Thanks, Frank!



The Washington Post, Web Watch Dept.

Dear Mr. Frank Ahrens,
A thousand thanks for your glowing review of Cute Overload in today’s Washington Post. What a nice surprise. Since your favorite part of the site is the Hedgehog category, I post thees Hedgehog in your honor. And he’s not just any Hedger—it’s Numo, perhaps the most famous moist nosicle on the InterWebs.


Sincerely Yours,




  1. that is the most gorgeous white-haired handsome hedgickle i have ever seened.

  2. Congrats to our Meg! Today the Washington Post, tomorrow… ZE VORLD!

  3. The praise of CO has been well earned. In a world where people are sick of shock value entertainment, it’s wonderful to have a place to go for surprisingly adorable fun.

    BTW, I just love this little guy’s foof-head!

  4. I KNEW we residents of the D.C. area had taste! Well, not really, but YAY for CUTEOVERLAOD!!!!

  5. Vanilla says:

    Congrats, Meg. Ya dun good!

  6. English Chick says:

    That hedgehog has Adorable BEF!!

    Well Done BTW!!

  7. yay meg!
    yay CO!
    yay cute little wet nose!!!


    So, how long do you think it’ll be before CO gets a mention on Fox News? I mean, foxes are cute, ‘specially kits…

  9. ka9q's wife says:

    omg i squeed then my head sploded then i came back to life so i could squee and splode again.

  10. Way to go Cute O.!

  11. ohhhhh, shnorgelly-puss! I want one!

  12. I’ve always wanted a hedgehog 😀

  13. There *MUST* be some way to snorgle the Post.. for making such a wise choice 🙂

    The BEF is cancelled out by the high nose to eye ratio?

  14. Norty, click on the link to the article, THEN click on the journalist’s name at the top of the page, and you’ll be directed to a way you might “virtually” snorgle (i.e., e-mail) Mr. Frank.

    (And I stongly suggest you address him as Mr. Frank. I bet he likes that…)

  15. I can only begin to imagine the trepidations a Post staff writer would go through on being addressed as Mr. (or ms.), followed by their first name. It would probably make their head explode, and *not* from Cuteness.™ [Hee.]

    Meanwhile, congrats, Meg – and visor quills up, Numo!

  16. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Way to go Meg…any publicity is good publicity. Look at that hedgie and his white spikies…and that nose! Oooo!

  17. has a traffic rank of 182 and an approximate reach of 13.5 MILLION. Brilliant work, Meg!

    In addition, Mr. Numo – those Quills are certainly something to Crow about.

  18. Adorable prickly dude! CongRATs Meg! 🙂

    And Aubrey, I normally don’t hedge about my admiration for your punning s’quills, but what is the point of a pun that has nothing to do with the current photo?

  19. Fuzzybutt says:

    CONGRAYS MEG! And that is one darn cute hedgehog I must say!

  20. I see quills on a hedgie. They’re marvelous in my eyes, hence worthy of crowing about. A crowquill is a pen – not in the picture, but it is something I draw with, hence it’s dear to my creative heart.

    So I let the pun go – imperfect, but good enough.

  21. Dear Mr. Frankie McFrankerson,
    Everyone at CO has known for a very long how cute I am. (And other li’l critters, too, BTW, but most will agree that nosicles and quills are an especially fetching combo.) May we snorgle your belly in appreciation of your honoring us and Fearless Leader MeggieMoo? We would lof to see a post from you, Mr. Frankie. We promise to make bad puns and write terrible limericks in honor of you. (But please don’t cry FP–we cannot guarantee Theo’s mood.)

    Gratitudinously yours,
    Mr. Numo

  22. Jaypo:

    I’m sure you recognize that all news publications have a very strict hedgemony. Check the masthedge of the paper for the editor, and refer all snorgle requests to him.

  23. So d’y’all notice that if we remove and rearrange letters of Mr. Frank’s last name (as is often done with words on OC to achieve the desired utterance of cutealect) we get a variation of Ehn! Ehn!

    just take out the ‘r’ and the ‘s’ and say it a’loud..

  24. lubnaajaz says:

    oh ho!most cutest,cuddliest kittens.
    yipppppeeeee they r the best

  25. lubnaajaz says:

    hey meg,good work,keep it up.

  26. Not just cute, artistic, too!

    Also, is that a zipper I see? Is that cute little snorgeable head sticking out of someone’s jacket? Aaaaaww~!

    (Oh, and as a side, I think “~” has to be the cutest key on my keyboard. Followed by “^” in the use of ^_______^)

  27. “Is that cute little snorgeable head sticking out of someone’s jacket?”

    It’s not a jacket – it’s Numo’s very own carry ‘n snorgle pouch. See

  28. geez that is too close for comfort

  29. cuteoverload has succeeding in convincing me of higher levels of cuteness… what i had never thought cute before, has now become so thanks to this site. it is the cute mecca. i’m a convert. praise be to snorgles.

  30. As a born and raised Maryland resident (with more than half my life spent inside the DC beltway) I’ve long been convinced that the Washington Post is the best newspaper ever. No complaints.

    P.S- the front page of today’s metro section has an article on the evolution of “playing” with accompanying photos of baby bears playing. Squee!

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    Numo knows –

    “The Moist Nosicle PWNS you all!!! Bwahahahaha!!”

    An adorable hedgie named Numo
    Could charm everyone in the room, “Oh
    My”, they would say,
    As he went on his way,
    “Now that is one cute little mofo!”

  32. hrh.squeak says:

    ps Big *yay* to Meg for the Washington Post salute to the Cute!

  33. Jan Spencer says:

    ROCK ON, MEG! YOU GO ON WIT YOUR BAAAAD SELF! Wow, finally getting some real kudos for your site. I tell ya, I come here daily, sometimes twice or more a day! You da bomb diggity, girlfriend!

  34. I saw the article in the Post! I was very, very happy to see the Cuteness spread into the print world.

  35. Laurie C says:

    squeak, loved your limerick. The “Oh My” split between the two lines –pure genius.

  36. A Fine Morsel says:

    Moist nosicle indeed! So dang juicy!

  37. leah shea hogan says:

    I really, really love cuteoverload.

    love, Leah

  38. Check this out:
    Not sure if that takes you directly to the pic of my hedgehog pencil sharpener (“igel” is hedgehog in German) but if not, it’s on there if you wanna look. And btw my dog’s cuter than your cat, Lohan Roberto! 😛 (j/k… i’m not)
    For some reason I have been inadvertently collecting hedgehog stuft since I was about 15.

  39. w00t Meg!!!

  40. cuteness lover says:

    So freakin cute. Wet noses and rule!

  41. Ryan Dickey says:

    Yes!5 points!