Between a couch and a hard place

I cannot catch a break in this house. Everywhere I go, I stumble on pink dog toys and skateboards and Chihuahuas in MegaSaucers—it’s ridiculous! I’m just…. gonna… close me eyes for…a beet…zzz.


Nikki A.—nice work, Girl.



  1. shhhhhhh……she’s sleeping

  2. Christabel says:

    Wook at the pink nose.

  3. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    sheesh I’m beat

  4. Sssssssshhhnooorrrkkkk…

    Those are some SERIOUSLY wide-set ears.

  5. This is the ultimate kitty perch…the great outdoors on one side and the living room on the other. Kitty is the master of all he surveys – when he can keep his eyes open.

  6. I want to nuzzle its forehead…

  7. caitlin says:

    omg, look how round the head is!

  8. Ooooooooh! Heath Bar Tabby!! (Tabico?)

  9. kittin’ ain’t easy…but somekitteh gots to do it *said in best kitteh-sleeping whisper*

  10. Gum drop nose! *sigh

  11. You think he is cute? Check out my roommates cat:

  12. tabico kitteh! tabico kitteh! mwah!

  13. Kitty nigh nigh.
    Honk shuuuuuu!

  14. No offence or anything, but I’m getting kind of tired of “sterling, the bag-*slepping* cat”.

  15. Aww….I wanna kiss that forehead and nibble on kitty ears. Cutie pie!

  16. I’m thinking Lohan Roberto is either a copy-and-paste link whore, or a spambot. Either way I’m pretty sure that all “he” is trying to do is leech traffic from Cute O to his own site.

    Got anything to say to that, “Lohan Roberto”? Because you’re very close to being banned & having all your comments purged.

  17. That looks like one tired kitty! It’s amazing how kittens always find the cutest ways to sleep.

  18. Sic, Theo. Grrrrrr…

  19. Laurie C says:

    Nickole, we can march with Theo on the banning mission. You hold the torch, I’ve got the pitchfork. And we can pack a picnic!

  20. Oooh, will there be pudding??

  21. Ponygirl says:


  22. (BTW… since all these LR “zxocuteboy” links really are of a cat vid, and seem to mostly appear in posts about cats, I’ve been holding back. Up to now.)

  23. Laurie C says:

    Until we meet up with the Pudding Defense League from the other thread, and they liberate our pudding cups.

    (To secretly eat themselves.)

  24. Tony James says:

    Careful with the pudding, though – as Snooch discovered today, things are not always as they appear…
    [da poor widdle snoochiekins]

  25. (To secretly eat themselves.)
    Laurie C: something about that seems just plain wrong.

  26. Gah! Now I want Eben & Snooch toys!!!!

  27. Oh yes, Laurie, can we can we can we?

    I just love a good oldfashioned burn-the-witch-picnic like mother used to have them! But with chocolate, not pudding, I think. You’re safe with chocolate.

  28. “…close me eyes for…a beet…zzz.”

    “WAIT – do I smell Febreeze?”

  29. Laurie C says:

    Chocolate. Yes. Forever and ever. Amen.

  30. Ahhhhh, chocolate…..

  31. Awww….. tweet baby… wanna kiss the nose….

    And can I just say that I pray for a cat like Eben one day!


    Instead of the 12 ounces semisweet chocolate + 4 ounces unsweetened chocolate, I recommend substituting 16 oz. bittersweet chocolate (and look for Guittard… mmmmmm).

    I may not eat much chocolate, but I *do* appreciate the good stuff (in small doses).

  33. Mr/Ms Tabico has some wonderful, hang-glider ears. New breed? Domestic Bat-eared Tabico?

  34. That’s cute

  35. Oooooh it’s a sweepy calico tiger babeh wid a widdle pink nosicle! Definitely a Ms. with the orange in the color mix…

  36. Laurie C says:


    “(To secretly eat themselves.)
    Laurie C: something about that seems just plain wrong.”

    You’re right, I actually thought about it. Is it “eat *for* themselves”? One doesn’t eat for oneself, though, one just eats. So confuzzled…

  37. Theo, I see your FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO CAKE WITH RASPBERRY SAUCE and raise you Chocolate Truffle Loaf with Raspberry Sauce

    I could eat this whole damn thing myself!

  38. Muffin Head says:

    Ahhhh…the mew of tie-tie..

  39. Arbed — similar concept. Do try the Epicurious/Bon Appetit recipe sometime, though, and use the spendy chocolate.

  40. Tony James says:

    “Nyam nyam nyam, someone spilled gooshy food on the carpet… “

  41. Theo, is it only with chocolate that you want the good stuff in small doses – but when you want whacking big hunks of fabulous things you come to Cute Overload?

    And no chocolate for me, make mine PIZZA.

  42. Re: Pudding.

    Now, I’m the biggest chocolate fan ever. Really. But for some reason, when it comes to pudding, I’m a butterscotch girl.

    Also, I see your fancy chocolate raspberry dessert thingies and raise you a strawberry rhubarb pie, made from scratch by yours truly this past weekend.

  43. Eh- I’m confused!

    How did this become a recipe contest?

    What happened with the promise of torches and banning and general aggression?

  44. Laurie C says:

    Nickole, just another day on Cute Overload. Digressions rule!

  45. Digression and Digestion!

  46. I’ll bring the matches and the napkins.

  47. “What happened with the promise of torches and banning and general aggression?”

    It all fades into oblivion when confronted with any proportion of fat/butter, sugar, salt, flour, and sometimes, chocolate. Sweets are what civilized the world! See how quickly you gave up LR’s cut-and-paste whoring for CO’s cute-and-pastry?

  48. AlinaBeans — we still have the raspberry/rhubarb cookie bars (to be eaten with spoons) that Mon Schmoop made for the 4th, otherwise I’d totally be jealous.

    Aubrey — re: dosage? Yer damn right; re: pizza overload? Yeah, me too.

    Nickole —
    [catapults a sporkful of butterscotch pudding with eerie accuracy]

  49. Oh yeah! It’s war, now? Finally!

    [Pours hot chocolate on the fire]

  50. Jaypo — “cute-and-pastry” — teh brillz!

  51. Oh wait. War. Oops. Sorry.
    [brandishes spork with gutteral atavistic scream]

  52. [pauses in war-mongering for a quick spellcheck]

  53. Oh no, this is no good! I can’t win the war when all I’ve got is chocolate wrappings!

  54. Diane N says:

    Ahh, there’s nothing like the smell of napalm and–butterscotch?–in the morning! Or the midafternoon, for that matter…

  55. Diane N says:

    But, ummm, pudding warriors?? DON’T WAKE THE KITTEH!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Yeah, Theo, I thought they looked similar, but I just *know* mine would be better, that’s all……

  57. Laurie C says:

    Nickole, you put out the fire. Now we can’t see where we’re go—-(bump)

  58. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Toooo.. cuuuuuute… can’t…
    **brain explodes**

  59. Wait, LaurieC, I just stepped in something yucky…[splot, splot, splot] Where are you?!

  60. Try as I might, I’m just not good at making war. I see that now. No weapons, and no lights.

    General Tacticus preserve me! I haven’t got any sense for tactics myself.

  61. pudding.

  62. Laurie C says:

    Over here, jaypo, patting the kitty.

  63. Bridget says:

    I just got sleepy looking at that picture.

  64. “What’s that Private? Stop gibbering, man, what did you see out there? What are they using for ammo? They’re using what? CAROB????”

  65. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!
    They’re on to our ammo! And I’ve put out the lights. AND eaten all the chocolate! Whatever shall we do?

  66. Fritatta says:

    Carob? That is truly scary. No way they’ll win, though, if we’ve got teh deadly chocolate/strawberry rhubarb/butterscotch pudding ammo on our side.

  67. Well I’ve got a flashlight, but apparently it’s not puddingproof.

    We may need to wake the tabbico kit after all. Reflective retinas, y’know.

  68. So what you do, see, is grab a handful of miniature chocolate chips, see, and mix ’em into the pudding ammo. Splotch*Ping! They won’t know what hit ’em! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[ahem]

  69. Oh no! That’s cheating, that is!

    Waking the kitten, indeed. Better do die with honor, than win in shame.


  70. I have a weapon that will defeat even the most subversive pudding: low fat milk.

  71. Isn’t that contrary to the Godiva Conventions?

  72. Laurie C says:

    And the code of the Obese Squirrel?

  73. you guys r silly says:

    does anyone here PREFER the
    (that forms on the top of cooked pudding as it sitting/cooling…) over the actual pudding itself???
    At my house, we used to fight over who got the skin…and this has also been a lively office debate topic from time to time …
    * drools * …..
    * yum * ……
    * PUDDING * SKIN *….
    (ok…back to your war now.)

  74. you guys r silly says:

    eeek Aubrey — NO!!!
    SHUN the dreaded low-fat milk when you’re making comfort food like pudding!!!

  75. YGRS — we avoid the whole issue, usually. We make Crème Brûlée — and I get to use the BLOWTORCH.

  76. Theo, LC:
    True, but all bets were off when stainless steel bolts sprang through the representative’s cheeks after the ceremonial Choc Chew.


  78. (sorry about that; I have MPT)

  79. Laurie C says:

    Cruncy Frog!

  80. Laurie C says:

    Oops. Can I borrow an “h”?

  81. Pudding skins I know nothing about, being as I don’t eat pudding much. But chicken’s skin is definitely better than the chicken itself!

    Not cute chicken’s skin, like the ones posted here, obviously, but the dead, headless ones you get in the store. THEIR skin, is what I mean. I woudn’t eat CUTE chickens. Not me!

  82. misschelley says:

    most of what has been going on is contrary to the godiva conventions: pouring hte chocolate on the fire at the first sign of conflict?! who elisted that person! “better to die with honour than win with shame’? better to die with chocolate than….

  83. [insert pukey noises here] Pudding skin?? [more pukey noises] PUDDING SKIN??? YGRS, I may never be able to call you Admiral again! 😉

  84. [more pewky noises] AUBREY!! Somebody!! Please, anybody out there I need cream-on-the-top…plleeease…or a pudding skin…

  85. JP:
    Really, now. I would think that for purists, pudding on whipped cream, or anything for that matter, would be considered a skin.

  86. I meant on the low-fat milk. Icky!

  87. The Guy Over There says:

    “Meow… meow… Meow! Fat squirrels stealing my Fancy Feast! Chinchillas taking over the world! Sexy chicken! Meow…! It’s a nightmaaaare!”

  88. you guys r silly says:

    arbed!!! arbed!!!
    Do I know you from stuffonmycat????????

  89. OMG, she looks just like my tabico!

    What’s w/ all the pudding talk?

  90. Seeing the strawberry, chocolate, butterscotch, and rhubarb stains on the walls and floor of C.O., I realize my horrendous meeting has caused me to miss the Great C.O. Food War. Dammit!

  91. Alina:
    It was savage – the war to end all wars. It was pudding. The dessert to end all meals.

  92. Sarcasta says:

    You just KNOW that this little kitteh will wake up and do the saucer eyes like on Shrek 2, and everyone will immediately stop the food war and focus on said aforementioned kitteh, blurting out “ooohs” and “aaahs” and their sporks will fall from slack hands and go skittering across the floor, under the sofa, for kitteh to later lick clean with her pink raspy tongue.

    They have superpowers. And they know it. And they use them against us for their own gain.

  93. [Opens door, peeks inside, views puddles of pudding, rhubarb, crumbs, and chips, bodies in deep diabetic comas]

    “I’m not cleaning THIS up. No, sir…”

  94. BenPanced says:

    Okay, you had me at “pudding” and I’m willing to join your noble cause, but I have just one question: IS THERE WHIPPED CREAM INVOLVED?

    And I bet if you reached over and skritched teh kitteh earz, she’d make one of those adorable “prrt?* sounds, look up at you with a slightly annoyed look, and start purring, anyway. JUST BECAUSE SHE CAN.

  95. YGRS – heheheh, yep you do!

  96. Jackie from Michigan says:

    *Yoda voice* Cross between tortoiseshell and Yoda he looks like! Pink nose you must look at!

  97. J. Bo — you sound like a Disapproving Rabbit.

  98. you guys r silly says:

    Arbie old chap!!!
    Is that you???

  99. Heehee – nuh uh YGRS! Wrong sex even. I don’t comment all the time, but you would definitely know my name from there……..

  100. cute. Reminds me of a post I made, put the kitten was laying on a peice of yarn!

  101. you guys r silly says:

    “wrong sex even”…oops!
    Well…whoever you are, it’s always nice to hear a friendly face!
    I’m on my way out the office door for the night now…
    Talk to you more tomorrow maybe?
    (Give me a hint…are we on the same side in the TKO/DJC war?????)

  102. Theo, I think you’ve blown JBo’s cover. No likey cats. “Monkeys creep me out.” Squirrels–no likey.

    I think JBo is a disapproving rabbit.

  103. wee honkshus. Kittehs are the Sleep Kung Fu Masters.

  104. YGRS – I’ve never formally declared myself – not even as neutral. So, I guess that’s not much of a hint. I go by a name with the initials CK. That oughta do it for you…..

  105. agh. I hate skipping a day on CO. Looks like I missed out on *another* pudding fight 😦

  106. Don’t worry – leftovers tomorrow!

  107. lauowolf says:

    Well, at least with all the full-fat pudding and whipped cream under-foot, kitty can get started on growing into her ears.

  108. Hey, hey, now.

    [Frowns, thumps foot]

    While I admit monkeys creep me out, and squirrels are indisputably evil (EVIL, I TELL YOU!), I DO like the occasional kitteh…

    …but puppies RULE!

    [Scowls, hops away]

  109. J.Bo, are you slowly aquiring The Bun Identity?

  110. Oh my goodness, she looks exactly like my kitten!

  111. ka9q's wife says:

    Melts from the over the top sweetness of this pic.

    As Cathair is a Condiment i just puddled on Stuff on my Cat now i am a puddle on Cute Overload. I think i need help for the puddling problem…sheesh people everyday i am sploding or dying or puddling.
    I’ve never been so content in my life.

  112. hrh.squeak says:


    Rice pudding? With cinnamonanmon?

  113. you guys r silly says:

    good morning arbed!
    Are you
    *Canadian Kitty*
    p.s. just recognized ka9q’s wife too! Hello Cathair is…!!!

  114. YGRS: 😉

  115. J.Bo, you cwazy wabbit.

  116. First-time poster brought out of lurkdom by the tabico; I recently acquired a lurvely wee one, and now I know what to call that type of kitteh! Yay. 🙂

  117. OK, I just couldn’t pass this one up. NEW GLOSSARY ENTRY…

  118. misschelley says:

    what is YGRS?

  119. …it’s us lazy typists shortening the screen-name “You Guys R Silly” to something quicker, MsC.

  120. misschelley says:

    thanks, theo. i didn’t think anyone would answer as the pic was posted so long ago.