Someone got into the flag cake

"Anakin" the HamJedi™ got into Master Tina’s red white and blue fourth of July flag cake. His blue muzzlepuff—Exhibit A, People.


Happy Fourth of July!



  1. There is no try to eat flag cake…there is only do or not do.

  2. HAHAHA! That is awesome. So is Dara’s comment.

  3. that is *shteriously* disrespectful of the flag. unpatriotic hammie!
    also, there is visible evidence that hammie-feets were involved in the desecration.


  4. Laurie C says:

    Hammies should be exempt from any flag-desecrating law by a special HAMendment.

  5. LOL wonderful. looks like its making an evil scientist look…wait wait he’s about to morph

  6. Laurie C.,

    oh noes! you’ve come down with Audrey-itis!

    /I hear is fatal…

  7. the hammie’s eyes are radiating the “oh crap i’m caught” look!

  8. Notice the blue glob is bigger than the hammie head?

    The blue icing may permantantly make hammie blue!

  9. actually, the hammie-hands/muzzlepuff/eyes area are *begging* for the CO xtreme close-up ™.

  10. Hehe … hammie looks like he’s trying to be sneaky about it … Hmmhmmmhmmm … nothing goin on ova here … just, uh, cleanin my face and uh… yummmm.

    Happy fireworks day!

    That picture reminds me of a post on my site! That is so so cute!

  12. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hammie is so busted!!

  13. Three cheers for the brown, white, and blue!

  14. Wait a minute…I think he’s eating the cake from the leetle hammy weeding we had with the broccoli bouquet… 😉

  15. Maureen says:

    It’s painfully cute… so sweet. AND I LOVE blue food (it’s just a Me Thing). Doesn’t he look like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar? (If that cookie jar were filled with red, white and mostly blue iced cake!!)

    I only say this because my hammie died recently, and not to start a debate about appropriate animal food, but if that’s really icing, it’s probably too much sugar for him. Dwarf hammies are prone to diabetes. And the poor little tykes succumb to it really darned quickly.

  16. Yo, listen up, here’s a story
    About a little ham that lives in a blue…cake.
    All day and all night and everything he eats is just blue like him, inside and outside.

    And so on, and so forth.

    (He’s blue da ba dee da ba da ba da ba dee, blue ham – ster ba de da ba daaa…)

  17. Sweets for the sweet!

  18. I don’t want to see a Hammie with a sugar high!

  19. cuteness lover says:

    oh, poor hammie, he could get sick. He’s very cute though 🙂

  20. He’s been caught and now he feels blue.

  21. hrh.squeak says:

    “With the icing I have so undetectably stolen from Master Tina, I will go on an all-time sugar high and Rule The World! Bwaahaahaahaaaaaaa!! What? Whaddya mean, blue muzzlepuff? THIS blue muzzlepuff? Curses!!! Foiled again!!!”

  22. forget the mcdonalds character – this is the real hamburglar!

  23. I’d like to second Maureen’s comment. This is a cute photo but it really isn’t safe to feed hamsters this sort of thing.

  24. …without a dream in my heart,
    with no dessert of my ooooown…

  25. le *squee*!!!

  26. He’s thinking….
    “maybe if I just stand here real still-like they won’t notice…just act normal…”

  27. BenPanced says:

    “Wait! Wait! I’m not ready yet! Don’t take…” *FLASH! FLASH!* “Gah! I said I wasn’t ready!”

  28. DavidBoBavid says:

    haha.. that’s hilarious..

    tina’s all: did you eat any cake?

    and anakin’s all: cake, what cake? i have no idea what you’re talking about…

  29. He’s been caught blue-handed!

  30. ka9q's wife says:

    Yeah…um…errr…da …i am a russian blue…that is why i have a blue muzzlepuff. What???!!! a russian blue is a cat? That’s the silliest thing i evah heard. Do I *look* like a cat? Eta russki blue Hammy-ski specially for you!

  31. Ani, a la Dr. Evil: Blue? Huh? Oh, that. No, I know. That’s how we eat it in Belgium.

    P.S. I’m Ani’s godmother. No, seriously.

  32. he has a cute blue face!

  33. must…lick…faster…get…slurp…rid…of…slurp…evidence…

  34. This is a nifty pic; ditto on the captions.

    One of the better hamster pics for sure.

  35. Maureen says:

    Still squeeeing over this photo. SQUEEE!!!

  36. Larissa says:

    i don’t think that this hammie should be eating cake & icing. dwarf hammies can become diabetics very easily.

  37. i want to see a front shot of this! full on blue muzzlepuff exposed.


    *This* is definitely an LOL moment. Teh poor hammie looks so floozled.

  39. Humans can become diabetics. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  40. Heather says:

    Happy 4th little Anakin. Happy 4th.

  41. This is far too much sugar. With the sweet lil’ hammie and cake too… I’m going to have to see the dentist.
    Honestly I didn’t believe the rumblings until now. Meg… you really are trying to kill us aren’t you?

    I do love cake though… can’t blame the little fluff ball. Mmmmmmm caaaaaake…..

  42. The Guy Over There says:

    “I chose a bad day to stop sniffingeating blue.”

    Hammy ball of cuteness. It seriously reminds me of an old Garfield comic where the fat orange one attempts to hide the fact that he ate the inside of a blueberry pie but is covered with blueberry stains.

  43. He’s blue, da ba dee da ba dai! (Yes, the song is from 1999, so sue me)

  44. Shannon L. says:

    omg…that is the glazed expression of a feverish addict. xD
    Blankly staring into nothingness while hungrily licking away.

    Man…I wanna be addicted to blue.