Stay cool

Did you remember the ice for your Fourth of July barbeque today? You can never have too much ice.


Denise S.—rokkin’.



  1. Laurie C says:

    Man, global warming’s sure done a number on his ice floe.

  2. Looks like someone is having an ice day…

  3. Tony James says:

    Pogo the polar bear demonstrates the danger of drinking frozen margharitas.

  4. THAT IS TRUE, lol!

  5. brownamazon says:

    It’s like the animal version of that Nestea plunge ad…

  6. Courtney says:

    Oh man… how I wish I was this polar bear… no A/C on this hot, humid day is no fun. 😦

  7. Laurie C says:

    It was a love that was never meant to last. Nanook the polar bear was totally besotted with Freezia, but eventually, she just lost her resilience and melted away.

  8. This makes me just a wee bit sad…he’s in a zoo and is missing his natural habitat… But it is cute none the less. Whenever I see a polar bear I just want to snorggle that black nose…

  9. Can't Stop Dancing says:

    Yeah, this definitely belongs in the “Cute or Sad?” category
    for the same reason you spoke of, betty.

  10. Ah, I understand that total relief!
    And also, Sadder than Cuter.

  11. Sad! Cute! Sadder still that polar bears in the wild are suffering more than this bear, though. But the pic is still cute!

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH (head asplode from dichotomy and overall tragedy and beauty of life)

  12. Michelle says:


    Another vote for Cute or Sad? category.

  13. yeah, cute but sad.

  14. smokeyJoe says:

    sad…i hate zoos.

  15. Ahhhhh… The pause that refreshes!

  16. cuteness lover says:

    Makes me want to drink a Coke.

  17. Ice, ice, baby! Do-da-da-da-do-do-do.

  18. hrh.squeak says:

    For some reason I can “hear” this picture:


    Happy Froth of July.

  19. Gives a new meaning to keeping cool

  20. My vote is for sad. Cute, but sad. Zoos suck.

  21. Yes, it is sad, but be happy that this dear bear isn’t starving on a shrinking ice floe. Zoos — when done right — serve an important purpose by making sure that these animals don’t disappear completely. He is well cared-for in a safe environment by people who are obviously attentive to what will make him happy. He stands a very good chance of living a long, happy, healthy life.
    And he looks like he is just so happy in the photo.

  22. Lillith says:

    I second Sandy’s defense of zoos. The good kind are imo invaluable to educate the public and provide insight into the lives of critters that may be endangered. And the breeding programs are important too.

    Add me to the cute but sad vote for this category. Though he does look hella blissed out on that mound of ice.

  23. Zoos don’t suck, for crissakes. Animals live longer and starve less in zoos. Sheesh.

    The poor thing seems to be hot , though! Just love polar bears! Gaaah!

  24. Winner of Most Innovative Sno-Cone contest.

  25. BenPanced says:


  26. I happen to agree with that on zoos as well. What i find sad is the need for them in the first place.

  27. Do I smell a Seinfeld reference in the caption?

  28. cuteness lover says:

    Yes, Ben is right. It’s sad why we need zoos, greedy politians. When zoos take care of animals correctly, and have the space available that is needed, then it gives animlas a chance they might otherwise not have.

  29. Iceee, all mine!

  30. Sure, get rid of zoos. Then little children will never get the opportunity to *enjoy* *seeing* an animal instead of just reading or hearing about it.

    Guess we could all take trips to Africa on a regular basis? I don’t think so.

    I vote for cute, but sad. No sadder than having a flamingo deal with a 30˚F overnight situation in Florida in winter. Animals are more resiliant than what we give them credit for.

  31. Citizen says:

    Bear: “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhyeah… thats nice….”

  32. I like the back feets.

  33. J.Bo: it’s like he’s doing Downward Facing Polar Bear yoga pose.

  34. Andy Lee says:

    “I like the back feets.”

    I was going to comment on those too. It’s like he’s noodging himself deeper into the ice with his toes.

  35. Can't Stop Dancing says:

    For those that are defending the zoos, I really don’t think it would be that costly for the zoos to provide the bear with more ice than just for the top half of his head and chest.

  36. First time I see a picture that isn’t cute AT ALL on CO.


  37. ♥”Ice”♥

  38. Xenmate — huh?? You’re not thinking the bear is *dead* or something, are you?

    Polar bear says “Ice is gooooooo-hoo-hoooood.”

  39. I have a very good friend that is very much against zoos. We don’t bring it up much, but when we do, it gets HEATED!!
    So much in fact, that we actually raise our voices to considerable levels, and call each other not so nice names.
    To those of you that are against zoos, let me remind you that the days of animals simply being put on humiliating display in too-small enclosures soley for the entertainment of human beings is LONG gone. The main purpose of zoos these days is to educate the public about the wonderful animals that populate the earth, and more importantly help preserve species that are in danger of becoming extinct.

    As for you, Can’t Stop Dancing, why don’t you dance your ass over to your local zoo (because obviously you’ve never actually been to one), so you can see that the animals there are provided with WAY MORE than just the bare minimum to survive. While you’re there, why doncha stop the first zoo keeper you see, and ask them to tell you all about the wonderful enrichment programs they have to keep the animals happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated?

  40. Zoos have their upsides and downsides (unless it’s an Asian Zoo, than it’s just downsides, at least as far as I’ve seen). Just like this picture. Obviously polar bear is feeling good with her ice, enjoying a bit of “home” so to speak, but some ice on concrete can’t make up for the endless icy miles of artic tundra…

    But consider that everytime you see your cute little hamsters/gerbils in their cage, and think about how much freer they would be in their natural home in the deserts of the Middle East…

    I’ve seen enough National Geographics to know that this polar bear doesn’t have it all that bad / While still advocating the highest standards possible for zoos.

  41. Michele says:

    now THATS a brain freeze!

  42. No, no, the bear is not enjoying the ice. The bear is suffering the heat. You see that coat of fur? Its perfect for life in the North Pole, The North Pole People! Definately not a zoo in more temperate areas.

    The poor creature is suffering so much they had to lug a chunk of ice in the cage to stop him going insane. Although chances are he is already insane, and all he does is walk around in circles.

    Anyways, this is a happy site so I’ll leave this subject now…

  43. Oh, by the way, I’m not criticising zoos. I love zoos. But certain animals shold not be in zoos. Polar bears and big cats spring immediately to mind.

  44. (unless it’s an Asian Zoo, than it’s just downsides, at least as far as I’ve seen).
    Obviously you haven’t been to the Singapore Zoo, where we try to bring as best the natural habitat to the creatures.

    And yes, cute, but very sad.

  45. ahh i guess global warming done the trick…

  46. Yeah, for me this one belongs in the “Cute or Sad” category.

  47. Genevieve says:

    Ultimatly sad because the bear is not in his natural habit where he would be surrounded by ice. Instead he’s stuck in a zoo getting man made ice thrown at him in small piles every now and then. Lame!!! But the bear is cute.

  48. To all of you who say it is so sad, you should do some research into what is *actually* happening to polar bears in their natural habitats. While it may have been the preferred place for them years ago, it isn’t necessarily now.

    And damnit- it’s a cute picture. Just look at it as a cute picture!

  49. I didn’t intend to stir up controversy…there is ’nuff of that on just about every other animal related website and I don’t think that is what CO is about.. But I should clarify that I think the pic is very anerable…and that yes polar bears are not biologically built to live on concrete in a zoo, but for whatever reason, this one *needs* to be in a zoo and I’m the optimisitic sort so I’m sure he’s in a lovely zoo that does the best that they can for him. And I still think it’s just a wee bit sad because for whatever necessary reasons (injury, illness, etc.) he is not in his natural habitat and he is missing it.

    I can share a good comparison from my own experience… I grew up in sunny California, and 3 years ago moved to rainy Oregon. We moved for all the right reasons, I love it here, and we have no regrets.
    But I’ll tell ya what, when the sun comes out after 36 days of clouds and rain and no sun, I practically strip down and roll around and bask unabashedly in the nearest sunbeam I can find….(not nearly as cute as this bear, so no submission from me)

    So maybe this unbearably cute *pun intended* polar bear is in the best place for him, but that doesn’t change the fact that maybe once in a while he still thoroughly enjoys snorggling up to a nice mound of ice..

  50. Did anyone see the documentary about Klondike and Snow, the twin baby polar bears? They were rescued when their mom was killed, and spent their first months in a zoo; they had water to swim in, but no snow or ice.

    When their keepers took them out to a frozen patch in the mountains (I think it was Colorado, but I might be disremembering), the critters simply LOST THEIR LITTLE MINDS frolicking and scampering and carrying on like crazy in the white stuff. It was hilarious… and sad, too.

  51. gwenchocolate says:

    I dragged my husband over to the screen and squealed, “Honey! That bear is hugging his ice-pile close just like you do to your pillow at night!” SNORGLE!

  52. hrh.squeak says:

    Gwenchocolate – I’m so glad I’m not the only one dragging my patient, eye-rolling hubby to the screen and comparing him to Teh Cute. And then snorgling him. You Go, Girl!

  53. The honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    In his dreams Nanook returns to the great snowy wastes where he was born and longs for the time when he can return

  54. Shannon L. says:

    Man, I am definitely not a polar bear. Makes me cold just looking at it…gimme 90 degree heat anytime. 😀

    That is too cute though. The perfect face of bliss. Like he’s cuddled in a ice blanket or something.

    At least he’s not doing the ‘polar bear pace.’ I hate that. It always seems the zoo’d polar bears have lost their minds and just pace back and forward swinging their heads. It’s hard to find well-done polar bear habitats at zoos.

    Has anyone watched the polar bear episode on Ultimate Zoo(?) with the real ice habitat and ajoining seal cage? 😀

  55. In case anyone is interested, this NPR piece by Scott Simon is heartbreaking and beautiful, and deals with zoos:

  56. stephanie says:

    sad. Polar bears are adorable, zoos are terrible, global warming is disasterous.
    I nearly cried during the part of “An Inconvienent Truth” when the polar bear is looking for ice and it keeps breaking so he falls back in the water.

  57. Stop with the “zoos are terrible” baloney. They aren’t. It’s not a perfect world we’ve got, here.

    The polar bear in the pic ip there *is* diggin’ that icepile. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…

  58. Tayler is cool