Jack’s on duty

Excerpted from Yahoo:

WEST MILFORD, N.J. – A black bear picked the wrong yard for a jaunt,running into a territorial tabby who ran the furry beast up atree—twice.

Jack, a 15-pound orange and white cat, keeps a close vigil on hisproperty, often chasing small animals, but his owners and neighbors sayhis latest escapade was surprising.

Jack1_2 "We used to joke, ‘Jack’s on duty,’ never knowing he’d go after a bear," owner Donna Dickey told The Star-Ledger of Newark for Friday’s editions.

Neighbor Suzanne Giovanetti first spotted Jack’s accomplishment after her husband saw a bear climb a tree on the edge of their northern New Jersey property on Sunday. Giovanetti thought Jack was simply looking up at the bear, but soon realized the much larger animal was afraid of the hissing cat.

After about 15 minutes, the bear descended and tried to run away, but Jack chased it up another tree
Dickey, who feared for her cat, then called Jack home and the bear scurried back to the woods. "He doesn’t want anybody in his yard," Dickey said.


I’ll say!

Thanks for sending in, Amy F.!



  1. BEHOLD! The power of Marmalade!!!

  2. I <3 that story. Cat Power!!!!

  3. Chinny B says:

    That is a hard cat 😀

  4. “I am kitteh…hear me roar.”

  5. That marmalade was jammin’!

  6. Ha! That is hilarious! Reminds me of this one black bear habitat in northern Minnesota I went to a few years ago. They are really sweet, really shy guys!

  7. Nickole says:

    Stands to reason Jack wants to keep a tidy yard, without all these messy bears loofing aroud in such an unorganized manner.

  8. Morgan Skye says:

    That’s just too much! Go Cat Go!

  9. MARMIE!!

    This is without a doubt, hands-down the best news story of the year. Jack is my new hero.

  10. Animals and there territory, don’t mess with the orange kitty!

    I used to have a rabbit that was like that, attacked everything that entered HER yard, even the kitties were afraid of that thing. (I was told she even got one or two 😦 )

  11. What a rockstar. That’s awesome. Can he come over to Brooklyn and chase the burly teenagers away from my front steps?

  12. This bear
    Will never dare
    Once more confront
    A marmie’s stare

  13. JACK! JACK! JACK! JACK! waitasec…
    ..OK, where was I? Sorry. Ah yes…

  14. There once was a kitty named Jack
    Of boldness he had not a lack
    He encountered a bear
    With a steely-eyed stare
    He made sure he never came back.

  15. mein meow says:

    First! Ze Bears, next, ZE WORLD!!!!

  16. Wow. That’s one tough cat.

    (Bet nobody calls JACK a pussy…)

  17. Nickole says:

    If you’re big you usually do not need to be mean to get respect and go where you want.

    Such a big, but shy, beer will have to stand a lot of ridicule to be afraid of a cat, even if the cat does have a lot of claws.

  18. …just goes to show that attitude really is everything. Small guys of the world, take heart.

  19. A very similar thing happened with my cat, Chloe, and a doberman pinscher.

    Chloe was outside (she used to be a mostly outdoor cat) and my uncle (who had been staying with us at the time) spotted a large doberman in the backyard. We all knew that Chloe was out there, so he told my mom, who went running for the back door…but she stopped when she saw the dog running away from Chloe.

    Now, Chloe isn’t very big. I mean, the doberman was probably a good three or four times her size. Thus and therefore, it was pretty darned funny to watch the dog running away from her.

  20. I remember reading this in the news! 🙂 That was so good – I think I emailed that story to everyone I knew. haha

  21. That cat is a TOTAL Greebo.

  22. There once was a marmie named Jack
    Whose behavior was set on ‘attack’
    He once made a bear flee
    For his life up a tree
    For such things our Jack had a knack

  23. Nickole — Jack’s *declawed* actually. It doesn’t say so here, but it was mentioned in another article; this story has been all over the human-interest & “offbeat” news.

  24. Jersey cats. Fugghedaboutit!

  25. Nickole says:

    Declawed, you say? Oh, I see, he’s compensating with a really mean attitude.

    Yeah, VaCKo, that’s Greebo. Nanny Ogg will appear on the scene presently, and tell everyone that “he’s such a softy, really”. Bit of a blind spot, there.

  26. I thought ya’ll might like to see a better picture of Jack:

  27. Tony James says:

    In West Milford of old, a tale was once told
    of a cat, and a bear, and a tree.
    The cat, it was said, was a strange shade of red,
    that some who had seen him called orange-y.

    Jack was his name, and stalking his game,
    and he roamed his back yard with aloofness.
    This king of his turf, though substantial in the girth,
    there were few who would question his floofness.

    One warm afternoon, in the season of June,
    young Jack was patrolling his garden,
    when up popped a bear, all covered in hair,
    and called into question Jack’s guarding.

    The cat, so it’s told, had no shortage of bold,
    and he lunged at the bear with ferocity,
    The bruin took fright, and then he took flight,
    And climbed up the nearest tall pine tree.

    Jack parked his as* in a cool patch of grass
    that surrounded the tree, and kept station.
    The bear, looking down, saw the fat feline frown,
    and took stock of his strange situation.

    Can someone finish this for me?

  28. I read this on Yahoo a few weeks ago. :]

  29. Tony James that is amazing! :p

  30. Oooooohhhh….

  31. Oh goodness… Check out the picture link that velociraptor posted. If it is indeed Jack, am I right in thinking he’s a manx?

  32. Tony James says:
  33. Nickole says:

    TJ: You’ll have to ask Aubrey, I think.

    I have plenty trouble constructing readable sentences. If elegance and rhyming is required, I’ll suffer from permanent writer’s block…

  34. Day became night, and the bear just sat tight
    Ursa Major and Minor above him.
    Now it’s Day 23 and he’s STILL up that tree…
    Somebody climb up & shove him!

  35. …and I’m sure Jack will thank you. (“Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!”)

    I blame Shel Silverstein.

  36. haha… I once saw a video of a cat chasing a small bear in the woods… thought that was a coincidence… OR NOT! this story made my day

  37. Teej! You should finish! Brilliant work, man!

  38. …the poem, I mean (blushes)

  39. ROFLMAO!

  40. Theresa says:


  41. Charles says:

    “That cat is my hero”–Stephen Colbert

  42. Best. Cat. Ever.

  43. Nickole says:

    That’s not very nice, Theo, egging people on to push poor, little, by then starving, bear down to Jack and CERTAIN DEATH!

    I think some “ANIMAL ABUSE!!!” -comments are required now!

  44. God, what a pussy.

  45. Certain LUNCH, you mean.
    Nawm nawm nawm.

  46. Aaaaaaaw! Who’s a good kitty? :o)

    I think Nater summed up my feelings.

    “Best. Cat. Ever.”

  47. Nickole says:


    Sorry, I still haven’t slept and are now over the madness horizon and accelerating.

  48. Nickole says:

    It’s really starting to nag me that I have to write my name and e-mail address every time I’m commenting. Neither “Remember personal info” or my TypeKey account manage to keep me logged in.

    How do you cope with this, everybody??

  49. Nickole, I’m not a tech head but your browser may not be set to accept cookies.

  50. Jack-Jack there is holdin’ it DOWN, y’all. I want him in my neighborhood.

  51. Nickole says:

    Thanks, jaypo, I’ll try to figure it out, even if it isn’t teatime here.

    Thinks “Doesn’t accept cookies, eh? On a diet, are you, stupid computer? We’ll see about that!”

  52. Melinda F. says:

    T_T I sent that in over a week ago…

    Oh well, it still makes me giggle. Teeheehee.

  53. Check out MSN.com for a pletherea of cuteness! This pic was actually in the grouping of pics for the “Animal Tracks” Slide show http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6356101/?GT1=8211
    A must see for Cute Overload fans!!!

  54. Laurie C says:

    Nickole, after being on this site for a couple of months, and without changing any settings, all of a sudden about a week ago, both my home and work computers started remembering my personal info. After I’d posted about a hundred times. Maybe it’s a reward for being a persistent commenter.

  55. I’ll just have to be patient then, Laurie 🙂

    No, seriously, I’ve managed to lower the privacy level, but I’m a bit nervous about it. “Do you REALLY want to change the settings?” can do that to a person who really doesn’t know what she’s doing…

    I mean, if it weren’t an automatic response from the computer, I’d say “I don’t know. What’s the catch?”

  56. Lillith says:

    This was such a great story.

    My late and much missed marmalade kitteh Pumpkin did something like this once. A bear came up on the porch of my grandparents house in PA.

    Well Pumpkin, who was the sweetest most timid guy evah, was having none of it!! He faced that young bear down. My gran grabbed him away, however in case the actual size difference dawned on the bear (who was rather shocked).


    I’m going to Glacier National Park tomorrow. I’ll be back July 10. I’m about to go a-huntin’ bear . . . but only to look at them. From a safe distance. If any pictures of cubs result, I’ll shoot them to Meg!

  58. Have a great time, Elfie. I’ll assume that hi-bear-nation time is over?

    Waiting for your ideal shot takes alot of patience. Better take along a book, possibly a lengthy one, like the ‘De-Cameran’

  59. This seems a page off The Incredible Journey by Shiela Burnford.

  60. Aubrey, I’m feeling sick (but salute your particular genius!) re. “De-Cameran.”

  61. You go Jack!! He looks so tiny in the photo, but his courage is bigger than most humans! I admire the little fellow but I was relieved to hear that his owner aka “pet-mom” retrieved him before things got ugly…Wonderful story!

  62. The bear probably recognized the cat as a “Cat”, such as a Mountain Lion. Bears do not like to tangle with such cats, however, it appears they don’t really care about what size cats come in.

  63. pick on somebody your own size! oh gosh this is so impossible

  64. Braden: I think you’re right. The bear know enough to be wary of the shape. That’s a survival trait. No need to risk finding out at what size the shape starts to get dangerous.

    Which leaves him unharmed, but looking pretty ridiculous.

  65. Oh, I just love that little orange dude!! Such a bada$$!

  66. Merri: What you call “courage” others might describe as “ego-inflated stupidity”…

  67. our teeny 9 lb dog fenced a large possum once, but it doesn’t compare to this!

  68. Now I’m picturing courtly possums and wah-wahs fencing with rapiers.

    [shing] En garde!

  69. Laurie C says:

    Theo, as requested like, a week ago, a link to my album of boxcar cat photos:


  70. Laurie C says:

    Oops, sorry, didn’t see your post on the other thread.

  71. ‘sokay, it makes more sense here anyway.

  72. Your think this is cute????

    Check out my kitty: http://www.zxocuteboy.com/2006/06/sterling-slepping-in-my-bag.html

  73. Tony James: When I read “aloofness” in your poem fragment, I knew you were going to reach for “floofness”. Good choice!

  74. Tony James says:

    “Reach for the floofness, pilgrim.”