The textbook perfect muzzlepuff.

The best part about this little Dewd is his muzzlepuff—it’s perfect! It’s the textbook muzzlepuff. It’s what all muzzlepuffs should shoot for. Muzzlepuffs should look at this kitten and aspire to be like him. They should shape themselves as a tribute to fine muzzlepuffery. Thank you.


Head bows to contributor Anna M. and Pang Pang’s Flickr stream ^__^



  1. Precious puff!

  2. “I can smell your thoughts.”

  3. …and, the winsome little eyeses. Begging to be squeezed, this little one is.

  4. Wow, your cuteness inspires me! I love it.

  5. A Fine Morsel says:

    He looks wise beyond his months.

  6. firesnap says:

    My heart actually spasmed and caused me pain when I saw how cute this kitten is. Thanks Cuteoverload!

  7. punkpie says:

    hooray for kittehs!!!

  8. He’s glowing with fuzzes. Amazing.

  9. Tony James says:

    Worried Old Man Kitty! Skweeeeee!!!

  10. AuntieMame says:

    “He looks wise beyond his months.”

    Months? More like weeks. Or days. 🙂

    Look into my eyes…you are getting very sleeeeepy…can opener…tuna…

  11. Kris, in New England says:

    Oh man, the eyes. Imploring, beseeching you for a snorgle. Happy to oblige


    And note the perfectly curled whiskers extending out from the muzzlepuff.

    Whole new category of cute is what this is.

  12. LOL, Fine Morsel.

  13. Now… where is that dang C.O. glossary?

  14. MaggieMoo says:


  15. Najjie — look for the “Official C.O. Glossary!” link in the left-hand margin, under More More More.

    Or just click here:

  16. deltabob says:

    Those engaged whiskers! He is definately excited about something – my Siren cat gets very similar muzzlepuff when we play with his stringy toy.

  17. KITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Jay Fry says:

    This is the kitteh version of a young Haley Joel Osment. I think it’s the eyes.

  19. Does he cross the line and possibly enter into the territory of muzzlepoof???

  20. chelsea says:

    eeeh the forehead whiskers! i can’t handle it. is it weird that i want to eat him?

  21. ***!!! THIS SHOULD BE AN R.O.C. !!!***

  22. Oh noooo! No fair getting us with the sad kitten eyes.

    “Pweese take me home. I’m ever so lonely. Mew…”

    *Reaches fuzzy little paw up.*

  23. Am I the only one who keeps thinking “Mazel tov!” when this comes up?

  24. Look at his whisky-whiskers pointing down from muzzlepuffy goodness! Sigh…

  25. Lillith says:

    AAAck, EricaE you are killin’ me over here!!

    And that sad peaked widdle kitty face is the sweetest thing evah!!

  26. sooooooooooooooooooo sweet
    puff puff puff

  27. TonyJames-said just what I was thinking. He looks like a witto old man! But so cute!

  28. Boschka says:

    snorgle the bebe….My head just exploded

    ” Clean up on aisle 3″

  29. AWWWW.
    My birthdays today.

  30. Little Grasshoper, Muzzpluff like mine requires special training and dedication. You must learn the Tao of Cuteness before you as aspirer to such heights….


  31. Baybee Mew.


  32. Happy Birthdee, Amie! This little dewd is yor present!

  33. My perfect muzzlepuff
    Will make you nuzzle stuff
    And guzzle my silly fluff.
    How? Just puzzle enough.

  34. mariser says:


    ///were you expecting some verbal showwomanship?

  35. This kitten has a Fuzz Aura. BTW, M, “mazel tov” is mos def associated with Muzzle Puff. Has to be! Heck, I said so way back when the debate first raged (over whether it was Cheek Puff or Muzzle Puff). Extreme C.O. close-up is called for here.

  36. gnatish says:

    This is such a beautiful creature. Those are the eyes of an angel.

  37. He looks like he’s saying..(in a tiny voice) “Where’s mommy??!!!” TOO CUTE!!! Love the baby! XOXOXOXOX

  38. This child is a member of the R.O.T.C: Regiment Of The Cute. Stand aside and salute to the cute!

  39. EricaE, I’m DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE cats reaching their paws up! He is SO keeeeeeute!

  40. can’t. move. away. from. screen.

  41. I call a muzzlepuff a “boof”.

  42. I lofs me dis kitteh! I want to just blow lil’ puffs of air at his lil’ muzzle puff to see the pufffluff flutter…

  43. LittleTornado says:

    This is crazy. My cat looked just like that when she was a kitten. Does anyone know what the rest of the kitten looks like?

  44. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cat Sheba has very similar markings, but she’s nowhere NEAR this adorable!

  45. AWWWWWW!! Lof the little eye baglets and the muzzlepuff is truly the envy of kings. I expect a second after that photo a barely audible *mew* presented itself for further adoration.

  46. toooooo kewwwwwwwt for words!!!!

  47. It looks like a little snorgle-able cotton ball. And THE EYES! Theee eyeeeeeeessss…..

  48. BenPanced says:

    Hmmm…suddenly, I have the sudden urge to suddenly take all my money and go down to the store and suddenly buy all the tuna and send it to the kitteh…anybody with me?

  49. Oh, for goodness sake – can you just hear yourself? Mere weakling: you’ve fallen under the kitteh’s spell – so young, yet already so powerful…hear the whiskers whisper…whiskers whisper…speaking to you…”Empty your bank account…Fancy Feast Tuna, Fancy Feast Tuna…”


  51. Tomi Hayashi says:

    I’m sorry. I feel so ashamed. But I must disagree visavis this cat’s muzzlepuffage.

    No cat or kitten can compete with THIS

    or this

    or anything else like them.

    kitties simply do not have enough muzzlepuff cuteness factor to compete with doggies.

    I’m sorry. I really am. I feel terrible.

  52. john in co says:

    What is a muzzlepuff?

  53. Laurie C says:

    john in co, see this link from the CO Glossary

  54. Every time I scroll down to this picture I wanna kiss the screen. But I don’t cuz I know I would get a face full of dust, not cute kitty face. 😦 That’s it, I am calling my friend with 15 cats….she must have added a kitten or 2 by now…need a kitty fix…

  55. Laurie C — exactly! You’ve even got the whole “page anchor included with URL” trick down.

  56. Laurie C says:

    Ah do declare, Theo, Ah don’t know nothin’ about your fancy technical jiggery-pokery, Ah only know wheah to find things.

  57. Caroline says:

    WHISKERS! =^..^=

  58. this muzzlepuff is my new obsession. i luf the muzzlepuff

  59. nevermind the source, to see muzzlepuff is to snorg muzzlepuff

  60. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Want. to . eat. kitten.