Sure, eyes wide apart is cute, obvy, but EYES TOO CLOSE TOGETHER!? NOW WE’RE TALKING, PEOPLE!


Peter T.—Just stop it. Look at you, a prosh monkey in a hot tub—fabulous.



  1. Melissa says:

    How sweet! Look at that face. I want to give that monkey hugs! Except it might bite. 😦

  2. whoohoohoo! I sent this one in a while ago too, and I’m glad it got posted because I believe this to be the cutest. monkey. ever. With snows in his hairs.

  3. Am I the only person in the world that doesn’t think monkeys are cute? Oh well – LOVE your website.

  4. Holy eye capsules.

  5. Look at the lil earses, so far back on its head. And the lil monkey fingers!
    I think monkeys are cute, but sometimes they are a bit scary, I think because they are so human-like, yet, not! (maybe that’s why I never watched Planet of the Apes) ‘course..that didn’t stop me from having a bit of a monkey theme for my living room decor…

  6. Monk-kee-kee is contemplating the zen meaning of his pruny fingers.

  7. Great, now I have that Mon-chi-chi, mon-chi-chi, oh so soft and cuddle-ey! song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Thanks Redz. 😉

  8. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! It’s part of my plan for world domination.
    I can’t help but think that this is one reason some very conservative peoples don’t like the idea that humans might be related to monkeys. Think about it: an animal that’s born loving a HOT TUB PARTY!!! The original monkey sin…

  9. AliceTanzer says:

    Augh! Baby Japanese Snow Monkey!

  10. Shannon L. says:

    Man, normally I *hate* primates, and think they’re the farthest thing from cute…but this guy is adorable!!!

    …Look at heeeeem!


  11. adorababy says:

    baby macaque!! xoxoxo

  12. bunnajenny says:

    Just look at the teeny prosh hands, the little tiny fingers, and the most perfect manicure.

  13. I’m so not a monkey lover (also think they are a little scary–just a leettle too smart for my liking).

    But little monchichi here is too prosh. He’s inquisitive, perfectly manicured and hot tubbing. What’s not to love?

    And the ear…check it, it’s like totally just hanging out of the fuzz. Schmoopy!

  14. and snow! tufty snow on his bitty brow!


  15. Little monkey in foreground: My head is frozen and my bottom is boilin’! But I think I like it!!!

    Big monkey in background: Chill out and just glow in the warmth, man…

  16. LMAO Finn!
    Thanks for my first laff of the day! (hopefully not the last!)
    And happy monkey birthday to Dubya!

  17. Duh-bya gives evolution a bad name!

  18. Ha ha! It looks like someone’s goosing him!

  19. We need a moncheechee section…

  20. Muffin Head says:

    Arctic Cold! Arctic Cold!

  21. Michele says:

    omg monkeh! lol the snow in his hair reminds me of the hair gel joke from “theres something about mary”

  22. Love the expression, like “when will the water temperature feel comfy?!” Also? I have snow in my hair too!

  23. is that his reflection in the water or is it another moncheechee?

  24. looks like the japanese mountain monkeys in the beginning of the movie Baraka…

    It looks so thoughtful :o)

  25. Kritter says:

    And leetle tiny fingers!

  26. this monkey is exceptionally above my monkey cuteness expectance. shall i list the factors? large head, soft green eyes, fluffy fur which is slightly spiked by the snow, his ear peeking out of his fur, his wittle face, the thoughtful expression, the placement of his hands, and if you notice it looks almost like hes sucking on the side of his hand (come on, i know at least a few of you bite the side of your hand when your thinking, i do)

  27. Sno-Cone, monkey flavor.

    Finn — you know, I think I may be starting to gather just a shade of political bias…


  28. little escapes you, master.

  29. what a sweet little monkeh! so *shivers* cold….

  30. Ah, teh flattery… dry, *ironic* flattery, even…

  31. You think he is cute? Check out my roommates cat:

  32. topezno: i immediately thought of baraka, too. what a fabulous movie.


  33. Freezing the head off, and burning the -eh- behind, that’s actually quite comfortable on average.

    That’s the kind og logic you get from studying too much mathemathics, and getting too little out in the snow with one foot in a bucket of boiling water….

  34. He looks a little worried, like, “What was I thinking? When i get out of this nice warm water I am gonna freeze my heinie off, how am I gonna get to my warm little monkey house witout freezing my little monkey footies off?”

    PS Lo-Ro…get a new schtick. better yet, just schtick it!

  35. Monkeys creep me out.

  36. “Enh, oh no! I left my towel way over there!! Now whattam I gonna do?!”

  37. Patricia says:

    The look on his face reminds me of the look on my face when I am trying to remember if I turned the stove off.

  38. Hee, hee, Patricia!

    My monkeylook appears when I’m trying to remember if I shut the door (preferably with my dog on the inside).

  39. He really does seem to be doing some serious soul-searching, Patricia. That or he’s about to have an oopsie in the pool. Too cold to get out!

  40. He is worried about the girl monchichi catching a glimpse of his “significant shrinkage” when he gets out of the water!

  41. Yes, that face really has a lot of heavy-thinking attached to it. And yet, it’s a monkey! I’m guessing it’s a deelish snack he’s pondering, “do i freeze and eat? or do i sit and…stew? and why is my buddy behind me not even noticing this?!”
    Also? “I have snow in my hair!”

  42. Har har har….I had not run across Sterling the Slepper before today….but here he is again.

    The hilarity never ends around here!

    And…food fight in the next thread!!!……

  43. A cute haiku for our little friend:

    monkey in hot spring
    contemplates snowflakes falling
    cold nose, warm b*ll*cks

  44. Normally monkeys are GROSS but this one rocks

  45. hrh.squeak says:

    “Is this too much hair gel?”

  46. That is gorgeous! I love him 🙂

  47. i LOVE the pictures on c.o. to death, but i’m just realizing how much better they are with the comments! i’m lol at comments like finn’s and julie’s, and my cubey neighbors are concerned for my mental well-being.

  48. I’m in love. *swoons*


  50. Guys, PLEASE! You’re really not being very helpful!

    The slang, the french accent, and now just RANDOM LETTERS!

    OMG, WTF is a poor foreigner to do?


    Oh, no, THAT doesn’t work, either, because it’s SUNDAY and NOW what am I to do?

    ….end hysteria…

  51. Laurie C says:

    Nickole, what to do is, come over to the duckie thread and join in the alliteration. You could even show us up and alliterate in two languages.