Can we dim the house lights for a minute?

"Poopers" the Japanese Hammie representin’ with a tribute song: "Choppin’ Broccoli"

…And my lady,
she went downtown
She bought some broccoli
She brought it home.

She’s chopping broccoli
Chopping broccoli
Chopping broccoli
Chopping broccoli

She’s chopping broccoli
She’s chopping broccoli
She’s chop.. ooh!
She’s chopping broccola-ah-ie!


Arigato, Chanse-san and Dana C.



  1. That is, by far, the finest display of broccoli I’ve ever seen :)))

    And what a sweetie… Look at the ears… I wanna come home to that every night… *snorgle*!!

  2. Jedediah Erasmus III says:

    Poor cat

  3. Bravo! Encore! Encore!

  4. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “Poopers”? [giggles]

  5. I want to scoop up that Poopers!

  6. sooooo cute!!!! i want one!!

  7. m’thinks it’s a hammy broccoli bridal boquet…Poopers is getting hitched…or he has a Hammy bridal boquet beeznuz

  8. hrh.squeak says:

    Awwww, Poopers looks willing to share his broccoli treat with someone he loves!

  9. Nickole says:

    Who can resist buying broccoli when it’s advertised like this?

  10. Critterfriend says:

    OMG!!! That shot is pure genius! How can anyone not love rodents? Delightful!
    P.S. Congrats on the Washington Post nod! Keep up the cute work! 🙂

  11. constance says:

    …just wow.

  12. tabbycat917 says:

    what a sweet little face!!!

  13. Awww! Schmoooopie! 😀
    I swear I didn’t realise hamsters can be so unbearably cute until I found this place.

  14. I love hamsters. And I love broccoli. This is like, picture perfect squee material.

    I’d share my broccoli anytime with that cutie.

  15. StormCat says:

    He looks like he’s got the “uh oh” face…Kind of like:
    “What? THIS broccoli? No, I wasn’t eating it.. I would never do that…I was…um…I was…bringing it for you!! Yea, that’s it…I was bringing it to you!!! Oh, you don’t want it? Well…can I have it then??”

  16. I think this hammie looks a bit nervous, perhaps because that is her bridal broccoli bouquet, or perhaps just because broccoli is the deadliest vegetable known to hamkind (It tries to warn you away with its terrible taste :o) Of course, I could be mistaking BEF + romantic mood lighting as nervousness.

  17. lol, i think you got it stormcat. it’s that classic “what broccoli?” moment.

  18. LOL Betty, I wanna see a teeny tiny veil to go with the broccoli boo-kay! And a itty-bitty 3 tiered cake!

  19. “Chompin’ broccoli” indeed. StormC–lol!!

  20. Jan Spencer says:

    OH MY GAWD…visions of Dana Carvey going through my head with Sigourney Weaver looking on. OH how funny…(hysterical laughter can’t be contained here!!)

  21. chunkstyle says:

    The BEF is off the charts here. Perhaps that lil’ hammie needs the roughage to feel a bit less…eye-bulgey?

  22. I wanna see the next shot…of Hammie with that piece of broc shoved in his cheeks!

  23. Meg.
    We *really* need to set up some celebrity interviews.
    Dana Carvey and Poopers on Cute Overload Late Night.

    (egad… “Poopers?” What’s next? I’m going to get a pet garter snake and name it Erectile Dysfunction, this I swear)

  24. That is so cute, but I will now have that song in my head. ALL DAY.

  25. By the way… mostly we’ll just call the snake “Ed,” of course.

  26. Oooooooo. So very cute. And so sincere! Look at the sincerity in those beady little ighs. O.o

  27. Think this is cute????

    Check out my kitty:

  28. L-Rob — OK OK, your kitty is cute! We get it… got anything *else* to say?

    (btw, CuteBoy, it’s spelled “sleeping”)

  29. OMG that ish cute! You can find some cute stuff at my website becuase I do some of the same things. Hope you check it out!

  30. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The hammie looks like he’s saying, “Thankyew! Thankyewverramuch!” (He’s almost holding the broccoli like a microphone!)

  31. Way too cute.

  32. mrskittycats says:

    OMG, that’s the funniest immitation of Dana Carvey I’ve ever seen!! Makes me lol! LOVE this web site – mrskittycats

  33. Ceebs…I think we know who Poopers could hire to make the delicate, miniature wedding cake…Lucy’s boy, Mathijs van der Paauw.

  34. I’m so glad that other people remember that hilarious Dana Carvey sketch!!!!! Great job, CuteOverload!!!!!!!!

  35. I love your choice of Dana Carvey song to represent your hamster. Gold.

  36. With respect for the Dana Carvey original shouldn’t it be ‘chomping’ broccoli?

  37. Laurie C says:

    On the topic of hamsters, I’m now completely off the charts in suspense about where Luna has gone on Baruchito’s Homecage. I never cared a whit about hamsters before I tapped into CO.

  38. pistache268 says:


  39. /OFF the topic of hamsters/

    Here on CO, where teh Qute and the literate *frequently* collide–er, intersect–there may be some who would enjoy the Judith Barrington poem quoted in the July 3 entry on Language Log:

    I mean, it *does* mention hedgehogs.

    /resume hamster topic/

  40. Laurie C — I think she’s on the run:

    (not my anim… )

  41. Laurie C says:

    Thankee Theo. btw, I’m planning to upload some new boxcar cat photos this evening. With informative captions!

  42. Albert Broccoli’s original vision of the famous lines from ‘Goldfinger’:

    “Do expect this lightly sauteed in a wok?”

    “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to fry!”

  43. JenniferM says:

    One of the lesser known but my absolute favorite Dana Carvey sketch ever. Poor college cafeteria workers had to suffer my friends’ and my “performance” every time they served us the vile weed.

    Cute hamster, too.

  44. I forgot how adorable Kumanoko is. LMAO, Theo!! Ham on the lam. Not that it’s better then anything *you* might have done, of course…;-)

    LaurieC, maybe she got sick…or worse. 😦

  45. A new BEF:
    Broccoli Eating Factor

  46. LaurieC, on your mommacat recommendation from Saturday, I’m thinking good thoughts for Luna.

  47. Aubrey — Glossary has been updated.

  48. Laurie C says:

    jaypo, knowing the bad luck Javi’s had with his hamsters this year, I *was* fearing the worst.

  49. English Chick says:

    “Everything was going just the way i planned the broccoli was done” ba baaa naa naa.
    just realised you wont know what the heck im going on about.

  50. little gator says:

    Theo, don’t you mean a Reptile Disfunction?

    hammie: do I have something stuck in my teeth?

  51. LOL, Little Gator.

  52. Hey, speaking of celebs on this site, didn’t Brad Pitt make an appearance somewhere before on here?

    We should have a new category, “Famous people and their pets” or something like that.

  53. Jan – For Brad and his pet, you can maybe do a search for ‘Pit Bulls’.

  54. Fav SNL skit evar.

  55. OK – the picture, I’m kind of neutral on, but the song reference? Major props for that one! Best Dana Carvey skit ever!

  56. Brad Pett?

  57. Jolie good, Jaypo.

  58. Well, it’s such an unushiloh name, y’know.

  59. [dwah, dwah, dwah, dwaaahhh…]

  60. hokay. That is officially the most darling, adorable hammy picture. ever. posted. on. CO.

    Bravo, Meg.

  61. …and argh. The puns just get worse and worse, here, they do…

  62. I agree, thinkie, and all the Br-angelina stuff is the pitts, these nouvel riche celebs so, so…so…

    me done now. You can breathe.

  63. I laughed out loud at the pairing of that song (Yes, definitely Best Dana Carvey Skit EVAR) with that picture. Awesome.

  64. cuteness lover says:

    He looks like he’s guarding the veggie to me. He’s going to stick the whole thing in his mouth and run in just a minute.

  65. We can’t help the puns, you know. They’re kind of automaddox.

  66. hee hee!

  67. AGH!!

  68. I know this mouse’s uncle!