Rule of Cuteness #26: If you have 4 legs and can tuck yourself in, you’re cute

Sure, their might be some dirty laundry in this photo, but please try and focus. The point is that four-legged Phoebe can successfully tuck herself into bed, and dammit, that’s adorable. Ruhmember when Rufus did that?


Good work, Phoebes. You too, Elisabeth D.!



Kittens Kaptured on Kameraphones Klawing each other! KUTE!


Double paws on face. Nice work, Christopher D. Oh and Christopher D. says that C.O. is the "8th Wonder of the World." Isn’t that nice? I think I have to post that somewhere. That’s really sweet.

Puffitude on the Grass

These little Dudes are LATE for their luncheon in the grass. Hurry, little dudes! Hurry!


E to the C—awesome. Thanks, CatWalk Rabbitry 🙂


Dees ees joist what I wanted for my loook. My wheeskers preened in joist thees way—weeth thees new Hamster Wheesker Oils®, I can get thee perfect look for my beeg hamster date tonight. I…look…MAHVELOUS!


Merci infinement, Fenn L. 😉

What a lazy kitten.

Man, kittens these days. They just sit on their asses and accomplish nothing. It’s such a shame—their cat parents should really get after them—man. Look at this good-for-nuthing kitten. WHAT HAS HE ACCOMPLISHED TODAY!? Nothing. Nothing, that’s what.


OK, MAYBE he accomplished being a Snorgle Target, but that’s about it. Geeshe, Tracey.

Deals! Deals! Deals!

Tabbies are flying off the shelves at PetSmart, People! Get yours while supplies last. Right next to the ‘Small animals" section and the Parrot treats.


Above is a joke, but sincerely, you can find great adoptable pets at Petco’s PetFinder…


Look, sometimes, a Pup and his Ferret just wanna cuddle. Is that SO WRONG!?


No. the answer is no, Becca F.

Pantry Pal…DEUX!

Pantry Pal 2: [Looking over the work of Pantry Pal 1] "Uh, says here they wanted TWO loaves of Whole grain and TWO Pistacios Puddings. I only see one pudding."
Pantry Pal 1: [Shivers in corner]
Pantry Pal 2: "Yep, says so right here." [grabs pencil]


Nice Pantry Pal addition, Sasha P.!

Pantry Pal

Look—you’re busy, we all are.

Who has time to shop for foodstuffs when there are so many Web sites to visit? Do you need more brown sugar or Vanilla cake mix? WHO THE HECKKNOWS?!

Introducing Pantry Pal™—the rat who keeps constant track of your pantry stock. Need more Whole grain bread goodness? —Oh, it’s ordered. More Pistacio Jello pudding? Check.

Make your bare cupboard a thing of the past.

Get your Pantry Pal™ today.


Katie S. YOu’re right, I could not resist that face. (OR TEENY PAW!)


Nuzzling Lorie #1: I lerrrve you.
Nuzzling Lorie #2: No, I lerve YOU!
Nuzzling Lorie #1: No. You!
Nuzzling Lorie #2: I lerrrve you more.
Nuzzling Lorie #1: I lerrrve you more.
Nuzzling Lorie #2: More.
Nuzzling Lorie #1: More!
Nuzzling Lorie #2: MORE!
Nuzzling Lorie #1: MORE!!!

[cloud of feathers]


Steven W.—please try and maintain some kind of control here. For crying out loud.