Just a little patience [Axl voice]

Kitten: [Looks at a dog that can one-bite him] "Aw yeah—Playground Central!™"
Dog: [shifty eyes] "Don’t even think—"


Dog: [eyeballs kitten size versus his own mouth size] "uh Boy. Here we go."


Dog: [eye roll]


Kitten: [Irish accent] "ah! Pullin’ over me covers fer a long winters nap!"
Dog: [thinking] "You’ve got to be kidding me—he does accents?!"


Kitten: [Looking dog straight in the eye] "Same time tomorrow?"
Dog: [Thinking] "With some Béarnaise sauce, you’d taste pretty good!"


Brilliant submission from Jennifer C. from the Animal Liberation Front site.



  1. look at those folds! pretty

  2. javagirl says:

    Awwwww!!! So adorable! Dat widdle keetie is so darned cute!


    And THEN he goes to Teepytown!

    (Teepy = Sleepy)

  3. there’s another cute little kitty in the background if you look closely

  4. Ahhhh ADORABLE!!! And the captions are priceless.

  5. aw, yes, that other little kitten doesn’t seem quite so adventurous.

  6. I may be wrong but I BELIEVE that’s a mighty DOGUE DE BORDEAUX. Remember “Turner and Hooch”…? A friend of mine has 3 of them–distinctive whites around the eyes.

    If it is DDB, that kitten is in for some serious love slobber. Teddie bears.

  7. Great captions, Meg!

    And ultra-prosh pics…!

  8. …ssssssssssssssssssSSSSSSS>>SPLODE< <<

    This. Post. Is. AWESOME.

  9. I could die…how aNERable is that kitten!?! Stretching out his teeny adventerous paw. And the dog is too cool – what a great older bro!

  10. Total Hooch! Beautiful doggy. What a patient guy!

  11. Definately one of the best posts on here. I love it!!


    Meg, you’re the Queen of Captions. Period. 🙂

  13. The other little kitty is just waiting his turn–only one kitteh at a time on the GIANT dog ride.

  14. That’s definitely NOT a Ridgeback, but a super cute photo series nonetheless!

  15. Flávia A says:

    I knew this pics. They are really adorable. And the caps are great!

    I’m trying to submit some pics, but the mail keeps coming back 😦

  16. just lurve the “snoooorg” pic… I could spend days upon days just snorggling both the kitteh and the big puppeh…. *sigh*

  17. Steph, true… but does the kitty know that?

  18. Courtney says:

    Awww man, that dog looks so put upon.

    Dog: *sigh* All right, climb all over me if you must.

    Kitten: Yay! BFF!!!

  19. I def need an education here—what kind of pup is this? A “Dogue de Bordeaux” is that correct?

  20. Sebastian Redl says:

    The colouring of that kitten is way beyond cool.

  21. Yeah Meg — it’s a cross between a Shar Pei and of one of those Wegman dogs. It’s a Red Winerheimer.

  22. Best line:

    Dog: [thinking] “You’ve got to be kidding me—he does accents?!”

    Waay funny!

  23. Theo, I believe that particular breed is called “Wisenheimer.”

  24. Yes – kitteh does accents as well as ascents.

  25. Jan Spencer says:

    LOL @ Aubrey! Oh this is priceless…love the photogs!

  26. Bump, set, and J. Bo with the spike. Nice!

    …and Aubrey, you are *ON* today. Quite unlike my office. Guhhhzzzzzz… [snore] [drool]

  27. chelsea says:

    That kitteh is soooo fluffly.
    And what a patient, uninterested Hooch dog. 😀
    That kitten in the background looks like a squeaky toy.

  28. What a sweeeet long suffrin’ pup!

    Brings to mind the classic cartoons of the big dawg getting kneaded by the little baby kitty, ooching and owching all the while, then sighing his big woofy sigh when the kitty finally settles on his back.

  29. aaandddd, i officially am okay with having to work today with every one else in my deparment gone. ::sigh:: i think the one other person here feels like the dog. i have annoyed her into submission, so she has been chatting with me, but i bet she just wants to stab me with a letter opener.

  30. Cute set of pics but the link might require a warning. Some of the pics and video are a bit hard to handle. I agree with beliefs of the site…..its just a bit rough.

    Just a suggestion

  31. SMARF!!! OMG.. the cuteness, the cuteness!!

  32. kyfilly says:

    Ah, yes, cosmiquemuffin – Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot in “Feed the Kitty” – my favorite Looney Tunes cartoon of all time!!

  33. Amazing that photos so cute could be hosted on the website an extremist terrorist organization…

  34. Love it! Just too cute! 🙂

  35. now, if that was a baby instead of a kitty crawling on puppy… oh the outrage… what is no one concerned with kitty’s well being? you heartless monsters! *smirks*

  36. “extremist terrorist organization…”

    Give us a break! Terrorists are people who intentionally harm people for the sole purpose of creating fear. ALF saves animals from cruel conditions. Only pResident Dumbo would call ALF terrorists (because everyone is a terrorist in his eyes).

  37. …slowly… back… away… from… the… keyboard…

  38. fabulous!

  39. AuntieMame says:

    ALF and ELF are both terrorist organizations.

    And so is PETA.

    So there.

  40. Carbontetra says:

    Wait… ALF? The terrorist group ALF? Holy crapware.

    oh, lane, huny: Alf does this: “Terrorists are people who intentionally harm people for the sole purpose of creating fear.”
    for this reason: “ALF saves animals from cruel conditions”

    You may wanna do a little research first before blaming the commander in chimp.

  41. littlelizard says:

    Meg I would really re-think the link to ALF, unless you support their action and are fully aware of their activities.

  42. cuteeeeeee says:

    don’t start another debate idiots

  43. Oh my! what is that cute little white thingie? a fluff ball?:D


  44. ALF… You mean that long-snouted alien that eats cats? 😉

  45. Welcome to the Jungle.

  46. Hilarious commentary. The contrast between the kitten and the shifty eye bull dog is too much!

  47. Meg: I would guess this sweetie is a Bordeaux mix, since it’s not quite as jowl-y (sp?) as a purebred would be. And, if we’re drawing lots, I would venture to guess a Bordeaux/Pit mix.

    And, I cannot help but jump into the debate: the ALF are very liberal, but that does not constitute a terrorist, last time I checked.

  48. [ahem] “cuteeeeeee”? We don’t call names here.

    (No matter who started it.)

  49. Oh yeah, Feed The Kitty *rocks so hard*! I like showing it to strong men and watching them try not to sniffle.

    And on the ALF front: I’ll keep my mouth shut on this one. I have different rules for animals than for humans (hint: I’d never beat up an animal for grabbing my tuchis). Of course, there just aren’t that many drunk, obnoxious, heinie-grabbing non-human members of the animal kingdom, for which I am properly grateful.

  50. ohmygoodness! that’s so cute i might asplode.

  51. [is strangely & strongly tempted to go grab somebody’s heinie right now]
    [wonders if that makes one a terrorist]

    [hears Schmoop’s car door in the driveway… aHA!]
    [scuttles off]

  52. [success!!]

  53. Theo, you make my day every darn day. To you, the crown of the Sublimely Ridiculous–wear it with pride!

    …Limpang-Tung’s got nothin’ on C.O…

  54. Um, yes. We don’t call names here, but apparently we DO grab heinies…

    I’M FOR IT!

  55. Gee Theo, shouldn’t you have hung around to cuddle for a while after the heinie-grabbing?

  56. Peter Offerman says:

    The best thing about these photo’s: in the second picture, there is a wire in the background, which looks like a halo over the kittens head. Add that to the fact that it’s a white, cute kitty, and you got your everyday angel stereotype.

  57. Arbed, the kitchen island is covered with baking ingredients & materials, and many various forms of chocolate. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do, then just get out of the way.

  58. heheheh, I dunno Theo – sounds like you might have passed up a better opportunity than you think! 😉

  59. This is the EPITOME of Cute Overload!!!
    But I think it was photoshopped. :^P
    That kitty is shnorgling doggy’s ear, which is exacticly what I would do. Am I the only weirdo who likes to smell doggy ears?

  60. One of the most adorable posts ever. Too bad it’s from a backward group of totemistic medical research saboteurs.

  61. Peter O — good eye, you’re totally right. “Fluff angel, fluff angel, will you be mine?” [a la Penguins]

    Mike (one of them, anyhow) — huh… I just like the word “totemistic.”

    Ceebieshop — har. :^P indeed.

  62. Yeah, ceebs, I’m guessin’ you’re pretty much alone on the ear-sniffing.

  63. shanchan says:

    So cute. I really wish this was on video!

  64. I guess I’m the only one with a dog whose ears smell snorgle-iffic!!!
    yep, that’s my story & I’m stickin to it.

  65. LOVE the patient dog. Reminds me of my own. ‘specially around kids, where she’s getting crawled on and pulled at. She has that exact expression. <33

  66. isn’t there an old cartoon like this? it used to air with bugs bunny cartoons. the big dog would wrap his folds around the kitten like a blankie and/or a little nest. Too cute!

  67. You must be

    =======> This cute

    to enter this ride!


  68. Tony James says:

    “Oh boy, if it wasn’t for the paperwork that would ensue, I’d so turn you into brunch.”

  69. Leilani says:

    This series of pics was SO cute! If it weren’t for the rolling of the eyeballs, I’d have to wonder if that so-patient and long-suffering dog wasn’t really dead!

  70. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What a good dog! And what a sweet li’l fluffy kitty.

  71. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t smell dogs ears, but I do smell dogs feets. Because big dogs feets smell like corn chips. However, mostly what I wanted to say was…


    and I think my dog needs a kitten.

  72. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    o/~ “Climb every canine…” o/~

  73. Meg, see


    They’re also known as “French Mastiff.” I tend to think this is a purebred, since I’ve seen more than the average person. My friend has had 6 or 7 of them. Being such large dogs, they unfortunately don’t have long lifespans, only about 7 years. The females especially can be less jowly with such sweet expressive faces. C’est tout!

  74. Sorry ’bout sounding like a Miss Know-it-all there. I only meant that the breed is not very common and the fact that I’ve seen DDB’s up-close and slobberable at all is unusual.

  75. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Awwww…that kittie looks like my beloved Nickie when he was a young sprout! I definitely agree that the dog looks like “Hooch”, whatever breed that dog is…

  76. agilesreader says:

    Oh wow! That is so cute! What patient doggie!

  77. When we got our Saimese, she did the same to our big ol’ Golden. Three years later, the Saimese still wants to cuddle with the very put-upon but gentle Golden.

    Psst…Lane…Julie! I’m with you on ALF. One can never be too protective of the kid or the animal.

  78. Too bad I can’t spell “Siamese”.

  79. http://www.activistcash.com/organization_overview.cfm/oid/21

    I quote: “PETA has long-standing ties to militant groups like the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). The FBI calls these criminal groups a ‘serious domestic terrorist threat.'” The ALF is well known for destroying vehicles and firebombing restaurants and medical research labs at great risk to human life.

    That aside, I *love* this series of pictures. Just adorable. My head asplode. 🙂

  80. The fact that the dog never seems to move anything but its eyeballs moves this from “cute” to “paralyzingly adorable with a side of SQUEE!!!”

  81. The floofball totally pwns the big dog. Aww.

  82. Def, the doggy dogue is terror-eyesing the kitn.

  83. Heh, lil doggies feets smell like corn chips too! But his feets been places where his ears ain’t, so I don’t sniff de feets so much as de earses.

  84. Did anyone else notice that the doggie’s toes match her eyes? Amber nails! Weird! S/he is certainly gorgeous, whatever the breed or mixture.

    Oh, and the cuteness factor of this post is OFF DA CHARTZ. The moist nosicle! The wrinkledy forehead and jowls! The golden eyes!

    I totally heart kittehs, but this one is pale in comparison with the sweet doggie.

  85. Awww, that ‘lil Himalayan is off the charts snorgleable! And the cute dorgie! Awwww! **melts**

  86. Ack! I think I just died! One of my favorite Loony Toon sketches was always Pussyfoot and Spike…this is the first time I’ve seen it with real aminals! Ah!

    And then there is the wittle kitty in the background watching.

  87. Christy says:

    Awww! Kitten…so…fluffy!!! *love*

  88. Yeah, that’s adorable but not a ridgie; head is too blockish; ridgies have longer narrower heads for their tiny wittle brains. They just snorfle kitties.

  89. ohhhhhhhhhh,Cool kitten

  90. I love all the cat toys visible in the background. Clearly these ppl want to keep their fluffers entertained. But I’m sure Mount Doggy is the most fun.

  91. this is my new favorite! brill! (but will just ignore the animal extremist link because i dont like them)

  92. Maureen says:

    Cosmique–that’s my favourite cartoon! FAVE! The way the dog cries when he thinks kitty has been made into a cookie… aww.

    We used to have a dog that was a cross between a Kuvasz and an Irish Wolf Hound. He was a big softie. Then, our cats had kittens. He’d babysit and they’d all climb up on his side and snooze in his fur. It was the cutest damned thing I’ve ever seen.

  93. Gracias for the education, Jaypo—the kitten is now “Scaling Mont Mastiff”!

    As for the ALF link, it’s where the original pics are posted, so simply pointing back to it.

    I hadn’t heard of the ALF before yesterday, and find the site and message dark and confusing. It appears they have a positive goal; to save animals from harm, but they could sure use a marketing dept. to clarify the messaging.

    To sum up, links to sites and owners are for photo credit purposes.


  94. gawd. i love the dog. he knows he can crush the kitty with one swipe of his mighty paw, but he resists because the kitten is so damned cute.

  95. Did you notice the little kitty baby sleeping in the background of the last picture?? Ah!

  96. cuteness lover says:

    It’s funny that the dog doesn’t seem to have even blinked during all this climbing.

  97. hrh.squeak says:

    Well, he’s gotta keep an eye on the flufferkins, no knowin’ where that intrepid explorer will go next!

  98. The kitty in the background on the last pic looks sooo squishedly relaxed. Way too cool to be playing on any doggy playground.

  99. Meg — ALF is to PETA as Earth First! is to Greenpeace, if that helps clarify. Direct sabotage vs. grassroots politicking.

  100. Melissa says:

    Wait…doesn’t ALF oppose people having pets? Then what’s with these pictures?

    Anyways…OMG teh fluffeh kitteh! *snorgles* *dies*

  101. Look, I don’t advocate sending death/harm/harassement threats to people involved with labratory testing (which ALF has done), but I (honestly) do NOT see anything wrong with breaking into a factory farm / labratory and rescuing the animals held captive (if you’ve seen any of the videos, you will understand this point) which is something ALF does all the time.

    Terrorists bomb markets places (and such) killing indiscriminately. Terrorists drop bombs over cities from airplanes, killing indiscriminately. This is not what ALF does, and I dare anyone out there to prove me wrong.

    Yes the Bush Admin has labelled ALF a terrorist organization, but not because they are a threat to ordinary people, because they are a threat to buisness. Think about it. Further more, when the Bush Administration taps your phone and records your internet usage because there’s “terrorists” “out there”, don’t you see that they are labelling you a terrorist too?

  102. very cute set. the dog whatever it is not an akc recg. purebreed. but its really cute!!

  103. Melissa,

    ALF was declared a terrorist organization under the CONPLAN domestic terror directive two months after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 under the Clinton administration.

    Their list of crimes have included arson (with people still inside the buildings), razor blade rigged mail, spiking trees to hurt loggers, poisoning a cake in Italy to protest genetically altered wheat, and sabotaging milk delivery trucks by CUTTING THE BRAKE LINES.

    Some of these crimes -even under the most liberal interpretation of the law- are attempted murder. I think they’ve only failed thus far because they’re drooling mongoloids.

    And incidentally, your definition of terrorist is practically illiterate.

    Next time you think you know who’s to blame for “labelling” (sic) an organization this or that, why not spend 3.5 seconds looking it up and not suffering this sort of correction?

  104. Patricia says:

    All I will say about the ALF is violence is never an answer to anything, and neither is threatening it. Answering cruelty with another form of cruelty will never resolve anything, it just polerizes the issue and those involved.

  105. Not getting in the middle of any dispute, but Mike, I think you meant that for “Alma” not Melissa…

  106. Mike — just one note here — I think you might be mixing ALF up with Earth First (re: tree spiking) or other radical environmental groups.

  107. I’m just gonna revel in the cuteness. I *heart* dogs with huge heads and wrinkled brows, and fluffball kitties.

    ’nuff said!

  108. you guys r silly says:

    all commentroversy aside…
    MY *favorite* pic, is where the fluffy baby is SNORGLING the doggy’s ear…..
    look at the look of
    on it’s fluffy little kitty face…

  109. good old whatsherface says:

    No wonder poochie looks put upon, if there are two kitties that harass him. And you know where there’s two, there’s bound to be more…

  110. that was my wedding song! ^_^

  111. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    OK I died. Does that make Meg a terrist for killing us all with torturous amounts of cuteness?

  112. ALF and ELF are both considered terrorist organizations. Saving animals from harm and pain is a wonderful concept; unfortunately these folks are sadly misguided in their efforts…

    Painfully adorable critters are not considered terrorists, though they may pose a health hazard from that implosion thing one’s head does upon seeing them. 😛

  113. you guys r silly says:

    And we mustn’t confuse W’s terrorist ELF Org. with “The Santa Claus”‘s ELF Org. that rescued Tim Allen’s son when he was stranded on the rooftop after Santa was arrested…

  114. I can’t believe no one has made a Mark Anthony reference! Have you not watched your classic Looney Tunes?

    “Why such a long face, Mark Anthony?”

  115. “I married Jennifer Lopez, Snusnu.”

  116. Ack! I meant Marc Antony, as in “Feed the Kitty”, not J. Lo’s husband.

  117. (Yeah, I know. I think if you look up “Wiseass” in the Urban Dictionary, “Theo” is still the third or fourth alternate definition.)

  118. i am late says:

    ALF is retarded (the terrorist organization). I’m really disappointed that CuteOverload would actually post a link to a terrorist organization, but whatever, it’s their perogative.

    For people into truly into animals, avoid PeTA and ALF like wild fire. If you want to help animals, donate to your local ASPCA. They actually go out there, rescue animals and arrest those who abuse them. Animal cruelty is a reality. Oganizations like PETA and ALF do nothing but hurt humans and indirectly (and sometimes directly) animals. Ask yourself, would you rather give $1,000 to save mistreated animals (ASPCA), spend $1,000 for people to firebomb a lab (ALF), or spend $1,000 so a man can dress up in a creepy costume and harrass elementary school children (PETA)?

    Now that I’m off that soapbox, This is. So. Darn. Cute. So utterly darn cute.

  119. Lane, check out the kind of things they post on their own website before you make up your mind about ALF.


    NOTE: The link contains info that would be upsetting to some.

  120. tablemountaingirl says:

    These guys are so cute. The pup is such a trooper. The kitten is completely trusting. This is great. It is just like Marc Anthony and pussyfoot 🙂

  121. Does anyone know what kind of cat that is?

  122. AWWWWW

    …man, I sure luuurrve that dog. One-of-a-kind “I-don’t-care”-ness…

  123. I love the patient long suffering types!

  124. This guy is thinking, when is this guy going to get cooked and served for dinner???

  125. HELLO

  126. I love how in the second pic, the fan cord makes it look like the kitty has a halo….very angelic