Someone call child protective services


Sure, this may not be the CUTEST image on the CuteTracker, but it might just be the funniest.


Gracias, O Great CuteTracker!



  1. OMG! Too cute!

  2. Oh STOP!
    Toooo cute!
    (me, being partial to chi-woo-woos and all!)
    (but I know he’s thinkin…get me out of this durn thing!)

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Someone is SO going to end up with their bed peed on tonight! That is one unhappy wa-wa.

  4. (chihuahua inner monologue) Now when the littlest servant is in here, she seems to be tickle happy and where are my damn cheerios?

  5. OMG!! Hilarious!

    “How do I get out of here?!”

  6. *snort*

  7. That is the damn ugliest baby I’ve EVER seen!

  8. English Police says:

    Little toepaws *kick* *kick* *kick* ehn ehn!!

  9. this image is kind of sick, bothering on animal cruelty.

  10. i love his facial expression – and his little feet! that little play thing that he’s sitting in makes his body look oh-so-round (or maybe he really is round)!! aww 🙂

  11. heheh
    I swear it’s photoshopped.
    :^ P

  12. I have 2 children and a chihuahua and have done this serveral times before. My dog hated it.

  13. Oh dear God!! What were they thinking of???!!!

    That poor dog looks miserable…

  14. English Chick says:

    How many times do I have to tell you, the BABY goes in here and I go in the basket!!!

  15. Did I leave the baby at the groomers?

  16. Does he look miserable? I don’t see it. He’s resting his head on the cushiony thing and looks pensive.

  17. Dickie Twinkles says:

    Oh dear; here we go again…the self-appointment moral police of CO *rolls eyes*
    It wasn’t a nice thing to do to stick the poor chi in there but it is not ‘sick’ and no need to exclaim ‘dear god’…I bet most of you people who act like this have never done anything to really prevent animal cruelty, ever. You’re probably dairy and meat eaters which makes you hypocrites.

  18. nightbird says:

    is it just me, or is that chi-chi wearing pajamas?

  19. nightbird,

    “is that chi-chi wearing pajamas?”

    either that or X-treme pantaloons. “chi-loons”?

  20. Is it just me, or does this look like a plump, yet happy poochie to anyone else?

  21. “My God, honey – what have we brought home? It’s a chi changling!”

  22. Oh, dee humileeation. Please, please, do not take dees picture. Please, you will be ruining my politeecal career, cherie!

  23. Fuzzybutt says:

    Look at his l’il footsies!

  24. Lol, at the ugly couch and surfboard on the wall!

  25. Whit, this isn’t HGTV. It’s CO.

  26. Am I the only one that thinks that’s GROSS? Dog junk spread out, smearing on the seat where the baby is supposed to go? EEP!

  27. Eef only ze feets could reach, you would be having ze regrets now, yes?
    Putain stupide d’appareil-photo… [le growl]

  28. Robin…what if the baby comes home with a lion cut? Hijinx ensue!

  29. I’ve heard of people treating their doggies like they were their babies, but this is ridiculous!

    PS — Whoever thought the dog junk spread out where the baby sits being gross has never had a baby with a leaky diaper after a jar of strained prunes!!

  30. “I congratulate you, Commander Bond,” came a voice from the shadows. “Those were four of my best guards you defeated.” It was not so much a voice as a wheezing electronic rasp, echoing in the darkness.

    James Bond checked the chamber of his Walther PPK. One bullet left.

    “But, alas, your heroics are too late,” the rasp continued, mocking him now. “The countdown is underway, and in moments, my missiles will spread the Mercurol X9 virus across western Europe.”

    “Turning millions of innocent people into freaks like you, I suppose?” Bond asked.

    “I prefer to think of myself as a prototype; by definition, a freak cannot be reproduced.” The voice was coming closer now, accompanied by a high-pitched mechanized hum. “But, within just one generation, my virus will produce multitudes in my image, and the next step in human evolution can finally begin.”

    “So that’s what this is all about? Making you seem normal?” asked Bond, trying to keep him talking. He raised his gun and aimed at the voice.

    “Visionaries are never normal, Commander Bond. Your so-called scientists tried to ‘cure’ me, because they lacked the vision to see my true destiny: The leader of the new human race.”

    The voice was behind him now. Bond whirled about and fired, but his last shot bounced harmlessly away in a flash of unnatural light.

    “I see you lack vision as well. How disappointing.”

    Bond lowered his now-useless weapon, and stared down at the man before him. His undersized body sat in the middle of a large motorized control console, ringed with lights and dials, his shriveled legs dangling beneath him. Behind the console was a glowing orb — the source, Bond assumed, of the energy shield that had deflected his final bullet.

    So this was him, Bond mused. His quarry was nothing but a sideshow curiosity, twisted and repulsive in both body and mind, yet this man was brilliant enough to hold an entire continent for ransom — perhaps the entire world. No wonder this little man inspired fear among those who knew of him, and why voices fell to a respectful whisper at the mere mention of the man known only as … El Chihuahua.

    “And even if you could kill me,” he rasped into his microphone, “you cannot kill destiny.”

    (Next week: The thrillng conclusion!)

  31. mariser says:


    not next week! we want the conclusion NOW!


  32. Kayte,
    Actually, I have a 3-year old, and I still think this is gross.

  33. *stands up applauding* Bravo, Not That Mike The Other Mike …hmmm your name is a bit cumbersome for effusive adulation…….


  34. More and more frequently, lately, there have been mini-threads in these comments that deserve to be turned into webcomics or Flash movies or Broadway musicals or receive any number of other treatments that are well outside of my own skill set.

    Meg, can we hire Pixar?

  35. NTMTOM:

    *bow, clap-clap.*

  36. Piggalette says:

    ” *sigh* Not again. Don’t you guys have anything better to do?” *Thinks to self* The sooner I make with some cute, the sooner they take the damned picture, and the sooner I get out of this contraption. *CUTE-RESTING-ON-SIDE-OF-WALKER FACE!*

  37. HAHAHAHA! I almost peed myself!

  38. John-boy's Mole says:

    This picture is hi-freakin-larious! This dog may not have loved it, but I’m sure all was forgiven shortly thereafter.

    It’s not like the kid is going to be licking the seat afterward. Anyway, I have been repulsed by what I’ve seen children put in their mouths. Kids are far more creepy and disgusting to me than chihuahuas. Not to mention they are no where near as cute.

  39. “Come closer and I’ll bite your finger off”

  40. The Guy Over There says:

    This is cruel!

    It’s absolutely cruel how much you make us preen at this pure untainted cuteness! I’M SENDING THE ASPCA ON YOU!!

  41. Other Mike that is GENius!

  42. brownamazon says:

    Def’ more sad than cute.

  43. “I hope the guy with the basketball doesn’t get any funny ideas.”

  44. dickie, you can suck mine.

    i am a paying member of 7 wild conservation societies and animal cruelty organizations. you have NOTHING to offer by your assumptions and ignorance. it shows and it is sad.

    my hope is that someone will force you into a seat far too large for you, dislocating your joints and causing YOU great pain. THAT i would find amusing. 🙂

  45. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hey! It’s a baby photo of Yoda!

  46. Rich Fader says:

    “Steempy, you eedeeot, when I get out of thees theeng, I weell keeck your ass!”

  47. “Am I the only one that thinks that’s GROSS? Dog junk spread out, smearing on the seat where the baby is supposed to go? EEP!”

    You’re assuming they actually have a baby, rather than just a little dog and big issues :).

  48. You know, it’s pretty funny (for, say, 30 seconds) how some people can be so completely oblivious to how stupid they can make themselves sound.

    A couple of you maybe oughtta take a step back and look around. See that pic up there? That’s a chihuahua, just hanging out… in a bright red-and-blue plastic baby thinger. Yep. Now… think carefully… do you seriously want to fight? *Here*?

  49. Theo, I am a paying member of *twelve* wild conservation societies and animal cruelty organizations, seven human rights organizations, five self-help groups, three labor unions, and the Auto Club, and I would just like to say that I enjoy vanilla pudding.

    I’m sorry, but I just had to get that off my chest.

  50. Laurie C says:

    Other Mike, as a friend of vanilla pudding everywhere, let me just say “death to chocolate”! Or was it “death by chocolate”? Oh, damn. I need dessert…

  51. [shaking head slowly]
    [wiping corner of eye]

    …have I mentioned? I still really, really like this redonkulous cluster-floof we’ve got going on, here.

  52. Oh, and I too am all for VANILLA PUDDING EVERYWHERE!!!


  53. Yeah? YEAH? Well, SCREW YOU ALL! I LOVE chocolate and there’s nothing, NOTHING, that any of you can do about it. Call the SPCC on THAT, buster!

    ///btw, SPCC = society for the prevention of cruelty to chocolate, natch

  54. It’s true. She does. She’s maybe a little scary about it, in fact.
    [lobs a spoonful at the back of Arbed’s head]

  55. Well, Laurie, I am a member of eighteen vanilla pudding and other dairy-based dessert conservation societies, nine showtunes sing-a-long societies, three Central American death squads, and Oprah’s Book Club, and I would just like to say that triangular street signs are actually round.

    I realize that some may find these views controversial, but these things need to be said, and Cute Overload is as good a soapbox as any.

  56. [pours pudding down the front of Other Mike’s shirt]
    Get THAT off yer chest!
    [collapses in a gooshy puddle, laughing like an idiot]

  57. I’m glad you did that, Theo, because it just so happens that I am a member of at least 27 laundry detergent appreciation societies, and this gives me an opportunity to use this important public forum to say that new Tide Advanced Cleaning Power with ColorWombat(tm) conjugates Latin up to five times faster than other leading motor oils.

    I understand that my beliefs may anger many, but you must remember that my brain is entirely full of centipedes and pencil shavings…

  58. Laurie C says:

    Oprah’s Book Club? Now them’s fightin’ words. I see your Oprah’s Book Club and raise you two scoops of raisins and free hot wax with car wash.

    Hey, is that an obese squirrel eating all the pudding?

  59. NTNTOM, you realize that by admitting to the Oprah Book Club thingy, you lost all club-belonging credibility (yes, even the showtune one). Lucky for you, I am capable of feeling pity – I learned that in a very secret Canadian club where we all learn to be uberpolite and excuse ourselves for breathing.

    Oh, and Theo? [Taps Theo on the left shoulder while standing behind his right shoulder. When he realizes there is no one there, his head turns back to front – yes, I said back to front – and then to the right, SMACK into the plate of chocolate buttercream icing I just *happen* to be holding there.] Oh nothing, just wanted to say “hey”.

  60. Laurie, I believe that the obese squirrel ate the other members of the 14th Annual Symposium on Wildlife Conservation and Subway Token Collecting, thus enabling a consensus on the important question about Popsicle vendors in Australia.

  61. eep? did I miss a pudding fight?

    oh well, time for bed. shall have to catch the next one…

  62. Laurie C says:

    arbed, as a fellow Canuck, you *know* that the first rule of the secret Canadian club is “don’t talk about the secret Canadian club”.

  63. Laurie C says:

    See? thinker didn’t even mention it.

  64. [Shhh Laurie, I was distracting them with the *fake* secret Canadian club]

  65. my lips are sealed.

  66. Canadian Club? Pour me a double! By (*hic*) by the way, I would jusht like to shay that I am (*hic*) a dues-paying member of no more than 6 but no less than 42 hairdressers’ advisory panels, and I …

    *thump* (hits floor)

  67. Laurie C says:

    Oh, *that* one, arbed. Riiiiight. (secret hand signal)

  68. Well, I need to get back to work now, but before I go, I would like to announce my resignation as President-for-life of the Royal Canadian Society for the Preservation of this Lameass Running Joke That I Started An Hour Ago, and I look forward to being able to spend more time with my family, in direct violation of the restraining order.

  69. The Guy Over There says:

    …you guys are weird!

    Though I’m sure the lil’ doggie was planning this chaos from the very beginning, with that adorable little schemer’s look.

  70. When I saw this cute yet potent pic o’ poochie, I KNEW I had to check out the comments. Ah, CO devotees, you have yet to fail me in providing the most original and creative entertainment my cable-modem money can buy.

    With great admiration and sincere appreciation, thank you. And thank you as well for either mocking or ignoring those people who inevitably take things just a wee bit too seriously.

  71. *picking up tiny cheewahwah and walking away with wee thing cradled in her arms* “Just wait until tomorrow when they see the picture of you on that surfboard.”

  72. Must not print out and accost co-workers with new “baby picture,” must not print out . . .

    BTW, all of you suck. Swirl is the only way to go, baby! And I mix in butterscotch!

  73. [slurp]

  74. Err, not to change the subject or *anything* like that, but has anyone else noticed that the dog has “puppaloons”?

  75. Well, might it be that he’s sitting on a bun – as well as buns?

  76. hrh.squeak says:

    “You all speak of treets while I am *trapped* here! (whimper) Where are de treets you promeesed to me, eh? Please please give me the treeeets!”

  77. dickie twinkles says:

    lol, I love you guys!

    Oh, and ‘me’, that dog is clearly not having anything dislocated. I frankly don’t care if someone sits me in an oversized seat…mmmm…comfy!
    You think joining a society makes you an authority on chihuahua bollocks?

  78. Nickole says:

    Look what happened while I slept!

    Someone posts a picture of an animal in a *slightly* ridiculous position, and the comments just take off from earth, breaks the atmosphere, leaves the solar system, and now no-one knows how the “vanilla pudding vs chocolate” controversy ever started.

    Sometimes I regret I’m in another time zone than you guys, but at least I do get to read the comments next morning. And snort coffee all over my computer – again…

  79. spottycat says:

    The scary thing is seeing this photo and the news that Paris Hilton wants to be a Mom in the same day.

  80. hrh.squeak says:

    Spottycat – HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait till she sticks the baby in her purse –

  81. CoquiCoqui says:

    Personally – I was appalled by the pudding fight – I’m going to have to report this immediately to the Society of Cruelty to Pudding.

  82. (…not to be confused with the Society for the PREVENTION of Cruelty to Puddings)

  83. Okay, put your dukes up!!! grrrrr, who did this to me!!!! How humiliating, I’m a doggy not a baby!!!! Weeeeee this is kind of fun!!!!! Giggle Giggle

  84. I may be a year late for this comment but

    NTMTOM is a genius!