Oh, Domino

This lil’ Dude is raring to go. He’s the newest member of Walking Horse Farms, home of Giant Steps Therapeutic Riding Center. Imagine the tiniest monkey jockey—hi ya! I love how the teeny hooves are turned in *just so*.


Way to go, Grabbui P.! You did it!



  1. wow – what a teeny horse! small cutes are the best. (although i prefer it if they’re really fat and squishy, too. hee hee)

  2. The littlest buckaroo in the barn…

  3. Ponygirl says:

    So little!

  4. Yes, please, I want to see a whole Cute-tucky Derby with monkey jockeys!!!!!!! Please!!!

  5. Cute wittle horsey!!!
    I want my chihuahua to be the little jockey, kinda like the 6/30 pet of the day here:

  6. ceebs — YES! You have to make little teeny jockey silks for him.
    I love this little horse (filly? pony?)

    Hey cutelovers, have a great Independence Day! (I have next Monday off – w00t!)

  7. Oh how precious!!

    What a cute little horsey!

  8. So teeeeeeny feets….

    Check out this little pony, Cuddles, she is a guide for a blind man!


    I heard him on NPR a few years ago – he’s great. Fave quote: “I was a biker, a really rough guy… of course I get a guide horse named Cuddles!”

  9. Redzilla – I love the idea of the Cute-tucky Derby!

    Seeing this little foal reminds me of my “horse phase” when I volunteered at a local ranch.

    SW: zelda – filly=female, colt=male

  10. Beautiful little creature. Lovely enough to be the center-foal for any magazine.

  11. Yey! More foals on CO! (Oh, and to follow up what jpants said, fillies and colts are under 5 years old, I think? After that they’re mares and stallions. Unless, of course, you’re colt has been gelded…)

  12. Sarcasta says:

    I think, since he is so little, that baby carrot treats are in order. Big size carrots might be too much for his itty bitty teef and mouf.

  13. Sarcasta says:

    Oh, and instead of a large oat bag, he should be fed those tiny packets of instant oatmeal. Assuming he likes Cinnamon Apple flavor. If not, well, shucks.

  14. English Chick says:

    The Best Things Come In Small Packages.


  15. Umm, is that guide-horse Cuddles wearing petite sneakers? What is that!?!

  16. chunkstyle says:

    A Redzilla said
    Think of Cute-tucky Derby
    Tiny perfections

  17. LilyPad, I just clicked through the guide horse website, and those are, indeed, weensy little horse sneakers.

  18. LilyPad,

    Even the hooves of miniature horses will scar floors, so the sneakers are to prevent damage.

  19. Oh! The teeny sneakers! Cuddles also wears them in the city, because she can slip on wet pavement, asphalt, etc. That horse is wearing teeny shoes! Too much!

  20. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This reminds me that I never got that pony I wanted when I was little.

  21. Oh, Domino – I’m foalin’ for u!

  22. At work, whenever someone goes for office supplies, we’re all asked if we need need anything in particular. Once I said ‘a pony’. Our office supply store was Staples, you see, and I must have heard wrong.

  23. Laurie C says:

    Blame Aubrey for setting me off on this tangent: Our office supply store is Staples, too. When I went to the supply cupboard to refill my stapler, it was impossible. Every damn box said “Staples” on it! After much hunting, ironically, it turned out they were the only item in the cupboard not in a Staples pack, but one marked “Bostitch”.

  24. Meg – I have tried four times to email some cute picks to you, but they always get bounced back “permenant delivery failure”. It’s too bad, cause I’ve tried to send some cute stuff. Do you know why this is happenning?

  25. Kerry, I have been trying for a couple of days too, same result (including just now). Probably her mailbox is overloaded with cuteness.
    I might just have to put a link to my webshots album so everyone can see my little baby Elvis. 😉

  26. Aubrey – ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  27. ceebs…let’s get a little action goin’ here then. We need something on the periphery while we’re waiting for Teho to not post the foster kittehs.

  28. Laurie C says:

    Ooh, jaypo, I just uploaded some photos of the feral colony I feed, the Boxcar Cats. Link here (fingers crossed):

  29. those knobbly knockly knees…..lil’ black hoofses…my heart is just going to swell right outta my chest!

  30. Okay… here we go. These are pics of my baby-to-adult baby Elvis, as well as work kittehs from the job I just left (it was hardest to leave those wonderful felines) and a couple of my neighbor/friend’s cats, Potatoes, & Thomas (RIP)

    I hope that works.

  31. Awwww, Laurie, those feral kitties are so gorgeous! You can tell though that they are wild, they just have that on-guard look, not that docile, devil-may-care look of spoiled house kittehs we love so much. It makes me so mad how irresponsible people are about not getting their cats fixed & then dumping them. GRRR! I loved the little blinking white & orange one.

  32. I hear a lil catnip will cure that liquid paper hangover for ceeb’s workkitty.. ;P

  33. LOL Betty!
    That is my favorite cat in the world. I should have cat-napped him when I left. 😦 Both of them, really.

  34. hrh.squeak says:

    Ceebs – your little mouse-head is The King, alright!

  35. Laurie C says:

    ceebs, I think it’s a long time since anyone dumped a cat in this colony. It’s 6-7 years old now, a woman told me. And the whole lot of them look related. But that’s my summer project, organizing the trapping and neutering of these guys.

    BTW, love your “hard day at the office” photo.

  36. Well, that’s good about your colony…I know it is a problem in a lot of places though, and it gets out of control before anyone does anything. 😦

  37. Laurie C says:

    I knew you’d like that little orange/white one snoozing. S/he must be 8 weeks old and that was the first day I’d seen him/her after visiting almost daily for most of that time.

  38. LaurieC, thanks for posting the picts. Those are beautiful cats, each one, and seeing the preggers mom made me very sad…more babies without a home. 😦 You’re an angel.

    ceebs, Elvis is quite the character, sooo cute with his piggy nose and nose on the camera. No wonder you loves him so! And the kitties…how couldya not love a kitteh?! As Theo has so wisely pointed out.

  39. Laurie C says:

    jaypo, don’t be sad, keep a good thought. That momcat had three little gray & white babies (I saw them in the nest at 11 days old a week ago, but didn’t take them because they’re still too wee). But me and a couple of other people who want to help are going to try and rescue as many kittens as possible, too.

  40. That’s a Van Morrison song, right? ‘Cause now it’s stuck in my head.

    *Thanks,* CO.

  41. There’s always that *other* Van Morrison song, Thalia.
    Blessings. Count ’em.

  42. Van Morrison. LaurieC and kitnz. Sadness gone! I’m holding good thoughts for momma-cat and bebes. Off to get me hair cut. XXO to you all.

  43. mommy i want one!!!

  44. Sha la la la la la la lala la la lala ti da, just like that now.

  45. Wee horsie.

    And Laurie C, all props to you for your ambitious project. You go girl!!

  46. van morrison!

  47. Nah. Van Horrisin’.

  48. sunshine says:

    Question: theo why do you write so many comments?

  49. Sunshine — you’ve already seen my answer in the “Marmalade Submarine” thread, but what the heck, here’s another reason:

    3) “Cute Overload” is my daily antidote for “The World Just Plain Sucks an Awful Lot of the Time Overload”, which can be found here http://www.cnn.com/ and also here http://www.foxnews.com/index.html and many other well-publicized places.

  50. sunshine says:


  51. sunshine says:


  52. cuteness lover says:

    ah, little painted horsey is cute.

  53. SCORE. Thank you for more posting of the ponies! I am filled with the happiness! That is the cutest little skewbald EVAR.

  54. Sooooooo cute! He still has that “I haven’t quite uncurled yet” look.