Debauchery Friday: Breakfast of Champions 2

First, there was Breakfast of Champions with that lil’ Diet Coke-swigging Lab. NOW, we have an even better way to start the day. Obvy, it’s time for this Lil’ gal to chug-a-pug.


I didn’t mean to make that pun, Julie S., I swear. It’s all the commenters fault for starting the pun wars! I’m INNOCENT!!!



  1. glug glug

  2. HEY FINN!!

  3. awwwwww! Schmoopie!!! sooooo cuuuute!
    My dog would have had that bottle knocked over & emptied! When he was a pup he would try to knock my drink out of my hand to get it. Little boozehound!

  4. shoddygirl says:

    good lord in heaven, she is just too frickin’ cute!!!

  5. he’s all, like, THAT BREWSKIE LOOKS GOOD!! I WANT IT!! but i can’t get it… 😦

  6. Deckard Canine says:

    I guess Red Dog is too macho for this one.

  7. I hate to double-post, but I apologize for calling Miss Brewskiegal a male.

  8. Chug-a-pug?

  9. Animal abuse!!! Pugs should NEVER drink beer!! This photo is obviously supporting the cruel and inhumane act of giving your dog an intoxicating beverage. This will lead thousand of pet owners all over the world to do the same, resuling in the collapse of civilized society. I demand that it be removed immediately!

    (oh, and very cute pug)

  10. it’s beer! hooray beer!

  11. i thought pugs were strictly into vodka? oh wait, that’s me. if only he had thumbs! and a stogie!

  12. This is what I had to im my coworker:

    “ack! pug pic on cu!! omg! i’m seriously!!”

    I was overwhelmed.

  13. you guys r silly says:

    look at the
    on her little face….
    see the
    with which she cradles the bottle in her widdle arm…
    kinda reminds me of my ex…

  14. hehe, she looks like she thinks her tongue is gonna get some of that beer foam! That look of anticipation on her face!
    Oh, and…animal cruelty, AND I think it was photoshopped. :^ P

  15. you guys r silly says:

    DEFINATELY photoshopped.
    puhleeze…how else would a picture like this ever be remotely possible otherwise?!
    and DEFINATELY cruel too. Someone rescue that poor beer immediately!!!
    (here…pass it over to me — I’ll protect it…)

  16. That pretty much sums up my holiday week! That adorable little guy has the right idea…

  17. Ah! It’s a little gal. Even cooler…

  18. SuHouLadoo says:

    Ah, there’s nothing like a nice Pug of Beer on a warm summer day…

  19. must. tip. gently.

  20. you guys r silly says:

    A *FROSTY* Pug of Beer is even better!


  22. abbynormal says:

    Anyone check that dogs ID?

    And, Meg, (chug-a-pug)you crack me up.

  23. [covers bottle-mouth with thumb]
    [shakes brewski vigorously]
    [schpritzes Ceebs and YGRS most thoroughly]
    [also sprays Thinker, because, y’know, what the hey]

    [then nods & toasts Miss KnowItAll/Ulla Inga for NOT hollering “FIRST!!!!”]


  24. Finn… it was this little puggie, went to market?
    [so confuzzled]

  25. all riiiight…
    this eau de Cerveza drives all the men wild… I’m leaving work early & walking thru a construction site with my new perfume!

  26. BEER + PUG –> B PEE RUG


  27. tiny curled tail! <3

  28. OH MY GOD!! What a cute little snookums pie!

    I can’t believe how adorable that little pug is!

    I swear, that is THE CUTEST picture I have seen on this website so far!

    Definitely my favorite!!

  29. Yet another disgusting example of the alcohol industry using cute to sell beer to children…er, adults, I mean. We’re all *adults* here.

  30. beer makes you beautiful, redzilla.

    i saw so on the telly.

  31. you guys r silly says:

    Could I also be slapped with some pudding skin???
    Do you mean “mentally” or “physically”???

  32. Woods Walker says:

    At least the pup has better taste than a lot of people I know. German bier makes American beer taste like dishwater in comparison. That spelling for German bier is the proper German spelling. I was over there for a few years and know from experience. Macho by the way has the meaning of a smelly,stupid , old mule.-Woods Walker

  33. Nice, Woodsey. I’d say this calls for a bit of lyrical revision…

    Hee! Haw! Hee hee haw!
    Smelly, stupid mu-ule
    I’ve got to be, a stupid mule
    Smelly, stupid mu-ule
    I’ve got to be smelly!

    (Yeah. TGIF.)

  34. OMG look at the baby!! *Swoon* Pugs own my life 🙂

  35. Jan Spencer says:


  36. Just noticed the “I’m INNOCENT!!!” reference.

    Nobody believes it, Meg. Not for a second. Here, lemme get Ariel to mix you a Bunny Cream…

  37. MINE! minemineminemineminemineminemineminemine……

  38. So this is definately a lap dog. Who’s wondering where all the Red Bull went.

  39. cinnamon, or dulce de lapin?

  40. shall i rub the glass rim with cedar shavings?

  41. (Ariel — I think Meg’s out to lunch. Bother. SOMEbunny’s bound to want it, though…)

  42. A good Muslim pug does not drink alcohol. I have posted a sermon about this photo on my blog.

  43. cinnamon says:

    I don’t want it, any of it.

  44. cinnamon says:

    And furthermore, I don’t approve of it, whatever it is.

  45. now, now. it’s tasty!

  46. This BEER is making ME thirsty.
    This beer IS making me THIRSTY.
    THIS beer is making ME thirsty.
    This beer is MAKING me thirsty.

    Kramer? Anyone?

  47. Toooooongue! And how adorable is it that the puppy is smaller than the bottle? Ohgosh, tiny fuzzy love!

  48. Wow. It’s true. Beer really does make you look cute! Now I can drink without fear.

  49. Cinnamon is redonkulous. I disapprove of her. I always have.

  50. Pugsy Malone: awwww…look at this beer! I want to schnorgle it! {snorgle, snorgle}

  51. Michelle says:

    Honestly, I think the fellers would get more sentimental and romantic about this photo than they would about a girlfriend. I’m not a guy, but I know I’m in love!

  52. “Is this where everybody knows my name? Mr. Bottle, is that you? Are you Beckoning me?”

  53. My late, great sheltie liked whiskey sours.

  54. The Carnegie Mellon KGB has a Committee for Intoxicating Puppies… this was actually my fault… I’ll have to show this pic during Committee Reports.

  55. My sister’s cat loves the taste of beer–she’ll lick the bottlecaps, and would probably crawl inside the bottle itself if she could. My sister did the responsible thing then and asked the vet how much beer was too much for the cat? and was met with stunned silence…

  56. “This is NOT what I ordered! Where’s my bark-tender?”

  57. Does anyone know anyone who works in Beck’s Advertising Department, because this little gal is their newest talent… She could be bigger than the Geico Gecko! Not only do I want to smuggle and snuggle the delightful pup, I want to drink Beck’s Beer, too!

  58. PERSONALLY—and by that I mean I’m correct, and anyone who disagrees is wrong—you should have a PUGS ONLY cute page.

    check your official anecdotal evidence and you will find that pugs are unique among pets, and that there is a pug nation, or tribe if you will, far more specific, devoted, and numerous than any other single breed of pet.

    and BTW, I LOOOOOVE this site….check it each and all day.

    Meg, you are a genius, and we are all massively in your debt.

    snorg on!

  59. Set down the brewskies, people. It’s time for some Hard Hitting Questions.

  60. OK. That was just sublimely goofy.

    And that last question – well, the dog’s expression reminded me of a Certain Expression I had when I was a wee toddler. My parents would always know.

  61. Moo-Moo says:

    D’AWW!! Pug puppy so cute! I wanna cuddle the little beastie!

  62. Julie S says:

    awwww, that’s my piccie!!! The pup in question is my pug’s auntie, and the pic was sent to my by their breeder 🙂 My kids are ecstatic that it’s been posted – the “beer puppy” is their favourite pic!

  63. eep, I just noticed I got sprayed with beer by Theo.

    teho, CO must be starting to cross over into real life, because that actually happened to me last night (by mistake) when my bf opened a can of beer 😀 Scary.

  64. Eau de Cerveza!

  65. …with overtones of malt and hops.

  66. Um, I thought a ”real” breakfast of champions was a beer AND a cigarette!

  67. whitneysw says:

    Didja see this?
    My two favorite web sites are — are COMMINGLING now. FRATERNIZING. What’s next, dogs and cats, living together???

  68. That’s cute, but this is cuter

  69. That’s cute, but this is cuter

  70. Laurie C says:

    whitneysw, they’re *my* two favorite sites, too!

  71. Cute enough…and then you realize the pup is SMALLER than the beer bottle and that’s just…gawwwwww!

  72. actually ur right! it is tiny! bless! but still dogs drinking beer. hahaha!

  73. Is it happy hour already???? Save me a seat sweetie!!!!