Tonight, you rest easy knowing that one of the MANY questions you constantly ask yourself is finally answered: Just how many kilograms of fish can one cat carry? Inquiring Japanese minds found the answer for you! Click below to find out—and, sleep well, my friends.

Once again, big thanks to Ant for carrying this fat VideoSift video over to us.



  1. Wow.

  2. I love Japanese TV. Lived there for a year and couldn’t get enough of the odd variety shows.

  3. Give a cat a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a cat to fish, and he’ll say “Screw that– I’m taking your mackerel.”

  4. gnatsnyder says:

    It looks like the japanese have way too much time on their hands. I for one am grateful because I have not laughed like this in a long time. Great video!

  5. I love the Japanese…this just gives be more reason to…

  6. can you post the link to that? i cant find it on youtube 😦 they have lots of other Trivia no izumi clips on there though.

  7. Beezarre! I must say my favourite part was the fish with the open mouth – it looked absolutely shocked that the cat was taking it away.

  8. ShelleyTambo says:

    1. Those are some well-fed cats, ‘specially the white guy.
    2. I can’t believe I just spent 11 minutes watching a video about cats carrying fish–and laughing so hard.
    3. I REALLY wish I understood what the commentators were saying.

  9. LOL! 2 whole kilos.

    I bet that white kitty was super full!

  10. Cats RULE!!!
    But we already knew that.

  11. The Japanese sure know how to captivate me. This was much better than any American reality show or trivia show.

  12. Here’s the URL.

    I’m not too surprised. A sufficiently determined cat could probably pick up an entire Apache helicopter if it felt like it. Or at least sit and stare at the helicopter with an expression that said that it could, which is almost the same thing.

  13. I agree with the white kitty. 😀 Screw going out, I’m eating in!

  14. SCIENCE!!!

  15. i thoroughly enjoyed that! i’m still smiling.

  16. ShortCakeSamba says:

    Trivia no Izumi has done some other really cute animal related trivia too; they did a whole series on dogs and their masters-related trivia…

  17. Go, Kinkytailed White Kitty!

    Hilarious! And happily none of those kittys looked nutrition deprived in the least!

  18. Sure thing, Haylan, the link is already there, it’s the ‘VideoSift’ link above.


  19. So now we know. I can rest easy at night now knowing officially that cats can carry a maximum of 2 kilograms of fish.

    Seriously. This is friggin’ hilarious. The Japanese are a strange and wonderful people. Where else would men in white lab coats set out fish on slabs for cats to carry off? …I shall dream of fish-carrying cats.

  20. God I love the Japanese. This is insanely cool and funny.

  21. Lol….it’s great…I just forwarded the link to my inlaws in Tokyo!

  22. Oh, man, I miss Japanese TV. Particularly, I love how they have the “cat expert” intoning totally obvious stuff: “Yes, it looks like he’s just going to eat it.”

    Gotta note, though, that in my funky little corner of Japan (Niigata Prefecture) is the only place I’ve ever seen a cat posted on a leash out in someone’s front yard, like a watch dog. He was a giant tricolor bobtail, must have weighed 20 pounds–surely capable of carrying away a 2 kilo fish.

  23. Man oh man. This is definitely one for the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

  24. blakeandjustinsmommy says:

    that is 10 min. of my life I will never get back!

  25. Oh. ma. gawd.
    That was too friggin funny. I don’t understand a word of Japanese (exept “domo arigato, Mr. Roboto”…well, I don’t even know what that means…) but that wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining without the animated commentators. Not that watching cats drag off big fish isn’t totally entertaining enough, but I loved listening to those guys!!!

  26. Oh & I think it was photoshopped, BTW….heh.

  27. Maureen says:

    The funniest parts for me:

    1. the way cats “pat” at the food just to make sure it’s not a toy, or perhaps still alive; and

    2. the fact that they used the “Boom SHA KA LAKA” from Muppet Treasure Island.

  28. Im sorry, but HOW is this cute. This is cruel.

  29. Um….Kitsu…how is this cruel in any way? the cats are getting an easy meal, they’re not being forced to do anything, are you saying feeding animals is cruel?

  30. Kitsu, you’re right. Feeding domestic cats is a misguided, evil practice. I promise I’ll never do it again.


  31. I can’t believe I sat through this whole thing! It was wonderful. Interesting point: I don’t speak Japanese (I’m Korean), but I understood a lot of the commentary, because I eat a lot of sushi and heard some familiar names: sakana (generic term for fish), hirame, sanma, saba, aji, kampachi, and the last few were ever-growing sizes of maguro (tuna).

  32. I’m with you Theo! Until my cat puts me in my place.

    Maureen: I particularly liked the – Boom ShaKAlaKA also.

  33. The Japanese are famous for thier lucky fat cats:

    These two are no exception!

  34. i bet jack (the cat who scared away the bear) could carry off more than 2 kg!

  35. Oh God, I laughed so hard. I can understand Japanese, so it was EVEN FUNNIER than if you don’t understand it. The guys were complaining about how they were using really expensive and yummy fish that they wanted to eat XD

  36. Michele says:

    oh… my gosh! They look like this competition was so serious! that is so awesome! Wow, I just love it.

  37. This show was translated for the US on Spike TV a couple years ago as “Hey! Spring of Trivia”!_Spring_of_Trivia. Unfortunately, I don’t remember seeing that clip on the USA version. 😦

  38. Man, now I want sushi. 🙂

  39. hrh.squeak says:

    Heehee, Alana, I didn’t know that was what they were saying, but it was what I was thinking – “Hey, that’s *maguro*, gimme some of that!” Loved all the kitties and their determined little faces. Note the excellent posture as they carry off the fishies – “Yes, I did. I caught it myself.”

  40. i bet the cats were sad when they stopped leaving them fish

  41. hrh.squeak says:

    I wondered about that too, Erica. “Hey, where’d the deli go, it was right here yesterday -“

  42. I’m with you, too, Theo.

    I don’t have a cat to stop feeding, but my dog is in for a surprise!

  43. I don’t understand any Japanese so they might have noted it and I don’t know about it… but I sure hope the takes were either shot with a day or something inbetween or the fish was taken away from them behind the bushes… I can’t imagine they ate ALL the fish they carried with them… they would’ve exploded!

    Anyways, VERY nice video… those cats just look sooo nice when they carry away the fish. And the ‘patting’ as noted above was soo cute. 😀

  44. ceebs, LOL!!! That is, like, funneh. Um…..Kitsu, are you serious? Cause if you are…….o_O I don’t think the video was hilarious, but it was silly. I liked the part where they blanked out the cats. LOL!

  45. Michelle says:

    Hilarious! The Japanese have done it again! I didn’t understand a single word of the commentary, but somehow I doubt it would be anywhere near as entertaining translated into english.

  46. Uh oh. If my cats see this, I’m in trouble. BIG trouble!!

  47. XD *cackles* Those cats ate well that night!

  48. omg that is hilarious. I can’t believe I just watched the whole thing…

  49. I actually cheered when each cat would succeed!!! I loved the flashbacks to show the cat’s earlier catches.
    The white cat started to use physics and grabbed the bigger fish in the middle – easier to balance. Is that physics? 🙂

  50. DavidBoBavid says:

    that was great. i wish i knew what they were talking about, because it sounded like they were having a good time.

    and to theo and others talking about not feeding their cat anymore, stand up to your cat!
    i submit this:

  51. Another thing I was thinking was…how come there aren’t about 8,000 cats filing in from the area??? and dogs! and birds! At first I thought that they just left the fish for any cats in the area to run off with, it wasn’t till about halfway thru I realized they had specific contestants. Hilarious. Loved watching them haul those fish off, it reminds me of when my chihuahua was a pup, and he’d trot off with his Big Mean Kitty toy that was bigger than he was, he’d have to hold his head really high to be able to carry it.

  52. Hashimi! Another voice from the past!

  53. My favourite parts were the camera shots that darted into the bushes to reveal…the staring cat’s face! God, that was hilarious.

  54. Beauregard says:

    Maureen, I loved the pawing too! Like with the one just put his paw on the fish, waiting – like he was trying to get a psychic reading. SO CUTIE!

  55. Gah… that cracked me up… but… if only I’d paid more attention in my two semesters of Japanese in college… I might know more words than ocha and shiidii. That was so funny.. I hope that they didn’t just stop feeding the kitties after the experiment was over, though.

  56. Domestic cats should only be fed tofu don’tcha know!
    Cruelty, I tells ya! (yes, I keed)

  57. this is one of the best videos that i have ever seen. why don’t we have that show over here?!

  58. I also loved the initial paw contact: “Is this anyone’s?”

    But my first reaction was to wait for a major fish-slapping dance to break out.

  59. hrh.squeak says:

    DavidBoBavid, that video is Soooo Funny!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Laurie C says:

    A kitten, flea-bitten
    Was rescued last night
    And, for the moment
    Was christened Nanite.

    Nanite did meep
    And Nanite did peep
    And poor, tired Laurie
    Did not get much sleep

    Guys, I rescued one of the boxcar kittens last night! This one:
    She was curled up sleeping on the steps and I grabbed her and put her in my knapsack. She’s been to the vet this a.m. for flea treatment (they were visibly crawling on her) and is going to a cat rescue foster home today. She even purrs, big-time.

  61. bunnajenny says:

    Yay Laurie C! She’s a beautiful kitten who will undoubtedly find a purrmanent home in no time. Keep up the kittehnapping.

  62. DavidBoBavid says:

    hehe, thanks squeak.. every time i see goofy videos like that i want to post them here, but i’m never sure if anyone else will find them as funny as i do..

  63. Maureen says:

    Laurie C: AMAZING! I’m glad you got one at last! I hope your luck holds out with the rest of them there…

  64. LC:
    That kit is definitely a survivor, able to maintain maximum fuzz-dom even in the most dubious of circumstances. Props to you, lady!

  65. Laurie C says:

    Yes, Aubrey, she is extremely floofy. (And flea-fy, but not for long.) I won’t be catching any more for a little bit – I’m away from home for a week (but still on-line) starting the weekend, then the big trapping push starts after July 15th.

  66. I wonder if any of those kitties got back strain. I work with an ergonomics nazi. I could just hear her–“Lift with your knees! Your knees! Get a dolly for that fish!”

  67. w00t Laurie C!!!! Yay girl!!! You are my new hero. Good job!!!

    We look forward to updates. She is adorable and if I were still living in TO, I’d be veddy tempted to take her.

  68. LOL zenith!
    And good job & good luck with Nan, Laurie!

  69. Those kitties look so complaicent – not gillty at all – as they walk away with their prizes.

  70. I think I’ll watch it again.
    Just for the halibut.

  71. when i was in chiba city, japan, at the beach there were quite a few of these feral cats hanging around. it was freaky, like some kind of stephen king movie waiting to happen.

  72. I a-doresill-iness of all kinds, T. It’s sad when it fin-ishes.

  73. LOL Theo, I remember that one!

  74. But fish puns are so finny.

  75. Save ’em fillet-ter.

  76. What’s wrong, T? Sounds like your sense of humah is a little out of tuna.

  77. what a funny vid – I love cats!

  78. Err… all this floundering around for fish puns. Puh-lease! I can’t hake it anymore.

  79. I guess I’ll tread water tilapia days are here again…

  80. Piggalette says:

    I abolutely loved this. I had my own little commentary going for my husband. I also was cheering them on. It was all about Whitey McFattikins.

  81. Frankly, I find it hard to barracuda day without puns. But T, I never manta ruin Your day!

  82. I swear to Cod, you guys are giving me a splitting haddock!

  83. Buglady says:

    Love those bobtail Japanese kitties!

  84. Agh, salmon stop this before it gets too carried away.

  85. Laurie C says:

    Those crazy squids! Always making tentacles of themselves.

  86. Thought I’d get off my perch for another moray onto this thread – but do you guys think it was reely worth it?

  87. Always worth it to throw out a line, Aubrey.

  88. Hook, line, and stinker…

  89. It depends on how you rate the bait, T.

  90. The Sturgeon General warns:
    Bad puns may make you eel.

  91. Kids these days and their joking. As the Japanese-Roman philosophers said, “O tempura, o morays.”

  92. This is unbelievable.
    We’ve truly sunk to new depths.

  93. Is this an odd grouper what?
    I’ll give you a minute to mullet over.

  94. I for one feel a bit green around the gills.

  95. DavidBoBavid says:

    wow.. awesome puns, people. i’ll have to remember some of these for the office.. 😀

  96. This is sick and not cute. The Japanese get some
    hungry feral cats, sedate them and clean them up,
    stick ’em in some fenced garden compound and
    sporadically feed them ever-increasing sized fish. In
    Japan they don’t have to have those, ‘no animal harmed
    in production’ tags. I wonder what happened to those
    cats after they finished filming?

  97. What’s that they say about how to spell “assume” again?

  98. “The Sturgeon General warns…”

    But what does the Sturgeon feel about smoking?

  99. Oh, Aubery – you didn’t.

    I see red herrings. 😉

  100. ROFL… guys are great for what alewives us.

    Erg…that really smelt!!

  101. bunnajenny says:

    Fish puns, fish puns
    Roly poly fish puns

  102. Eat ’em up

  103. alas I have no funny fish punny…

    But i loved the video..kitteh power is yet again revealed.

    My son of 10 years watched with me and laughed his arse off the whole time and now he’s *speaking* japanese all over the place..

  104. Thats the greatest thing Ive ever seen, and I know, Ive seen many great things!

  105. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This is from that “Hey! Spring of Trivia” show that was shown on Spike TV for a while. My best friend lives in Japan and she taped this episode for me.

    In another episode, they wondered, “How many dogs will protect their masters when a bear [a guy in a fairly convincing bear suit] attacks them?”

    The answer? 4 out of 100.

    The best ones were the dogs who, after their master collapsed on the sidewalk while the faux bear was attacking them, lifted their legs on their masters!

    The big winner was the JRT who actually PULLED THE BEAR COSTUME’S HEAD OFF! Poor li’l JRT, he was all confused…

    This is a great show and I kinda miss being able to see it in English!

  106. LOL Brak…based on some similar tests, I believe my dog would start attacking me along with the “bear”. Sad but true.

  107. hrh.squeak says:

    Trout to think of something finny to say, but just couldn’t –

  108. HRHS:
    You don’t have to abass oneself. It’s nothing to whale about, after all.

  109. Ack…..everytime I see cats now, especially black cats, I always remember the cats that we dissected for AP Bio….LOL

    Anyways, I loved the way the cats like touched the fishes to make sure it’s safe…..LOl…but yeah, the white cat is the smartest…in terms of how it carried the fishes and his decision to just eat it right there for the last one…..but then, he’s also the chubbiest…=D

  110. I too find this a little disturbing. Disclaimer: I am totally a “cat person.” This video suggest that the Japanese have a significant population of stray cats, who live back in the underbrush, and are hungry enough to drag away a huge fish to eat. Further, it suggest they think stray cats are merely “amusing.”

    Sorry. I am disturbed by this.

  111. this is not CUTE

    why this stupid video ?

  112. That white bobtail is badass!

  113. Laurie C says:

    My cats will try to drag a whole chicken off my kitchen counter — that in itself is not evidence that they’re starving. Just opportunistic.

  114. Once when my dad came home from a hunting trip, our cat at the time jumped into the truck and literally attempted to pull out the deer he had shot.

    As the poster above pointed out, it doesn’t mean the cat is hungry. It just means they turn down good food when it shows up. (The cats in this video were nice and fat. So even if they are stray, they’re doing well.)

    On a side note, I adore how they all pat the fish and then look around to see if anyone is around.

  115. Holy carp! I brought this YouTube video to VideoSift, but didn’t think of bringing it here. (Thanks, ant!)

    I’m glad (most) of you enjoy it. Those cats look pretty fat and happy to me.

  116. Shannon L. says:

    omg…I watched the whole thing?? I actually *sat* here and watched this entire video?!?

    *smacks forehead*

    Why was that so entertaining?! I watched the first minute or so giggling and thinking “yeah, ok, this is silly.” And then it was like…like I blacked out or something. I just kept sitting there, giggling, and *watching* it!!

    Lol…ridiculous. Good job, folks.

    And no one should jump to conclusions like that. Even if they are strays, they look very well fed and not in distress at all. Who hasn’t done this sort of thing with local wandering cats? The Japanese love their ‘nekos’, just like America!

  117. sarah franklin says:

    That was outrageous, I can’t believe I just watched 11 mins of cats carrying fish…..there are some seriously well fed cats in that part of Japan!

  118. I kept waiting for the cats to say, “Screw the fish — let’s capture and eat the cameraman!”

  119. The soundtrack should have been from the Sex Pistols’ “Never Mind the Pollocks…”, maybe “Cod Save The Queen”, featuring Squid Vicious playing….bass guitar.

  120. Ummm, “Your Coddy is a Wonderland”?….

    Reely reaching….

  121. Suzuran says:

    If you pay attention, the shadows change places several times throughout the clip. This took place over several days, not one day.

  122. That was hysterically funny. I loved the zoom in on the cats in the shrubbery and slow-mo replays. Bwah!

  123. I completely abhor cruelty to animals, but I’m not so sure these animals are in this situation (I hope not) – a few of them have tails that stick up and only domesticated cats do that. Wild ones, or feral strays would have theirs hanging, dragging even on the ground.

    Well, based on my personal experience around domestic kitties. Strays or ferals won’t even let you go near them, and sedation would alter that for only so long.

  124. This was such a funny video! The white one was my favourite… yay for an 11-minute video on fish-carrying cats. *bows to the Japanese*

    I don’t think these cats are unhealthy, even if they are strays. They’re alert, bright-eyed, and their fur isn’t matted or unkempt. They’re just taking advantage of a huge stroke of luck! Anyway, at least they’re getting some food!

  125. snoofie says:

    for inquiring minds: according to my friend still in japan (where i grew up), the show is called “trivia.” people write the show with bits of trivia and they choose a few to show on the program. the panel of judges push a button that makes the sound “heeeeh~” (which is equivalent to “for real?”). depending on how many heeeh’s the submitted trivia gets, the person who wrote gets a prize for the most.

    the show tests some of the trivia to prove it’s true. they once did tests to see if the japanese sword was stronger than a bullet…they shot a gun at the blade of a sword and the sword literally CUT THE BULLET IN HALF. it was awesome. there you go– those rockin’ nihonjin.

  126. there must seriously be a lot of fish guts behing those bushes.

  127. It is given a Japanese wild cat bait by a volunteer. All of you please feel relieved.

  128. I, too, hope these cats are well taken care of. It’s a very funny video. I have 4 cats, so I enjoy watching anything with cats, or animals. Just, please take care of them, and neuter/spay also.

  129. The commentators are the commentator of The Iron Chef Japan(only for this part) and a professor of an uni.. And and all the fish are the fanciest fish you can find in Japan.
    I’m sure all the Japanese watcher thought they wanted eat them themselves.
    I’m sure they have used a Hollywood star for one single part.

    you see how usefull the proglam is?

  130. One of the commentators are the commentator of The Iron Chef Japan(only for this part) and the another is a professor of an uni.. And and all the fish are the fanciest fish you can find in Japan.
    I’m sure all the Japanese watcher thought they wanted eat them themselves.
    I’m sure they have used a Hollywood star for one single part.

    you see how usefull the proglam is?

  131. que gatitos mas lindos e inteligentes, como se roban la comida los vivazos
    que hermosos