New KittenHolder from REI

Behold the latest in summer camping gear—the KittenHolder—cradles your kitten, right where you want him, during camping trips. Kittens stay fresh in the KittenHolder, ready at a moment’s notice for snorgling by the campfire.


KittenHolder. Don’t go camping without it, Theressa L.



  1. oh – my husband and i definitly need to get one of these. we go camping every year and it would be perfect for our pups! (although, is the kitten included in the box, too?!) 🙂

  2. Such a sleepy little beverage.

  3. Oh, good. I hate it when the kitten’s all dried out.

  4. aiiieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :falls on floor:

  5. Kitteh Holder(tm) never leave camp without it.

    I’ll stop snoorgling whne I run out of kittehs!!!!

  6. awwww it should come with one of those horseshoe-shaped pillows too, for his little neck.

  7. constance says:



  8. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….. look at the teensy paws…. i just died.

  9. perfect caption! sweet sleepy tip-head kitty. for minimum spillage!

  10. …I have one of those chairs… ::eyes large, sleepy fifteen pound cat::… maybe not…


  11. I think someone’s been over-snorgling that tie tie little kitteh. Perhaps the absent camper is a kitteholic–he or she has already been through a twelve-pack this morning…

  12. Hey! There’s cat hair in my drink!

  13. punkpie says:

    I will wash his widdle nose first before snorgling… it looks like he was nosing in the dirt 😛

  14. Everyone take it slow…this is a sleeping drink.

  15. Barthex says:


  16. carbontetra says:

    The paws people! The perfect little fuzzy paws!!

  17. I’m-a gonna call… Ghostbusters.

  18. Aaaaaaaaaaaww!! I could cry!

    My GOD that is just so darn CUTE!!

    How can anything be so cute??!!

  19. makiono says:


    greeaat now that I’m a puddle… omg, could that kitten BE more photogenic?? his little head in the most perfectilicious pose… and OMG the pawz!!! the wiskers! the marmy stripeys! the… gah!!! *evaporates*

  20. This just in: Vladimir Putin (called Putka by his friends) snorgles young boy’s belly.
    And people say we’re weird.

  21. Meg, bestest comment ever! Kitteh needs a little harness with a handle so you can just pick up and *poit*

  22. Redzilla – I read that story too, and just didn’t know what to say…

  23. makiono says:

    wahahah redzilla, belly snorgle! aha.. but yeah, kinda odd to do that to a random child..

    aha, i like the article, the boy “refuses to wash his stomach” and “want’s to be president one day”. Now that’s ambition

  24. Stop it! You’re killing me, Cute Overload! *dies from the cutalicious smoothness*

  25. Aaaaaaaaack, Redzilla.

    Just aaaaaaack. And, also, what the HECK???

    Putka would be put on a list immediately here.

  26. Beauregard says:

    LOL, “SEVERELY INCONVENIENCED”!!! Barthex, you slay me!
    Seriously though peeps, this is simply insanity, especially the paws.

  27. Ohhhhhh…. kitten puuurfection… the pose, the paws….

  28. “‘There is nothing behind it’, Mr Putin told the BBC…” after peering deeply into his own navel.

  29. Sleepy kitteh! OMG… if anything would get me to camp in the wilderness, it would be this lil’ guy.

  30. GAAAH!!!!
    Too cute!

  31. This is BEYOND CUTE!! I yelled out “AWWW”, thank God no one else is in the office right now! What a sweet baby!

  32. Somehow this wasn’t how I imagined a Cat’s Cradle would look.

  33. If Putin JUST got off-line after a Cute Overload binge, I would understand.

  34. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Such a cuddly li’l kitten <3

  35. Laurie C says:

    What’s “snorgle” in Russian?

  36. LC:
    Maybe it’s “Stoli”? But that kit is such a nibbley bit – perhaps I’m thinking of something else.

  37. Zhnufnye iz nozhticle.

  38. Two Questions: (1) Can a cat “baroo”? and (2) If the answer to (1) is yes, can one “baroo” and snooze at the same time?

    These are the things that keep me up at night people.

  39. Jenn,
    1) only pooches baroo.
    2) baroo + snooze = honkshu

  40. Fuzzy math, Jaypo?

  41. I must say, I keep returning to the picture and that baby is really REALLY….well…CUTE.

    And you can just tell by looking at him that he has a fantastic personality.

  42. Little pincer paws, man. I think the cat’s actually an extra beverage cozy, for holding super teeny cups. And it’s very convenient to use — just hook a finger between its front legs and you can pull it out with a little pop! And a sleepy “mrrr?”.

  43. Fritatta says:

    forsooth, I am slain…


  44. If I buy the holder, does the kitty come with it?

  45. A Fine Morsel says:

    He needs a really tiny beer can in between his paws…

  46. If your kits you won’t shoulder
    You should buy this kitten-holder
    Keeping kitty face and paws exposed,
    Its wee body it also holds
    You might reach for this holder expecting a beer
    But wouldn’t you prefer having a kitteh near?

  47. Chantelle says:

    Aww, he looks like he used up the last little bit of his energy turning to get his picture taken and just couldn’t stay awake any longer. Sweet little kitty 🙂

  48. seriously now, how much of this are we expected to take?!?! i absolutely cannot stand how cutecutecutecute these posts are any longer!…as if the pics weren’t precious enough, Meg adds the cleverest of captions & just KILLS me……it’s just too too much……..(fades away, truly death by cute overload!)

  49. I’m not a cat person, and even I’M undone by the kitteh cuteness!

    P.S. Redzilla, don’t you think Putin wasn’t so much kissing that kid’s belly as making that motorboat mouth-fart noise? If that’s so, it makes me kinda like the guy…

  50. Um, yes. I need one. Stat. One kitten plus Kitten Holder, please.

  51. AuntieMame says:

    “Putka” (how cute is that???) was just giving the kid a zerberts. I think it’s kinda sweet.

    And if I had a KittenHolder (and a motorhome), I’d be tempted to go camping, too.

    Or not…

  52. AHA! “Zerbert”! I didn’t realize there was a word for that noise/action.

    Thanks, AM!

  53. It’s so cute it almost makes me want to go camping.. ALMOST. 😛 Kittens are awesome. I want to live in a big house and be independently weathly so I can have a bunch of cats and just play with them all day… Yeah.. I’m the crazy cat lady.

  54. yeah i doubt my 15lb marmalade would really go for that. can i supersize the kitten holder, please? i’ll pay the extra charge.

  55. I would snorgle that kitten until it came out my nose.

  56. I agree that there’s nothing wrong with zerberts! But, this is the country where a kindergartner got sent home for kissing a fellow kindergartner on the cheek!!!
    No zerberts allowed in the US of A!

  57. Nan, that is one of the best comments I’ve ever seen on CO.

  58. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “Kittens stay fresh in the KittenHolder”

    Ohm I necd one of those, my kittens keep getting stale… )-:

  59. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “Ohm I necd one of those”

    I is a gud speler…

  60. **sigh** :THUD:

    Whew! Now that I got that over with…If my dogs would let me, I’d have a little marmalade kitteh snuggled up under my chin right now.

    And you know, if Putka was lining up boy bellies to snorgle in his bedroom and got caught, then I’d have a problem with it. But he was out in the open, in front of adults if not the boys parents even, so I’m sure it’s innocent enough. I nibble random baby toes…in public…

  61. Snorgling – is this perhaps a new trend in geopolitical affairs? Send Putka to North Korea and this whole missle thing will be over with one good snorgle on Kim Jong Il’s tummy. All he really wants is some wuvin’…

  62. I want the Bunny Snorgle™ model.

    ( )
    ” “

  63. BenPanced says:

    Kitteh seepy-pie. Go night-night.


  64. lauowolf says:

    Poor baby.
    Whatever he did to get his nose so dirty just tired him all out.
    Luckily they had this handy kitten holder, so he doesn’t get dusty all over when he sleeps.

  65. Yes, AmyH–brilliant! Let’s hold six-party snorgling for Kim Jong-Il.

  66. Should this be our next T-shirt? “baroo + snooze = honkshu” (per Jaypo!)

  67. Fritatta says:

    Meg–YES! I’m in!

  68. Er, Meg… I think there’s still quite a number of folks (myself included) who still await a T with the yin-yang kittens rendered upon it.
    [arches one eyebrow]

    Need me to knock something together, maybe? In the same style as the World Peace Hamster?

  69. Christine says:

    Oh. My. Goodness.
    Where can I get one?!

  70. I …. can’t … take … one … more … cute … oh … dear glorious heaven, NO!!!!

    … )))brain oozing from ears(((

  71. ka9q's wife says:

    Theo has no one ever told you the four gypsy laws?
    *in bad eastern european accent*

    Number 1 gypsy law….don’t go there.

    number 2 gypsy law…if you must go there. Don’t take me with you.

    number 3 Gyspy law, very very important law…don’t visualize.

    Number 4 gypsy law….the most important gypsy law…if you must visualize, only in claymation, and it squeaks.

  72. ka9q's wife says:

    I am going camping next month for three weeks. I am sure i need one of these for those nights around the fire.
    As for Putka, He is my new hero. If i spoke more Russian I would move there and vote for him.

  73. hrh.squeak says:

    “Now I snuggle down to sleep
    In KittenHolder, fresh to keep
    If you should snorgle, I may wake
    But sleepy sounds is all I’ll make!”

  74. hrh.squeak says:

    ps Yay! to Putka! A zerbert in every pot(belly)!

  75. Dear REI,
    I’m writing about my newly purchased KittenHolder. The packaging states that the KittenHolder will keep my kitten fresh and ready for a snorgle at a moment’s notice. I’m afraid I might be doing something incorrectly. You see, when attempting to place my kitten in the KittenHolder, I found it difficult to get more than his hind paw in the allotted space. Attempting to stuff all 20 pounds of him into the KittenHolder proved impossible and I’m afraid I did not fare any better with my 13 pound kitten.

    Is this perhaps an example of user error? Should I coat the kittens in butter before attempting it again?

    Perhaps the KittenHolder should come with a sizing chart? Or maybe with its own designated KittenHolder-sized kitten?

    I will hold off on anymore attempts until I hear back from you. I have to wait for the stitches to come out anyway.

    Ms. Pants

  76. Ka9q’s Schmoop — “if you must visualize, only in claymation, and it squeaks.”
    LOL. LMAO. Prancing sweet-potato rofflecopters.

    Ms. Pants — I will look up an industrial-strength hammock for you, but right now I must run to a meeting…

  77. Thees keety ees deevine! AHA! *falls over*

  78. gridskipper says:

    can anyone else still see the photo!? it seems to have disappeared!

  79. Ms. Pants, that made my morning.

  80. lauowolf says:

    He’s still there.
    I woke up this morning and thought maybe I’d just dreamed it all.
    (“and you were there, and you were there, too….”)

    But there really IS a kitten in a kitten-holder up there.

    Gotta go by REI and see what they are up to these days, cos I’ve got my dividend to spend, and this sure beats out freeze-dried spaghetti.

  81. you guys r silly says:

    If the Kitteh Holder Chair was advertised as
    *CATisfaction Guaranteed*
    maybe you could get your

  82. Kirakira-Tenshi says:

    OMG*SNORGLE* !!!!!! KITTEHS! KITTEHS GA DAISUKI! GIMME I WANT ONE! pretty fu, come here, I need to snorgle you….

    ….what amazes me is how tiny his (or her) ittty bitty body must be to fit into tht thing.

  83. That’s just rediculous. That can’t exist. It’s too much of the wonderfulness at once. Love.

  84. omg…i can’t take it…this is TOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!