Now you can shoot a turtle across the room!

Pet-shaped rubber bands. You need them for…[singsong] NO REASON!


Once again, thanks to Mary R. and Rocket, for having their paws on the pulse!



  1. How would they keep their shape…?
    Oh well, THEY ARE CUTE AND I WANT THEM. That’s all it matters.

  2. I need those for work…


    for me, for my nieces, for my leetle seester…for my BFF1 & my BFF2.

  4. ceebs, love the postcards.

    Did you see the lil’ paper monkey with his cinamon roll ears and teeny lil’ tail?

  5. More cute stuft:
    check out the yoga mats!!!

  6. My cousin has one of the rhino ones… They’re awesome! One of her friends has the set.

  7. Melissa says:

    We have those at my work…(THE CONTAINER STORE). They are super cute.

  8. “No reason” is the best reason there is!

    Reason is overrated.

  9. Michelle says:

    Oh how I love rubber bands. I’m a chronic rubber-band shooter. My old cat used to squeeze her eyes shut whenever I pointed at her. Even if I didn’t have a rubber band. Yes, I eventually outgrew hunting housepets with rubber bands. I just shoot inanimate objects now. honest.

  10. LOL, Michelle! That’s awesome! It reminds me of when Jodie (my kitten that we had to give away cause she was too wild) half-closed her eyes whenever she smelled toothpaste.

  11. pistache268 says:


  12. Ok, Darcy, now I’m curious.

    WHY did your kitten half-close her eyes whenever she smelled toothpaste?

  13. Another great clever idea. How fun!

    Alana, since they are molded to shape, they’ll stay that way. They’ll actually start twisting a little funny as you wrap them around something.

  14. I saw those at the Container Store in January. They’re quite expenisve.

  15. I know you all wished it were so, but giraffes, kangaroo and elephant ARE NO pets 😉


    (Yeah, I know… it might be time for decaf…)

  17. ceebs, I do believe we can outfit the Dream Office now. (see the Glossary)

  18. LittleTornado says:

    I have these, too. Actually, there’s two sets. One has exotic animals (Giraffe, Elephant, etc.); and the other is domestic animals (ducks, bunnies, etc.). They’re super cute. They keep their shape very well. Inside the box is a card to tell you how to take care of them. I broke one, so I’m sort of afraid to use them to hold things together, especially considering the price.

  19. Laurie C says:

    My tabby breaks every rubber band she sees wrapped around anything, so I can’t leave them around anywhere. One of my now-gone cats used to *eat* them. They can’t have tasted good.

  20. Laurie, the one cat in the office used to eat rubber bands, too! He’d bite it till it broke then slurp
    it up like spaghetti. He also seemed to have issues with anything that was in the color range of turquoise to kelly green.

  21. Laurie C says:

    I may be sorry I asked, ceebs, but how does a cat express “color issues”?

  22. i remember when i worked at the zoo gift shop and we got those in.. we had no clue what they were for, but they’re cute!

  23. Laurie, re: cat with color issues: The boss had a kelly green gym bag the cat would run from every time it appeared. I had one of those envelope moisteners with a turquoise cap he would either knock over or try to bite. I had a green eraser/brush pencil he would try to eat. I think the boss had a teal colored ski jacket he would run from as well. The cat is a little nutso anyway, but it definitely seemed like he acted weirder around that color.

  24. Laurie C says:

    Interesting about the color thing. I’m glad it wasn’t the peeing/pooping/urfing sort of political statement most cats make.

  25. Vanessa says:

    I got a box of these for Christmas and they are soooooo much fun!!

  26. I’ve seen that kitty in a compromising photo with Liquid Paper…that should explain any odd behavior around the office by said kitty…

    *looking up nearest container store*

  27. Hey Darcie- my cat Sam (Sam is short for Samsonite, because she likes to be carried around) doesn’t like the toothpaste smell at all. She likes to sit on my bathroom counter when I am getting ready for bed. But as soon as the toothpaste is on the brush – she turns around to sit with her back to me with a squint on her face. Not liking the mint smell. Nope. Not all all.

  28. Catnip is a memeber of the Mint “family.” Clearly Jodie was a junkie, Sam is a teetotaler and the office cat was purely militant (mint and catnip being green and all).

  29. DH: That story’s so cute: You’re cat loves your company so much, she’s braving the bad, bad smell to stay with you! Even if she does have her back turned…

  30. Nickole,

    My cat Rafael used to make the most hilariously disgusted face when he would smell toothpaste. Yes, sometimes I would put it under his nose just to get a reaction. But I didn:t do it too often, I swear! And I think it was the least he could put up with for free room and board.

  31. Dustbunny says:

    Ooh, that madebyhumans site has some cuuuute stuff. Like those little animal shower gels. Although I’m kinda baffled by what the purpose of the magnetic raven & rooster is…?

  32. So toothpaste smells really discusting?

    Makes me doubt my senses, having all these cats with their acute smelling hate it so much. They really must think we are idiots: First we eat it, then spit it out. Should have thought that was a one time experience, but nooo, we do it at least once a day, never learning.

  33. The magnetic raven & rooster, where they split apart? You can put a note or a photo or something in them, they call them “memo holders”.
    My friend, a long long time ago told me that she once put toothpaste on her cat’s nose (no idea why) and the toothpaste started eating away at the nose or something! :-$

  34. Not just bad-smelling, but dangerous as well?

    I’m not brushing my teeth today!

  35. Laurie C says:

    My electric toothbrush stands on my bathroom counter, and my tabby licks it, despite a) the fact that it must smell of mint, and b) my protests.

  36. Laurie, maybe your tabby is braving the smell just to get to annoy you?

  37. I mean no disrespect at all, but between this and the bird book, I am becoming more unlikely to recommend this site to my friends. Back to the cute!

  38. Dustbunny says:

    Ceebs: D’oh!! I was trying to figure out how someone would stick a 3-D magnetic bird on the refrigerator. Nevermind. The heat must be melting my brain cells 😛

  39. I had sent in a link a while back to a cool site called Uncommon Goods for a cute lamp, although they sell these, too, and didn’t think to send the link to them. Here’s the link that I *did* send:

  40. OMG arbed!!! That is hilarious! Of course, I have a picture of my dog just like that…(not in my webshots album…yet…)
    If it was less than $180 it would be MINE!!!

  41. I can fling a rhino across the room! RAWR I IS STRONG! xD

  42. TPK…here’s a wee bit o’cuteness for you!

  43. nightbird says:

    I have a cat that eats tissue paper and plastic if she gets a chance…have to keep a close eye on her, she also has to inspect my medicine every morning. (Not yet Mom, I MUST sniff the bottle to make sure it’s safe.)

  44. “I mean no disrespect at all, but between this and the bird book, I am becoming more unlikely to recommend this site to my friends. Back to the cute!”

    I agree with TPK…

  45. Ceebs: you found my Candy Corn Nose Duck!! I can’t believe that anyone would settle for naming these birds “moor hens.” They are so insanely cute and weird. Just this morning they were racing back and forth across the pond. Half flying, half walking on water. Thanks a bunch.

  46. Oh cool Redz!! I am glad you saw that. Glad I was right, too, I thought I knew exactly what you were talking about but could not think of what they were called, eventually I remembered & I looked up “maw hen” and I think google asked me “do you mean moor hen?” so I thought, I don’t know, maybe I do!
    Anyway, I agree, they are very cool. I have some in my photo collection.

  47. I saw those at a store about a year ago. They’re so cute!

  48. Heather says:

    I don’t understand how they keep their shape and I don’t understand how someone thought of them.

  49. available at “black ink” in cambridge, MA!

  50. No disrespect to TPK or “Moi,” but I think these rubber bands and the ducky book are cute as hell…

  51. Yup. I need ’em.

  52. Is someone trying to say that baby duckies aren’t cute???!!! The noive!
    Did you ever see them race across the water (Ehn! ehn! Ehn!) ? Like if you are feeding them & they wanna get it first (big ducks do this too but as with everything, it’s much cuter on a baby). They stretch forward & paddle like their little ducky feet are wound up with rubber bands & let go. major cuteness, & you can’t tell me it’s not!:)

  53. Not saying ducks aren’t cute! But the bar has been set high by some pics on this great site (hello, Princess Pup) so it’s easy to be disappointed. I guess I am just cute-greedy!

  54. My cat adores toothpaste…but only Tom’s of Maine Peppermint or Spearmint. I think the artificially flavored toothpaste yucks him out, because it’s, well, not real. But he’ll beg for a taste of toothpaste with real peppermint.

    I did have a cat who liked Crest–but i think that’s because he was an indoor cat and didn’t know any better. 😉

  55. waitasec says:

    omg.. they’re so pointless… but adorable!!

  56. OMG!!! I’ve seen those before!!! One of my friends had two of those and my other friend and I were looking at them and trying to figure out what they were and like I just saw them on here and now I know what they are!!!( She had a turtle and something else that we couldn’t tell what it was, it may have been a hippo…)Creepy!!! Very creepy!!! What a coincidence that i saw them on this site like a couple days later!!! And also someone posted a comment and asked how they hold their shape. Well, they’re not exactly rubberband material they’re more like stretchy plastic rubber things that are molded. So, thanks whoever posted this because now I don’t have to wonder about them anymore!!!