of my pet peeves.

  72. you guys r silly says:

    I *WAS*WONDERING*WHEN you’d get around to the

  73. warrior rabbit says:

    First, for all those arguing about how X won’t hurt Y, don’t use the metrics for one species and think you can apply it to others. Cats won’t die from being given oral forms of penicillin, either, but buns will. I hope you’re not also giving your cat aspirin because it works just fine for you.

    Second, domestic bunnies are not wild bunnies. They’ll eat just about any plant life, including ones that are bad for them.

    Third, a controversial thread and we’re already at #71…I’m putting in my bid for 178 total posts right now.

  74. hemp = pot = marijuana = sativa = blunt = chronic = 420.
    all the same plant.
    and those are definately pot leaves.
    do more research.

  75. arbed-I’m confused about what you mean by confused. Multiple personalities??? I thought this was just a comment board, not a psychiatric diagnosis. BTW…Has anyone seen my other personality? I think I left it snorgling buns somewhere…

  76. The House Rabbit Society is an excellent source for information. I know that marijuana is poisonous to rabbits. This is only one list that I’ve found that states so.

  77. Arbed — true story now: Our cat Spot (the Satisfactory) once ate part of a Christmas poinsettia. This was, oh, 7 years ago? It didn’t make her pukey-sick, but all she did for three days was sit in a corner and drool. She hasn’t messed with one ever since (if only because we don’t get poinsettias anymore).

  78. one more time…that is a Kenaf plant…look it up…”do more research”…this is killing my bunny buzz!

    Warrior Rabbit is right, wild buns will eat what they can find…House Rabbit servants should know better…

  79. KhaytSith says:

    D00d… those are just leaves. Ever eaten or smoked leaves? They don’t do much for ya other than give ya a headache and make ya wanna sleep… unless you use an extraction method to reduce the THC to something useful. So yeah… if I knew they wouldn’t kill my buns I’d totally share those leaves with them. And yes… those are totally MJ leaves =P

  80. Elizabeth says:

    I’m by far definitely not an expert in marijuana, but just googling some pictures tells me two things:

    1) This is not kenaf. Kenaf has 3-7 lobes on each leaf.

    2) Marijuana can have up to 9 lobes to each leaf.

    3) The greenery above definitely has 9 lobes.

    Draw your own conclusions.
    Also, I don’t think people saying this photo isn’t cute are overreacting. If this indeed is marijuana, it’s about as cute as showing a baby drinking Drano. Marijuana is not toxic to all animals, but in rabbits, every part of the plant is toxic. If the leaves they are eating are indeed marijuana, they are being poisoned. And that is NOT cute.

  81. Theo, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s definitely a new one on me for all those florist years. Perhaps Spot had a special sensitivity? I don’t know. However, I guess I should clarify, too, that I meant “toxic” as in fatal/deadly, which is what people would say.

  82. Bun Two: Mirror, mirror on the wall….
    Bun One: DUDE, I SEE TWO OF ME!
    Bun Two: *ahem* Can you help me not to fall,
    Bun One: Ooooh…shiny~!

    Bun Two: …… God? Just don’t drag me down with my roomie, a’ight? We coo’.

    Bun One: I’m like….totally…hungry, mannnnnn….so hungry…gimme some sugah!!! *bunny snorgles*

    Bun Two: …ATHEIST TIME! ATHEIST TIME! AUGH!!! NO SNORGLE! NO SNORGLEEEEeeeee…..damnit, just pass the leaves! And if mom finds you, you made me this way!

    ….what? This is a totally legit response to this picture!

  83. You know…this may sound crazy, but bear with me…let’s all hop in my time machine and travel back to when this pictures was taken to warn the photographer.

  84. huh???

  85. oh…that’s right…I don’t have the time machine anymore. Guess that means we can’t change the past by freaking out in the present.

  86. [runs over and gives Redzilla a big ‘ol smooch on the cheek] Thank you thank you thank you!

    Okay, I’m fine now.

  87. Tony James says:

    BunWook1: “Dude…dude…dude…no, seriously, dude, check this out – I’m doing my cthulhu impression. You know, with the green fangs?”

    BunWook2: “Dude, you rock – Cthulhu Fhtagn! Got any Iron Butterfly?”

  88. Gee, thanks, arbed.

  89. lol sorry Redzilla

  90. Amberkitty says:

    That’s NOT marijuana.

  91. “I disapprove of everything on this post.”

    –Cinnamon, 2006

  92. To the person upthread who said hemp is the same plant as marijuana….I laugh. ANd I laugh a lot (the laughter of sadness that someone else has bought the media hype). THanks for being one of the reasons that people like me are having such a hard time getting industrial grade hepmp legalized.

    They are two totally different (although genetically related) plants. THe amount of THC in hemp plants is infantesimal. If you tried to get high off of it, you’d kill yourself from smoke inhalation first.

    And finally, even if these are MJ leaves….note that it’s just the leaves, not the buds (you know, the part that you actually smoke).

    All of that said I don’t know what kind of plant this is (from pics I’m leaning towards Kenaf), I don’t know if THC is toxic to buns even in the small amounts present in hemp or MJ leaves. And the picture is cute regardless.

  93. that’s “infinitesimal”

  94. mouse: sorry, bud, devil in the details. you are right, hemp, although part of the sativa family, doesn’t have thc like marijuana. i’ve just been pushing for med mj for so long, i’ve put hemp production on the back burner (farmers can acquire licences to grow hemp in canada. at least they used to) but for the sake of argument, it’s just a plant, right? it should be legalized and used as it was intended for….making great clothes, producing nutritious seeds, and providing a harmless buzz (way less harmless that alchool, tobacco and even caffine)

  95. ahm interesssed in spessafissiteee

  96. Thank you, ariel. I bit my tongue/fingers on that one.

  97. I meant on “infinitesimal…”

    How can we ever trust your corrections again? You just blew your credibility. 😉


  98. um, don’t you mean “kredablity”? (huff)

  99. This is far from cute.

  100. old hippie here—-anyone who knows, knows marijuana has 5 leaves/twig and ONLY five leaves—ergo, not pot.

  101. It still looks like plastic weed to me — the kind you make goofy Mardi Gras leis out of… I have no experience with actual marijuana so I have no real idea but it looks a whole lot like the fake stuff I’ve seen.

  102. Like, dude, I like didn’t inhale duuuuude!

    I want to catch both those stoned bunnies and give them a double belly-whiffle 😉

  103. I like the lop-eared buns
    How about you?
    I like sweet lagomorphs
    How about you?
    I love all growing things
    E’en when storms ensue –
    oh, baby, how about you?

    [Madly snorgles buns while tap dancing at the same time.]

  104. tomi – hate to disagree but depending on the growth stage it can have 5, 7, or 9 and I’m not sure about 11. Old hippie here also.

    Buns are cute!! People around here need to seriously chill!!!!

  105. Jessica says:

    Right on, duuuude!

    In my experience, some animals love gettin high (others, not so much). Gerbils? They think it’s ok, but they’d rather have parsley. Kitties, they get into the groove every now and then. My late doggie? Oh hell ya, he was a major stoner. If we were partaking and didn’t include him, he would have a major temper tantrum (he lived to be almost 20, by the way, I think gettin high really helped his old sore joints).

  106. Matthew says:

    A lot of people seem to be focusing on the THC content of the leaves in determining if this plant is “safe” for rabbits to eat.

    Such an argument is absurd and pointless.

    Wild rabbits are better at avoiding plants that could kill them. Domestic rabbits, not so much.

    Mature tomato leaves for example, are very toxic to rabbits. No THC there.

    To the best of my knowledge, anything related to Hemp is dangerous to rabbits. I don’t know if it’s “Will kill them in three leaves” dangerous or “Eight ounces will give them the runs” dangerous. I’ve never felt compelled to try it out.

    This has nothing to do with the safety of Hemp to humans. I love broccoli, and can eat as much of it as I want. Too much broccoli for an adult rabbit that isn’t pregnant or nursing will, over time, cause calcium deposits in the kidneys and bladder. This in turn can lead to kidney stones (fatal in rabbits) an “Bladder sludge” which is very painful and frustrating to treat.

    Please don’t let the politics of Pot and Hemp cloud your judgment on the safety of a given plant for domestic rabbits.

  107. chaosisorder says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster 🙂

    I doubt anyone would feed their two pet bun babes something intentionally harmful to get a funny photo. It’s much more likely they were feeding them something else and realized it made a funny photo.

    With that in mind- botany break! Those leaves are deeply lobed and ARE NOT hemp or any sativa. Look at the baby leaves (aww, cute baby leaf post Meg- that’s what you were going for, right?) and you’ll notice there are no little baby stems. I can’t tell you what the plant is (not kenaf either, but it might be another hibiscus.) But let’s assume the owners are only medium evil 🙂

  108. brownamazon says:

    I’m lovin the substance abuse Fridays on CO.

    Bun 1: “Some people call me the space cowboy…”

    Bun 2 makes the “wahn-wow” guitar noise.

  109. dude! is this safe?

  110. I have seen marijuana. This is not marijuana.

  111. Nothing strange here… Everyone knows bunnies eat grass.

  112. people dont eat the leaves… you smoke the buds, no harm in giving the bunnies the leaves


    [i will not read the 112 posts ahead of mine, that’s just too many to be all “i love bunnehs/i love weed!”]

  114. That’t not what I typed!

    I said:
    TOO FUNNY {exhaling} YOU GUYS {continuing to exhale}!!

  115. Another long-time reader, first time poster…

    As someone said above, this is about as cute as showing a baby drinking Drano. Please don’t buy into the “it’s natural, it’s healthy because it’s a plant” memo – many, many plants on this planet are toxic to one species but not another, or toxic to all species, or toxic to a few specific species. Plants are not sitting here waiting for you to destroy them in the name of Doritos.

    All that having been said, MJ’s toxic to rabbits, and this is an extremely lame photo to post. Speaking as someone who usually visits daily and clicks the ad links… I’m out of here. If nothing else, I respect cuteness too much to continue to patronize a website that doesn’t respect cuteness. Vaya con dios.

  116. Nyx… nixed.
    Problem fixed.

  117. *rofl* OMG…. now I know where to come for more information on pot than I ever wanted…. sheesh… gimee a brownie and call it good people… this is all too intense for a friday! I am going to go home, treat my lovely new bunny tattoo and go to a movie… oh and Redzilla…. you are my angel… thank you for the reality check on the time machine… consider yourself playfully and thankfully zerberted!
    Logic… what a CONCEPT!

  118. OMG!!!!
    I think it’s cute, like many of you do. The rest of you-
    CHILL OUT!!!!!
    Find something important to freak about, like poverty or war or child abuse or domestic abuse or the Bush crime family or… you get my point.
    bunnehs!! snorgle!! fuzzy belleees!!!!

  119. Hear, hear, our Theo!

    (*Sigh* Nobody seems to read previous posts anymore, do they?)

  120. Please tell me everyone is in complete understanding that the picture in question is NOT marijuana.

    While I’m no expert, looks to me like leaves from a Horse Chestnut tree:

  121. LOLs!! Pictures and comments. Thanks, just what I needed on a friday.

  122. J.Bo, wading through this muck was pure torture! Oh, and…sorry, but…it’s “here, here…” Sorry! Really I am, I can’t help myself. Ariel will second me on that.

    Mr. Tree Guy, admirable offering! Pictures and all. No one will look at it, unfortuntely. If they’re hell bent on griping or whining, nothing else will matter. Whaddaya gonna do?! Crazy yumans. 🙂

  123. I counted 7 leaves on this plant, which makes it a FEMALE marijuana plant-the sex that gets you high. Male plants only have 5 leaves, and don’t get you high. do I know this you ask? well..uh..*shifty eyes* a friend of a friend of a friend told me once, lol..

  124. don’t be so sure that people don’t feed animals things they shouldn’t have. i have seen people feed horses chewing tobacco and dogs snuff.

  125. “It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t go shit to do!”

  126. Nope, jaypo. It’s “here, here” if you’re calling your pup to dinner; it could maybe even be “here, here” if you’re chiding someone; but it’s “hear, hear” when you’re offering a second or support to what has already been said.

    (See Mirriam-Webster, definition #4 under “hear”:

  127. …AND that’s MERRIAM-Webster… AND there should be an end parenthesis.


  128. As a non-pot imbiber, this thread cracks me up. I thought it was supposed to make you chill and ‘whatevs’ but look at some of these excited postings! Oh, the drama! I’m going to go drink some beers with my pals Pug Girl and Otter Man. Without our pants. And then we’re going out for some pudding.

  129. chaosisorder says:

    Trying again- that plant IS NOT hemp, sativa, pot, cannabis, mary jane, 420, hashish, chronic, ditchweed, ganja, grass or wacky tabacky in either the female or male forms. It has 9 leaves, and is deeply lobed, not stemmed.

    It is some other plant that bears close enough resemblance to get a ‘hehe’ photo. Who knows, it might be even more deadly toxic to buns! (There, I’ve through those who are righteously indignant a bone.)

  130. chaosisorder says:

    Bah. And now I’m so worked up I called them ‘leaves’. Tee hee. TGIF and pass the plant bunnehs.

  131. “Don’t bogart that bun, my friend/Pass it over to meeee…”

  132. Wait, was there a pudding picture today? Dammit! I miss all the kewl stuff…

  133. cannabis has two forms: male and female. the male plant is used for fiber production (hemp) and seed-oil (for fuel) and only the female, with the *flowers* that get you high.

    cannabis also has three distinct landrace: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. these different species have different amounts of leaves. 7, 9, sometimes 11. but all three can have the male or the delicious, angellic female.

    that said, bunnies, like cats and dogs and every other animal on the species, do not work the same way as humans. if a person can eat or smoke a plant and be fine, a bunny may not. cats can’t eat tomato plants, avocados, ivy, etc, yet a person can and we’re fine. bunnies, same thing. it has nothing to do with the THC content.

    however, this is an ADORABLE picture, nonetheless. and i don’t know if it is indeed cannabis or not, i smoke it but have yet to grow it on my own.

    and whoever said hash and weed are different things doesn’t know what they’re talking about, no offence. hash is made out of the exact same plant you’re smoking, it just involves a different process of making a more potent substance with the same extract. which is why you can take your grinder, after frequent use, wipe all the leftovers up in a ball, and you have hash.

    now can we get back to oggling the adorable wittle bunny-wons?

  134. It’s a good thing there isn’t an owl gnawing that gentle herb, because that would be just wrong.

  135. Confluence says:

    Aww, stoner bunnies! Cuteness!

    Regarding the uproar:

    I’m inclined to believe that it really is hemp, given that it looks *exactly* like the hemp plants in these photos:

    1) We have no idea whether it’s a cultivar high in THC (grown for drug use) or just some low-THC hemp grown to be made into fibre.
    2) Even it is drug-grade cannabis, the leaves of the plant are very low in THC, and having a couple of leaves apiece is highly unlikely to have done anything bad to these bunnies. At all.
    3) We don’t even know if the bunnies were allowed to do much other than *suck* on those plants; they could have been taken away as soon as the photo was taken.
    4) Bear in mind that although *you and I* may not know much about this cannabis subspecies, how much THC it contains and whether it’s safe for bunnies (and thus would never have given it to a bunny, just in case), the owner of this plant and these bunnies may be much better informed, and may know for sure that it is *completely safe*.

    There’s extensive discussion of toxicity for lab rats here:
    (I know lab rats != bunnies, but the toxicity ballpark should be vaguely the same).

    That was probably longer and more obsessively referenced than it had to be, but hey – read the pages yourselves and make up your own mind.

  136. Um, I was the one who wrote that hash and weed are different things, and I know full well one is made from the other. Hash is a concentrated form made from the THC-rich hair-like portions of the bud (sometimes with bits of the leaf as well, but a much smaller proportion). Sometimes this is processed with heat, making the eating of it (without cooking) more likely to make a person REALLY high and pretty tummy-sick.

    Also… spaghetti sauce is made from tomatoes– doesn’t make them the same thing.

    Class dismissed. Back to your regularly scheduled buns ‘n’ bickering.

  137. horrified says:

    This is a travesty! Forget the ASPCA–I’m emailing right now, you unname-called peoples!

    Won’t someone think of the plants?!

  138. oh.. sorry to post again.. as a sidenote..

    to the stoners out there:

    please, don’t call it marijuana. that was a name made up by the american government to sound more mexican and therefore “bad”. and in fact, the reason it was banned by *can’t remember..* think it was the food and drug administration but it could have been the drug enforcement administration.. anyway, the fbi called this plant “marijuana” and lied about it’s effects and the board had no idea they were talking about cannabis – the plant used for years for it’s amazing medicinal purposes – and so it was banned.

    so.. no more marijuana, up with cannbis and weed and all that fun giggly stuff.

  139. jessica rose says:

    ah, sorry didn’t catch what you were saying, then.

    although, to be fair, spaghetti sauce is different than tomatoes cuz it has so much other stuff in it. … but tomato paste and tomatoes.. i see the point.

    also, love the name. i’m known by some as

    *goes back to oggling the cuteness*

  140. Stop with all this reefer madness!!

  141. J. Bo — you caught yourself, which is good, ’cause I was *this* close to pouncing…

    AmyH — glad to hear you don’t drink weed.

    Belle — who needs a photo??
    [carefully peels open a melty Pudding Pop]
    [takes aim]
    [whips it]
    [whips it good]

    Confluence — good grief! You’ve made quite a “study,” eh? 😉

    Aubrey —

  142. T:
    I just leaned in to read your comment, and I guess I must have leaned in too far. I’ve been pudding popped in the face, thank you very much, Mr. T – and it came THROUGH THE COMPUTER SCREEN!

  143. “thank you very much, Mr. T”


  144. Egg on me face, JBo– I stands corrected, humbled, and otherwise contrite. [red-faced bows all around]

  145. “you must whip it,” Dev-o.

  146. ohbrai e teho homme, can’t *believe* you’re still here, when you could be out watching bad summer “blockbusters” ‘n all dat stuff.

    Me, I’d rather sit through “The Devil Wears Prada” a 2nd time than bother reedin’ da posts ’bout cannabis & assorted s***t. [Hee.]

  147. E.C. — Actually, mon Schmoop & I did try to catch Prada after dinner, but the local theater was completely jammed. Like, no empty parking anywhere. So we came home. We’ll try again for a Sunday matinee.

  148. jaypo, half my day as an editor is spent looking up this stuff (hence my frequent schoolmarm/Disapproving Rabbit postings).

    Tomato paste/tomatoes is MUCH better; I was flailing for an analogy, and caviar/sturgeon didn’t quite cut it. (I got the name from my bf, who started with “Jenny-bo-benny,” which became “J. Bo.”)

    Theo, let us know how you liked “The Devil Wears Pandas” as soon as you see it, ‘kay?

  149. OK.
    1. Cannabis has never killed anyone directly. It’s not toxic enough.
    2. That might be regular hemp that’s been grown for any number of uses like fabrics, soaps, ropes, etc and has neglicable amounts of THC in it.

  150. warrior rabbit says:

    Woo! Earlier I guessed we’d hit 178 and it is getting durn close. Can I get a 6-pack o’pudding if I’m right?

    Also, for all those who didn’t read the earlier messages and keep insisting various parts and/or tiny amounts are perfectly safe for buns — they ain’t. Toxic, toxic, toxic. See stomach-pumping story above.

    Buns are not cats, dogs, or humans. You’d be surprised at what’d kill ’em.

    I say this only for those who have buns and are uninformed, or those who might be thinking about getting buns. Sort of important to know. You know, for future encounters. Not in re: to buns pictured above, as that ship has sailed.

  151. you can really tell the intelligence of pot smokers by this post.

  152. SaraSoCute says:

    Goodness Gracious.

    It’s just fluffer~buns eating some greens.

    Take a bong hit people.

  153. ‘rin: shut your mouth


    *eye roll*

  155. *sniff sniff*

    What’s that smell?


    Meg hadda know what she was doing, with this one.

  156. …point being….?

  157. hrh.squeak says:

    My goodness gracious me. I’m having to fan my computer, it’s all het up.

    Bunnehs good.

  158. georgette says:

    does no one read the comments? it’s not weed.


  159. Oh, Theo – the horror! You caught me in the throes of misusing a big word. I guess my mind was already focused on Friday happy hour and the beverages to be happily consumed (which they were, ahhh). I didn’t want to keep my pantsless friends waiting too much longer.
    If I may (ahem) …”As a non pot smoker…” Whew! Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to the party. Putka just showed up and some of the other guests aren’t in a snorgling mood.

  160. Hmm… “heady nibblage” sounds a tad like “Hedy Lamarr,” y’know?

  161. “That’s HEDLEY!”

  162. Oh, I know, E2C; I was just making a silly “Blazing Saddles” joke…

  163. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Yeah, pot is bad for bunnies…I know someone who got chinchillas stoned by secondhand smoke…wasn’t too good for them either.

    BUT! That is CLEARLY not pot…too many leaves as someone already said. So, before you scream ASPCA PETA IMANIDIOT at the top of your lungs…let’s be a bit less ignorant, eh?

  164. are they eating posion ivy??
    if they are ALERT ALERT!1…2…3… dead

  165. absintheliz says:

    Toxicity of cannabis and Δ 9 -THC
    Acute toxicity

    The acute oral toxicity of the cannabis derivatives used as intoxicants (marihuana, kif, hashish) is low.

    O’Shaughnessy and Moreau de Tours administered large amounts of hashish extracts to mice, rabbits and rats without producing any lethal effects. Moreau de Tours observed in some pigeons and two rabbits given very strong doses of pure extract to swallow, a “slight excitement followed by an apparent somnolence of short duration”.

    According to Loewe, the LD 50 (lethality in 50% of animals administered the toxic) of cannabis extracts administered to mice, orally, subcutaneously, and intravenously were 21.6, 11.0, and 0.18 gm/kg respectively. Joachimoglu reported an LD 50 of 1.5 gm/kg for natural hashish extract administered intraperitoneally. The figures reported by Patton for this same animal are within the same range.
    Read More here
    just felt like no one was commenting on this picture

  166. teho, were you asking *me* “point being”? if so, no particular point…

  167. If anyone can come up with ANY evidence that rabbits are harmed by eating cannabis leaf then could they please post it?

    When I say ANY info; I mean evidence from a peer reviewed scientific paper or a veterinary textbook. Working in medicine I can absolutely guarantee you that rabbits have been fed cannabis extracts as part of numerous studies and pre-clinical drug trials. If cannabis was toxic to rabbits, they would not have been used in these studies as the results would be skewed by the rabbits susceptibility.

    I am not in any way advocating the use of drugs; but people saying thing like this “a friend of a friend had a dog, and that dog’s brother’s owner had a cousin (twice removed) and she had a rabbit and it fell into the strawberry patch and touched a cannabis leaf and it immediately exploded with the force of 72 Hiroshima H bombs” is just ridiculous.

  168. J. Bo — “Kinky!”

    Thinker — yep, and OK…

    Smitty & everybody else who doesn’t read or think before posting… WELCOME TO TEH INTARNETS. Now please to be kissing my ass.

  169. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Ok – wow – this lot took ages to read!

    Just to further muddy the waters – I was talking a top consultant psychiatrist recently and he told me that pot has been definitely linked to mental illness. Apparently, regularly using pot before the age of 16 is thought to have long term effects on the brain and cause mental health problems in later life. So I’m afraid all that ‘pot is harmless’ stuff is just wrong. Whilst some people may use pot and have no ill effects, others may find that it can trigger mental health problems even if they smoke it after the age of 16.
    Having said all that it should be up to people what they do to their bodies and not the government.

    I do hope those buns are ok. I wonder how we could find out.

  170. Peaches97 says:

    I love bunnies I wish I had one like this one it is so adorabale!

  171. It’s Cinquefoil, folks. Harmless, legal, grows in everyone’s backyard. And it is Excellent for bunny tummies! Funny pic, though! Dewd…good nibblage!

  172. nope, doesnt look like ma-ree-huana leaves to me.

  173. My cat used to eat my homegrown weed all the time. She never got sick. Get over it, it’s not poisonous.

  174. Cinquefoil! Of course! Like some of the other skeptics here, I had a hard time believing anyone who grew cannabis would actually feed piles of it to rabbits simply because of the cost-effectiveness issue, but I couldn’t place the actual plant. Cinquefoil it is!

    There *are* folks out there who think it’s a laugh riot to get the dog stoned or the cat drunk for real, of course, and those peeps deserve a visit from Big Louie and his Louieville Slugger, IMESHO. But this whole series of pictures is hilarious in its deep absurdity and over-the-top cuteness. I smell calendar potential!

  175. eowynsheik says:

    Jesus, this has been like watching my moronic stoner friends and stuck up anti-drug friends fight.

  176. Jessebel says:

    I don’t know if the stuff in the picture really is marijuana (doubt it, it probably is cinquefoil) and I’m not sure about the toxicity of marijuana to rabbits (though I’m betting it would probably kill them as it can definitely make a human being sick).

    At any rate I don’t blame the people who are “freaking out”. When I saw the photo I was concerned too. It would have been nice if the submitter had said, “This isn’t really pot ‘cuz pot is poisonous to bunnies but it looks like it so it’s funny” , then we could all laugh away.

    To all those of you who are all “Just chill and out and smoke some reefer, dude, ” you are exactly why I despise pseudo-hippie types who are supposedly all socially aware but in reality are not about to get their dander up about anything other than smoking reefer. Do you just like to look at cute pictures and not care about what happens to the animals themselves? If there’s anything worth being uptight about it’s cruelty to animals.

  177. botanically curious says:

    That doesn’t look like any cinquefoil I’ve ever seen, care to slap a scientific name on that plant?

  178. Jessebel — reminds me of a Dar Williams song. (Would link the lyrics, but apparently html is not allowed — google “The pointless, yet poignant, crisis of a co-ed” for them).

    As for the rest of this mess, I was concerned too when I saw it, because even if marijuana isn’t “harmful” to bunnies besides slight “consciousness-alteration,” it’s not like bunnies (or any other animal) is actually able to consent to such a thing like an adult human. But then I decided that it probably wasn’t pot, and even if it was, it’s not like complaining here is going to help anything. I vote for everyone resigning themselves to calling the plant in question cinquefoil and getting back to the cute/funny.

  179. Hee! Great lyrics, Becca…

  180. Frances says:

    This is very wrong and should be taken off this site immediately. My sister who is a vet was horrified to see this. Cannabis (all parts) are very toxic to rabbits. Showing this picture on this web site tells people ‘Oh I can do that with my rabbit’ and think it’s funny. CuteOverLoad, you have a duty of care to take this picture off your site.

  181. (Psst! Theo! I’m so very tempted to post “Oh, lighten up, Frances,” but I fear a Sgt. Hulka reference will fall as flat as the Hedley nod… so I’ll just pass it to you in a note across the aisle…)

  182. J. Bo — Blazing Saddles I understand; Sgt. Hulka I had to look up. Never saw Stripes.

    Frances — “duty of care”?? How about we just let you voice your dissent (however anecdotal and garbled it may be) and leave it at that?

  183. “…I was just making a silly “Blazing Saddles” joke…”

    Which I missed (obvy!) ’cause I’ve never seen the movie. C’est la vie…

    [Though “Young Frankenstein” is one of my all-time favorites. Weird, no?]

  184. Theo and EC, hie thee both to Netflix immediately if not sooner!

    (Weed optional, of course.)

  185. Joost Vandeputte says:

    this is a suspicious message according to my virusscanner…

  186. Kirakira Tenshi says:

    …doesn’t this deserve the trifecta? cute animals in miltiple, cute animals plus food, cute animals mimic humans (hey, look! I have a beard!), floppy “limbs” (ears)….etc. I believe that’s 4.

  187. Dragonlady says:

    For those of you worried about the bunnies getting poisoned: GIVE ME A BREAK! This is a WEED! A NATURALLY OCCURING PLANT! And besides, animals like to get high just as much as people do. Horses get drunk on apples, koalas get stoned on eucalyptus. Force feeding them would be one thing…but they seem to LIKE it.

  188. Oh my, where to start?… ah I think I’ll go with “naturally occurring plant” [snicker] and leave it at that.

  189. Crystanna says:

    Some of the comments on here amaze me. Makes me happy that I never did drugs -.-

  190. SaraSoCute says:


    You really think that anyone who cares enough to take a picture of their buns, load the pics onto the computer, and then send them to a website dedicated to cute animals would intentionally hurt them? Ignorance aside- Anyone who owns pets, and is so into them that they are taking pictures of them to send to a site like this; would know what to feed and what NOT to feed the buns. You are over-dramatizing the issue, as it’s not animal cruelty to take pictures of buns nibbling leaves that look a wee-bit incriminating.

    It’s because of the ignorant anti-marijuana crusaders such as yourself whom I happen to “despise”-(way to get all angry orca whale about it JB- great word choice- Though a bit large- I don’t think that my burned out stoner pseudo-hippie brain knows if I’m using it in the right context)- that ruin lovely light hearted sites like these that are dedicated to the immaculate cuteness of buns, baby little creatures and happy semi-drama-less fun.

    Way to go! You rock.

    Whats that smell? Oh…sarcasm.

    It’s not just for breakfast anymore kids!

  191. Jessebel says:

    Uh. You seem to be the one getting overdramatic here, my dear. Did you actually read my post? No where did I say I was anti-marijuana nor did I say I thought the photographer was intentionally harming their rabbits.

  192. Espilonarge says:

    What in the.. they are NOT eating what I think they’re eating.. 0_o

  193. SaraSoCute says:

    I dont come here to fight- But if people say things like…

    ” I despise pseudo-hippie types who are supposedly all socially aware but in reality are not…”

    I respond.

    I’m over it. Especially the part with you.

    Have an awesome day.

  194. cut the crap. For a human, THC overdose is about 1/40 000, that would be about two kilos(?) consumed instantly. And that’s pure THC. Those leaves are definitely from a cannabis sativa. I’ve seen a lab rat eat a whole bud of marijuana and having a lot of fun afterwards. Rabbits cannot be that different

  195. PiperJon says:

    Those leaves are definitely NOT from a cannabis sativa. There are too many leaves around the centriole, and they are not bright green enough. Cannabis leaves are also generally a bit more narrow compared with their length, with deeper serrations.

    Peeps: I find it fascinating when visiting a site called “Cute Overload” and find a FLAME WAR.

    Deeep breath, y’all.

  196. My morning thought for all the “naturally-occuring”, “how harmful can it be”, “all living things react the same way to all other living things”, etc, people: Come closer, I have some delicious poison ivy for you. Not only is it tasty, but it also makes for a soothing body rub.

  197. Kimberly says:

    I think it’s cute, and a wee bit inappropriate. The best kind of cute.


  198. Yes it’s a funny pic if one assumes that the bun owner was actually feeding a plant they know to be safe to their buns that resembled pot but was not actually pot.

    But for anyone considering owning a house bunny – so many people seem to assume that if it’s a plant, buns can eat it. That’s not the case. Some plants or veggies that we can eat are actually toxic to buns. Which is why a lot of freaked out bun owners are posting on here. People who either don’t own buns or aren’t responsible bun owners often don’t realize that their eating needs are a lot more complicated than “stuff with leaves”. And domestic bunnies are known to eat things that aren’t good for them – so you can’t let them be the judge.

  199. after my post I was reading a few other comments I missed and saw that someone wrote “GIVE ME A BREAK! This is a WEED! A NATURALLY OCCURING PLANT!”… that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. A) all plants are “naturally occuring” and B) there are TONS of “naturally ocurring” plants that kill rabbits.

    Are you really going to go wandering around in a forest and start eating plants because they can’t possible hurt you since they are “naturally ocurring”?

    Bunnies can’t eat a lot of things that you or your cat or rat or gerbil might be able to (just like I’m sure bunnies can probably eat things that might make your cat or gerbil or other pet ill). There’s a lot of misinformation about buns and people often assume rabbit food = any plant. So bun owners (like me) tend to get concerned – especially because plenty of rabbit owners don’t know this stuff and accidentally kill or hurt their buns. My vet told me it’s a big problem.

    It’s still a totally cute picture because any bun picture is cute and then a bun eating is ten times cuter (the way the veggies just kind of splay out and slowly dissappear as they are snorfled into the bun’s mouth is adorable) and buns eating AND looking at the camera like maybe they’ve been caught eating something – triple threat super-cute!

  200. re: Various of the 862 comments above- I guess I understand why there were multiple “THC not the same as toxicity” yet there were still more “It only has x thc! It can’t hurt them!”; not that logic always matters in arguments 😉

    re: Toxicity in general- one of those side stories- I know one big lab who ate a pound of [poisonous] chocolate and was totally fine; and a gynormous husky-ish dog who somehow ate a pound of chocolate-covered espresso beans, acted like he had a hangover for a few days, but no lasting damage- that was years ago, he’s still fine. Other dogs might not be as lucky, but at least getting into something they shouldn’t- and I don’t advocate leaving boxes of chocolate in doggy reach, or bags of pot in bunny reach- isn’t a necessary gaurantee of bad things happening.

    re: photo- CUTE!!

  201. Theo….thanks for your welcome to the internet. I am assuming you are aware of the 2nd rule of the internet? If you have no coherent argument of your own, attack the poster rather than the argument.

    As I had asked for scientifically validated information, I have done the work for you.

    Below find abstracts from 2 papers on the USA’s national library of Medicine’s journal abstract service, PubMed on the effects of Delta-9-Tetrahydroxycannabinol on rabbits:

    As you can see both of these do infact show some toxicity in rabits, but not at a huge level, certainly 100mg/Kg body mass, shows no serious effects on the rabbits based on subcutaneous exposure for 28 days of sequential daily dosing.

    The sites claiming toxicity seem to be based on a study from 1938 on toxicity in rabbits based on exposure to highly purified canabinoid extract (not necessarily pure THC). Reference from the archive of the Journal of Biochemistry:

    It seems likely, based on this, that constituents of Cannabis leaf, are indeed more toxic to rabbits than they are to people or rats. However, I am unable to find relative LD50 values and as such am unable to discuss relative toxicity.

    It should also be noted that everything is toxic taken in a high enough dose. For instance sugar (sucrose) has an oral LD50 of around 29700 mg/Kg of body mass.

    If you are going to argue at least argue on the points raised rather than resorting to calling people n00bies. It doesn’t make you look clever.

    On a side note to follow up on Marisa’s point, just because something is natural does not mean it’s safe…Deadly Nightshade and Hemlock are both natural, both will also very effectively kill you if you eat them. Natural does not equal safe.

  202. That doesn’t look like any cinquefoil I’ve ever seen, care to slap a scientific name on that plant?

    Posted by: botanically curious | Jul 08, 2006 at 01:17 PM

    Certainly! The leaves of Potentilla Recta look like that, as do the leaves of Potentilla Reptans, although Reptans’ leaves are a bit more rounded. “Rough-fruited” Cinquefoil (Recta) can often have 7 leaves per stalk, and can aslso be known as “Septfoil” .
    Most of the Potentilla have leaves that look similar.

  203. … I really want that half-hour of my life back.

  204. Smitty, nicely done. Very well constructed. I certainly won’t be feeding controlled substances to our rabbit, be they “natural” or lab-synthesized, now or ever.

    You’ve missed the point entirely.
    It’s a cute photo, sifted & lifted from the Wild Wild Web, with just enough of a PG-13 tweak to get folks going. And guess what? You went… for which I do thank you, by the way.

  205. (Actually, if a vet appropriately *prescribes* a controlled substance for Willow the Pillow, that’s one possible exception I can think of.)

  206. Theo – Willow the Pillow is the cutest Bunny name EVER! That rocks.

    Mine are named Tom Selleck (girl – aka “tom-tom”) and Beauregard (boy – aka “Bo”)

    Also about this photo – yay lops! I hope to see more lops hitting the cute overload circuit! I will have to submit some of bo and tom-tom’s glamour shots. 😉

  207. Theo, agreed…they are super cute bunnies. I am officially standing down from narky mode.

  208. how can you find this funny?!?!

  209. The bunnies are so stoned!!!!

    Check out my roommates cat!

  210. Oh, good Christ on a cracker…

    [Stomping across hall, knocking on door]

    Theo, Lohan Retardo is doing it again!

  211. Yes he is. But there’s no doubt now that he’s a “he” and not a “bot” so… hmm.

  212. Rise up this mornin
    Smiled with the risin’ sun
    Two little buns
    Each by my doorstep
    Singin sweet songs
    Of melodies pure and true,
    “This is my message to you-ou-ou”

  213. emily-jade says:

    omg that is so discrasfull… there rabbits eating dope that is so yuk fucking hell how can u let your animals do that and all the people that think its funny are fuck heads

  214. not harmful. stop overreacting.

  215. you people are all idiots if you think that picture is funny,you are all sick people,and that is cruelty to animals,you demented f***heads

  216. Doodalalala says:

    I can’t quite word this correctly, but what i MEAN is– Jesus H, get real, people. THAT’S NOT MARIJUANA. And even if it WAS, do you not think that animals in the wild don’t eat mary-jane in the wild? It’s not a biggie. But whatevs, ‘coz I’ll eat my own foot if those perfectly shaped, HUGE green plants are marijuana. Seriously.

  217. Doodalalala says:

    Yeah… and even if it is, it’s just leaves. Not buds. Breathe, people. Breathe.

  218. Ok, so I went back to this a few weeks after it posted just to see how everything conspired, and geez! Do I sense a little mob mentality? I think I do. Just goes to show…#1: You can’t believe everything you see.
    and #2: Too much of a good thing can be very bad!

  219. trainprincess says:

    lmfao , well it is green and they say dark green awww vegs are good for buns , this is now my new desktop back ground lol

  220. Totally agree… I’m in australia and at one stage we were having trouble here with the rainbow lorikeets because they kept getting hit by cars and killed.

    The reason- they were all on the ground eating the mangos that had fallen off the tree then fermented…

    that’s right people, drunk lorikeets stumbling onto the road and squished by cars.

  221. it’s not a problem…. I can quit whenever I want to! I just don’t want to….

  222. ShineyPoop says:

    wow. I can’t even believe how crazy these comments got.

    i agree with the people who say chill out. it’s a picture…and it’s hella cute.

    yay. I’m the last comment!

  223. Is that so…?

  224. This is horribly sad. Lots of plants are poisonous to rabbits and I hope that these guys are OK and have found a better home with owners who will take care of them.

  225. fat freddy freak says:

    Those rabbits wouldn’t die from eating pot. Some of you folks will believe anything. No one has ever died from ingesting pot and many animals eat it in the wild. Aside from that THC is not readily soluble in anything other then oil, that’s why marinol is suspended in sesame oil. That would do nothing to them and were they to come across it in the wild they would eat it. They are not so senseless as to eat things that will kill them to begin with. They have survived in the wild w/o eating death caps and poison ivy you know.

  226. Chinchillazilla says:

    I have a plant that looks vaguely potlike. It’s not pot. All my friends think it’s hilarious when they come to my parties, though…

  227. rabbits sneak into cannabis patches all the time where it grows in the wild. they love it. there is hardly any thc in the leaf matter so no one needs to cry about it. Instead of worrying about this guy being cruel to an animal (which is pretty far fetched to think) you should think about all that draino that youve been dumping down the drains because that is far more cruel..

    maybe you are only going to poison the ocean and the soil. kill a few worms or some starfish. maybe youll get lucky and only kill an ant but your [blah blah swear swear – Ed.] so please dont rant.

  228. look at the stems.. also the contrast of the top and underside of the leaf.

    the amount of leafs on the fan is consistant and the fans alternate rather than having 2 fans per node meaning this plant was probably flowering.

    ..I wouldnt be surprised if the bunnies got into themselves. rabbits mice and deer are the most common marijuana pests. deer will eat the whole plant all the way to the ground.

    They probably are just wondering how they got so lucky to find such a tasty treat

    it looks like mj to me