These are my recreation clothes.

Kewl_1NachoThis little bird reminds me of the Nacho Libre stance—forever burned in my brain by the fabulous Jack Black.

He’s all "I was wondering if you would like to join me in my quarters this night… for some toast."



  1. Good call, Meg!

  2. eeeeeeek says:


  3. Hahaha well spotted!

  4. Oooooh look at that bubble shaped bird tummy!

  5. Heh beh-beh.

  6. Michelle says:

    hahahaha! Almost as cute as Mr. Black himself.

  7. Did you see how skinny his legs are?!? Unbelievable!

  8. Quieres mais, amigo?! Soy mucho naranja, no! Y guapo, tambien!

  9. what we have here is proof that the marmalade rule applies to all species. in other words, we do not discriminate against orangey-worangey tum tums.

  10. *Inscrutable birdie stare*

    “What are you looking at? Are you looking at my leg? Do you know what happened to the *last* person that stared at my short leg like that!?!”

  11. Double B-E-F. Birdie Beady Eye Factor.

    And, though I know it’s WWE and not WWF anymore, I still like to think this fellow was once a part of the World Wrestling Featheration.

  12. punkpie says:

    I love Meg’s sense of humor… she’s so right on with this observation *LOL!*

  13. Introducing the new fitness craze: Shake your tail feathers with Mr. Orange von Orangeworth!

  14. Gorgeous orange!

  15. What a gorgeous tweet.


  17. What a fat little bird!

    He needs to cut back on the bird seed….

    Maybe he should go on Atkins… hehe 🙂

  18. AuntieMame says:

    What a pretty orange birdie with scary dragon claws! I wonder what kind of bird it is?

  19. PS….

    “pretty burrrrrd”

  20. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Its tummy looks lke marmalade!

  21. 1st Post???

  22. Dang, I wasn’t first.

    That’s the cutest birdy I’ve ever seen. It’s like a little round sun shiney ball. With feathers!

  23. “where have you been?”
    “i have been here, sleeping!”
    “in a frilly shirt and slacks?”
    “these are my pj’s!”

  24. CUTE! Xo xo

  25. That pose makes him look all stumpy (and therefore even more cute).

  26. weasel_tea_party says:

    I believe it’s a robin redbreast (ie, the European robin, which is in a different family than than the American robin).

  27. Yes, and much more ochre than “marmelade.”

  28. wook at the claws!!

  29. Eyes go *plink plink* ……….Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Birdeeee! *faints*

  30. It is a European robin; we have a few in our garden. Here in Britain, they’re much tamer than on the continent; you can train them to eat from your hand, if you have the patience (and no aversion to meal worms). They’re very noisy…in areas with lots of outdoor lighting, they’ll sing all night to keep their teritory marked. And they’re the only British songbirds that sing all year long. Lovely little things.

  31. HA! That’s great!

  32. I forgot to add, they also follow you around when you garden, plucking up any worms you unearth. Clever little things too.

  33. Edward, I can’t begin to tell you how unbelieveably swell that sounds.

  34. Only songbirds that sing year-round… is that why they are (from what I’ve read) common on Christmas cards? Here in the states that role is mostly taken by cardinals, but I think that’s just ’cause they’re vivid and pretty.

    What do you get when you cross a robin with a vulture?
    Really depressing Christmas cards.

  35. Whadda handsome wee boidee boid! Me thinks he’s all proshed up for a night of recreating on the boidee town…

  36. That bird totally wants me to come in for some toast.

  37. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Another take on “Nacho Libre”: a poem by Denise in Nebraska (a-hem!!)

    Little Birdie
    Too fat to fly–
    You ate too many nachos.
    Why, oh why? :^)

  38. His wings makes it look like a guy with hands tucked in back pockets or something. xD That whole “I am /so/ smokin’ right now.” pose. xD

  39. That’s exactly why they’re on Christmas cards. They’re also the sort of unofficial national bird over here, very much loved. In the photo, he’s puffing himself up a bit, which they do to make themselves seem larger and more intimidating. When in reality, they just look like little fluffy puffballs of cuteness.

  40. That bird is so pretty that it doesn’t even look real. Is it really a Euro Robin Redbreast? Whatever it is, yeah, I’d snorgle that!

  41. Shot of robin taking food from the hand (halfway down page):

  42. To me, it looks like he’s trying to subtly ease away from the scene:

    “Who ate all my corn!?”

    BIRD: “Weelllp, looks like it’s time for me to hit that ol’ dusty trail….”

  43. Woods Walker says:

    Now your talking. I feedbirds in the winter here in northen Ohio. I only wish I were better with a computer and the birds weren’t so skidish.-Woods Walker

  44. omg, look at it’s little toothpick legs! how are those even working, i mean… they’re just sticks! so cool.

  45. warrior rabbit says:

    Woods Walker,

    Perhaps the computer’s just too big for them. Try something smaller, like a PDA.

    Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  46. lmao wr 😛

  47. Dang, he is clever looking. He looks like the Yoda of birds. “Now, my young paduan, early you must rise, if the worm you will get.”

  48. Kris, in New England says:

    LOVE the birdies!

    Edward, what wonderful info about the English Robin. In the northeast of the U.S., the only bird to sing year-round – in full throaty song – is the Carolina Wren.

    Cutest bird you’ll ever see – so small but with the BIGGEST voice.

  49. eep! I love the stick-skinny, perfectly tubular, little bird legs. Smile.

  50. Awww, I adore chubby birdies with lil’ spindley legs and the way they hop/run when they’re on the ground.

    Uber Cute!

  51. “Shot of robin taking food from the hand”
    This is toot tweet. They’re so tiny, wren sized, but you call them robins…?! Are they a small thrush? Where I am in NE, in the evenings we hear the melodious and lovely Hermit Thrush singing in the woods, a sound so transporting it makes you think you’re in Fairyland!! But I’ve never seen one (thus the name “hermit” thrush).

  52. I’ve been visiting your site since ages, on a daily base but never leave a comment. Amazing job you’re doing!

    Anyhow, wonderful capture, seems our little birdy is in a confrontation mode:D

  53. Subhangi says:

    Awwwwwwww, an orange with eyes and feet!

  54. Welcome, Ohoud!

    He’s saying “Don’t take my corn, you nut!”

  55. I think if this little guy had any sense he’d go into into the ‘Disney princess, bird’ business with the puffy little chickadee.

  56. Laurie C says:

    “What do you get when you cross a robin with a vulture?
    Really depressing Christmas cards.”

    VaCKo, you just gave me the image for my next Christmas card.

  57. welcome Ohoud!

    really interesting blog btw. 🙂

  58. He looks all shiny and cute. Like a Christmas tree ornament.

  59. I just lol at my work causing me to get quite a few stares…but it was worth it…that’s so great!

  60. TheLuna says:

    He’s so *round*! I think there should be some rule of cuteness about if your body can double as a croquet ball….

    VaCKo, sick! (but funny!)

  61. Kris, in New England says:

    Jaypo, you may also be hearing the Wood Thrush. And the Veery is another one of our wonderful woodland DIVAS here in New England.

    All three definitely make me feel like I’m floating in a dream world whenever I hear them. They are, by far, my favorites sounds of summer here.

    At least, when we actually HAVE a summer…

  62. He really does look like Nacho Libre! Do your part to save litle fatties like this one!! 🙂

  63. abbynormal says:

    He’s got Rapture feet!

  64. OMG, total nerd-out, BUT: it looks like a real-life Golden Snidget! (Ten geek points if you get that!)

  65. A Fine Morsel says:

    What a handsome bird! I’d love to pet his belly!

  66. abbynormal says:

    Taking a stab at it…something to do with the golden snitch in a game of which name I cannot spell

  67. Birdie!

    CO needs at least a bird a week, these things are so freaking cuh-yute! Perhaps next some itty bitty finchies?

  68. That’d be Quidditch, but I don’t think “Snidget” is a Harry Potter reference (Golden Snitch, Bludgers, Quaffle, etc.)

  69. waterdragon687 says:

    Theo, yes, snidget is a Harry Potter reference… in the “Quidditch Through The Ages” schoolbook, it talks about how early versions of the broomstick game were played using an actual live little bird called the golden snidget, which was not good for the birds since they were quite delicate and catching them invariably killed them. If memory serves (it’s been a while since I’ve read that book) eventually some people got upset about killing these poor little birds just for the sake of sport and invented the inanimate Golden Snitch ball, which behaves in much the same way as a snidget (small, hard to see, erratic flight, etc.) but can’t be damaged simply by being caught.

    (Does that earn me the 10 geek points? LOL And if so, what are they redeemable for?)

  70. One kitty from petty cash. Or maybe a hamster. Dunno. Gotta ask Teho.

  71. Hamster and his tiny accoutrments, I’m thinkin’….

    Back to color: this lovely bird is ochre and vermillion.

  72. Vermillion!

    Yes, E.C.

  73. P.S. there’s a link on each page the hear the songs

  74. I guess WaterDragon gets the points. (I want to know what they’re redeemable for, too.)

  75. Hmm. Maybe we’d better consult J. Bo–think it was her original suggestion?

  76. Kris, in New England says:

    Jaypo – that “Ee Oo Lay” sound is like magic, isn’t it.

    If you listen closely you might hear the Veery. They are “in stereo” with “View view view view” – and each “view” gets softer. Quite amazing really.

    Love the birdies!

  77. How far can he fly with a coconut? Oh wait… wrong bird.

  78. Shhh!!! You’re making Jack do the Birdie Chatter.

  79. *Not* an African swallow.

  80. …or was it starling?

  81. Hello, Clarice.

  82. I love bird legs. So primal and alien.
    As for bird song, no matter where I go the song of the chickadee is what makes me stop in my tracks. Memories of summer evenings, breezes through the bedroom window, sun filtered through the trees outside, and the back and forth cries for territory as the neighborhood chickadees battled it out birdie style.

  83. What a fantastic picture! And such perfect birdie plumpness too!! ^^

  84. i almost busted a gut laughing at this comparison

  85. Laurie C says:

    This birdie has a rather defiant “don’t cross me, I’m descended from a dinosaur” look.

  86. Laurie C says:

    “—and still got the talons of my velociraptor cousins.”

  87. The quality on the photo is fabulous. I’ve been disappointed lately on some of the pics cuz the quality was sub-cuteoverload standard. But this is back to cutie-excellence I expect from a webbie award winning site!

  88. If you want to hear some impressive singing, nothing can top the Mockingbird for sheer variety and gusto. Granted, I know a lot of people who find them annoying, but I’ve always enjoyed being serenaded. But I am a Texas native.

    (Though this fellow is quite the cutie! Too bad they don’t live here. 😦 )

  89. Jesse — yes it is.
    Don’t use it as your personal dumping ground for spam links.

  90. I got ten geek points!!!!11!!

  91. Empress of CUTENESS says:


    Nice pic! I LOVE BIRDIES!

  92. iloveusame says:

    BUT…BUT…BUT can i put one * wich is REALLY REALLY important to me and all of my peeeps:) we come from Montreal dude…we are GENUINE 🙂 big smilly fulll loaded golded teets there…for the homies!