Eight is Enough!

Sender-inner Karla didn’t say how the photo below came to be, but she did add this important information:

1. "OH… MY… GOD!!!!  don’t you just want to put them in your mouth!? times 8!"

I can only hope that the "Tom Bradford/Dick Van Patten" dog sucessfully rounds up "David", "Mary", "Joanie", "Susan", "Nancy", "Elizabeth", "Tommy" and of course, "Nicholas" successfully.


Cheep cheep, Karla!



  1. oooh! Snacks!

  2. AuntieMame says:

    Did one of the little chicklets fall into the inkwell or something?

  3. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    It looks like a penguin chick got in there somehow

  4. Too cute!
    The little penguin looks like it’s a-gonna poo.

  5. Penguin chick!

  6. AuntieMame says:

    And the little one on the right is sure making up to the camera.

    “I’m ready for my closeup now.”

  7. Penguin chick is The Cutest! Dog is Puzzled – but clearly doing its best to keep the herd together.

  8. Courtney says:

    I would like to see a video where the dog carefully touches each chick with his black nose. 🙂

  9. Awww, I love the li’l linux chick!

    They are all absolutely adorable, though 🙂

  10. Aw, golden retriver becomes Mother Hen. I love cross-species adoption!

  11. Luv mah peeps.

  12. Dog is thinking “mmm, tapas!”

  13. SandyCat says:

    The dog looks so much like it’s going to snorgle the one on the far right. And how cute would that be? I would die. Times 8.

  14. If that dog can scoop up all of those chickies at once, it would certainly be a Cheep Trick.

  15. 8 chicklets on white carpet…oh my. Maybe the dog is trying to shepherd them to the bathroom? LOL

  16. the one on the far right looks like it’s gonna strut.. peep peep!

  17. the chick right in the middle – to the left of the spotty one – has such an awkward stance. i lurve it! okay, maybe they all do, but this one is particularly cute to me. okay, wait – maybe they all are. oh whatever – i just want to grab all of them up and sqeesh them – so cute!!

  18. Yes, I definitely want to put them in my mouth. I used to have lil fuzzy chickies made of pipe cleaner or something like it, and I most assuredly put THOSE in my mouth. Mayhaps I was a crocodile mommy in a former life.

  19. Little peepies! I can hear them now.

  20. Dog thinking: “I was just sure the vet said I WOULDN’T be able to have chickens after that surgery. Hmmmm.”

  21. StormCat says:

    Peeeepers Creeeepers
    Where’d you get your cheepers
    Peeeepers Creeeepers
    Where’d you get those eyes???

    hee hee

  22. you guys r silly says:

    ooh-ooh-ooh—- I want the little cream-filled chocolate one!!!
    (looks quickly left-right over both shoulders – scoops the yummy peep up gently and *POP*s em into her mouth…)
    (looks around nonchalantly to make sure no one else noticed and tries to * whistle * innocently * but it’s impossible to do that with wee penguin chick in her mouth…)

  23. There always have to be a black sheep, or chick or whatever. That way the others knows they’re the good ones. Or better than the black one, anyway. A little hard on the black one, but there you go.

  24. Lol, I would *lurv* to hear the story on this picture! Espesh what kind of bird the little *penguin* chick is. Tooooo cuuuuuute!!!

  25. for the love of all things fluffy! my head’s a’sploded.

  26. Dog: “What happened to my omelette?”

  27. You can’t make an omelette without breaking some – no, wait…

  28. Second from the left…. poor thing was born without a face. And it’s cute anyways!
    Fourth from left is channeling owl.
    The little penguin is def in poop-stance.

  29. Awww, Peeps!
    And a lovely Toffee dog with his peepers on the peeps!

    It’s amazing to me that within a week them little fluffballs will be growing feathers!

  30. Why is that one wearing a tux?


  32. And the one on the far right – it’s robotic…it’s coming right at us…RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!

  33. I guess he just felt uncomfortable walking aroud naked, zelda. A chick’s got his pride, you know.

  34. a chick magnet would be helpful here.

  35. And a shout out to my peeps!

  36. Let’s make a chick flick!

  37. citizen says:

    I think that dog is a peep dog. and yes, i also want to put them in my mouth.

  38. Nickole, that one looks quite dashing, if you ask me. Hmmm, quite a ladie’s man.

  39. “So this is what a pack of Chicklets looks like? And I’m supposed to chew them? Not likely – they don’t even look cinnamon flavored!”

  40. Is someone gonna make hummus when the chick peas?
    mmm…now I’ve got a hankerin for fluffel, too!

  41. Ceebs:
    That’ll happen only when the pitalks.

    That was a falawful thing for me to say, too.

  42. They’re very cute, but I do NOT want to put any of them in my mouth. I’ve cleaned up after birds. I know what birds do, exactly when you don’t want them to.

  43. Rich Fader says:

    …Make way for chicklings.

  44. Eight little chickies, all in a row
    One is black and the rest are yell-OW
    The dog rounds them up like tiny sheep
    “OMG! LOL! Peep-peep-peep!”

    /sorry. really, seriously, sleep deprived right now.

  45. Thinkie – I HAVE no excuse:

    “But the dog’s never had such a task before
    As soon as he gets one, the rest run for the door
    After he’s reconciled with his defeat
    They all return to taunt him: PEEP PEEP PEEP!”

  46. yay. now I don’t feel so bad. thanks, Aubrey.

  47. I dare because I care.

  48. I stare because… DAY-uhm.

  49. I *need* penguin-chick. (And yes, he looks like he’s in perfect poo position!)

  50. oh god, this site is the best therapy. Aubrey, you made me snort out loud!

    And penguin chick isn’t pooping i don’t think, he’s balancing people! “weeeey, wooooh” can’t you just see him tipping forward and then back and then forward until he falls flat on his fuzzy little neb?


  52. Common sense caption:
    (Dog is thinking) “Hmmmm which one can I chomp before my dumb human catches on?”

    The photo reminds me of when I went to a “game bird” farm to buy a pair of baby quail because I think quail are so cute and I wanted one, and another to keep it coimpnay while I was at work.
    Farm person leads me to a big barn where they had the incubators. “There should be some hatching right now”.
    I followed him into teh barn and an adorable dog came along with us. The dog gazed up at the incubator — which had these sort of shelves with baby quail eggs and hatchlings. I thought “How sweet, a loving mamma dog”, then the man slide a shelf out so that I coudl see the newly hatched babies, and as I watched, melted by the cuteness of fuzzy babies bopping around excitedly, one errant babe leaped off the side of the tray and the dog snapped quickly — *crunch crunch crunch* — and looked up again, expectantly.
    I was aghast, and looked at the man, with all the shock and horror showing, I’m sure, in my eyes and hanging-open mouth. He shrugged and said “We have more than we can sell anyway?”

    Dogs are dogs and cross species friendships usually onlywork when its predator-predator (like dog-grown cat), or prey-prey… but predator-prey usually ends up with some form of sadness.

    I know I’ll get flamed for this, because this site is, after all, about a cute fix, not reality, but I’m one of the people who like to inject a little balance, once in a while.

    The dog and the chicks are all adorable — I truly hope everything stayed/stays safe and happy!!!

  53. Laurie C says:

    zenamarie, no flame, I think you had a good observation. And the story show that nature is nature, doesn’t always behave in the ways we think are moral. Too bad for the little quail, but the dog was being a dog and I kind of had to laugh a bit at the “got any more?” look I could visualize on his face. His Peeps just aren’t the marshamallow kind.

  54. E Collision etal – re “perfect poo position!” No, no, no – it’s, “How humiliating…they told me it would be a ‘formal dress’ party”…